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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 92 of 124)


Patanjali, 396:of that cosmic Thinker who functions as the Life of our solar system. Thus the truth and teachingPatanjali, 396:to live, and the support of the outward-going life or object, when these cease to attract, then thePatanjali, 397:to live mental vitality. 4. The outward going life the object. When the cause, desire, has producedPatanjali, 397:be the probable duration of the physical plane life, but that the moment that will is withdrawn, orPatanjali, 397:in the words "the support of the outward going life, or object" for it substantiates the occultPatanjali, 397:it substantiates the occult teaching that the life stream passes downward from the originatingPatanjali, 398:interest of the indweller, and the outward going life becomes the sole center of attraction. But asPatanjali, 398:either latent and hidden, or sown in the present life. That which has been sown in the past existsPatanjali, 398:fruition. They must bear fruit in this present life or be concealed until a more favorable soil andPatanjali, 400:its responsiveness to the indwelling spiritual life. They are produced just as rapidly as thePatanjali, 400:of the past, plus the achievement of the present life, and that achievement under the greatPatanjali, 402:predicates the fact of the one Mind, or the one Life being the potent cause of all differentiatedPatanjali, 402:dharma, and follows then the way of light and of life. It should ever be borne in mind, however,Patanjali, 406:every objective vehicle through which the life impulses of the universe flows is produced and keptPatanjali, 407:whole, and to unify what knowledge he has of the life of God as it works through the kingdoms ofPatanjali, 407:creates his own environment and colors his own life. He constructs his own worlds by the power ofPatanjali, 408:all intermediate forms are dependent upon some life, endowed with the capacity to think, andPatanjali, 408:in ourselves. We fail to see aspects of life be cause as yet in ourselves, those aspects arePatanjali, 409:of a new world and reveal to us a scheme of life and a kingdom of being hitherto negated by us,Patanjali, 412:It has no personality of its own; it has no life or light of its own, except that which is inherentPatanjali, 414:through which knowledge is gained and [414] life experience undergone. The mind does not knowPatanjali, 417:and constitute the vehicle through which the life and love of God may manifest. [418] Patanjali, 418:and employed in three ways. As a vehicle for the life of the soul. In the service of the Hierarchy.Patanjali, 419:quiet and still. Limpid the waters of the lower life and fit to offer to the thirsty ones who,Patanjali, 419:itself slain, and with its death the separated life is ended. The One is seen. The Voice is heard.Patanjali, 419:beams in hell itself, and all is light and life." Then before the liberated yogi a choice isPatanjali, 421:henceforth neither with the field of knowledge, life in the three worlds through the medium of hisPatanjali, 426:or prevented the full expression of the divine life has been overcome; all barriers are down, allPatanjali, 427:the one essential unity, the one all-pervading life, the boundless immutable principle which is thePatanjali, x:for the East. Since then the tide of spiritual life has steadily flowed westward, and we may nowPatanjali, xi:the New Testament there is depicted for us the life of a Son of God in full manifestation, wherein,Patanjali, xi:It becomes apparent to us, as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers ofPatanjali, xii:and emotional reactions which characterize the life of the average man and has arrived at the pointPatanjali, xiii:aspects) are brought together, characterize his life on earth, and he can say as did the Christ,Problems, 6:is a preface to a richer and a more enlightened life; it is a preliminary period to a culture and aProblems, 15:by the stronger and the wrecking of the economic life of the masses by a mere handful of powerfulProblems, 21:other nations of the world could walk the way of life together with little disagreement. Problems, 25:stage of adolescence - must learn the lessons of life through experimentation and resultantProblems, 26:are restlessly experimenting with all phases of life, with every kind of idea and all kinds ofProblems, 28:case; theological forms still hold the spiritual life. Every nation, owing to its past history, andProblems, 29:world forms is a spiritual one. The spiritual life of humanity is now so strong that it hasProblems, 29:will be distinctive of the emerging creative life of the spirit of man. The important factor toProblems, 29:establish unity and beauty of rhythm in the life of its peoples. To foster the spirit of rightProblems, 37:values wrongly adjusted and his attitudes to life distinguished by bias and prejudice. TheProblems, 38:needed; we prefer a soft and relatively easy life; the pioneering spirit (which is the backgroundProblems, 39:directed to the organization of the national life so that material possession, competitiveProblems, 39:arts, the literature, the music and the creative life of all nations - past and present. ItProblems, 42:of them and an expression of their own inner life. It is surely the function of the wealthier andProblems, 46:girls have learned from appearances that human life has small value; the fascist countries haveProblems, 53:also possess the capacity to move forward (as life unfolds) into that world of meaning whichProblems, 54:an ascertained psychological rating - definite life trends can be determined and certainProblems, 54:can be determined and certain professions and life careers provide the right setting forProblems, 55:or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it is obvious will condition them.Problems, 57:carefully [57] investigated and his incoherent life purposes directed along right lines; he will beProblems, 57:education should be concerned with the wholes of life as well as with the details of dailyProblems, 60:on wishful thinking. It concerns an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of peopleProblems, 64:and mating, through the stages [64] of family life, tribal life and national life to the pointProblems, 64:through the stages [64] of family life, tribal life and national life to the point where today aProblems, 64:[64] of family life, tribal life and national life to the point where today a still broader idealProblems, 65:and which will ensure a fuller and richer life for everyone. It will be obvious that very manyProblems, 65:education is essentially right interpretation of life, past and present, and its relation to theProblems, 66:to provide a living wage and the necessities of life. One is the problem of capital and the otherProblems, 67:interests which have for so long controlled the life of humanity and the other is the problem ofProblems, 68:objectives are good and their application to the life of humanity will guarantee a happier and moreProblems, 73:just, decent and kind, simple in their way of life and with a true sense of values, but there isProblems, 77:has been elevated into its rightful place in the life of the nations and the essential dignity ofProblems, 80:octopus which is slowly strangling human [80] life, enterprise, and decency; it is the millstoneProblems, 81:New Age; it will so completely alter our way of life that much of the planning at present beingProblems, 81:basic characteristic. This new and better way of life will be developed for two main reasons: TheProblems, 81:will inevitably bring in a new and better way of life, but also a terrible weapon, capable ofProblems, 89:its living expression, the beauty of its mode of life and the selflessness of its attitudes; itProblems, 89:It aims to improve and perfect its own mode of life so that all in the world may benefit. It is aProblems, 91:many small nations each with its own individual life, civilization and culture. All of theseProblems, 92:and few really wish to see the old manner of life restored; all the nations, great and small, areProblems, 96:own racial identity, their own peculiar way of life, their own national religion (which isProblems, 98:his ways, anxious to play his part in community life and ready with his money when asked for it butProblems, 99:not [99] becoming a true part of the national life, the Jew has ever been subjected to persecution;Problems, 100:taught with due threats; the concept of a future life, dependent upon conduct and behavior toProblems, 107:the emphasis upon love and goodness and the life hereafter) is understood by the emotionallyProblems, 118:The expression of true love as a factor in the life of our planet may lie very far ahead, butProblems, 122:religion, who claim to represent the spiritual life, to direct the spiritual approach of the humanProblems, 122:God and to lay down the rules for the spiritual life. In writing on this theme we are treading onProblems, 122:it exists and is essential to a full and true life on earth. We can recognize the timelessness ofProblems, 124:to Christ and to His message and to the way of life exemplified by Him. Churchmen need to rememberProblems, 124:of the truth able to exemplify the spiritual life. Nothing under heaven can arrest the progress ofProblems, 128:that service was the keynote of the spiritual life and that the will of God would be revealed.Problems, 129:given out have not sufficed to better the daily life of the believer or to anchor the truthsProblems, 131:eventual doom, unless the faint stirrings of new life following the advent of Pope John XXIII canProblems, 133:separated self, representing God in truth and in life, and having no real part in the churchProblems, 134:and the civilization which controlled our modern life in ruins. Cities and homes have beenProblems, 136:need of the people for a simple presentation of life-giving truth? Will the interest and the powerProblems, 136:and center them upon the Source of all life and upon the living Christ Who waits to pour out [137]Problems, 137:Who waits to pour out [137] upon them that "life more abundantly" for which they have so longProblems, 137:that a new and fuller unlimited spiritual life is now possible? Will they remind the people thatProblems, 137:because the spiritual values had no place in the life of the people and this was due to the factProblems, 137:for centuries they have had small place in the life of the churches. The responsibility restsProblems, 140:today. A second emerging guide to the spiritual life is the hope of revelation. Never before hasProblems, 142:laws so that a negative, acquiescent attitude to life and its processes, based on continuouslyProblems, 143:above all else is not possible to do in any one life - he implicitly endorses the Law of Rebirth,Problems, 143:the Law of Rebirth, and makes the school of life a constantly recurring experience until man has
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