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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 79 of 124)


Magic, 24:understanding as to the nature [24] of this one life is purely relative. Those who are engrossed inMagic, 24:mental force and do not pass beyond that unified life-consciousness of which all the above areMagic, 24:the more metaphysical approach and in the soul-life more than in the form aspect express theirMagic, 24:reactions of the body nature - think in terms of life, in terms of quality, of group will or power,Magic, 24:to express truth to himself in terms of Spirit, Life, the One. These terms mean to him somethingMagic, 25:nature of the spirit, or that positive center of life which every form hides is no more a mysteryMagic, 25:the esoteric psychologist. The source of the one life, the plane, or state from which that lifeMagic, 25:one life, the plane, or state from which that life emanates is the great Hidden Mystery to theMagic, 26:of their souls to interpret and comprehend that life which (divorced from the world of form)Magic, 26:their radius of awareness that sum total of life, consciousness and form which we designate God.Magic, 27:develops the consciousness of the greater life which [28] includes the planetary life as manMagic, 28:greater life which [28] includes the planetary life as man includes in his physical expression suchMagic, 28:comprehend the significance of spirit, the one life back of all forms, the central energy which isMagic, 28:of many people between body and spirit, between life and form, and have led to a refusal to admitMagic, 29:world of thought. Yet, the questions, What is Life? or What is Energy? or What is the process ofMagic, 29:the mysteries, for they have an understanding of life and its purpose and are so identified withMagic, 29:and its purpose and are so identified with the life principle that they think and speak in terms ofMagic, 29:on a few fundamental formulas which concern life as it makes itself felt through its threeMagic, 30:he [30] commonly designates as the breath of life is withdrawn. On its withdrawal, the formMagic, 30:has hitherto been regarded as the body. This life principle, this basic essential of Being, andMagic, 30:in man of that which we call spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holdsMagic, 30:spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates, vitalizes andMagic, 30:form and so makes of him a living being, so the life of God - as the Christian calls it, - performsMagic, 30:ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests ill a triple manner: AsMagic, 30:brings him into existence, fixes the term of his life, carries him through the years, long orMagic, 30:short, and abstracts itself at the close of his life cycle. This is the spirit in man, manifestingMagic, 31:the entire man, are composed. These have a life of their own and a consciousness which is strictlyMagic, 31:individual and identified. This aspect of the life principle works through the etheric or vitalMagic, 31:undefinable cause, the emanating energy, the one life and source of being, the totality of allMagic, 31:consciousness and of all forms, the aggregate of life and that which is actively manifested of thatMagic, 31:and that which is actively manifested of that life, the self and the not-self, force, and all thatMagic, 34:and the minerals, the forms of vegetable life and species of the varying species of animals; theMagic, 34:been reached, but the solution of the problem of life itself still eludes the wisest, and until theMagic, 34:and until the understanding of the "web of life" or of the body of vitality which underlies everyMagic, 35:holds all forms together so that the life of God may manifest or express itself through them.Magic, 35:so as to house more adequately the indwelling life, and which drives all God's creatures forwardMagic, 35:characteristics, pursuing its own instinctual life and working as a whole towards something higherMagic, 36:will reveal what is the nature of the divine life and of the world soul, - that oversoul which isMagic, 37:hunt its prey, and follow out its instinctual life; it is that in man which makes him aware of hisMagic, 37:and his group, which enables him to live his life in the three worlds of his normal evolution asMagic, 37:has been fecundated by Father-Spirit and thus life and matter have been brought together. This typeMagic, 38:towards which the development of the life, form and awareness in the other three kingdoms hasMagic, 38:a wider realization, that of the planetary group life. There are stages in this realization,Magic, 38:up to the completed group awareness of the life in Whom all forms have their being, theMagic, 39:cooperate in the plan and purpose of the great life in which he has his being. There is also theMagic, 40:Aspect - Love, the dominating force of the soul life; through this possession and this type ofMagic, 41:more inclusive state becomes possible and soul life is superseded by monadic life. This involves anMagic, 41:possible and soul life is superseded by monadic life. This involves an ability to know, to love,Magic, 41:to love, and to participate in the plans of a life which has the power to include within its radiusMagic, 41:sum total of the lives and consciousness of the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the livesMagic, 41:great need at this time is for experts in the life of the soul and for a group of men and womenMagic, 42:held together in the form of the organism by the life of the sum total. The sum total called man isMagic, 42:of the whole depends. Each of these has its own life which is the sumtotal of the life of itsMagic, 42:has its own life which is the sumtotal of the life of its atomic structure and is also animated byMagic, 42:structure and is also animated by the unified life of the whole, directed from the head by theMagic, 43:man's nature and the nine of perfected monadic life. There are other organs, but those enumeratedMagic, 44:The lungs, the analogy for the breath of life, is the correspondence of spirit. In the lower torsoMagic, 45:drawn into that particular part of the web of life. The position in the body of the planetaryMagic, 45:from the strictly physical sense. This web of life is the subjective analogy to the nervous system,Magic, 46:from any part of the planetary etheric web of life. The solar web of life. The constellations ofMagic, 46:planetary etheric web of life. The solar web of life. The constellations of the Zodiac appear toMagic, 46:upon all forms upon and within that planetary life. This has been touched upon in the Treatise onMagic, 46:Fire. To all of these the planetary web of life is responsive and, when astrologers work in theMagic, 47:mundi is that which lies back of the web of life. The latter is but the physical symbol of thatMagic, 47:principle from the standpoint of the planetary life. When we narrow the concept down to the humanMagic, 48:His (if one may use a pronoun in speaking of a life which is an existence and yet is an extendedMagic, 48:the moribund Lunar Lords into a spurious life. This is the great deception; and the Maya of HisMagic, 48:developed to its point of usefulness; the vital life that can guide and motivate the machine isMagic, 49:body structure. It is the microcosmic "web of life" for it underlies every part of the physicalMagic, 49:three purposes: To carry throughout the body the life principle, the energy which producesMagic, 49:receptivity. To produce eventually, through life and consciousness, a radiant activity, orMagic, 51:to the method of a constant review of the life.[54] Secondly, I am acting upon the assumption thatMagic, 54:battled sufficiently with deterrent forces of life to have enabled them to develop a fairly trueMagic, 55:problems, stand on his own feet, handle his own life, solve his [56] own difficulties and become soMagic, 56:they include all the exoteric fields of human life (political, social, economic, and religious).Magic, 56:who are working purely on the subjective side of life, and along what are recognized by theMagic, 57:an effect of the vibration of the form side of life, being divorced from emotion and mentalMagic, 57:its form through the medium of the sutratma or life thread, and (through it) vitalizes its tripleMagic, 58:unreal to the real. He has tasted the joys of life in the [59] world of illusion and has learntMagic, 59:by the head, and supplemented by an ardent life of service to humanity. "Unveil to us the face ofMagic, 61:forms and the cinematograph of the form side of life. If he looks within, he sees the shadows castMagic, 62:soul's meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow inMagic, 62:adjusts himself to the tides of the soul life he begins to realize that there is ever a flowing in,Magic, 63:importance to us, these cyclic impulses in the life of the disciple are of a greater frequency andMagic, 63:frequency and speed and forcefulness than in the life of the average man. They alternate with aMagic, 63:it) at will, the fluctuations of the form life will not touch him. He then perceives theMagic, 63:path which leads from the plane of physical life to the soul realm, and finds that when he canMagic, 63:and into the world of reality. The form side of life then becomes to him simply a [64] field forMagic, 66:Remember always that lack of calm in the daily life prevents the teachers on egoic levels fromMagic, 66:you. Endeavor therefore to remain quiescent as life unrolls, work, toil, strive, aspire, and holdMagic, 68:spiritual perception. In the stress and toil of life and in the constant pressure on each one fromMagic, 71:with the "greater light". The light and life of God Himself may emanate from the central SpiritualMagic, 74:- Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study The life of meditation proceeds and the rapport betweenMagic, 76:with reference to meditation in the daily life, more than from the theoretical and the academical.Magic, 78:West, where constant change in every branch of life is found, where [79] frequent rapid shifting ofMagic, 82:to Occult Study Every change, in human life, is subject to immutable laws, if such a paradoxicalMagic, 82:knowledge of the basic coloring of his previous life cycle, then rapid progress in adjusting theMagic, 82:life cycle, then rapid progress in adjusting the life to law is made. When succeeding lives can beMagic, 83:is rapidly changing from the formula "Is there a life after death?" to the enquiry "Of what natureMagic, 83:to the enquiry "Of what nature is the future life?" and this is a portent of much encouragement.
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