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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology1, 380:of ... The control of the physical plane life by the soul. The interpretative faculty of thePsychology1, 381:of intelligent service. An inspired creative life on the physical plane. But in the development ofPsychology1, 381:us again in the great turning of the wheel of life, but this time good may eventuate, if the worldPsychology1, 387:also enforces a standardized order and rule of life. You will note that of the major nations onlyPsychology1, 389:of too much emphasis upon the material aspect of life, upon pageantry, upon possessions, and uponPsychology1, 391:of a growing "pattern" upon the evolving life. The production of a form based upon that pattern.Psychology1, 391:that pattern. The stabilized functioning of the life within the form. It must be remembered thatPsychology1, 391:of the man, the nation or the planetary life, and is the sum total of the desire tendency. ThePsychology1, 391:controlling factor of the personality or form life. The emotional and mental patterns are thePsychology1, 391:and much later in time in imposing upon the form life. This soul pattern finally supersedes andPsychology1, 392:comprehension of what is transpiring in the life of the nations in the world today. If, forPsychology1, 395:holds the center of the stage in the drama of life, and around which central factor the happenings,Psychology1, 395:their cyclic way. Within the radius of power and life which is the expression of the fourth kingdomPsychology1, 395:of the teaching was upon the material side of life, and where the focus of attention was upon thePsychology1, 396:brought their gifts as offerings to the Lord of life, who needed not their gifts. They sought toPsychology1, 398:most of the world, and yet fails to bring into life justice and true legality. The other group ofPsychology1, 398:three of their co-disciples. On their return to life on earth, they spoke of this event. This wasPsychology1, 399:resurrected from the death of earth into the life of light, the great tradition of the mysteriesPsychology1, 402:energy. For the major part of our racial and life experience we are governed sequentially, andPsychology1, 405:ray. All of these control the personality life of each man. The egoic ray of the individual, plusPsychology1, 406:in the physical body. It determines its life trend and purpose, its appearance and occupation. ItPsychology1, 406:the astral body. Hence the battlefield of the life is ever on the plane of illusion; as the soulPsychology1, 406:It brings it and all parts of the physical life into activity and under control. All the abovePsychology1, 407:from external forms, causing attachment to the life side of manifestation and to the subjectivePsychology1, 407:GROWTH OF SOUL INFLUENCE THE SEVEN LAWS OF EGOIC LIFE THE FIVE GROUPS OF SOULS RULES FOR INDUCINGPsychology1, 415:animals constitute the heart center in the life of the Entity Who ensouls the animal kingdom. ThePsychology1, 417:will persist.' " [417] SECOND RAY "Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into thePsychology1, 417:of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life, let the Soul realize the consciousness ofPsychology1, 417:the goal, and from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace let the word sound: 'I am thePsychology1, 418:Esoteric Color: Red. Human Principle: Prana or life-vitality. Divine Principle: The One Life.Psychology1, 418:or life-vitality. Divine Principle: The One Life. Spirit. This is regarded as a principle only whenPsychology1, 418:all. Esoterically, this power is viewed as the life principle seated in the heart. Ray II -Psychology1, 421:of the three periodical vehicles: Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad. Ray II Love-WisdomPsychology1, 422:of man: Ray I Power Ideas Mental Body Purpose. Life. Ray II Love Ideals Astral Body Quality. RayPsychology1, 423:Purpose: To demonstrate the radioactivity of life. Divisions: Base metals, standard metals,Psychology1, 423:The Ancient Wisdom) the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again,Psychology1, 423:the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again, the "urge to turn the eye of the heart toPsychology1, 425:The body mineral kingdom - the dense prison of life. The Akasha vegetable kingdom - the fluidPsychology1, 425:Akasha vegetable kingdom - the fluid conscious life. Ascension out of matter animal kingdom - thePsychology1, 425:produced in the animal world that reaction to life and to environment which can best be describedPsychology1, 427:process of individualization. It is a process of life giving, of intelligent integration and ofPsychology1, 427:and the goal of the true psychology is to see life clearly, as it is, and with all that isPsychology1, 427:does not mean conditions and environment, but Life. This process was begun in the animal kingdomPsychology1, 430:That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, or an Entity or Being. That every planet, like aPsychology2, 4:of the great all-enfolding [4] Lives and of the Life in which all "lives and moves and has itsPsychology2, 4:is signalized sequentially by the recognition of life after life, of being after being, and thePsychology2, 4:sequentially by the recognition of life after life, of being after being, and the realization thatPsychology2, 4:aspect of divinity, that which embodies divine life-purpose and intent, and which uses the soul inPsychology2, 5:[5] As these three expressions of the One Great Life are realized by man on the physical plane, hePsychology2, 5:expression of that great all-encompassing Life, which we call God, for lack of a better term. WePsychology2, 6:is being expressed by our particular planetary Life, and because this great Being is not one of thePsychology2, 6:Realize the relation of form and quality to life Produce that inner transmutation which will bringPsychology2, 7:we will not deal. With the consciousness of the life of God as it expresses itself in the threePsychology2, 8:through the form. Appearance, quality, life - again this ancient triplicity confronts us.Psychology2, 8:or purpose - and these are the qualities of the life thread. These two, when dominating the thirdPsychology2, 10:and expression, appears upon the stage of life. The self-aware entity comes forth into physicalPsychology2, 10:simply defined as the process whereby forms of life in the fourth kingdom in nature arrive at:Psychology2, 10:individuality, through experiencing the life of the senses. The assertion of individuality throughPsychology2, 10:in every nation and their training in the life of [11] correct aspiration, with their subsequentPsychology2, 13:they are practiced experimentally in the daily life and thus psychologically integrated into thePsychology2, 14:indicates simply that the germ of soul life has vitalized and brought into functioning existencePsychology2, 14:to the Monad for that full expression of life which can take place when the initiate is identifiedPsychology2, 14:initiate is identified consciously with the One Life. Between the first and second initiations, asPsychology2, 15:second and the third) as they veil and hide the life aspect of the Monad. When this is grasped, ourPsychology2, 15:achievement will undergo change, and we will see life more truly and divorced from the glamor whichPsychology2, 16:and proceeding to Build sheath after sheath, life after life, that will be increasingly adequate toPsychology2, 16:to Build sheath after sheath, life after life, that will be increasingly adequate to its ownPsychology2, 18:to blend with the ray of the Monad, the life ray. The higher initiate is therefore a dual and not aPsychology2, 19:of its experience. The actor in the drama of life masters his part. Through the process ofPsychology2, 19:energy in the solar form. The energy of life itself, a meaningless phrase, and one that onlyPsychology2, 19:give no real idea as to the true nature of life. Life or essential energy is more than the activityPsychology2, 19:give no real idea as to the true nature of life. Life or essential energy is more than the activityPsychology2, 20:or [20] produce the lowest or third aspect of life in the scientific laboratories so-called, but toPsychology2, 21:quite incorrect. In individualization, the life of God which has been subjected to the processes ofPsychology2, 21:out that we can profitably use the words, - Life, Quality, Appearance - in lieu of Spirit, Soul andPsychology2, 22:of these three ray influences, we have (in the life of the aspirant) a recapitulation of the triplePsychology2, 23:sensitive to the energy of pure electric fire or life, as it pours through the "closed bud at thePsychology2, 23:of conscious, intelligent awareness in the life animating the various forms. The exact state ofPsychology2, 24:and to a heavy subconscious urge to betterment. Life after life passes, and slowly the capacity forPsychology2, 24:subconscious urge to betterment. Life after life passes, and slowly the capacity for consciousPsychology2, 24:of the form nature. The entire forces of the life are concentrated in the physical body, and thePsychology2, 25:in their reactions and in their approach to life. They are still governed predominantly by selfishPsychology2, 25:desires and by the calls of the instinctual life. Our earth humanity is still [26] in the AtlanteanPsychology2, 27:steady, sequential unfoldment taking place. The life of the soul, in this great life cycle which wePsychology2, 27:place. The life of the soul, in this great life cycle which we call human incarnation, passes onPsychology2, 27:to circumstance and environment, as does the life of God as it flows through the various kingdomsPsychology2, 28:and thus produce an entirely different type of life. The correspondence to these cycles can be seenPsychology2, 28:to these cycles can be seen working out in the life and consciousness of the planetary Logos, asPsychology2, 28:of the planetary Logos, as that great Life seeks expression through the medium of the four kingdomsPsychology2, 28:the kingdoms of nature, and all the phases of life-conditioning in the human family, plus thePsychology2, 30:This connotes identification with form life. The other connotes identification with all that liesPsychology2, 30:of the fifth initiation. Absorption into the One Life is the nature of this elevated state ofPsychology2, 31:of comprehension and expression when form life is of no further use to the perfected spiritualPsychology2, 31:is of no further use to the perfected spiritual life. It is a state of non-individuality, yet withPsychology2, 31:has faded entirely out, and only the macrocosmic life is sentiently realized. It is a state ofPsychology2, 31:which we call egoic, have dropped away, and Life and Mind can no longer be swept into motion by anyPsychology2, 32:Initiation and Identification - have led the Life or the spiritual, interior man, from point toPsychology2, 32:hell to heaven, from heaven to Nirvana, from the life-conditioning of the personal Ego to that ofPsychology2, 32:that of the liberated state of pure intuitional life. He has passed from form experience as a wholePsychology2, 32:in the archives of the Masters. "The quality of life fades out. It flickers and is gone. Yet the
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