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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 85 of 124)


Magic, 492:accomplish its work. It is held together by the life of the soul, and not by personality desire.Magic, 493:to understand something of the principle of life which is animating the personality, whilst theMagic, 494:one of the most beneficent occurrences in the life cycle of an incarnating Son of God is lookedMagic, 495:after all, is only a longer interval in the life of physical plane functioning; one has only "goneMagic, 495:thread or current of energy along which the life force streams is preserved intact, and constitutesMagic, 495:the path of return to the body. In death, this life thread is broken or snapped. When this hasMagic, 495:do, utilizes the thread soul, the sutratma, the life current, as its means of expression in form.Magic, 495:as its means of expression in form. This life current differentiates into two currents or twoMagic, 495:of the pineal gland. The other aspect of the life which animates every atom of the body and whichMagic, 496:other two. The soul, seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle ofMagic, 496:the "will-to-be" of the soul. This principle of life utilizes the blood stream as its mode ofMagic, 496:both the threads are withdrawn or unified in the life thread. Vitality ceases to penetrate throughMagic, 497:itself and by nature we mean the body of the one life in whom "we live and move and have ourMagic, 497:is withdrawn, whilst that which conveys the life impulse or urge remains still anchored in theMagic, 497:remains still anchored in the heart. There is life but no intelligent awareness; there is movementMagic, 497:has been a high grade apparatus utilized in life, there may be the appearance of intelligentMagic, 498:by the abstraction of the [498] dual threads of life and reason energy, or by the abstraction ofMagic, 498:which is qualified by mentality, leaving the life stream still functioning through the heart but noMagic, 499:the act of dying will be a triumphant finale of life? Is it impossible to vision the time when theMagic, 500:vital body there are orifices of exit for the life force. One opening is in the solar plexus andMagic, 501:matter, composed of interlacing strands of life energy. During the process of death, the pressureMagic, 501:During the process of death, the pressure of the life energy beating against the web producesMagic, 501:a puncturing or opening. Out of this the life force pours as the potency of the abstractingMagic, 501:plexus web is permanently ruptured early in life and easily therefore they pass in or out of theMagic, 501:and is related primarily to animal sentient life. In the case of conscious clairvoyance and in theMagic, 502:and it will easily be seen how the trend of a life tendency and the focus of the life attentionMagic, 502:trend of a life tendency and the focus of the life attention determine the mode of exit at death.Magic, 502:seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature and to orient one'sMagic, 502:a technique of dying and a training given during life which will lead up to the utilization of thatMagic, 503:with the various aspects of the planetary life. The planes have to be at-one-ed as well as soul andMagic, 503:seekers in all departments of human thought and life, this unification is proceeding and in theMagic, 503:by all who seek to establish such a rhythm that life itself is not only organized and constructive,Magic, 503:that can be applied to the every day affairs of life. [504] Learn to render heart service and notMagic, 504:activities will result in the focusing of the life energies above the diaphragm and so negate theMagic, 506:green has a definite effect upon the heart and life streams. Certain types of music will be usedMagic, 506:two streams of energy and eventually rupture the life thread, but the knowledge of this is tooMagic, 512:a right orientation, purity of motive and of life, a stabilized and receptive emotional body andMagic, 512:somewhat. God breathes and His pulsating life emanates from the divine heart and manifests as theMagic, 513:world period. With the manner in which this One Life of the solar system works in these vastMagic, 513:mode of working by means of which our planetary Life utilizes the cycles of silence concerns HimMagic, 513:our discussion, fall into three categories: 1. Life interludes, or those periods wherein theMagic, 514:active stages of [514] experience. The inner life, slowly developed during the cyclic interludes,Magic, 514:primarily then the result of the inner thought life and not so much the result of reaction toMagic, 514:the desire nature. 2. The ebb and flow of daily life during a particular incarnation will alsoMagic, 514:of withdrawal, and interludes wherein the outer life seems static and free from active interest.Magic, 514:to avail himself fully of the opportunity which life experience is intended to furnish. The wholeMagic, 514:experience is intended to furnish. The whole of life is not concentrated in one furious continuousMagic, 516:transmitted impression and the physical plane life is then adjusted so that those plans canMagic, 520:playing upon him. At the center of human life, the integrating group of new World Servers must meetMagic, 521:Inclusively they constitute all forms of life that we usually call subhuman, but these words mustMagic, 522:cycle, whether it is ephemeral, like the life of a butterfly or relatively permanent like theMagic, 522:or relatively permanent like the ensouling life of the planetary deity, and vanish. The two aspectsMagic, 523:and as he works serve the higher ends of the Life which enfolds him. Thus he aids in theMagic, 524:which has been termed the "anima mundi" - the life and soul of the One in whom all embodiedMagic, 525:Father" in the sense of the One Self-Existent Life, or Absolute Being. Sentient energy - the energyMagic, 526:system with headquarters in the brain, and the life energy which is seated in the heart. PranicMagic, 526:and these three are a Trinity, synthesized by Life which pervades them all." S.D.I. 80. Humanity,Magic, 528:The occult hierarchy is to the planetary Life what the light in the head is to the average awakenedMagic, 530:of a conscious purpose, and who "limit the life that is in them" for a time. They consciously takeMagic, 531:three main groups. [531] The Being Who is the life of our planet, the One in Whom we live and moveMagic, 531:of Days, sometimes God, and sometimes the One Life. Those lives who constitute the Principle ofMagic, 531:of Limitation in a kingdom of nature. The Life that is, for instance, expressing itself through theMagic, 531:expression for the myriad lives that find their life and being and sustenance in him. See you howMagic, 532:It is not self-related. Subhuman forms of life suffer and undergo discomfort and are subject to theMagic, 533:finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is the journeying into the far country,Magic, 534:it. They bring about the imprisonment of the Life in its various appearances or aspects; theyMagic, 538:attained he will become a conscious center of life giving force, and will be so without effort. HeMagic, 543:mind and a pure heart, love of truth, and a life of service and unselfishness, are primeMagic, 546:that entire kingdom as an entity, an organized life functioning on the physical plane, indwelt byMagic, 551:will govern the method of work and the thought life of the worker in white magic. My answer isMagic, 551:They sum up the history of the Creator and the life story and environing conditions of every humanMagic, 556:to hold his purpose steady and to see that each life carries that purpose forward into fullerMagic, 557:definite concretion". Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and timeMagic, 558:begins to manifest somewhat soul purpose in his life on the physical plane. He is transmutingMagic, 560:will cut at the very roots of a man's life; but it will render back a thousandfold for all that itMagic, 571:those forces which are peculiarly potent in his life and which seem to direct his activities. ThisMagic, 572:and from that high place to direct the life of the personal self. The power to pass through theMagic, 573:or after joining in the give and take of daily life - asks himself the questions: What was the typeMagic, 579:I would say that the type of force indicates the life aspect, whilst the quality indicates theMagic, 579:to a man's desires so will be the forms of life which he will, like a magnet, attract to himself.Magic, 579:earlier seen that the emergence into functioning life and activity of any form is dependent uponMagic, 582:what the outer disturbance in the physical plane life may be - that signifies to Those Who watchMagic, 583:attention and time, even his entire thought life, and will lead him to efficient expression in hisMagic, 583:attention to any worldly consideration. Live a life which is an example to others. These fourMagic, 585:Self be true" and in the private moments of his life and in the secrecy of his own meditation letMagic, 586:failures are seen. There are no trifles in the life of the disciple and an unspoken word orMagic, 586:is holding a man from initiation. 4. Live a life which is an example to others. Is it necessary forMagic, 586:What after all is group service? Simply the life of example. He is the best exponent of the AgelessMagic, 586:who lives each day in the place where is the life of the disciple; he does not live it in the placeMagic, 587:from other people, instead of simply living the life. The adept speaks no word which can hurt, harmMagic, 587:to learn the meaning of speech in the midst of life's turmoil. He wastes no time in self pity orMagic, 587:stage wherein, by the practice of a disciplined life and by the purification of the thought life,Magic, 587:life and by the purification of the thought life, the seven centers are automatically brought intoMagic, 589:of the human family. Through the one, spiritual life can begin to flow in and vitalize all theMagic, 590:aspirant is aware of definite impurities in his life, or when the physical body is in poorMagic, 590:brain, and through the over-activity of the cell life can also induce that internal frictionMagic, 592:have a radiance and light of their own. As the life achieves an increasingly high vibration throughMagic, 594:after repeated failure, does the [594] vivifying life course through the entire body and bring toMagic, 594:life course through the entire body and bring to life the true man. The second point I would touchMagic, 595:mastery where now they are defeated and in the life of service and of struggle they may then reach
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