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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 77 of 124)


Intellect, 53:one Flame, imprisoned in the body. It is that life aspect which gives to man - as to [54] all formsIntellect, 54:to man - as to [54] all forms in manifestation - life, or being and consciousness. It is the vitalIntellect, 54:field of activity, the world of physical life. This soul expresses itself through two forms ofIntellect, 54:which we call the vital principle or fluid, the life aspect, and the energy of pure reason. TheseIntellect, 54:pure reason. These energies are focused during life in the physical body. The life stream centersIntellect, 54:focused during life in the physical body. The life stream centers itself in the heart, utilizingIntellect, 55:In the heart, therefore, is the seat of the life-principle; in the head is the seat of theIntellect, 55:of reflective reference." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page 35. Earlier in the sameIntellect, 55:in the same book he says that: "Each of us is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life asIntellect, 55:is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life as one expression of world-plan, of mind as aIntellect, 55:is partially revealed." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page 32. It is this revelationIntellect, 55:the object of the dual activity of mind - God as life in Nature, God as love, subjectively, and asIntellect, 57:etheric matter, and acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, or prana. This lifeIntellect, 57:of the life principle of energy, or prana. This life principle is the force aspect of the soul, andIntellect, 57:the heart all parts of the body are pervaded by life." - Bailey, Alice, The Soul and its Mechanism,Intellect, 58:All this time, the two energies of the soul, life and mind, have been working through the vehicles,Intellect, 59:the world of physical, emotional and mental life, with its attention focused objectively, goesIntellect, 59:the mystical stage at some time or other in some life. As the intellect takes hold and the mindIntellect, 59:laid upon the will to know, and the drive of the life (no longer satisfied with the inter andIntellect, 60:and it begins to dawn upon the aspirant that his life-focus and his consciousness can be liftedIntellect, 61:he readjust himself to the conditions of soul life, and begin to function consciously andIntellect, 61:and if perseverance is the keynote of the life, then increasingly soul contact is established. TheIntellect, 61:in self-discipline, in purification, and in the life of aspiration and of service. Meditation inIntellect, 67:and the man who started his long career and life experience with desire as the basic quality andIntellect, 68:soul, and to participate intelligently in its life and states of consciousness. One method involvesIntellect, 74:until, through meditation, the Christ life is evoked and becomes the dominating factor in dailyIntellect, 74:and becomes the dominating factor in daily life. We speak of ourselves as divine and as sons ofIntellect, 75:and universities. The greatest school of all is life experience itself, and the lessons we learnIntellect, 79:Self through the negation of the form-side of life and the eventual inability of the variousIntellect, 79:and personal objectives, enhance the body life, strengthen the form or material nature and so serveIntellect, 81:hidden things of nature, and the secrets of the life of the spirit. He will also know how he knows.Intellect, 82:of union involves the disciplining of the life, and an experimental system of coordination. ItsIntellect, 86:contemplation which essentially constitutes the life of every individual and that of mankind as aIntellect, 87:use [87] in relation to the world of the earthly life, of the emotions and of thought. It involvesIntellect, 91:the equipment with which a long series of life experiments and experience has endowed us, andIntellect, 91:despise the world to save it, and lose the life to find it." Now let us consider the situation andIntellect, 92:of a profound dissatisfaction with physical life as a whole, and with our inability to grasp andIntellect, 92:a matter for faith, and we want certainty. The life of the senses does not seem to carry us farIntellect, 96:of the faculty of "reading" or seeing the life aspect which the outer form veils and hides. ThisIntellect, 97:completeness, but must be incorporated in the life as working rules of conduct. They lead toIntellect, 98:of the soul from the thralldom of the [98] form life, and the subordination of the personality toIntellect, 98:fluctuating opinion. The continuity of the inner life could not accommodate itself to soIntellect, 98:of the physical, emotional, and mental life to the divine project of achieving unity, emphasized,Intellect, 99:of illumination, as it demonstrates in the life of service. These five stages, when followed, leadIntellect, 101:Some look upon it as a form of the self, with a life of its own; as a defense mechanism built upIntellect, 102:the world of physical phenomena and of psychical life in which he is immersed. Not only that, butIntellect, 104:Instead of impressions from the outer daily life recorded on the sensitive receiving-plate of theIntellect, 104:arduous step towards the illumination of the life. The word "concentration" comes from the LatinIntellect, 107:the habit of accuracy in all the affairs of life. Accurate speech would necessitate accurateIntellect, 107:close attention into the affairs of everyday life and will thereby learn to regulate his mind as anIntellect, 107:of a constantly concentrated attitude to life. The secret of success can be expressed in the simpleIntellect, 113:of a particular form. Meditation upon the life animating a particular form. All forms are symbolsIntellect, 113:form. All forms are symbols of an indwelling life, and it is through meditation with seed that weIntellect, 113:meditation with seed that we arrive at the life aspect. Intellect, 114:connotation and totality are but symbols of life - what that Life itself may be remains as yet aIntellect, 114:and totality are but symbols of life - what that Life itself may be remains as yet a mystery. TheIntellect, 116:realization of these three aspects of the divine Life. This is why students are advised to takeIntellect, 122:sums up his own point of view in another book, Life, Mind, and Spirit, as follows: "Spirit isIntellect, 122:as follows: "Spirit is nowise separable from life and mind, nor they from it. What is given forIntellect, 122:which is 'revealed' within us. Each of us is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life asIntellect, 122:is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life as one expression of the world-plan, of mind asIntellect, 123:manifestation is universal." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind, and Spirit, page 32. God reveals HisIntellect, 124:of a Universe which [124] is a revelation of a Life and of Deity, and in which mankind plays itsIntellect, 124:which dominates the whole of our intellectual life," and points out the necessity for what he callsIntellect, 125:process as has been the transit of the evolving life from any kingdom in nature to another in theIntellect, 126:to him and to his affairs, and to the effect of life and circumstance upon him as the importantIntellect, 128:in him perforce begins to stir, to start into life and into consciousness." - Otto, Rudolf, TheIntellect, 128:XV of Translator's Preface. Through attention to life purpose, through concentration on life work,Intellect, 128:to life purpose, through concentration on life work, through keen interest in the sciences whichIntellect, 128:that Being enter in as dominating factors in the life. Secondly, the mind [129] begins toIntellect, 135:impotent and inefficient, in daily affairs. His life will become less and less useful to himself orIntellect, 137:the natural process as is the union between the life of the physical body and that body. The man'sIntellect, 138:and these three are a Trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all." - Blavatsky, H. P.,Intellect, 140:and habits which guide our physical plane life and appetites. Through right education, it learns toIntellect, 144:senses, he perceives in every manifestation of life a sacramental meaning; a loveliness, a wonder,Intellect, 144:function; illumination is experienced, and the life of inspiration, with its many specialIntellect, 149:of intuitive perception, and an inspired life upon the physical plane of existence. This conditionIntellect, 156:has followed a period of readjustment to the life of every day, and, frequently, a sense ofIntellect, 157:(what is the truth) that the kernel of eternal life lies rather in knowledge than in love... TheIntellect, 157:of individuality perishes... He will live his life as 'life', that is, as self-realization andIntellect, 157:perishes... He will live his life as 'life', that is, as self-realization and self-completion, withIntellect, 159:and brain in the ordinary intercourse of daily life, with which we are all familiar. I refer to theIntellect, 168:follows: [168] "The great doctors of the mystic life teach that there are two sorts of raptureIntellect, 173:world can give." The Christian writes: "I saw a life ablaze with God! My Father, give to me TheIntellect, 173:God! My Father, give to me The blessing of a life consumed by God That I may live for Thee. A lifeIntellect, 173:life consumed by God That I may live for Thee. A life of fire! a life ablaze with God, Lighted byIntellect, 173:God That I may live for Thee. A life of fire! a life ablaze with God, Lighted by fires ofIntellect, 173:God, Lighted by fires of pentecostal love! A life on fire! on fire with love for men Lit by divineIntellect, 173:Lit by divine compassion from above. A burning life, which God can take and drop In house, orIntellect, 173:street, or whereso'er He will, To set some other life alight for Him And thus to spread the fire onIntellect, 173:call Inspiration. To the possibility of such a life the Great Ones of the ages testify. They knewIntellect, 177:physical brain, and the living of an inspired life upon earth. We started with the man who, havingIntellect, 178:the physical world. This can be regarded as the life aspect, and scholars are wrestling all theIntellect, 178:are wrestling all the time with the problem of life, trying to arrive at its origin and its cause.Intellect, 179:engrossed with moods and emotional reactions to life, and with worries and desires of all kinds.Intellect, 179:desires of all kinds. This is the usual personal life for most of us, for we feel more than weIntellect, 179:We are told by him in another place that life experience and the process of physical plane livingIntellect, 181:symbol of Reality. Every world religion posits a Life that is immanent in form, and a Cause thatIntellect, 181:as the sumtotal of all forms which express the Life, of all states of consciousness, and as theIntellect, 181:Life, of all states of consciousness, and as the Life itself; let us regard Deity as that in which
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