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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Intellect, 183:be drawn upon at will, produces eventually the life of inspiration. If these stages are grasped andIntellect, 183:ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life and Spirit. Through that race and through theIntellect, 185:The Method in Tibetan Buddhism In studying the life of Milarepa, the Holy One of Tibet, who livedIntellect, 187:by abandoning the dualistic conception of life and of the world; they further concluded thatIntellect, 188:as we had to reckon with the actual facts of life, and that Nirvana in its ultimate significationIntellect, 199:seclusion and silence. Owing to conditions of life in our Occidental civilization, this is notIntellect, 201:is usually an increased efficiency in the daily life, whether lived in the home, the office, or inIntellect, 201:have gained much, and greatly enriched his life; his usefulness and power will be enormouslyIntellect, 203:with good courage. He can begin to organize his life so that the first steps can be taken on theIntellect, 205:are proven facts in the natural evolution of the life of God in man. It becomes apparent,Intellect, 206:through the endeavor to live a concentrated life. The life of consecration and dedication, which isIntellect, 206:the endeavor to live a concentrated life. The life of consecration and dedication, which is soIntellect, 206:so distinctive of the mystic, gives place to the life of concentration and meditation - distinctiveIntellect, 206:of the knower. The organization of the thought life at all times everywhere, and, secondly, theIntellect, 207:about our business in home or office, social life or profession, talking to a friend, or whateverIntellect, 207:grows out of a concentrated, thought-governed life, and the first step for the aspirant is to beginIntellect, 207:the aspirant is to begin to organize his daily life, regulate his activities, and become focusedIntellect, 207:to eliminate the non-essentials out of his life. No obligation will be evaded, for the focused mindIntellect, 208:woman who is living a purely social or family life. These last have to learn to organize their daysIntellect, 208:The trained executive, with a busy and full life, seems to find it much easier to obtain the extraIntellect, 209:great cities, in the roar and bustle of daily life and intercourse, men and women everywhere canIntellect, 210:within himself; the silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point withinIntellect, 210:referred to where the light of the soul and the life of the body merge and blend. The man who canIntellect, 215:head. All this is the result of a disciplined life, and the focusing of the consciousness in theIntellect, 215:the attempt to be concentrated in the daily life, and also through definite concentrationIntellect, 216:requirements and endeavor to bring to bear upon life a more concentrated attitude of mind, and toIntellect, 217:of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration;Intellect, 217:shall soon find our reactions to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to thinkIntellect, 222:are called, had been somewhat wrought out in the life. These "means" are: First, the fiveIntellect, 224:which holds this image steady and which gives it life. This process goes on, whether we are, asIntellect, 226:of the seething ineffectiveness of personal life. In our earlier attempts at meditation, we jumpedIntellect, 237:TEN The Need for Care in Meditation "A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect,Intellect, 237:"inward" from the outer form to the energy or life aspect of that form and which enables theIntellect, 239:have revealed to us the nature of the Divine Life, and the quality of the ideas which govern HisIntellect, 246:up to requirements; there are aspects of their life upon which the light may not shine; there areIntellect, 248:judgment as he would in business or ordinary life with a man who came and said to him, "A greatIntellect, 254:and pride, for they have no place in the life of the soul, which is governed by principles and loveIntellect, 257:- but to become more mentally interested in life, in the thought world, in some subject which willIntellect, 257:in the emotional region. Focused attention to life and its problems, and some potent mentalIntellect, 257:mind should accompany growth in the spiritual life. There is a third category of undesirableIntellect, 257:students of meditation complain that their sex life has been tremendously stimulated and is givingIntellect, 258:who have led an active and ill-regulated sex life, or whose thoughts are much engrossed with sex,Intellect, 258:much engrossed with sex, even if the physical life is controlled. A strong mental complex as to sexIntellect, 258:would regard it as wrong to lead an abnormal sex life, or to practice perversions, are mentallyIntellect, 258:letting it play an undue part in their thought life. Some most worthy people have also a settledIntellect, 258:that celibacy must always accompany the life of the spirit. May it not be possible that the trueIntellect, 258:who would otherwise lead an unduly active mental life where sex is concerned. It is needless,Intellect, 258:student of meditation should not tolerate in his life promiscuous or illegitimate sexual relations.Intellect, 259:sexual relations. The aspirant to the [259] life of the spirit conforms not only to the laws of theIntellect, 259:therefore, regularizes his physical every day life so that the man in the street recognizes theIntellect, 260:summed up in the words: - control of the thought life and transmutation. An intense mentalIntellect, 260:usually directed to the functioning of the sex life, has to be raised and carried to the head andIntellect, 260:as he frequently does leading a purely celibate life, may be a demonstration of the truth of theIntellect, 262:aspects of the lower nature, and guide the daily life in the ways of God. Intellect, 265:appear, but they will participate in the normal life of the planet. They will be the businessIntellect, 266:of the soul; they will know the secret of the life that makes all men brothers. They will recognizeIntellect, 267:the emphasizing of essentials and in living the life of the spirit in the world of every day. TheyMagic, 5:in this book we will center our attention on the life aspect, and the practical application ofMagic, 5:the practical application of truth to the daily life of the aspirant. Let us study how we canMagic, 5:magicians, and in what way we can best live the life of a spiritual man, and of an aspirant toMagic, 6:transition period and the subtler realms of life are closer than ever before; unusual phenomena andMagic, 6:to fit the information given into the scheme of life as we today recognize it and will show howMagic, 8:universe the expression of an Energy or Life which is the responsible cause of the diverse formsMagic, 8:the term but serves to confuse. This great Life is the basis of Monism, and all enlightened men areMagic, 8:"God is One" is the utterance of truth. One life pervades all forms and those forms are theMagic, 8:time and space, of the central universal energy. Life in manifestation produces existence andMagic, 8:most usual might be here listed: Spirit - Matter Life - Form Father - Mother Positive - NegativeMagic, 8:grows out of the first and states that the one Life, manifesting through matter, produces a thirdMagic, 9:the teaching that all the lives of which the one life is formed, in their sphere and in their stateMagic, 9:themselves as existences. Thus again the one life becomes a stabilized and conscious entity throughMagic, 9:the vibratory pulsation of the one manifesting Life all the lesser lives repeat the process ofMagic, 9:basic postulate is that the object for which life takes form and the purpose of manifested being isMagic, 10:of the Ageless Wisdom - the existence of life, and the development of consciousness through theMagic, 10:the emphasis will be laid upon the little life; upon man "made in the image of God", who throughMagic, 10:the kingdoms of nature, is the expression of the life, purpose and type of activity of some beingMagic, 10:the conduct (or outer nature or quality) of a life. These springs of action lie hid in the purposeMagic, 10:springs of action lie hid in the purpose of any life, whether it be a solar life, a planetaryMagic, 10:the purpose of any life, whether it be a solar life, a planetary entity, a man, or that Being whoMagic, 11:law is but the spiritual impulse, incentive and life manifestation of that Being in which he livesMagic, 11:through himself as much of that spiritual life impulse which his particular organism can respondMagic, 11:to an end the cycle of the closed self-centered life, and opens the doors wide to spiritual energy.Magic, 12:which is that of the soul of the planetary life, a group consciousness which brings with itMagic, 13:in that soul consciousness. 4. Unfoldment. The life at the heart of the solar system is producingMagic, 13:expresses this with accuracy in the words "Life we look upon as the one form of existence,Magic, 13:and these three are a trinity synthesized by life, [14] which pervades them all." (The SecretMagic, 20:and energized by what we vaguely call his "life". In these three, the life, the nervous system andMagic, 20:we vaguely call his "life". In these three, the life, the nervous system and the body mass we findMagic, 21:aspects are seen in man, the divine unit of life. First he recognizes them in himself; then he seesMagic, 21:and right adjustment of physical plane life. Correct response to one's environment will result inMagic, 21:as the kingdoms in nature have their separate life and functions yet are correlated and coordinatedMagic, 21:of deity, such as spirit, soul, and body, - life, consciousness, and form, - it is of value toMagic, 21:that they refer to differentiations of the one life, and that the more of these triplicities withMagic, 22:How shall we define that undefinable life that men have (for the sake of understanding) limited andMagic, 23:of man, his divinity and his relationship to the life in Whom he lives and moves and has his being,Magic, 23:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks a. Spirit, Life, Energy The word spirit is applied to thatMagic, 23:that undefinable, elusive, essential impulse or Life which is the cause of all manifestation. It isMagic, 23:cause of all manifestation. It is the breath of Life and is that rhythmic inflow of vital energyMagic, 23:is the vital inspiring factor which we call the life of man; this is indicated by the breath in hisMagic, 23:body, which is abstracted or withdrawn when the life course is run. What this something is, whoMagic, 23:in words, and end by calling it Spirit, the One Life, the Monad, Energy. Again we must remember
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