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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Meditation, 229:form; in terms of sound when dealing with the life side, and in terms of vitality when dealing withMeditation, 232:The point I seek specially to emphasize is the life side and not the form side of color. As I wroteMeditation, 232:resistance of matter to the downflow of force or life, and its relative density or rarity accountsMeditation, 234:hues, and these give the tone to the life of the personality or to the Ego. They are recognized byMeditation, 235:to profit by the sum of the qualities of his life. Herein comes opportunity. In the intelligentMeditation, 237:be necessary to interpret the above in terms of life, in terms of form, and in terms of mind. TheMeditation, 238:You will expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for always the macrocosmMeditation, 238:side, the expression of that which veils the life. On the life side it is the development from theMeditation, 238:expression of that which veils the life. On the life side it is the development from the one basicMeditation, 239:attributes of [239] the divine; it is the one life manifesting its many qualities through diversityMeditation, 239:intelligence side it is the method whereby the life utilizes the form and develops its thoroughMeditation, 239:and intellect. It is the relation between life and form, the self and the not-self, between spiritMeditation, 239:by the use of activity or intelligence. The life shows color and the form perfects those colors, asMeditation, 239:to the earlier method. The indwelling life renounces the forms, hitherto regarded (and necessarilyMeditation, 239:transmuted into wisdom. The forms go, but the life remains. The colors are gradually reabsorbed,Meditation, 239:and the forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains and returns to its parent ray. ItMeditation, 240:by the utilization of many forms by the life, the intelligence constituting the means whereby thatMeditation, 240:intelligence constituting the means whereby that life employed those forms as a mode for learning.Meditation, 240:he has to do endeavors to set the indwelling life free from the veils that hide, and from theMeditation, 240:this is accomplished is by the subjective life of occult meditation, and the objective life ofMeditation, 240:life of occult meditation, and the objective life of service. In service is renunciation, and,Meditation, 245:two ways, either as a transmitter of prana, the life force, vitality or magnetism, or as theMeditation, 249:of virtue (in the occult sense) in the inner life. I have summed up the practical points requiringMeditation, 252:will the forms that veil the subjective life be irradiated and known. Only when the light of reasonMeditation, 254:contact with Them will be so demonstrated in the life that its immediate and practical attainmentMeditation, 259:from the three atoms of the personal life - as included in the causal body - into the three atomsMeditation, 260:mastered in meditation. They are applied in the life of service which is the logical outcome ofMeditation, 261:is He Who knows the meaning of consciousness, of life, and of spirit. He can pass - by the line ofMeditation, 262:it must be sacrificed and must die so that the life within may speed ever on and up. The path ofMeditation, 262:may be made. In meditation the value of the life, and the confines of the form, can be appreciatedMeditation, 262:and known, and by knowledge and service can the life be set free from all that limits and trammels.Meditation, Since:Their originating source and the cause of Their life on the atomic plane of the solar system, thatMeditation, 268:and Repulsion on all the planes that gathers the life divine out of the mineral kingdom, out of theMeditation, 270:than to grasp and acquire for himself. This life of acquisition for the purposes of giving mustMeditation, 272:has been tried and not been found wanting. His life of service in the world is more concentratedMeditation, 273:same: occult meditation and service; the inner life of concentration and the outer life ofMeditation, 273:the inner life of concentration and the outer life of practice; the inner ability to contact theMeditation, 274:a specific rate and measure, and when a man's life commences to sound occultly in the three worldsMeditation, 274:worlds (which sound is to be heard through the life of service), some one particular Master beginsMeditation, 275:inner planes of the note of the pupil's exoteric life. He enlarges the consciousness of the pupilMeditation, 281:will facilitate contact, but forget not that the life of objective service must keep pace with theMeditation, 281:by the student who has endeavored to conform his life to the lines laid down by me in theseMeditation, 283:of each evolution and form of divine life as found on those planes and subplanes, with one aim inMeditation, 283:a man can tread. It leaves no department of the life untouched. All is brought under law. InMeditation, 285:to the subjective, from the form to the life within the form. Therefore through the emphasis laidMeditation, 285:and bends every effort to aid the indwelling life to liberate itself from trammels. It wiselyMeditation, 287:the secret of the fifth plane, will he live the life of sanctified service, and so blend the threeMeditation, 287:effects are not specifically effects in the life as apparent to the onlooking world, such asMeditation, 293:coupling all interior effort to the external life of loving service. At some one meditation he willMeditation, 303:in the following postulates: The unity of all life. The graded steps of development as recognizedMeditation, 304:affiliated pupils without exception, that the life of inner unfoldment and development should beMeditation, 304:and development should be paralleled by a life of exoteric service. By the graded expansions ofMeditation, 309:the recognition of His powers, the purity of His life and aims, and the profundity of HisMeditation, 310:adjustment of the details of the lower world life comes, at the end, attainment of the goal. TheMeditation, 310:comes, at the end, attainment of the goal. The life of the disciple becomes not easier as the GateMeditation, 316:of the student. Along with all this will be the life of world-service, rigidly demanded of each andMeditation, 316:rigidly demanded of each and every pupil. This life of service will be carefully watched andMeditation, 319:report at intervals on the quality of their life service and assist them in building their buddhicMeditation, 321:the student, upon the quality of the tone of his life as it sounds forth in the inner world, uponMeditation, 322:One division will be given up to the student's life and study; another to the bath and the thirdMeditation, 322:the rooms in which he will live his private life - a reception room of small proportions for hisMeditation, 324:for the study of the planets and of microcosmic life, and will also serve as a secure shelter forMeditation, 327:the inner powers of assimilation and the outer life of service. It depends therefore upon the pointMeditation, 327:of his auric colors and upon the tone of his life and the key of his vibration. [328] Meditation, 332:the great city of the personal physical plane life. Then, as progress is made, the scene shiftsMeditation, 332:worlds, and all is over as regards the personal life, - naught remains but the life of the Spirit,Meditation, 332:the personal life, - naught remains but the life of the Spirit, and the voluntary giving of thatMeditation, 332:of the Spirit, and the voluntary giving of that life for the helping of the world. In the speedingMeditation, 336:stimulate and attract. When the key of a man's life is known, when the sound he responds to isMeditation, 338:Higher Self, and to reflect His wishes in the life. At first mistakes will be made, but little byMeditation, 342:on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OF SERVICEMeditation, 342:XI - The Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OF SERVICE September 16th, 1920 Motives forMeditation, 343:I indicate the right, and by adjustment of the life of service to my indications comes correctionMeditation, 343:indications comes correction and inspiration. A life of much service opens up to many these days;Meditation, 344:on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 1. The Motives for Service TheseMeditation, 344:on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 2. The Methods of Service TheseMeditation, 347:knows that perfection in the foreground of his life and in the details of his environing work willMeditation, 347:and result in a whole picture of rare beauty. Life progresses by small steps, but each step, takenMeditation, 347:occupied, leads to long distance covered and a life well spent. Those Who guide the human familyMeditation, 347:for service in the small detail of everyday life, and he who shews a record of faithful action inMeditation, 348:on Occult Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 3. The Attitude following ActionMeditation, 354:of the systemic Kumaras. Kundalini The power of Life: one of the forces of nature. It is a powerMeditation, 356:highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of [357]Meditation, 357:the universe to manifest itself. Prana The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultistMeditation, 357:itself. Prana The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the followingMeditation, 357:The occultist believes the following statement: "Life we look upon as the one form of existence,Meditation, 357:and these three as a trinity are synthesized by Life, which pervades them all." [358] Purusha TheMeditation, 358:mind. Emotional or kamic body. Prana, or the Life Principle. The etheric body, or the highestMeditation, 359:limit of the field of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of the seven races of manPatanjaliactivity and wrong direction (or control) of the life currents are the results of the obstacles inPatanjalibrought about by the regulation of the prana or life breath. 35. The mind can be trained toPatanjali, 8:of the ego or soul can be felt in the daily life and soul powers manifested, The lower psychicPatanjali, 8:Personality Divine self Higher self Lower self Life Consciousness Form Energy Force Matter ThePatanjali, 10:lines of least resistance in the spiritual life and along them certain forces or energies arePatanjali, 18:externals, and upon the form through which any life in any kingdom of nature is expressing itself,Patanjali, 19:or is an adequate expression of, the indwelling life. No true adept judges any expression ofPatanjali, 20:he constructs himself, which have an evanescent life and which are dependent upon the quality ofPatanjali, 27:and only thus, can the spiritual man live the life of the soul each day upon the physical plane.Patanjali, 32:effects produced when macrocosmic energy, the life of God which persists independently ofPatanjali, 32:each of the three aspects which express the one Life. In such a brief commentary as this perforce
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