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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Patanjali, 34:subhuman and superhuman), which expresses the life of hosts of sentient beings. Meditation upon thePatanjali, 41:upon and thus woven into the fabric of the life. It is through this meditation that thePatanjali, 43:men reach the goal, - knowledge of the spiritual life, and emancipation. There is the way of YogaPatanjali, 44:white occultist blends the two and if in this life he follows the way of Raja Yoga with fervor andPatanjali, 44:and found the Christ, the Buddhi within. In this life he will recapitulate his experience, plus thePatanjali, 52:which recalls the outgoing points of divine Life, the units of consciousness, back to their source.Patanjali, 54:AUM. This is the Pranava, the sound of conscious Life itself as It is breathed forth into allPatanjali, 56:human kingdom in which the three lines of divine life meet - spirit, soul and body. It is also thePatanjali, 56:its use the "sun of righteousness arises" in the life of every man. Each of the three letters hasPatanjali, 57:in the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky: "Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence,Patanjali, 58:and these three are a Trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all." Patanjali, 71:activity and wrong direction (or control) of the life currents are the results of the obstacles inPatanjali, 71:intensity of endeavor found in all walks of life. To this the educational processes (as they speedPatanjali, 72:- soul unfoldment. Wrong directions of the life currents. This is the effect produced in thePatanjali, 72:in the etheric body by the inner turmoil. These life currents (for the student of occultism) arePatanjali, 72:student of occultism) are two in number: a. The life breath or prana, b. The life force or thePatanjali, 72:in number: a. The life breath or prana, b. The life force or the fires of the body. It is thePatanjali, 72:the fires of the body. It is the misuse of the life breath or wrong utilization of prana that isPatanjali, 72:twenty per cent is produced through ill directed life force through the centers, and attacksPatanjali, 72:living and in the careful organization of the life. As he does this, coordination of the subtlerPatanjali, 73:living. (1.33.) 2. Mental inertia Control of the life force. (1.34.) 3. Wrong questioning OnePatanjali, 74:five principles. The two highest, atma and the life monadic, are not principles at all. Through thePatanjali, 77:brought about by the regulation of the prana or life breath. Students will do well to note thatPatanjali, 77:living, or the regulation of the acts of daily life through the organization of time and the wisePatanjali, 77:Through this he becomes aware of the unity of life and the relationship existing between all formsPatanjali, 77:existing between all forms wherein the life of God is found. He becomes a brother as well as anPatanjali, 78:only permissible after a man has so balanced his life and purified his nature that danger is noPatanjali, 87:Buddhas, and so on up the scale of hierarchical life till that great Dreamer is known, who is thePatanjali, 87:statement to the effect that, to the occultist, life on the physical plane is but a dreamPatanjali, 92:He becomes aware of the quality of his brother's life, of the nature of his plans, aspirations,Patanjali, 93:these thoughts in practical fashion to his own life. Spirit Soul Body. Monad Ego Personality.Patanjali, 94:arriving thereby at that subjective quality or life which lies back of the field of knowledge (orPatanjali, 96:eventually the consciousness of that Great Life who is responsible for the initial word. These arePatanjali, 104:he strengthens that realization, and all life, work and circumstances are viewed as a passingPatanjali, 105:set up the original impulse and so brought a life into being. Therefore the first translationPatanjali, 106:Christ in each man is manifesting and the Christ-life has full expression, and until the man is onePatanjali, 106:of the ages points to a spiritual force or life in the world; the inference to be garnered from thePatanjali, 106:the world; the inference to be garnered from the life experience of millions is that spirit exists;Patanjali, 107:that there is nothing except God; that His life is one and is to be found pulsating in thePatanjali, 107:atom and in the macrocosmic atom also. With that life he identifies himself. He finds it at thePatanjali, 107:own being and can there merge himself with the life of God as it is found in the ultimatePatanjali, 107:his realization until he knows himself as the life of the solar system. Patanjali, 107:with the effects produced by the subjective life, but has no clue to the causes or to thePatanjali, 110:energies, or conscious expressions of divine life. The last veil of illusion is withdrawn, thePatanjali, 112:hindrances and must come to fruition in this life or in some later life. 13. So long as the rootsPatanjali, 112:come to fruition in this life or in some later life. 13. So long as the roots (or samskaras) exist,Patanjali, 112:samskaras) exist, their fruition will be birth, life, and experiences resulting in pleasure orPatanjali, 112:or Nijama, posture or Asana, right control of life-force or Pranayama, abstraction or Pratyahara,Patanjali, 112:the breath. 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) is external, internal or motionless;Patanjali, 122:not in the sense of working with them in this life. Evolution has brought all the sons of men (whoPatanjali, 124:of man, the divine Jiva or "point of divine life" at the center of man's being. This is the same inPatanjali, 125:the aspirant into the most practical part of life; it brings him face to face with three basicPatanjali, 126:growth, so the seeds of the obstructions to the life of the Spirit are similarly renderedPatanjali, 126:over from previous lives, Seeds sown in this life, [127] Seeds brought into the field of one's lifePatanjali, 127:[127] Seeds brought into the field of one's life from the family or race with which one is allied.Patanjali, 128:for the seeds and in the soil of the personal life in the three worlds do these seeds propagate andPatanjali, 129:towards which the divine points of spiritual life are attracted, and which in the period ofPatanjali, 129:Logos, a man or an atom. Every form of divine life (the infinitesimally small and the infinitelyPatanjali, 129:the process of incarnation, the veiled point of life remains in ignorance of that which liesPatanjali, 130:the basic laws hold good for all forms of divine life) gradually becomes aware of himself as he isPatanjali, 130:the triple sheaths are known. The solar life at its densest point is contacted and man emergesPatanjali, 131:light and darkness. It governs, therefore, life in the three worlds, for the correspondence betweenPatanjali, 135:the outgoing tendency of spirit towards form life. It may mean the delight of a cannibal for thatPatanjali, 138:to live or to manifest is part of the divine Life impulse, and therefore is right. The will to bePatanjali, 138:longing for the forms of those planes. When the life or Spirit withdraws itself, the form dies,Patanjali, 141:thro' divers births. Gone is the cord of life when these are seen. No more becoming when Ill's rootPatanjali, 142:hindrances and must come to fruition in this life or in some later life. Just as long as man on thePatanjali, 142:come to fruition in this life or in some later life. Just as long as man on the physical plane isPatanjali, 143:into what Ganganatha Jha calls "the unmanifested life" and which we frequently call "the subtlerPatanjali, 144:samkaras) exist, their fruition will be birth, life, and experiences resulting in pleasure or pain.Patanjali, 144:lying back of the present manifestations of his life, or begin to deal with the samkaras or seedsPatanjali, 145:existence. It is well known that the tree of life is depicted with the roots above and thePatanjali, 145:flowering leaves downwards. In the tiny tree of life of the ego the same symbolic presentationPatanjali, 145:on any of the three planes, then the life-energy no longer flows downwards. The three words birth,Patanjali, 145:longer flows downwards. The three words birth, life and experience sum up human existence, itsPatanjali, 146:in process of fruition and for which the present life is intended to provide the needed soil forPatanjali, 146:seeds or causes which are being produced in this life, and which must inevitably govern thePatanjali, 146:govern the circumstances of some future life. The beginner in this science of yoga can beginPatanjali, 146:dealing with his active karma, interpreting each life-event and every circumstance as providingPatanjali, 146:karma can be brought to fruition in some later life. The seeds of latent karma are more difficultPatanjali, 148:time and space and the factor which carries all life through all forms to the consummation. Let usPatanjali, 148:and man is being directed by his mind, his life becomes stabilized and organized also and thePatanjali, 149:or astral nature and, when this is dominant the life is chaotic, violent, emotional and subjectedPatanjali, 149:It is primarily the quality of the desire life. Inertia is the quality dominating the physical bodyPatanjali, 150:"pains" are impossible. It infers secondly that life will be so lived in the present that no causesPatanjali, 150:effects. This dual inference will cause in the life of the yogi a dual discipline involving a setPatanjali, 154:various gates of initiation out into the larger life of the cosmos. First inertia distinguishesPatanjali, 156:It expresses the nature of that aspect of divine life which is called Brahma by the Hindu, and thePatanjali, 157:thought is also involved: the imprisoning of the life of a solar Logos in the form of a solarPatanjali, 157:and the eventual perfection and release of that life from the form at the conclusion of a greatPatanjali, 159:whose nature is love-wisdom. This is the Christ-life or principle, which in the process of takingPatanjali, 161:before the spectator in the great panorama of life in the three worlds is a "presented-idea," andPatanjali, 162:at a very advanced stage he touches the one Life which synthesizes the many lives, the one PurposePatanjali, 163:The ideas presented by the world of spiritual life, the realm of spiritual knowledge, and thePatanjali, 164:and solar, exists for the sake of the vaster Life in whose body he is but an atom. The whole worldPatanjali, 164:is the result of the thought activity of some life; the whole universe of matter is the field forPatanjali, 165:between the true and the false, and between the life of the spirit and the world of phenomena. HePatanjali, 165:and subject only to the new conditions of the life of the man who has made the great at-one-ment.Patanjali, 165:limit himself to a seemingly three dimensional life, yet he goes forth into the world of higherPatanjali, 166:regulation of the physical, psychic and mental life.
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