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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology2, 437:to blend the inner and the outer forms of the life structure, will be evidenced. The cause of thePsychology2, 437:astral body itself. Found between a man and his life task, or the life activity to which fatePsychology2, 437:Found between a man and his life task, or the life activity to which fate ordains him andPsychology2, 437:so that a new note will enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom. Psychology2, 439:problems, and create in the man's perception of life, "blind spots." However, much trouble is curedPsychology2, 440:subconscious to signify the entire instinctual life of the form nature, all the inheritedPsychology2, 441:and of the part which it could play in his life expression, he frequently becomes afflicted with anPsychology2, 443:his problem. Finally, he arrived at the life expression we are hypothetically considering in whichPsychology2, 445:of the man, and evoking the quality of his daily life. Which of these five energies is (at the timePsychology2, 446:conditioning the subject? How far does the man's life pattern, his life vocation and his innatePsychology2, 446:How far does the man's life pattern, his life vocation and his innate coherent desires, coincidePsychology2, 446:of expression. In what period of the present life expression did the cleavage make its appearance?Psychology2, 451:is exactly the same as the situation in the life of an individual mystic. This must be carefullyPsychology2, 452:hours of time. An upheaval in the personality life which leads - if correctly met - to a clearPsychology2, 452:the environment), from the world of aspirational life, from the mind and from the soul, the greatPsychology2, 452:mind and from the soul, the great Reality in the life of the incarnated individual (even if he doesPsychology2, 452:if he does not know it). A clarification of life objectives, and hence a dominant emphasis upon thePsychology2, 452:of the personality and the personality life. A developing process of destruction which involvesPsychology2, 455:and to the man who is independent in his thought life and, therefore, capable of clear thinking andPsychology2, 455:thought forms. As a controlling factor in the life of the personality through the right use of thePsychology2, 458:owner of the body is absent. In this case the life thread will be anchored in the heart but thePsychology2, 458:or obsession will be found, wherein the life thread is attached to the original owner of the bodyPsychology2, 459:shall bring to an end this interlude in the life of the soul. It is interesting to remember thatPsychology2, 461:original equipment with which the man began his life of thought upon the mental plane. In the firstPsychology2, 462:all schools of thought, to the fanatic who makes life a burden to all around him as he seeks toPsychology2, 463:conditions that suicide, prolonged illness or a life rendered futile through frustration canPsychology2, 463:that understanding is the keynote of his life, or, secondly, by the action of a man's own soul. ThePsychology2, 464:should pour light into the dark places of his life and into that of humanity as a whole. ThePsychology2, 465:illumination into the dark places of his life; into other lives; and into the environment in whichPsychology2, 466:ideas, and for the broader vision. The way of life of the soul has gripped and attracts him. ButPsychology2, 466:may come to him along the line of a man's chosen life activity, for there is no life activity, noPsychology2, 466:of a man's chosen life activity, for there is no life activity, no vocational calling, no mentalPsychology2, 467:his peculiar vocation, his particular calling in life and his personal trend are only part of aPsychology2, 467:problem is to integrate consciously his small life activity into the world activity. It is this wePsychology2, 467:and we fail to keep in contact with the factual life of physical plane expression. We thus repeat -Psychology2, 468:reversing the condition so that there is no form life really present in the focused consciousnessPsychology2, 468:irregularities in the organization of the man's life, and interjects so much variation, so muchPsychology2, 469:afflicted realize the futility of his mental life as he is living it. Then, choosing one of thePsychology2, 471:term covering three aspects of the phenomenal life, of the three worlds or the three major resultsPsychology2, 473:with the theme as it produces effects in the life of the man who has evoked a measure of lightPsychology2, 474:plane; the ancient forms embodying the "wish life" and the imaginary conceptions of the race andPsychology2, 474:potency that they have persisted in the desire life of many; the symbolic forms employed down thePsychology2, 474:or are at this time being worked out, plus the life activity of the astral plane itself, the dreamPsychology2, 476:controlled. But a prolonged application to its life and complete engrossment in its phenomena isPsychology2, 477:towards the world of spiritual realities and his life is one of discipline and service, then, atPsychology2, 478:the phenomena there contacted, and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still soPsychology2, 479:It will indicate through which forms the life expression in this particular incarnation is flowing.Psychology2, 481:which may succeed in permanently orienting his life (often quite harmlessly and sometimes mostPsychology2, 482:of escape from the troubles and difficulties of life by living always with a sense of the guidingPsychology2, 482:of God can take the form of the imposition of life circumstance and conditions from which there isPsychology2, 483:great Law of Cause and Effect (working out from life to life) and the interpretation of the problemPsychology2, 483:of Cause and Effect (working out from life to life) and the interpretation of the problem in termsPsychology2, 483:negativity and blind, unintelligent acceptance. Life does not demand acquiescence and acceptance.Psychology2, 483:evoke a response from the form side of life which (even if it is not worded guidance) is,Psychology2, 485:an initiate, other initiates become facts in his life and consciousness. When he is a Master, thePsychology2, 486:predisposition to the introspective, negative life are today hearing voices, receiving guidance andPsychology2, 486:the task of orienting people to the spiritual life or with the task of ascertaining the Plan of GodPsychology2, 487:is "inwards towards the Center of spiritual life and peace." The other result or recognition isPsychology2, 488:brings to the surface all his subconscious "wish life." This, as he is mystically inclined andPsychology2, 488:aspires normally towards goodness and the life of the spirit, takes the form of certain adolescentPsychology2, 488:and tendencies, coming from a previous life or lives. These are deeply hidden in his nature but canPsychology2, 488:spiritual attitudes and desires which, in this life, have not hitherto made their appearance. TheyPsychology2, 489:the rapid return of many advanced souls to life on the physical plane. As they hover on thePsychology2, 493:- the fact of the interior, inner subjective life of humanity, which is based on ancient memories,Psychology2, 493:various kinds. A true understanding of the dream-life of humanity would establish three facts: ThePsychology2, 494:indicated, in the majority of cases, the astral life of the dreamer. In Atlantean times, when manPsychology2, 494:dreams. In those days, the guidance of the daily life, of the religious life, and of thePsychology2, 494:the guidance of the daily life, of the religious life, and of the psychological life (such as itPsychology2, 494:of the religious life, and of the psychological life (such as it was) was founded on a lost sciencePsychology2, 494:beauty and joy which distinguishes the thought life of the advanced human being, and which findPsychology2, 495:- which are a complete picture of the wish life of the race. These range all the way from the dirtyPsychology2, 495:patients by psychologists (thus revealing a wish life and an astral consciousness of a very lowPsychology2, 496:The major cause of a distressing dream life is, in every case, a frustration or an inability of thePsychology2, 496:the fact of sex, to an uncontrolled sex thought-life, to sexual jealousies (oft unrecognized) andPsychology2, 496:ambition. This dams back the resources of the life, produces constant inner fret, leads to envy,Psychology2, 496:will frequently have a vivid, unwholesome dream life, physical liabilities of many kinds and aPsychology2, 497:consciousness forgotten episodes and his dream life. Two important facts are sometimes forgottenPsychology2, 497:as he descends into the depths of his dream life, will bring to the surface not only those thingsPsychology2, 497:which are undesirable in his unrecognized "wish-life" but also those which were present in previousPsychology2, 497:also - through the open door of his own astral life - he can tap or tune in on the astral life ofPsychology2, 497:life - he can tap or tune in on the astral life of the race. He then succeeds in producing thePsychology2, 497:from himself, from the environing racial thought life, and also from the psychologist whose aid hePsychology2, 498:or twist to the desire nature or to the thought life; they initiated predisposing germ-complexes,Psychology2, 498:and so drive out the undesirable elements in the life through the dynamic expulsive power of newPsychology2, 498:be more safely applied if the subjective dream life and the hidden difficulties were left untreatedPsychology2, 498:This power then pours through the personality life, vehicles and consciousness, and thus cleansesPsychology2, 500:dream and to train them to recover their dream life when they are naturally sound sleepers, andPsychology2, 500:sleep is not good. The evocation of the dream life, as brought about through the methods of certainPsychology2, 500:persistence in the endeavor to evoke the dream life, the brain cells get no rest and forms ofPsychology2, 500:apt to supervene. Nature wills that all forms of life should "sleep" at times. We now come to twoPsychology2, 501:and sounds will often be dependent upon the wish-life and the predilections of the subject, uponPsychology2, 501:satisfaction) embody the expression of the wish-life of the race and exist, therefore, upon thePsychology2, 502:psychologists recognize the actuality of the life of humanity when separated at night from thePsychology2, 504:as he attempts to interpret the dream life of his patient, is based not only on his inabilityPsychology2, 505:of cases, man's effort at the interpretation of life and its meaning down the ages. They merge withPsychology2, 505:all possible themes. They do not embody the wish-life of the race, but are concerned with men'sPsychology2, 505:which - down the ages - have controlled human life and which, therefore, form the basis of allPsychology2, 506:the frequent appearance of these two in the life of meditation and the dream life of the worldPsychology2, 506:two in the life of meditation and the dream life of the world aspirants. Those dreams which arePsychology2, 506:experiences which find their way into the dream life of the man on the physical plane. These are
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