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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology1, 81:and fearlessness. See you not God in all, the life in all, and love in all? Why separate yourselfPsychology1, 81:fanaticism) to whatever may be the goal of his life's attention. This goal may be to achievePsychology1, 82:Mind. Men must begin on the subjective planes of life to work out the needed order. When this isPsychology1, 83:the effort that I, a worker on the inner side of life, am making to teach the newer psychology inPsychology1, 83:altered; the vegetation and the animal life will be modified and developed, and much that is latentPsychology1, 84:door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was opened, and the doorPsychology1, 84:they raised the temple's veil and entered into life. The temple grew in beauty. Its lines, itsPsychology1, 84:forth the Word creative and raise the dead to life. Thus shall the temple of the light be carriedPsychology1, 85:The Representative of God The One Who lifts to Life The Lord of Death The One Who feeds the SacredPsychology1, 87:a minority always exist in every department of life. So it is in the work of the Logos, for at thePsychology1, 89:of the system, and with the laws controlling the life in all forms in all the kingdoms in nature.Psychology1, 89:2. 4. 6 are the rays connected with the inner life, expanding through those forms, - the rays ofPsychology1, 90:of the cells and organs of the body, plus the life principle. All, we are told, is inherent in thePsychology1, 91:and affection, thought and temperament, life and love, character and capacities - all disappear,Psychology1, 91:this speak? Of the sum total of the united cell life; of the environing [92] group in which aPsychology1, 92:in which a particular form finds itself; of the life, impersonal and abstract in nature, whichPsychology1, 92:which can be accounted for in terms of dream life, of brain lesions or of escape reactions, butPsychology1, 92:unuttered longings of his deeply hidden thought life. Belief in God and Heaven and in an immortalPsychology1, 93:law of selection and of adaptation; as the group life grew closer and the group integration wasPsychology1, 93:and of science itself, or in the simple everyday life of the ordinary human being who lives andPsychology1, 94:body, or is it the result of the body type and life, and so either persists after the bodyPsychology1, 94:with the tangible world (so-called) of form life? When humanity is assured of divinity and ofPsychology1, 95:which that soul functions, its attitude to daily life and to current affairs will undergo such aPsychology1, 102:of the esotericist, all [102] forms of life on our planet are affected by three types of lightPsychology1, 105:nurture, emanating from the invisible side of life, will steadily and successfully prove thePsychology1, 109:out of this inflow from the subjective side of life are coming new knowledge, increased devotion toPsychology1, 110:you as sincerely interested in the spiritual life, as concerned with the endeavor to bePsychology1, 111:to more fruitful service, to closer study of the life-essentials, and to meditation. What is taughtPsychology1, 112:by rules and orders. As souls, men derive their life from the ocean of the universal, and not fromPsychology1, 113:the handling of the details of the personality life; the specific problems of health, finance andPsychology1, 114:personnel of these groups is forgotten in the life of the group entity as a whole. The members arePsychology1, 115:and growth. [115] Only those factors in the life of the individual are noted and handled whichPsychology1, 115:which would hinder the growth of the group life and expression. It is the group note, the groupPsychology1, 116:with the way and method of a man's daily life. Why should we, when enough has been printed andPsychology1, 117:aid within yourself, and when the trend of your life is towards cooperation, then you may pass fromPsychology1, 117:disciples, working from the subjective side of life. This training is never organized and arrangedPsychology1, 117:In this matter (as in all else in the spiritual life) the disciple first trains himself to bePsychology1, 120:one of the four minor rays. The Being Who is the life of the fourth or human kingdom in naturePsychology1, 121:outer form, qualified by a particular force and life. There is, for instance, a definite reason whyPsychology1, 122:nature, flowers, fruits, and vegetable life of a certain kind, and animals and forms of varyingPsychology1, 122:of some particular form, some type of animal life, and leads to some vegetable aspect coming to anPsychology1, 128:seven rays. His personality is found, in every life, upon one of them, in varying rotation,Psychology1, 129:personality shifts from ray to ray, from life to life, until all the qualities are developed andPsychology1, 129:personality shifts from ray to ray, from life to life, until all the qualities are developed andPsychology1, 129:of endeavor remains relatively the same for many life expressions. A governor or statesman hasPsychology1, 130:the effect of the interplay between the life and the environment. The first point that I seek toPsychology1, 131:within the head flickers at intervals during the life of the average man, and becomes a shiningPsychology1, 136:which seem sealed to all subhuman forms of life. In the larger picture, with which we are not toPsychology1, 136:the response apparatus of a superhuman Life, and that Life responds consciously to impactsPsychology1, 136:apparatus of a superhuman Life, and that Life responds consciously to impacts emanating from thePsychology1, 136:of a vast constellation, is an embodiment of a life, which expresses itself as consciousness,Psychology1, 136:souls, and all presenting aspects of the divine Life. Life, quality, appearance remain thus thePsychology1, 136:and all presenting aspects of the divine Life. Life, quality, appearance remain thus the primalPsychology1, 136:This will result in the giving of new values to life, to an enriching of our understanding, andPsychology1, 141:be accepted as an hypothesis: One: There is one Life, which expresses Itself primarily throughPsychology1, 141:the seven Rays, the seven Lives, Who give Their life to the forms, and give the form world itsPsychology1, 141:its laws, and its urge to evolution. Three: Life, quality and appearance, or spirit, soul and bodyPsychology1, 142:Great Architect of the Universe. Five: Each ray Life is predominantly expressing Itself through onePsychology1, 142:through one of the seven sacred planets, but the life of all the seven flows through every planet,Psychology1, 142:this treatise deals, is an expression of the life of God, and every human being has come forthPsychology1, 142:his soul is qualified or determined by the ray Life which breathed him forth, and his form naturePsychology1, 142:forth, and his form nature is colored by the ray Life which - in its cyclic appearance on thePsychology1, 142:particular time - sets the quality of the race life and of the forms in the kingdoms of nature. ThePsychology1, 142:the same throughout a world period; its form life and nature change from life to life, according toPsychology1, 142:period; its form life and nature change from life to life, according to its cyclic need and thePsychology1, 142:its form life and nature change from life to life, according to its cyclic need and the environingPsychology1, 142:incarnation at the time. Seven: The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven ray Lives.Psychology1, 142:of forms, are simply the mental purpose and life direction of the ray Lords, Whose purpose isPsychology1, 142:the self expressed is the One Self or the ray Life, and the realization achieved is the revelationPsychology1, 143:[143] quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearance and quality. The seven rayPsychology1, 143:soul types, are seen as the expression of one Life, and diversity is lost in the vision of the OnePsychology1, 143:producing the perfect blending and expression of life-quality-appearance. This is a brief statementPsychology1, 149:into expression by the "breath of the divine Life." This theory recognizes no so-called inorganicPsychology1, 149:their totality - great or small - constitute a Life, and that these composite lives, in their turn,Psychology1, 149:turn, are a corporate part of a still greater Life. Thus eventually we have that great scale ofPsychology1, 149:and reaching all the way from the tiny life called the atom (with which science deals) up to thatPsychology1, 149:which science deals) up to that vast atomic life which we call a solar system. This is a brieflyPsychology1, 149:world, with its three main characteristics of life-quality-appearance. Forget not to find thePsychology1, 149:not to find the meaning behind all forms and life experiences, and thereby learn to enter into thatPsychology1, 150:rays. [150] As to the significance of the word "life" our task is well-nigh insuperable, for noPsychology1, 150:or can have, any comprehension of the nature of life until he has attained the third initiation. IPsychology1, 150:of realization as to the meaning of the word "life." But they cannot, and they dare not, pass onPsychology1, 150:language itself would be inadequate to the task. Life is not what anyone has hitherto surmised.Psychology1, 150:what idle speculation has portrayed it to be. Life is the synthesis of all activity - an activityPsychology1, 150:activity which is a blend of many energies, for life is the sum total of the energies of the sevenPsychology1, 151:solar atom; so that the qualities of every solar life, pouring through the seven ray forms,Psychology1, 152:Creative Builders, the Seven Rays I. Every ray Life is an expression of a solar Life, and everyPsychology1, 152:I. Every ray Life is an expression of a solar Life, and every planet is consequently... Linked withPsychology1, 152:Linked with every other planetary life in the solar system. Animated by energy emanating from onePsychology1, 152:solar systems. Actuated by a triple stream of life forces coming from: Solar systems outside ourPsychology1, 152:constitutes our own particular planetary Lord or Life. I should like at this point to make clearPsychology1, 153:which are, in their turn, animated by the Life of the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said."Psychology1, 154:animated by energy coming from the cosmic Life, from the solar Deity, and from the planetary Life,Psychology1, 154:from the solar Deity, and from the planetary Life, and are consequently colored by qualities fromPsychology1, 155:and if you add to these 19 expressions of the Life the 3 major aspects of Deity, which we call thePsychology1, 155:the 3 major aspects of Deity, which we call the life of God the Father, the love of God the Son,Psychology1, 155:synthetic Builders or Creators, Who are: The Life which expresses Itself through seven solarPsychology1, 155:The One About Whom Naught May Be Said. The Life which expresses Itself through seven planets. ThePsychology1, 155:seven planets. The Solar Deity - God. The Life which expresses Itself through seven planetaryPsychology1, 155:the energy and to the spiritual purpose of the Life of his own planet. At the first and second
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