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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology1, 157:It is ever on ahead, but if the entire life is given to vision, and if the serving of one's fellowPsychology1, 157:Builders, the Seven Rays 1. The Rays and Life-Quality-Appearance We come at this time toPsychology1, 157:(which is our inadequate definition of the word "life") settles or determines the aspect assumedPsychology1, 158:of the creative purpose, and the synthesis of life, quality and appearance. Secondly, they arePsychology1, 158:to them. Along these three streams of qualified life-force the creative agencies of God make theirPsychology1, 158:phenomenal appearance, attracts the unity of life into one or other of the kingdoms in nature, andPsychology1, 160:into the realms of true quality and of the life aspects; the man under investigation is consideredPsychology1, 160:which determines whether a man in any particular life will function as an introvert or anPsychology1, 162:of the three periodical vehicles: Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad. Ray II Love-WisdomPsychology1, 162:of man: Ray I Power Ideas Mental body Purpose, Life. Ray II Love Ideals Astral body Quality. RayPsychology1, 163:predominant characteristics or modifications of life, for it is not to humanity only that thesePsychology1, 167:these two great influences during any given life. [168] We have seen that seven rays are sevenPsychology1, 169:causal body in which the individual passes from life to life. This body is of course graduallyPsychology1, 169:body in which the individual passes from life to life. This body is of course gradually built up ofPsychology1, 174:of the same Father, fed from the same source of Life, and saved by the same divine ChristPsychology1, 175:and control every department of the economic life of the nation, and cutting deep down, through thePsychology1, 179:spirit. There will be a fresh attitude towards life which will evidence itself in a better sense ofPsychology1, 179:evidence itself in a better sense of values, for life will have a meaning hitherto unknown, and wePsychology1, 182:his own consciousness, but a Deity of essential life, who is the sum total of all energies; thePsychology1, 182:is the sum total of all energies; the energy of life itself, the energy of love, the energy ofPsychology1, 182:to see God working on the inner side of Life, within Himself and within all forms, for "when thinePsychology1, 182:see God. The three words: electricity, light and life, express divinity, and their synthesis isPsychology1, 185:to give as it works with energies and forms of life hitherto unrecognized. The spiritualists willPsychology1, 185:for a number of scientists on the inner side of life and those who are still in physical bodies.Psychology1, 185:divine energy can flow to the various forms of life found in the subhuman kingdoms. This flow ofPsychology1, 186:link the higher and the lower manifestations of Life, but this will be possible only when menPsychology1, 186:either direction, and so with ease contact the life of God as it flows through those forms we callPsychology1, 187:to think in terms of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity. I ask for no sentimentalPsychology1, 189:get busy. I challenge you above all to a deeper life, and I implore you for the sake of your fellowPsychology1, 191:the seven creative Builders, as They express the life aspect and qualify the phenomenal appearancePsychology1, 191:the phenomenal appearance through which the One Life manifests. It is the quality in time and spacePsychology1, 191:of which the two previous are: Every ray Life is an expression of a solar Life, and every planet isPsychology1, 191:are: Every ray Life is an expression of a solar Life, and every planet is therefore linked withPsychology1, 191:To these two we add: It is the quality of a ray Life, in time and space, which determines thePsychology1, 191:the first proposition, you will note how a ray Life is an expression of a solar Life. Now take thisPsychology1, 191:note how a ray Life is an expression of a solar Life. Now take this broad idea and make itPsychology1, 191:solar angels, and is likewise in touch with the life of the planet, of the solar system, and withPsychology1, 192:of the attitude of the personality towards life, and of the measure of success of the solar angelPsychology1, 192:is of real practical application to the mental life and attitude of man today. The firstPsychology1, 192:to control or direct the feeling or desire life of the personality, for according to the quality ofPsychology1, 192:the sum total of characteristics in any one life is colored by divine quality according to thePsychology1, 193:manifesting, and under the impulse of the divine Life, is love, which functions through the mediumPsychology1, 193:the result of active quality, determining the life of the unit cells which compose the form) thePsychology1, 194:which constitute in the aggregate all forms of life, and which present to our astonished andPsychology1, 194:astonished and bewildered intellects a planetary life which is the sum total of all known forms.Psychology1, 194:that we are as yet unable to pass. Energy is life, and energy is also death. Activity is to bePsychology1, 195:before man's conscious vision nothing but life and activity, naught but motion and energy, andPsychology1, 195:to the mechanism of awareness of the great Life in which we live and move and have our being, thePsychology1, 195:must be controlled by the creating Will or Life aspect so that they function as one. Therefore thePsychology1, 196:impulses which condition the quality of the life, and which are slowly and gradually revealingPsychology1, 197:to work with the quality aspect of the life, and the other is focusing his attention upon thePsychology1, 197:during the evolutionary process of the divine Life as It has cycled through the subhuman and humanPsychology1, 197:by the perfume of its highest forms of life. This perfume is connected with its sex life, which hasPsychology1, 197:of life. This perfume is connected with its sex life, which has group purpose and which calls toPsychology1, 197:produce the spreading and the continuity of the life of the vegetable kingdom. The "aspirants" inPsychology1, 198:Those to Whom is confided the initiating of the life-forms and their bringing to a desiredPsychology1, 198:"fixes the eye upon the sun; turns the life ever to the rays of warmth, and causes the blending ofPsychology1, 198:a consequent gravitation towards the forms of life which evidence that which they desire. Hence thePsychology1, 199:that of the form and not of the quality of the life. It is difficult for men to comprehend thePsychology1, 199:eventuating a liberation which will initiate the life of that kingdom into new states ofPsychology1, 199:radioactive; the incense or the perfume of his life must ascend, and thus attract the attention ofPsychology1, 200:released from form limitations by the fire of life and of initiation. Thus he harmonizes in himselfPsychology1, 200:and all achievements, and synthesizes in his life the aspirations of the other three kingdoms.Psychology1, 200:the "shedding of blood" or the sacrifice of the life, the expression upon earth (the mineralPsychology1, 200:(the mineral kingdom) of the devotion and sex life of the vegetable kingdom, plus the sacrificePsychology1, 202:and strength from the great fount of universal life by his will power, and then pour it through thePsychology1, 205:ray he will not produce it. In all walks of life he is full of ideas, but is too impractical toPsychology1, 206:These contrasting forces in the nature make life one perpetual warfare and unrest for the fourthPsychology1, 209:into fury and fiery wrath. He will lay down his life for the objects of his devotion or reverence,Psychology1, 216:might be regarded as differentiations of the One Life, from the angle of: Phenomenal appearance,Psychology1, 218:such time as this occurs, this kingdom and its life will remain an enigma, except to the initiatePsychology1, 219:Nature Two rays are of prime importance in the Life of God as It pours through this basic substancePsychology1, 219:substance, the solid material of our planetary life, organized into the varying mineral forms.Psychology1, 219:kingdom in nature is dependent upon and draws life from the kingdom which precedes it in the timePsychology1, 220:follows the same procedure, and draws its life (from the form angle) out of the animal kingdom asPsychology1, 223:hypothesis will man increase his capacity to see life whole, and be able therefore to cooperatePsychology1, 223:Purpose: To demonstrate the radioactivity of life. Divisions: Base metals, standard metals,Psychology1, 224:ahead, and is the analogy in this kingdom to the life of the Monad, as expresses in the solarPsychology1, 225:tables which will show the three stages of the life cycle of every mineral leading from the staticPsychology1, 228:kingdom marks the densest expression of the life of God in substance, and its outstanding, thoughPsychology1, 230:But to understand the rays and their bearing on life as a whole, it is necessary that man shouldPsychology1, 231:in the custody of the other forms of divine life, found in the three subhuman kingdoms. In thePsychology1, 232:of no practical value in the living of the daily life, except in so far as they serve to shift thePsychology1, 232:nerve. But so it is. As we approach the forms of life which approximate the living tissue of ourPsychology1, 233:if we realized that there are higher forms of life and consciousness in the cosmos who find it asPsychology1, 233:The Ancient Wisdom) the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again,Psychology1, 233:the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again, the "urge to turn the eye of the heart toPsychology1, 234:power which lures to it the higher forms of life, leading the animal forms to consume it for food,Psychology1, 235:ladder and grasp the first steps taken by the life of God, through the medium of manifested forms.Psychology1, 235:Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature a. Life-Radiance-Magnetism We are told in the YogaPsychology1, 235:of Patanjali that "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance," and in these words can be foundPsychology1, 236:The body - mineral kingdom the dense prison of life. The akasha - vegetable kingdom the fluidPsychology1, 236:akasha - vegetable kingdom the fluid conscious life. Ascension out of matter - animal kingdom thePsychology1, 237:science deals with the form expressions of life. Only when that newer science has been brought toPsychology1, 237:will it be possible to consider the evolution of life, through consciousness in form. I have herePsychology1, 237:three rays indicate the nature of that kingdom's life. Students will possibly find it helpful toPsychology1, 238:What might be regarded as the monadic ray of the Life of that kingdom is functioning. This wholePsychology1, 238:prominent place in this evolution of divine life. This living entity has a different objective toPsychology1, 238:living entity has a different objective to the Life which informs the fourth kingdom in nature.Psychology1, 238:three ray vibrations account for this kingdom's life-quality and appearance. This whole matter is
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