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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology2, 204:be trained to use it, the preponderance of the life emphasis is entirely upon physical activity asPsychology2, 204:of some kind, and by a shallow "wish-life" or desire nature, almost entirely oriented towards thePsychology2, 205:entirely oriented towards the physical [205] life. These souls are the modern correspondences toPsychology2, 205:over-developed, and oscillating between the life of the senses and that of the mind. They swingPsychology2, 206:achieving success in some department of human life. They are writers, artists, thinkers in variousPsychology2, 207:identification with any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highly developed. They can andPsychology2, 207:of the general good. These are the Masters of Life, the perfected adepts. Psychology2, 208:a soul, having exhausted the resources of form life, and [209] having thus achieved mastery andPsychology2, 209:which are the correspondence in the interior life of the soul to the five stages whereby expressionPsychology2, 212:properly adapted to or fitted into our planetary life. They persistently remain abnormalities. TwoPsychology2, 212:then there was an inrush into the planetary life of the energy of all the seven raysPsychology2, 212:then undergone by the sensitive forms of life (and of these the animal was at that time the mostPsychology2, 212:kingdom, as expressed through its indwelling life, the animal Being (who is the informing Life ofPsychology2, 212:life, the animal Being (who is the informing Life of that kingdom in nature), which producedPsychology2, 213:students may think. Such specific forms of life did not exist in those far off times, particularlyPsychology2, 213:thus called forth response from those forms of life which were energized through the medium of thePsychology2, 213:and throat - of the Being who is the informing life. A tremendous surging upward and a going-forthPsychology2, 214:beginning of that higher Way which leads to a life incomprehensible, even to the most developed ofPsychology2, 217:and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself)Psychology2, 218:only as an item in the Plan of the Great Life "in Whom we live and move and have our being." OnePsychology2, 218:behind all the difficult happenings of daily life. It broadens and widens and expands thePsychology2, 218:as we study the great volume of the planetary life, embracing as it does the detail and thePsychology2, 218:finished structure, the item man, and the entire life of the planet, with their relation to thePsychology2, 219:the fact of the finiteness of man and of his life, given the tremendous periphery of the cosmos andPsychology2, 219:and identity so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to his all-embracing spirit. It isPsychology2, 220:constitute the major rules of the evolving life of God in the human family, are seven in number.Psychology2, 220:blend and synthesize. This is a law or rule of life itself. This tendency results, on the formPsychology2, 220:its accompaniments of pain and sorrow. On the life side, it results in release, liberation andPsychology2, 221:Logos, is likewise conditioned by a still higher life purpose. 2. The quality of the hidden vision.Psychology2, 221:astral illusion and concrete knowledge. On the life side it produces illumination. This includesPsychology2, 222:separative and selfish activity. Viewed from the life side, it leads to a blended cooperation whichPsychology2, 222:intelligent activity. 4. The urge to creative life, through the divine faculty of imagination. ThisPsychology2, 222:of forms which must later be destroyed. On the life side, it leads to quality, vibratory radiancePsychology2, 223:and to place in contradictory positions. On the life side, it leads to that understanding whichPsychology2, 224:to an extreme sadistic expression. On the life side, it has led to sacrifice, one pointed purpose,Psychology2, 225:to the man who is immersed in the detail of life, but could we see the planetary life as it can bePsychology2, 225:detail of life, but could we see the planetary life as it can be seen by the Masters Themselves, wePsychology2, 225:of speed, and the implacable forces of all life activity, as they play upon the imprisoned humanPsychology2, 225:play upon the imprisoned human being. On the life side, it results in rhythmic living and consciousPsychology2, 225:be expressed eventually on the plane of physical life. Psychology2, 226:the downward and the upward flow of the divine life, as it expresses itself through thePsychology2, 227:controlling [227] factors which determine all life and circumstance, remaining for us fixed andPsychology2, 228:tendencies which determine the Psychical life of all forms - from a universe to an atom - in thePsychology2, 228:the body of any so-called material revelation of life. Let us bear these thoughts in mind as wePsychology2, 229:quality or psyche, in just the same way as the life purpose of a human being is both limited andPsychology2, 229:simple, if interpreted in terms of one's own life purpose, and quality. Psychology2, 229:say: "I remain." There is a God Immanent Whose life is the source of the [230] activity,Psychology2, 230:human being a transcendent soul which, when the life cycle on earth has come and gone and when thePsychology2, 230:its recognition of the conditioning divine life is to speak in terms of Person, of Individuality.Psychology2, 230:is over. They remain as One, with quality and life untouched and undifferentiated, as they are whenPsychology2, 230:being remains; his quality and purpose and life are united with his undying soul. The outer formPsychology2, 231:the multiplicity of manifestation. There is but life, formless, freed from the individuality,Psychology2, 231:through all nature, all consciousness, and is life itself. The motivating urge of God, HisPsychology2, 232:is the psyche or soul, producing psychical life; it is awareness - subhuman, human and divine. InPsychology2, 232:protecting and governing most of the habits and life of the organism. Much of the emotional life isPsychology2, 232:and life of the organism. Much of the emotional life is thus governed. [233] Instinct controls, viaPsychology2, 233:and submit to his soul and to its control and life impression. Illumination. This is a word whichPsychology2, 234:and, therefore, part of the subconscious life of God Himself, it will be obvious that, given thePsychology2, 234:and makes his eventual at-one-ment with God, in life and purpose, an inevitable, irresistiblePsychology2, 235:nature of Deity in world affairs and in his own life, for it is happening all the time. He mustPsychology2, 235:one of the key thoughts of his daily life. One point here should be noted. This instinct toPsychology2, 235:qualities. He will, for instance, in his daily life, work toward at-one-ment with all beings,Psychology2, 235:his brother; endeavoring to be at one with the life in all forms; rejecting every tendency toPsychology2, 235:carry with them the seeds of psychical material life from an earlier universe. There is no otherPsychology2, 237:divine, psychical attribute upon the form life (with its own psychical habits) will test the powersPsychology2, 237:and effort; they have then passed out of human life into the silence of the unknown. The mystic andPsychology2, 237:the method of their search by many names - life-experience, scientific research, philosophicPsychology2, 238:Plan to which he so willingly conditions His own Life, and for which the Eternal Sacrifice of thePsychology2, 240:of divinity and these tendencies of the divine life. Let us not forget that all the seven rays arePsychology2, 241:projects of finite man as he lives his little life or runs busily about the planet in connectionPsychology2, 243:factors - the essential conditioning laws in the life of the Soul - are in their nature basicallyPsychology2, 243:Rules for Inducing Soul Control In this way the life of the soul is affirmed in terms of itsPsychology2, 243:factors must begin to play their part in the life of the personality. They must begin to conditionPsychology2, 243:begin to condition the lower man so that his life, his habits, his [244] desires and his thoughtsPsychology2, 244:dealing with those expressions of the spiritual life which every initiate must demonstrate. EveryPsychology2, 244:the whole and not only the part, and to view his life and sphere of influence in terms of itsPsychology2, 244:into good and produce the transfiguration of life. But to do this within the Plan and at the samePsychology2, 244:point, and in handling the great dualities of life, must produce the new world. As we study thesePsychology2, 244:to other souls within the enveloping life [245] of the Oversoul. Only through an understanding ofPsychology2, 245:the primary differentiation to which the One Life, as consciousness, submits itself, yet it must bePsychology2, 245:the rhythm and determine the pulsation of the life of God as it steadily beats upon the lowerPsychology2, 246:a whole, some day; it will determine finally the life, purpose and activity of all forms in andPsychology2, 246:Inducing Soul Control d. The Urge to Creative Life This realization brings us to the considerationPsychology2, 246:our fourth point, which is the urge to creative life through the divine use of the imagination. AsPsychology2, 248:in a high moment of applied attention, and life is then seen for a second as it essentially is. ButPsychology2, 249:take spontaneous expression when the inner life of the artist is regulated, producing the outerPsychology2, 249:producing the outer organization of his life forms. True creative art is a soul function; thePsychology2, 250:is only in one direction. There is frequently no life discipline or self-control but instead therePsychology2, 250:achievement in the chosen line of art, and a life lived in contradiction to the divinity expressedPsychology2, 251:they are used by the Masters to weave the web of life is indicative of this primary differentiationPsychology2, 254:of a human being to rise from death in matter to life in God, and to penetrate into the world ofPsychology2, 255:from the densest point of concrete, primitive life into the 'world of sensitive perception. It isPsychology2, 255:to grasp. It is a fundamental law of soul life. The reason why it is so hard to understand thePsychology2, 255:is that which governs the relations between life and form, between spirit and matter. Upon this wePsychology2, 259:is, in its turn, slowly conditioning the form life, and in this way the form aspect is steadilyPsychology2, 260:They are, as souls, oriented towards earth life. Increasingly, awakening souls, or those who arePsychology2, 260:"coming to themselves", enter into physical life experience only dimly aware of another and higherPsychology2, 260:to retard or delay their entry into physical life in order to effect a conditioning of thePsychology2, 260:be prevailed upon to hasten their entrance into life so as to be available as agents for such aPsychology2, 260:living in the world and there pursuing their life objectives. They thus condition their
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