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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Magic, 596:by the pupil when he has carried forward his life work under the direction of his soul, when he hasMagic, 597:- they bring into expression the soul force and life and produce the incarnation of a fullyMagic, 602:the average citizen) will be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish service and by theMagic, 605:and of the fauna and flora of our planetary life have kept pace with the needs of the slowlyMagic, 607:whose hands the three threads of developing life steadily pass. Their task is exceedingly hard, farMagic, 610:which will more adequately embody the life of God in the Aquarian Age which is now upon us. It isMagic, 610:and the work of the bringers of light and of life. The shadow stage is the dim and uncertain periodMagic, 611:essence. This fiery essence can be known as Life itself, or as the "Self-shining Light," or it canMagic, 611:whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come." Magic, 612:are present in the production of all forms of life, but the great mystery (and almost the finalMagic, 612:of these two basic realities, and for it the life of the etheric body and the force which governsMagic, 614:realize the state of awareness of those forms of life which have not yet developed astralMagic, 617:forms, build worlds and universes and give his life to that which he has made. Let him project theMagic, 618:of spiritual desire, and ardently long for the life of liberation, of spiritual undertakings and ofMagic, 620:they would do well to study their individual life expression and to ask themselves the followingMagic, 621:faculty of dramatization governing their daily life? Do they find that they are the center of theMagic, 621:control, a vision has been given and a rule of life expounded which holds in it the neededMagic, 621:out in practically every department of human life. It is subconsciously registered and intuitivelyMagic, 624:signs of physical pressure, though the inner life remains poised and normal, sane and rightlyMagic, 625:likes and dislikes, [625] and their individual life tendencies and habits. These eventually assertMagic, 625:(economic fears, fears arising out of the sex life, physical fear and terror, fear of the unknown,Magic, 625:not seek to deal. They are to be overcome by the life of the soul as it permeates and transformsMagic, 625:soul as it permeates and transforms the daily life [626] and by the refusal of the aspirant toMagic, 626:exist when the soul is consciously controlling life and its situations. The second negatives theMagic, 626:the general scheme of the elementary planetary life. It might be valuable here to point out thatMagic, 626:roots in that peculiar quality of the planetary life, - fear reactions, leading to activity of someMagic, 626:concern themselves with the preservation of life, the medical knowledge of the day, and theMagic, 630:of failure? These are two potent factors in the life of service, and hinder many. Those who areMagic, 631:them will be committed the work of fostering the life of the New Age. [632] To those who have notMagic, 632:or a Napoleon. Forget this not and seek to see life truly and not with its distinctions - men-madeMagic, 636:there are three main points of danger in the life of service. I am not here dealing with theMagic, 636:individual training of the disciple but with his life of service, and with the activities in whichMagic, 637:old commentaries. He wanders "down the lanes of life and misses that straight highway which willMeditation, 5:is achieved and the man becomes the One. Each life that the Personality leads is, at the close,Meditation, 5:and the inculcation of one-pointedness. Each life tends to greater stability but seldom is theMeditation, 9:Purification of the Vehicles. The Esoteric Life of Service. Let us today take up the considerationMeditation, 10:many incarnations, has sounded the depths of the life lived entirely for the lower self and foundMeditation, 12:and aspiration, culminating usually in a life given entirely to it. It marks the point of theMeditation, 12:the Masters, lie two lives of culmination: - the life of worldly apotheosis and the life ofMeditation, 12:- the life of worldly apotheosis and the life of intensest meditation along the mystic orMeditation, 12:or emotional-intuitional line. This meditative life was taken either in a monastery or nunnery inMeditation, 12:on law. For some few may come attainment in this life or the next; for others, shortly in otherMeditation, 17:They withdraw within in order to comprehend the life side of the form. The outer manifestation ofMeditation, 17:of the form. The outer manifestation of that life side in the world is through that which we callMeditation, 18:is destroyed through fire, and the liberated life streams upward to the Spirit in divineMeditation, 18:under law, order and rule, of every act of the life in all the three bodies, and the buildingMeditation, 19:intelligent application of the law to his own life, and to the ameliorating of conditions in theMeditation, 19:everywhere, the personality ray may vary from life to life, each life being based on a differentMeditation, 19:the personality ray may vary from life to life, each life being based on a different note andMeditation, 19:personality ray may vary from life to life, each life being based on a different note andMeditation, 20:base his coming personality vibration. The whole life, therefore, may be given over to the soundingMeditation, 20:of circumstances. Hence the necessity in the life of the aspirant or disciple for frequent change,Meditation, 21:When this is done, every effort of the personal life may apparently (in one particular incarnation)Meditation, 21:as desired by the inner guide, and only the life succeeding will demonstrate the wisdom of theMeditation, 23:assigning Meditation The Point in Evolution The life of the evolving personality might be dividedMeditation, 23:is, after all, a fivefold evolution, and the life of the man (as a human being and prior to takingMeditation, 25:experienced the process. It is the effect of the life of the Ego, playing on the matter of the atomMeditation, 25:This period is an analogous one to that in the life of a child from seven to fourteen years, orMeditation, 26:which [26] mind is developing and the polarizing life shifts to the mental unit. Speaking in termsMeditation, 26:man has control of the physical body and each life he builds a better; he has a desire body of moreMeditation, 27:interested - via the permanent atoms, - in the life of the Personality. The physical brain of theMeditation, 27:from unknown cosmic centers upon the palpitating life within the atoms... Meditation, 27:He reaches the consummation of the personality life and he begins to shift consciously hisMeditation, 27:his polarization from the personality life to the egoic. He stands upon the Path of Discipleship orMeditation, 28:between twenty-eight and thirty-five in the life of the adult. It is the period wherein a man findsMeditation, 30:worlds without the aid of the lower self. The life of the first Logos must be blended with that ofMeditation, 31:causal body; secondly to withdraw within it the life of the Personality, sucking the good out ofMeditation, 31:sucking the good out of the personal life and storing it in the body of the Ego. We might term thisMeditation, 31:- the live inner man and the spirit of divine life - is set free and mounts to its source. TheMeditation, 32:The axe is laid to the root of the tree, but the life essence is garnered into the divineMeditation, 32:by slow and gradual process of the good in each life. The building proceeds slowly at first, butMeditation, 32:reared, and each stone quarried in the personal life. On the Path, in each of its two divisions,Meditation, 35:is all until the time comes when the personal life reaches a point where it has somewhat to add toMeditation, 35:perfected from the quarry of the personal life, and the first colors are painted in by the man, theMeditation, 36:that inner consciousness a part of the conscious life. The flame radiates downward more and moreMeditation, 36:himself; all has been left to the Ego and the life divine to carry out the plan, the attention ofMeditation, 38:the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. The matter is hard for you to grasp, is itMeditation, 42:of chaos, and the escape of the imprisoned life from even those limitations, bearing with it theMeditation, 42:and aims at the reduction within limits of the life escaping from the old and worn-out forms. TheMeditation, 45:in that particular type of body, throughout his life on earth. That body provides the neededMeditation, 47:The second group, which is of importance in the life of the pupil, is his family group, involvingMeditation, 47:family history, the progress of his youth and life and his medical history. This record will beMeditation, 47:accurate, and much will be learnt this way. The life will be regulated and the scientificMeditation, 48:of men. Unselfish service is the bedrock of the life of the occultist, and danger lurks when itMeditation, 53:that the worlds are the effect of sound. First life, then matter; later the attraction [54] of theMeditation, 54:later the attraction [54] of the matter to the life for purposes of its manifestation andMeditation, 56:in matter, the watery aspect of the logoic life. At the sounding of the seventh subtoneMeditation, 57:resistance is at last found, and the indwelling life is liberated and returns to its own plane. ButMeditation, 57:forth, the result being an ordered harmonious life in the three worlds. Then he finds the dominantMeditation, 60:concepts until experimentally part of a man's life. Hence, I can but point the way. I may give butMeditation, 72:animated by informing entities. It is the life force contacting those entities that is the issueMeditation, 73:body receives adequate application of the life forces of the sun, if his emotional body is moved byMeditation, 73:causal and intuitional levels, and if his mental life is intense, vibrant, and animated by aMeditation, 73:in his emotional body and living the normal life of the man of the world, are: The base of theMeditation, 73:Path, and for the man who is aiming at a life of altruism, having examined the attractions of theMeditation, 74:the head centers. Earlier we divided the life of the man into five main periods, tracing hisMeditation, 74:of generation and on the functional physical life of the personality. Period II - wherein the solarMeditation, 75:mental, - is turned upward in service, and his life begins occultly to sound. He is occultlyMeditation, 77:describe them, pointing to the effect upon the life through the awakening of these wheels. Meditation, 78:This description is taken from "The Inner Life." This description applies to the etheric centers,
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