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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 83 of 124)


Magic, 311:complete absorption in the planetary sentient life, as is the case with the animals. At death,Magic, 312:of men, and the other has an effect upon the sex life and produces some of those tendencies toMagic, 313:to our earth, on the road to rebirth, is a great Life in process of taking etheric form. This Life,Magic, 313:Life in process of taking etheric form. This Life, being on the evolutionary arc and notMagic, 313:on the evolutionary arc and not constituting the life of a decaying shell, is having a real effectMagic, 313:emanations from the astral body of this great Life the work of breaking down the separate wall ofMagic, 313:this rapidly integrating etheric body this Life is bringing the etheric body of our planet into aMagic, 313:to bring about certain planetary effects. This Life is not that avatar but is in the nature of aMagic, 314:national differences and will [314] carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity. ThisMagic, 314:and unity. This means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, butMagic, 314:planet.) The love and thought of that divine Life is turned towards this "little daughter of a longMagic, 315:viewing it as a whole, or as the expression of a life. This sentient body of humanity responds inMagic, 315:Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 6. The astral life, or sensitive emanations of a man'sMagic, 316:sentient) equipment with which a man enters into life, which he utilizes, and which he builds asMagic, 316:life, which he utilizes, and which he builds as life progresses. Many a man is the victim of anMagic, 317:Is this reaction a response to personality life or is it a response to the soul consciousness? DoesMagic, 317:sentient body into activity come from the divine Life within me or is it coming from the formMagic, 317:trouble because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to [318] consequent discomfort. ItMagic, 318:inevitably to spiritual expression in everyday life. It emanates from a capacity to enter into theMagic, 319:is then nothing in him which is inimical to any life in any form, and he therefore attracts toMagic, 319:watch kept upon its application in the daily life. The right direction of astral energy can beMagic, 320:the blending feeds the fuel of his lower life. Then focus on the plan. Thus will he see the partMagic, 320:you and all men play. Thus will he enter into life and know the work accomplished. A note, appendedMagic, 323:and flow, and the measured beat of the pulsating life are ever the law of the universe, and inMagic, 323:or focal points of energy in some greater Life. If such work as you are doing is to succeed (and itMagic, 324:is necessitated - and such periods come in every life cycle - then the attention should beMagic, 324:of consciousness is equally a part of the divine Life. What is lacking as yet with the majority ofMagic, 325:they will see the setting loose of fresh life forces, hitherto shut out by the crystallizing shellsMagic, 325:men about God, about the infinite, and about the Life which has brought all into being has not beenMagic, 330:the spiritual energy and principle of spiritual life can make their presence felt in the world?Magic, 331:passes into the consciousness of the subjective life, begins to work with cause and is no longerMagic, 332:and distinguish the myriad forms through which life itself manifests. It is the quality of theMagic, 332:in all the kingdoms of nature is not the life principle. The life principle will remainMagic, 332:of nature is not the life principle. The life principle will remain undiscovered and unrecognizedMagic, 333:will revolutionize modern thought and life. One is already sensed and is the subject of experimentMagic, 335:musical sounds into every home and into street life are producing effects upon the bodies of menMagic, 335:upon the bodies of men and upon all forms of life everywhere which will become apparent only asMagic, 335:apparent only as time elapses. Some forms of life in the animal kingdom, but primarily in theMagic, 337:which can be seen and felt in units of organic life, other than the human. [338] The truth which isMagic, 340:but an analysis of its nature, purposes, and life will receive an attention equal to that now givenMagic, 341:in mind, also, that just as in the individual life there come the periods wherein the vision isMagic, 344:These five tendencies, coupled with purity of life and regulation of thought will lead to theMagic, 349:and obscure character, and expect to see your life spent for no reward that touches theMagic, 349:some law explained and demonstrated in the life of every day, may make the Master say eventuallyMagic, 349:of us who watch and guide on the inner side of life realize more than perhaps you who bear theMagic, 352:form is to be vivified and indwelt. The Christ life enters and the form becomes alive. Herein liesMagic, 352:have a perfect picture or image but it lacks the life. You have a person who has modeled his lifeMagic, 352:the life. You have a person who has modeled his life on the divine as far as he can. He has a goodMagic, 353:Nine months gestation - i.e. the wheel of life. First initiation - i.e. the birth hour. The pathMagic, 356:comes to naught. Hence the achieving of soul life is a rare event. Few people have souls and only aMagic, 358:burning fire releases all that blocks the way of life. Bliss comes and follows after fire, as fireMagic, 359:wherein the plan and the purpose of the great Life will stand revealed, and wherein all humanMagic, 360:line with the esoteric head center of the one Life. In the animal kingdom, through the developmentMagic, 360:In using these words I refer primarily to the Life which is expressing itself through our planet,Magic, 360:to say) be progressed to include the great Life of which our planetary Logos is but a reflectionMagic, 360:of you who have not the consciousness of the life-aspect - corresponding to the solar plexus, theMagic, 361:Monad, impelled by desire, produces that form of life which we call the personality, so the mindMagic, 362:planes, whereon the planetary Logos has His life. From the cosmic astral plane comes the impulseMagic, 362:hiding behind an emphasis upon the life side of truth, all due to an inherent mental laziness. ThisMagic, 364:which hold us back from solar knowledge and life. For aspirants who have not even a knowledge ofMagic, 364:the whole. It enforces the idea that energy is a life fluid circulating throughout the entire bodyMagic, 371:They seek to work through it, imprisoning the life in confining walls for just as long as theMagic, 372:as the consciousness or inner expansion of the life of the race vibrates ever to a faster andMagic, 375:Unity, watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life in form. He passes from one sense of unity toMagic, 375:of enduring the not-self!) until there comes a life of balance, wherein neither preponderates. ThisMagic, 375:negativity and inertia which may last for one life or two, and he seems to accomplish little inMagic, 376:mystical groups of thinkers) which emphasize the life aspect and appear to negate duality. OtherMagic, 376:with the form, and is absorbed in form life. Duality, with a fluctuating shift backward and forwardMagic, 376:upon the way to essential union with the One Life. Magic, 379:the basic worship of the Sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men. A second branch wasMagic, 384:he is swept into certain major activities and life tendencies, according to his particular ray.Magic, 384:disappear, and the plan is seen as a whole, the Life is known in its essential oneness, and theMagic, 385:as the first aspect, that of energizing unifying Life (which sweeps all forms and all dualitiesMagic, 385:of two aspects of the manifestation of the One Life. It records and interprets the world ofMagic, 386:no longer any love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know, and so I want it not. Time andMagic, 386:all souls are one. "Swept am I by the universal Life and as I sweep upon my onward way - the way ofMagic, 386:the soul in which all souls are fused. I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain."Magic, 386:all souls are fused. I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain." These words,Magic, 389:are, for instance, the denser forms of gaseous life, termed often salamanders, the elementals ofMagic, 389:all that burns, and in the warmth that holds all life formation on earth and causes the flourishingMagic, 394:to use thought. Capacity to live a coordinated life so that the entire man functions and is guidedMagic, 395:he is a Church member and if he lives a saintly life. But this is no true definition for it is notMagic, 396:a group consciousness inevitably, in some life, find their way into esoteric schools and have to beMagic, 397:expression in the three worlds of human life and are motivated by an energy which is the higherMagic, 400:save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that ofMagic, 402:the manifestation of the purpose of the divine Life which had brought all into being. When theMagic, 410:forces and energies that constitute the divine Life, dealing with the outer garment of God,Magic, 410:intrinsic and vital, with all forms of life. The names of the individuals in any group are legionMagic, 410:been motivated from the inner subjective side of life; they have come forth under a divine urge andMagic, 411:men, whilst the intuition reveals to him the life of divinity. All these three are the subjectMagic, 412:modern man regards as essential to his mode of life. Money, as I have before said, is onlyMagic, 415:there is an assured belief in the continuity of life and its correlation to the life after death.Magic, 415:continuity of life and its correlation to the life after death. To sum up the situation, it must beMagic, 416:to the Great Ones are those whose daily thought life is oriented by the new ideal. That thisMagic, 416:is oriented by the new ideal. That this thought life of theirs may work out in definite exotericMagic, 419:reached, the truths taught, the discipline of life demonstrated concern no one but the workingMagic, 420:is now with us, so that when they reach middle life they will stand as pillars of strength in theMagic, 420:to that soul, unselfish purpose, purity of life, conformity to law and the setting of a trueMagic, 420:laid upon the physical acts and not upon the life of the actor. When the attention is fixed uponMagic, 420:is fixed upon the soul, the physical plane life will be rightly handled. It will be realized that
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