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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology1, 239:rays determine the quality of the manifesting life and indicate the type of the appearance. InPsychology1, 239:through the cereals and flowers. Ray IV - is the life quality, expressing itself through thePsychology1, 239:the grasses and the smaller forms of vegetable life, - those which provide the "green carpetPsychology1, 240:the influence of fire, those vegetable forms of life which were ready for the initiation. The majorPsychology1, 241:of the vital pranic fluid to the other forms of life on our planet. That is its divine and uniquePsychology1, 242:[242] that this whole problem of the taking of life (whether in the vegetable or the animalPsychology1, 242:in degree but in kind) to that of the taking of life in the human family. The three aspects ofPsychology1, 242:the production of harmony between form and life, and has brought about the synthesis and thePsychology1, 242:ray influence, plus the normal tendency of all life-forms to evolve. It has brought the latentPsychology1, 244:the eyes to vision the reality, the synthesis of life would appear to you in all its glory. ButPsychology1, 244:it is the achieved expression of the informing life of this kingdom in nature, and is the effect ofPsychology1, 244:occult study of the dissemination of the seed life and the germs of the vegetable kingdom, and inPsychology1, 245:hidden forces likewise play upon our planetary life, but these are the [246] major influencesPsychology1, 248:and thus producing new effects, new forms of life, and new wonders in the world of phenomena. ManPsychology1, 248:cosmic Son of God. The form through which that Life expresses Itself, the [249] sensitive responsePsychology1, 249:the evolving consciousness and the manifesting life. When this is borne in mind, it will be notedPsychology1, 249:inner and hidden glory. When, however, a unit of life is immersed in form, and when thePsychology1, 249:kingdoms in nature. The more the unit of life is identified with "the one who is conscious," thePsychology1, 249:himself with both aspects - the form and the life; and his psychological state is such that duringPsychology1, 250:early stages. He can identify himself with the life aspect, and this he does in the final stages.Psychology1, 251:produced in the animal world that reaction to life and to environment which can best be describedPsychology1, 252:process of individualization. It is a process of life-giving, of intelligent integration and ofPsychology1, 253:and the goal of the true psychology, is to see life clearly, as it is, and with all that isPsychology1, 253:does not mean conditions and environment, but Life. This process was begun in the animal kingdom,Psychology1, 256:when animal-man and the existent forms of animal life lived in a much closer relation than today.Psychology1, 256:wiped out, age after age, by the powerful animal life of the period, and though instinct taught thePsychology1, 256:Up until two hundred years ago the toll of life exacted by the animal world from the human, in thePsychology1, 257:the animals were swept within the orbit of human life and were tamed and cared for, and when thePsychology1, 258:of the three divine aspects in a unit of life in form. A son of God, a Lord of dedicated andPsychology1, 258:This really means that, when the evolving life within the form had reached a certain stage ofPsychology1, 258:and the inner urge was adequately strong, the life forced itself into contact with another streamPsychology1, 259:applied from without, causes a response from the life in form. Hence the process is really in thePsychology1, 259:as it is occultly called, and one by one the life units are prepared and brought to the door ofPsychology1, 260:of the second ray; the cat is a third ray life manifestation, and the horse is sixth ray. AnimalsPsychology1, See pa:and along a particular ray vibration, forms of life and centers of consciousness can be contactedPsychology1, 261:the sacral center, that which controls the sex life and the building of forms of expression.Psychology1, 261:appearance of those new forms through which all life in the new cycle (astrologically understoodPsychology1, 261:itself. Thus it was necessary for the sex life to be controlled by this type of energy [262] inPsychology1, 262:material world can be occultly "raised" up into life and power, just as there are five centersPsychology1, 262:always to be found in our planet, through which life and energy pour into the natural world. IPsychology1, 262:which are active where the physical and material life of the planet are concerned. There are also,Psychology1, 263:course of the ages raise man from the dead to life; they lift him out of the dark prison of matterPsychology1, 263:matter into the light of day. These are the five life-giving forces that raise the humanPsychology1, 264:kingdoms in nature also (after much effort) to life and conscious understanding. Through the fivePsychology1, 264:contact, in each of the three kingdoms, is life brought to nature itself. For this "the wholePsychology1, 264:to as "the relation of death to the five life-giving energies seen working upon the third day ofPsychology1, 264:unity complete the work is done; they fuse the life-giving force; the dead are raised, and the workPsychology1, 264:the Word be uttered forth within a chamber of life-giving force and not of death. Through death toPsychology1, 264:force and not of death. Through death to life, from struggle in the dark to building in the light!Psychology1, 264:light! Such is the Plan. Thus do we enter into life that is a death; pass onward through the doorPsychology1, 265:can that Word be spoken which brings the dead to life. Such is the work of man for God, of God forPsychology1, 266:effects, definite and different forms of life, peculiar types of realization, and particularPsychology1, 266:and appearance. It is an aspect of the pulsating life [267] of Deity. It is the breathing out andPsychology1, 267:profits not. Man's work is to raise the dead to life, to bring brotherhood into expression on thePsychology1, 267:perfume-producing faculty, and to adapt plant life to the myriad uses of man and of animals. Man'sPsychology1, 269:not been reduced to rhythm in the [269] daily life and regarded as one to be followed and satisfiedPsychology1, 269:desires, divorce courts which devastate the life of the family and in time undermine the nationalPsychology1, 269:of the family and in time undermine the national life (of which each family unit should be aPsychology1, 269:There is, secondly, the threatening of the very life of humanity itself, as it is embodied in thePsychology1, 270:is embodied in the family [270] unit and family life. On the one hand, you have promiscuity andPsychology1, 270:animal world and an immense increase of animal life, and we should have a period of retrogressionPsychology1, 270:The attitude of the unthinking savage to the sex life, and the attitude of the mentally polarizedPsychology1, 271:animal in its wild state; the other lives his life in a controlled fashion, governing through thePsychology1, 271:by pointing out the laws which should govern the life of man, particularly where sex is concerned,Psychology1, 273:suggestions for the present moment. Sex and the life of discipleship. I deal not with history norPsychology1, 275:produced not only the world of everyday human life, but much of the disease, the insanity, the evilPsychology1, 275:discontent, frequently a secret and hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of the frustration ofPsychology1, 276:are men and women everywhere who pass through life clean and uncontaminated is equally andPsychology1, 276:a fact. That there are advanced souls whose life is divorced from the animal nature and whose mindsPsychology1, 277:comprehends the true significance of the sex life, its place in the great scheme of things, and thePsychology1, 277:between spirit and matter, and between life and form. It is, in the last analysis, an expression ofPsychology1, 277:law which underlies the entire manifestation of life in form, and which is the cause of allPsychology1, 279:to stimulate all parts and aspects of the form life, and this stimulation will produce results thatPsychology1, 280:sacral centers of humanity, and hence the sex life of mankind is temporarily over-stimulated, andPsychology1, 281:of His disciples and lovers by the Great Lord of Life. This over-shadowing will call forth aPsychology1, 281:inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love, working out through the human family.Psychology1, 285:of emphasis is today away from the physical life to the mental life, and in an increasing number ofPsychology1, 285:today away from the physical life to the mental life, and in an increasing number of cases to thePsychology1, 285:an increasing number of cases to the spiritual life. There is therefore little real cause forPsychology1, 285:between positive and negative; between life and form, and between the great dualities which - whenPsychology1, 288:of the heart, and Christ is seen in the daily life with increasing power. Man therefore dies dailyPsychology1, 289:The throat, the organ of the Word, expresses the life and manifests the glory and the realityPsychology1, 290:increasingly potent in the mental and emotional life of the aspirant, it pours in with greaterPsychology1, 291:of sex, re-enacted in man. Thus in his personal life he three times knows the meaning of union, ofPsychology1, 293:and competition. In no department of life will these coming great changes show more potently thanPsychology1, 293:and the depth of his own subconscious life are more truly grasped, there will take place, graduallyPsychology1, 294:will be laid upon the determining of a man's life purpose. This will be brought about through anPsychology1, 294:realities will be automatically acquired and the life subordinated to the group purpose. Man'sPsychology1, 295:relation will be regarded as a part of the group life and as serving the group good; this will notPsychology1, 295:in his creative expression. His physical plane life will proceed along normal lines, but it isPsychology1, 296:the parties ill-mated where one is living the life of the purified personality above the diaphragm,Psychology1, 296:above the diaphragm, and the other the life of the intelligent animal below the diaphragm. FinallyPsychology1, 297:[297] who are giving expression to the Christ life. But the time is not yet, except for the rarePsychology1, 299:the providing of physical bodies through which life may express itself. He has to understand thePsychology1, 299:Law of Sex is the law of those relations whereby life and form are brought together in order thatPsychology1, 299:true, whether one is dealing with the informing Life of a solar system, with the birth of anPsychology1, 299:which exists between that energy we call "life" and the aggregate of force units through which thatPsychology1, 299:bears witness to their relation, and another life in form is seen. You have always, therefore,Psychology1, 300:souls are concerned; it is only in the form life that sex exists. Only in the process ofPsychology1, 300:the negative and positive aspects of the form life. All the race is equally guilty, and all must be
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