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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 82 of 124)


Magic, 262:contact in the three worlds. It is built in each life, the key of the vibration being set up in theMagic, 262:the key of the vibration being set up in the life preceding the present. That form proves adequateMagic, 262:ill-health of the beginner in the occult life. He senses the law, he realizes the need of raisingMagic, 262:physical plane purity as to food and manner of life, and in seven years time the man has built forMagic, 263:characteristic feature. He stands midway between life in the three worlds and that in the world ofMagic, 263:- love of art, or science or philosophy, the life religious, scientific, or artistic - to them heMagic, 264:is the development, and the key changes from life to life, whereas in the earlier stages one key orMagic, 264:development, and the key changes from life to life, whereas in the earlier stages one key or toneMagic, 264:to lesser cycle he changes the key, often in one life heightening his vibration several times. SeeMagic, 264:vibration several times. See therefore how the life of all aspirants, if progressing with theMagic, 264:and seeing those plans disrupted. It is a life of ceaseless suffering, of frequent clashing withMagic, 266:group work and the organization of his [266] life; and of perfected man, as he learns, throughMagic, 266:created form, and so will be the strength of the life which will enable it to perform its intendedMagic, 266:the attention closely focused, and the energy or life aspect steadily applied, the result will beMagic, 267:hand path concerns the matter aspect and the life poured into the form serves only to vitalize theMagic, 267:substance-matter and their Unity within the One Life. All forms created at every stage are eitherMagic, 268:a nature that the thought-forms created have a life cycle of their own and never fail to manifestMagic, 269:a religion, a school of thought, a book or a life work of any kind) which express spiritual idealsMagic, 269:spiritual ideals and lay the emphasis upon the life-aspect come under the category of white magic.Magic, 269:magic. They then form part of the stream of life which we call the right hand Path, because itMagic, 269:Path, because it leads humanity out of form into life, and away from matter into consciousness. InMagic, 273:thought-form is not yet ready for an independent life. There is a true analogy between theMagic, 274:therefore, a child of necessity. It draws its life from its surroundings. Streaming into our solarMagic, 274:but because all formulation of ideas about His life and purpose are impossible until one hasMagic, 274:Speculation about the Existence who, through His life, informs seven solar systems is wastedMagic, 275:in constant ebb and flux, and is the stream of life, constituted of forty-nine types of energy,Magic, 275:to form the body, or manifested expression of a life, so is the human kingdom of which he is anMagic, 275:kingdoms. These are the correspondences in the life of the planetary Logos to the seven solarMagic, 275:seven solar systems. When he begins to sense the life of the solar Logos as it expresses itselfMagic, 277:body of humanity to that upheaval in the life of an individual aspirant, which always precedes theMagic, 278:adequate momentum to carry them through their life cycle, must be built in silent subjectivity, inMagic, 278:of active precipitation. The one concerns the life, the second concerns the building, and the thirdMagic, 279:the subjective form and transmit the vitalizing life. Let him remember that the cessation of theMagic, 279:will demonstrate in organization of the outer life, [280] in creative work of some kind - a bookMagic, 280:a business run along sound and true lines, a life salvaged, and the outer dharma carried out withMagic, 280:to the purpose for his immediate cycle and life period; the subordinating of his personal dharmaMagic, 280:him to act as a transmitter of the greater life energies and to serve as an efficient cooperatorMagic, 280:truths is of utmost importance. There is no life so circumscribed and no person so situated whoMagic, 280:with understanding. There is no day in any man's life, particularly if he is an aspirant or aMagic, 281:1. Physical forces. These are due to the life of the cells which constitute the body. This cellMagic, 281:the cells which constitute the body. This cell life is responsive to the cell life of theMagic, 281:body. This cell life is responsive to the cell life of the environment. Never let it be forgottenMagic, 284:and are the substance of the form side of life. As the basis of correct understanding, it should beMagic, 284:understanding, it should be noted that the cell life to which we have above referred isMagic, 284:comprehended the fact that the "blood is the life". The blood is an aspect of energy, as is the sapMagic, 284:we have the following to consider: 1. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Thymus gland. 2. SensoryMagic, 284:stream Heart center Thymus gland. 2. Sensory life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus centerMagic, 284:system Solar plexus center Pancreas. 3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center PituitaryMagic, 284:system Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. Vital life Seven centers Spleen. This, as you see, governsMagic, 285:of the schools go astray. The heading "vital life" is a comprehensive one, but it must beMagic, 285:the lowest aspect of the centers. This vital life of the universe of matter enters into the humanMagic, 285:pours through Man, the instrument of divine Life, and the custodian of forces, to be held and usedMagic, 285:brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-conscious life (personality) Upper brain Head center PinealMagic, 285:Sex organs Sacral center Sex glands. 5. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary. 6.Magic, 285:system Ajna center Pituitary. 6. Sensory life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus Pancreas. 7.Magic, 285:nervous system Solar plexus Pancreas. 7. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Heart. The eighthMagic, 285:Heart center Heart. The eighth point, the vital life, functioning through the seven centers and aMagic, 285:spiritual man. The lowest aspect of the vital life of God is the perpetuation of the species, andMagic, 285:the result of the livingness of the incarnated Life; and the next is simply expressive of the stageMagic, 287:lower creative energy into the higher creative life. The sacral center has to relapse into silence.Magic, 288:"I still persist!" Second Ray: - Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into theMagic, 288:of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life, let the soul realize the consciousness ofMagic, 289:the goal, and from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace, let the word sound: "I am theMagic, 291:from the seven planets, and also to the life-giving solar ray. All forms in all the four kingdomsMagic, 292:Planetary energy. Solar energy, or the Life Breath. These can be subdivided as follows: AstralMagic, 293:do not pass the greater part of their conscious life, recording the reactions of that body andMagic, 293:This really means that the inherent force and life of the emotional sentient vehicle govern theMagic, 293:of the emotional sentient vehicle govern the life-expression and mould the experience of theMagic, 294:defining the limits of his emotional response to life experience, [295] embodying in its qualityMagic, 295:embodying in its quality the range of his desire life, but being at the same time capable ofMagic, 295:the interplay between it and the physical plane life experience, and thus the great wheel ofMagic, 295:system. This results in the fixation of a man's life destiny, until such a time as the man awakensMagic, 295:have the man with strong appetites, living a life given over to the effort to satisfy them. If theMagic, 296:phrases: "When the stream enters the River of Life, its passage can be traced for a short momentMagic, 296:then is lost. When the currents of the sentient life meet where the river passes round theMagic, 298:of the astral plane, of the phantasmagoria of life itself, and also fear of loneliness on the Path,Magic, 298:man to a timid and frightened atom of sentient life, standing afraid before the stupendousness ofMagic, 298:and step into his heritage of freedom and of life. Often he is so ridden by fear that he becomesMagic, 299:if I outlined to you the problem of the great Life in Whom we live and move and have our being asMagic, 299:of separateness, and - being identified with the Life Aspect and not with the form side - canMagic, 300:deep in the subconsciousness. Clinging to form life, because primarily identified with it inMagic, 300:both the outer world experience and the inner life expression: - There is no death. There is, asMagic, 300:There is, as you know, entrance into fuller life. There is freedom from the handicaps of theMagic, 300:forward of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his sense of awarenessMagic, 303:of the husks and of the futility of earthly life. He is ready for a careful consideration of theMagic, 303:brotherhood with all its implications into the life and work of every day, into [304] allMagic, 308:emotional body, just as long as he interprets life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as longMagic, 308:the splendor of Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades all forms so that there is no death,Magic, 308:to Me, so dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. It is hisMagic, 309:either inherent or brought over from another life, accidental, or due to wrong emotional reactions,Magic, 310:sacral center and the solar plexus govern the life, and that is why desire for material living andMagic, 310:why desire for material living and for the sex life are so closely blended. The solar plexus in theMagic, 310:directing agent of the purely instinctual animal life. For the advanced pupil in the world, theMagic, 311:and man functions as a soul. Then the sensory life will drop below the threshold of consciousness. Magic, 311:does to the human being. Facts about this life will be found in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire. ItsMagic, 311:be found in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Its life is the aggregate of a vast number of lives, andMagic, 311:or lesser builders who constitute the sentient life of the personality aspect of the planetaryMagic, 311:outer effects. The energy of this involutionary life has a potent effect on that other tinyMagic, 311:a potent effect on that other tiny involutionary life which constitutes our astral elemental. TheMagic, 311:sensitive identification with this greater life is man's individuality and the potency of his
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