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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology1, 300:reincarnate under the Law of Rebirth. Hence each life is not only a recapitulation of lifePsychology1, 300:Hence each life is not only a recapitulation of life experience, but an assuming of ancientPsychology1, 300:all men will tread more carefully the path of life, and will proceed with greater caution to fulfilPsychology1, 300:he will have to make his adjustments in the life of every day upon earth, which provides anPsychology1, 301:have reduced crime to a minimum, and our modern life would be an exemplification of a manifestingPsychology1, 301:up in the words: Let a man so live that his life is harmless. Then no evil to the group can growPsychology1, 302:a scientific pronouncement. The molding of the life by these two recognitions (the Law of RebirthPsychology1, 302:of the other two laws. It is the Law of Group Life. Our group relations must be seen andPsychology1, 302:people who are now coming in will come into life equipped with a much deeper sense of the group,Psychology1, 303:with the laws of the land in his daily life, working at the same time for the removal of thePsychology1, 304:to write a word on the subject of sex in the life of the disciple. There is much confusion in thePsychology1, 304:monastic and conventual conception of spiritual life. These two attitudes embody two mistakenPsychology1, 304:that to be a disciple necessitates a celibate life and complete abstinence from all naturalPsychology1, 304:law as well as the law of the land. Secondly, a life that is not normally rounded out till all thePsychology1, 304:for a disciple and an initiate than family life, with its enforced relations, its scope forPsychology1, 304:the whole condition and problem of the family life and of childbearing have been distorted andPsychology1, 306:and the self-abnegation required in the life of the family are tremendous purificatory andPsychology1, 306:been this distressing condition, and where the life has been sane, consecrated and sound, therePsychology1, 306:sometimes a man may be called to some particular life wherein he is faced with the problem ofPsychology1, 306:relations and to live a strictly celibate life, in order to demonstrate to himself that he canPsychology1, 306:the result of excess and license in a previous life, which necessitates stringent measures andPsychology1, 307:are forced to live without a natural and full life expression. The sex problem must, in the lastPsychology1, 312:son, torn between desire for the worldly life, for possessions and experience, and the attractivePsychology1, 312:earth, with his feet deep in the mud of material life and his head in heaven. In the majority ofPsychology1, 312:spiritual values, then the torn and distracted life of the aspirant begins. Humanity is thePsychology1, 312:In man, God the Father has hidden the secret of life; in man, God the Son has secreted thePsychology1, 312:reveal the nature of the Godhead and of eternal life. To man is given the privilege of revealingPsychology1, 313:and of glorifying rightly the form side of life through his conscious manifestation of divinePsychology1, 313:symbol) will be enacted on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant during the next fiftyPsychology1, 314:Hence the difficulty and agony evidenced in the life of every true disciple who - embodying inPsychology1, 314:constitute a channel for the Christ force and life. It is indeed and in truth from glory to gloryPsychology1, 318:itself as an integrated entity, as a Being, as a Life in a form. In this unified form Life everyPsychology1, 318:Being, as a Life in a form. In this unified form Life every human being is a cell, and the sevenPsychology1, 319:2nd and etheric race. The heart or vital center. Life forces coordinated. 1st race. The base ofPsychology1, 320:side of his nature, producing a fusion of life, of power, of harmonious intent and of mentalPsychology1, 320:and import: Rays I, IV and V predominate in the life of humanity and govern with increasing powerPsychology1, 320:and govern with increasing power man's mental life and determine his mental body. [321] Rays II andPsychology1, 321:Rays II and VI govern potently his emotional life and determine the type of his astral body. RaysPsychology1, 321:body. Rays III and VII govern the vital physical life and the physical body. Here you have, if youPsychology1, 321:of the rays which govern and differentiate the life of the personality forms, and therefore bringPsychology1, 321:and of idealistic Devotion. The vital life and physical body are governed by the Rays ofPsychology1, 321:of the major and minor cycles in the ray life of humanity as a whole. Results: Through the activePsychology1, 323:to adapt conditions of character and personality life, so that the purely selfish interests do noPsychology1, 324:be integrated into the group. Thereby the group life is enriched, the group potency is increased,Psychology1, 324:What is therefore to be seen going on in the life of the true aspirant today (his developingPsychology1, 325:training [325] which must precede all real group life. When this process is over, we shall havePsychology1, 325:decentralized as regards their own personality life. The focus of their mental attention is in thePsychology1, 328:produces a further synthesis experienced in the life of the spiritual man. Up to the thirdPsychology1, 330:This environment itself is part of the life and expression of Deity, and through its means hePsychology1, 334:both His quality and His purpose. Every unit of life and every form in manifestation is governed byPsychology1, 334:in our solar system. This ray qualifies the life of all the planets, and the attractive magneticPsychology1, 335:That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, of an Entity or Being. That every planet, like aPsychology1, 337:in due time, become the motivation of the [337] life, yet still it is only the love of God which isPsychology1, 337:is manifested. It is love between conscious life and conscious form; it is love between the pairsPsychology1, 338:truth the cause of our evolutionary growth. The life in forms passes through discriminative andPsychology1, 339:complexity and the many dynamic interests of his life, may be compared with those of the averagePsychology1, 339:and Man Speaking therefore in terms of man's life problem, we might state that it is affectedPsychology1, 339:Man might be defined as a unit of conscious life, swept into tangible expression through thePsychology1, 339:the discriminating love of God. Through his life experiences he is presented with innumerablePsychology1, 339:As he attracts, or is attracted by, the life of his environment, he becomes increasingly consciousPsychology1, 340:produces a tremendous revolution in his entire life, regarding the word "revolution" in its truePsychology1, 341:the worlds of tangible experience, of emotional life and of mental interest, - all this expressesPsychology1, 342:lives. Every atom in every form in nature is a life, and these lives form the cells of a Being'sPsychology1, 343:form his appearance, so it is with the greater Life informing the fourth kingdom in nature. ThisPsychology1, 343:be symbolically stated that the egoic ray of the Life which informs the human family is this fourthPsychology1, 343:intelligence during the process of the life experience, produce at last the sense of true values,Psychology1, 344:three major results of the activity of a great Life might be enumerated thus: The ray power or lifePsychology1, 344:Life might be enumerated thus: The ray power or life which tends ever towards harmony and anPsychology1, 344:Lord of Harmony, Who sits on high, pours all His life and force throughout the field of conflict.Psychology1, 345:must be achieved. He cannot then arrest the life and stop its flow. "The Middle Four, rested nowPsychology1, 346:three times repeated, become the four, then the Life of... reveals Itself in beauty." It isPsychology1, 348:must necessarily remain hypothetical for several life periods, where the average student isPsychology1, 350:to be gathered on the subjective side of life a steadily growing group of those who can functionPsychology1, 351:into wisdom, feeding likewise the Christ life in each disciple. Ray one governs the Path ofPsychology1, 352:psychic sensitivity, and the emergence of a form life which will express the divine nature morePsychology1, 365:great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life itself. The Deity works with ritual and isPsychology1, 365:rhythmic and ritualistic impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord built by thePsychology1, 369:to produce the manifested form through which the life will reveal the glory of God. Students wouldPsychology1, 370:a separating web between the world of physical life and the astral world. This will be destroyed,Psychology1, 372:the densest manifestation of the divine life and that which embodies its final and gloriousPsychology1, 373:ray, and thus sets His seal upon all form life, particularly in the mineral world. This the MasonicPsychology1, 374:cohesion within all forms and sustains all form life during the cycle of manifested existence. ItPsychology1, 374:constructing that which is needed to express the life principle. Men today are investigating suchPsychology1, 374:upon the vital aspect of man; the nature of the life principle is under discussion, and the needPsychology1, 375:a growth of understanding as to "the soul as life", though it remains as yet the great andPsychology1, 375:of manifestation. The subordination of the lower life to the ritual of service is literally thePsychology1, 375:tuning-in of the individual to the rhythm of the life, heart and mind of God Himself. From thatPsychology1, 375:and the differentiations of the manifested life of God into... [376] The septenary constitution ofPsychology1, 376:for general comprehension. They govern form life, and are the result of the united working, orPsychology1, 376:certifying the goal, and concerned with the life or spirit aspect. The Law of Attraction,Psychology1, 377:growing diversification of matter, clothing the life, which ultimately produced the earlyPsychology1, 377:of the continued intelligent activity of the Life aspect as it works in conjunction with matter.Psychology1, 378:name of the Law of the Tides. It concerns the life of desire and of sensory perception and ofPsychology1, 378:developing. It controls the cyclic or "tidal" life of all souls who are carried by the great riverPsychology1, 378:all souls who are carried by the great river of life - on the crest of desire - into incarnation,Psychology1, 378:independent of the cyclic turmoil of terrestrial life, and free from the control of the tides ofPsychology1, 380:consciousness, as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates, animates andPsychology1, 380:and integrates the entire solar system. This Life functions therefore in and through all thePsychology1, 380:our solar universe) under the phrase "form life." That phrase itself contains three great and basicPsychology1, 380:three great and basic ideas: the ideas of life, of matter and of evolution. The functioning of the
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