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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Patanjali, 282:characteristic of spirit (or energy) is the life-principle, that mysterious something which causesPatanjali, 283:and entails: [283] A gathering together of the life or vital forces of the body into the physicalPatanjali, 284:to here deals primarily with the present life of the aspirant or seer. He knows that every event inPatanjali, 284:or seer. He knows that every event in that life is the effect of a previous cause, initiated byPatanjali, 284:he knows also that every act of the present life must produce an effect (to be worked [285] out inPatanjali, 285:an effect (to be worked [285] out in another life) unless it is done in such a way that: The effectPatanjali, 285:and culminates within the scope of the present life time, The effect involves no Karma, for the actPatanjali, 285:When the seer enters into incarnation in a life wherein only a few more effects remain to be workedPatanjali, 285:freed from karma, then he can set a term to his life experience and he knows that the day ofPatanjali, 285:the motive underlying every act of the present life he obviates the necessity for their effects toPatanjali, 292:soul in physical incarnation, persisting for one life. The more permanent and beautiful temple ofPatanjali, 293:of love must be functioning before the light of life can be consciously employed. As the lotusPatanjali, 294:nature which transfers the activity of all the life below the solar plexus and including the solarPatanjali, 294:the head, heart and throat. This is done through life, love and service, not through breathingPatanjali, 294:the focusing of the attention upon the heart life and service, and the realization that the heartPatanjali, 295:proper and enter upon that part of the path of life which conducts us away from the body-life, toPatanjali, 295:of life which conducts us away from the body-life, to the fullest liberation from experience in thePatanjali, 299:been allotted a long and grievous length-of-life, feeling the misery incurred as the result ofPatanjali, 302:It enables him also [302] to find the door to life and subsequently to tread the path. Only onePatanjali, 302:- love. The central spiritual sun - spirit - life or power. In man, the microcosm, thePatanjali, 302:or Christ - soul - love. The Monad - spirit - life or power. Patanjali, 305:center. "Out of the heart are the issues of life"; from it the current of the life bloodPatanjali, 305:the issues of life"; from it the current of the life blood circulates; from its development in thePatanjali, 307:work: [307] The thousand petalled head center - life or spiritual aspect, The center between thePatanjali, 307:or creative aspect. Through the first, spiritual life will pour in from the monad; through thePatanjali, 307:the world, the soul will work, pouring light and life on all things, and using it as the greatPatanjali, 307:the centers, however, are the expression of the life and love of God, and in their totality andPatanjali, 307:their totality and perfection express the Christ life. 3. It is the center wherein is carriedPatanjali, 308:Then comes what is called the "quickening" and life makes itself felt. A rising up takes place, andPatanjali, 309:when developed, gives him a distaste for the life of sensuous perception. When the aspirant canPatanjali, 309:can grasp the place that desire plays in his life, when he realizes that it is his emotional orPatanjali, 318:told is the home of the soul, an outpost of the life of God, a spark of pure spiritual fire. ThisPatanjali, 318:This is the lowest point which pure spiritual life, direct from the Monad, our Father in Heaven,Patanjali, 319:plane down into the physical vehicle. This life of God is triple and combines the energy of thePatanjali, 319:thread or path, the first, is the giver of life, of spirit, of energy. Another, the second, isPatanjali, 319:and to evolve response. The third concerns the life of the matter or body aspect. The first aspectPatanjali, 320:the love of God is seen working out in a man's life and work. For the mind of God is love, and thePatanjali, 326:near to him. One who longs for the final goal of life, the absolute assuagement of the threefoldPatanjali, 328:and its Results 39. By subjugation of the upward life (the udana) there is liberation from water,Patanjali, 328:the sense-organs and produces the outward-going life of the man; its medium of distribution is thePatanjali, 331:the thorny path refers to the path of physical life, and is nowhere more beautifully referred toPatanjali, 331:existence which succeed in choking the spiritual life and in veiling the true man for so long. ThePatanjali, 332:by the water, the mire or physical plane life, then "the power of ascension" is gained and he canPatanjali, 332:to the crucifixion. Thus the "udana" or upward life becomes the controlling factor and the downwardPatanjali, 332:becomes the controlling factor and the downward life no longer dominates. Patanjali, 332:should here be noted: "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance." Another interpretation mightPatanjali, 332:manifests." Out of the heart are the issues of life, and the vital energy called samana controlsPatanjali, 332:energy called samana controls the heart and the life breath through the lungs. When the body isPatanjali, 332:and when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen. [333] This will work out literally andPatanjali, 333:and not simply metaphorically, for when the life currents are directed by the soul upon the throne,Patanjali, 339:When the disciple has worked out into his life in correct realization the various means of yogaPatanjali, 346:spread throughout all aspects of divine life. Magnitude - mahima. This is the power to expand one'sPatanjali, 353:ends so swiftly achieved that his physical plane life is characterized by a most startling activityPatanjali, 358:find God in his own heart and in every form of life. Then, as an initiate, he arrives atPatanjali, 360:he standeth take heed lest he fall." Form life ever beckons, and the allurements of the greatPatanjali, 360:in the three worlds form the sum total of plane life) and fix them on those more spiritual aspectsPatanjali, 360:more spiritual aspects which constitute the life of God Himself. Even the realm of the soul itself,Patanjali, 362:concerned but in no other sense. The forms of life in these worlds, and the lives animating thosePatanjali, 364:exact knowledge of the sources of the manifested life, of its characteristics or qualities, and ofPatanjali, 364:to be found, and that every form ensouling a life (and there is naught else in manifestation) is toPatanjali, 364:else in manifestation) is to be known as: 1. Life. The life of God emanates from its source inPatanjali, 364:manifestation) is to be known as: 1. Life. The life of God emanates from its source in sevenPatanjali, 364:in the objective world is the expression of a life as breathed forth on one or other of thesePatanjali, 364:enables the seer to know the nature of the life atom. This is inferred in the word "genus." ThePatanjali, 364:or soul. All these living forms of divine life are conscious, even though all states ofPatanjali, 364:are not the same but range from the life of the atom of substance, limited [365] and circumscribedPatanjali, 365:intuition can know all things about all forms of life, and this involves a knowledge of: 1. Genus.Patanjali, 365:Place in body of Heavenly Man. Spirit Soul Body. Life aspect Consciousness Form. Essence SubjectivePatanjali, 366:sight is lost in vision, when the sum total of life anticipations are realized in a moment ofPatanjali, 367:true Reality is seen to be the great central life force, remaining unchanged and unmoved at thePatanjali, 369:spiral. These three are a trinity synthesized by life which pervades them all." To the man who hasPatanjali, 369:realization of the significance of the words: My life (the lower physical life) is hid with ChristPatanjali, 369:of the words: My life (the lower physical life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (thePatanjali, 369:physical life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (the spirit.) (Col., III, 3) Patanjali, 369:to live, and the support of the outward going life or object, when these cease to attract then thePatanjali, 378:en rapport with those existences and forms of life which are to be found in the spiritual realms,Patanjali, 383:with all beings, Regulation of the prana or life-breath, Steadiness of the mind, Meditation uponPatanjali, 384:thought. They concern more specifically the life preparation for the true training in yogaPatanjali, 384:rules, posture or attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation andPatanjali, 384:Rules, posture of attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation andPatanjali, 384:practices more specifically to that stage in the life of the aspirant in which he is upon thePatanjali, 385:of the evolutionary process which carries the life of God within all forms onward into ever fullerPatanjali, 385:It should be remembered that as the one Life in Whom we live and move and have our being, moves onPatanjali, 385:towards individual experience, and towards the life of sensuous perception and enjoyment, just soPatanjali, 386:man and atom. Behind all forms is found the one Life; within every atom (solar, planetary, humanPatanjali, 387:real or spiritual man, the thinker, or the one life in his tiny system, is responsible for thePatanjali, 387:he will become aware that his consciousness and life pervades, and is therefore responsible for,Patanjali, 388:a producer of effects and relates to the will or life aspect of the spiritual man. Desire producesPatanjali, 388:a habit and is the normal daily attitude of his life, then the man becomes free from the law [389]Patanjali, 390:body, or from the six lower principles), yet the life itself remains, and after the [391]Patanjali, 391:is governed by the pairs of opposites, and whose life experience is characterized by a swingingPatanjali, 392:deed brings harm to any form through which the life of God is expressing itself. The final type ofPatanjali, 393:necessary for the fruition of effects. In every life, as it comes into physical manifestation, arePatanjali, 393:the law, he can handle or deal with in any one life. These are the subjective germs which producePatanjali, 394:no matter in what continent, past or present, a life may have been passed, and no matter howPatanjali, 394:have been passed, and no matter how distant that life may be or how many millenia of years may havePatanjali, 394:effects will appear, working out in some one life. Nothing can prevent it, nothing can stop it.Patanjali, 394:and may be grouped in the frame of a single life or a single event. Through this grouping, visiblePatanjali, 395:upon the evolutionary standpoint of that great Life in whom we live and move and have our being andPatanjali, 395:his attention and form the motive power of his life are formulated by [396] himself, but are also
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