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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology2, 507:so-called "summerland" wherein the entire wish-life of the race is centered and all racial desirePsychology2, 507:the ancient past, which fertilizes the desire life of the present, and which indicates the naturePsychology2, 507:and which indicates the nature of the desire life of the immediate future. These phases and spheresPsychology2, 507:do the current activities and events of daily life as carried on in waking consciousness upon thePsychology2, 508:phenomena, the happenings, the ideas, and the life and knowledge of the soul realm are [509] beingPsychology2, 509:of human expression but in the world of soul life and soul experience. Soul knowledges and purposesPsychology2, 512:be restored? How can the ancient joyousness of life, the keenness of spirit and the easy activityPsychology2, 512:constitute the major difficulty of the mystical life. With these we shall later deal. [513] NoPsychology2, 515:of the diseases and difficulties of the mystical life which it would be well to bear in mind. ThosePsychology2, 516:force, and yet a potency in the planetary life. [517] The movement towards the introversion or thePsychology2, 517:the force of the political, economic and social life of the race; inwards by the pull of the worldPsychology2, 517:and the most important duty today is to make life more bearable and thus easier for humanity toPsychology2, 518:is manifesting in every department of human life today. The effect of the new zodiacal influencesPsychology2, 520:world and enable him thus to share the general life. Many of our present problems (arising out ofPsychology2, 520:(arising out of the mystical or the spiritual life) and a large number of our psychologicalPsychology2, 523:of the sacral center (governing the sexual life and the organs of physical creation) must be raisedPsychology2, 523:condition the outer aspects of a man's life: There is a period wherein the centers are active onlyPsychology2, 524:into the center to produce the preservation of life, the smooth functioning of the instinctualPsychology2, 524:becomes very active. As yet, all the real life of the man is focused below the diaphragm. ThePsychology2, 525:sacral center which has so long determined the life of the animal nature. It becomes the recipientPsychology2, 525:preparatory to the expression of the mystical life. A period wherein the heart and throat centersPsychology2, 525:and periods of spiritual effort. The mystical life is definitely attracting him. He is becoming thePsychology2, 525:personality, becomes active and dominant. The life of feeling and of mystical effort is, at thisPsychology2, 526:man will come to the zenith of his personality life. The centers below the head will all be activePsychology2, 527:center is the controlling one in the personality life and from it goes all personality directionPsychology2, 528:is made into the ajna center and the personality life becomes integrated and powerful. Period - ThePsychology2, 530:the spine is subject to [530] the same rhythmic life as are the other centers. The specific periodPsychology2, 530:and naturally turmoil and conflict in the life of the mystic, causing difficulties of a definitelyPsychology2, 530:of time governs the animal and physical creative life of the human being. During the processes ofPsychology2, 530:there is the conscious subordination of the life to the sex impulse. This is of a different naturePsychology2, 530:this stage and everybody at some time or in some life passes through it. This is followed by aPsychology2, 531:be controlled largely by the astral imaginative life far more than by the unconscious animal or thePsychology2, 531:the unconscious animal or the conscious desire life. They blend there with the forces of the solarPsychology2, 531:sex and what might be called a spiritualized sex life. This tendency is amply exemplified in thePsychology2, 531:approach to the soul and its all embracing life. These and many more unpleasant examples of a sexPsychology2, 532:gastric trouble and an unwholesome imaginative life, ranging all the way from a feeble prurience toPsychology2, 532:if there were right guidance of the mental life and of thought, plus courageous explanation ofPsychology2, 533:have the beginning of the mystical and occult life. There are two reasons for this period ofPsychology2, 533:neighborhood of the pineal gland. The thread of life is to be found anchored in the heart. ThePsychology2, 533:of the mystic. He then becomes aware of life possibilities and of the wide field which [534]Psychology2, 534:aware of the goal and increasingly "alive". The life expression (the threefold lower man) has toPsychology2, 535:attention of the man's consciousness and life force is focused (even if unconsciously) to thatPsychology2, 536:gland, which controls in a peculiar manner the life aspect in man, is closely connected with thePsychology2, 538:blood stream. They are connected with [538] the life principle which is ever "carried upon thePsychology2, 538:to it only because in the course of the mystical life there is often a period of sexual difficultyPsychology2, 538:it has assumed balanced proportions to his other life activities and natural instincts in hisPsychology2, 538:When this occurs, then perversions of the sex life may take place, or an undue importance may bePsychology2, 538:The result is ever an over-activity of the sex life in some form or another. The awakening of thePsychology2, 540:man then succumbs to the temptation to focus his life interest and attention in the astral worldPsychology2, 540:they assume eventually complete control of the life. The forces below the diaphragm and those abovePsychology2, 541:heart center with its recognition of the group life and consequent group responsibility. This todayPsychology2, 541:more than that. The heart is connected with the life aspect, for there is the seat of the lifePsychology2, 541:the life aspect, for there is the seat of the life principle and there is the life energy anchored.Psychology2, 541:the seat of the life principle and there is the life energy anchored. It is connected withPsychology2, 541:(such as a great hospital) is connected with the life which is found in the heart. This remainsPsychology2, 542:centers, keep Themselves withdrawn from public life and much human contact? These two illustrationsPsychology2, 543:of the mystical approach to God and the mystical life of the soul, but who refuse as yet to widenPsychology2, 543:the two identities. The keynotes of the occult life have been (and rightly) the notes of knowledge,Psychology2, 544:and transfer the energies and that particular life wherein the energies are finally gathered up andPsychology2, 544:that one finds a definite point of crisis in the life of the mystic. Psychology2, 545:who is endeavoring to discipline and control his life, they are often not due to these causes atPsychology2, 546:power of the higher centers, the interior life of the man becomes a whirlpool of conflictingPsychology2, 547:of injudicious action or unwise habits in this life and definitely condition his future karma. OnePsychology2, 548:react or are "turned back" upon the individual life like a boomerang. The diseases of mystics withPsychology2, 548:the two centers, accounting for the uneven life of the mystic in the earlier stages of hisPsychology2, 550:which is going on all the time in the subjective life of humanity produces both good and badPsychology2, 554:time - the temporary suspension of the spiritual life of the man. When this suspension takes place,Psychology2, 554:isolation", because it is the seat of the life principle. The throat center receives stimulation inPsychology2, 554:This center is the central factor in human life, but the focalization of the lower and the higherPsychology2, 555:the vagus nerve is affected. Consciousness and life, sensitivity and directed purpose are the greatPsychology2, 555:is a form of energy, as well you know, and life is energy itself. Psychology2, 555:the Entity within the form who looks on at life as it unfolds, who develops awareness of thePsychology2, 555:of the inherent ability (found in all forms of life [556] in all kingdoms) to progress towards thisPsychology2, 557:Atlantean consciousness, he lived unthinkingly; life unrolled like a panorama before his eyes; hePsychology2, 558:the realm of the Kingdom of God, with its own life and phenomena; he registers the existence ofPsychology2, 567:on astral levels or to "work magic" from another life - from Atlantean times. These powers arePsychology2, 568:might list as follows: A revelation of the "wish life" of the person or the group to whom thePsychology2, 568:whom the medium is addressing himself. This wish life takes form in proportion to the power of thePsychology2, 570:of those who have departed physical life through death, of those who are constantly in his thoughtsPsychology2, 570:to the power of thought) which concern the wish life of the sitter, which are concerned with hisPsychology2, 570:contact with the spiritual or religious wish life of the race and according to the basic trend ofPsychology2, 574:the sacral center motivates the physical plane life and the solar plexus center governs the psychicPsychology2, 574:is fundamentally astral, thus governing the sex life from the angle of the sentient consciousness;Psychology2, 574:In between these stages of low grade psychic life and the spiritual perception of the initiatePsychology2, 580:mind principle may assert its control and the life of the soul can then flow out into matured andPsychology2, 583:cannot stop himself seeing and hearing and his life becomes most complex and complicated. WherePsychology2, 583:person, there is usually a shift of the life-emphasis on to the astral plane and away from thePsychology2, 585:aware of his condition and of the condition of life in all forms. It is the first step towards thatPsychology2, 586:transference of the attention to the mystical life and to the expression of an intense aspirationPsychology2, 586:of the old interests and thus tends to shift the life-emphasis away from the lower levels of thePsychology2, 587:Choose for your good companions those who live a life of arduous labor upon the plains of earth.Psychology2, 587:of earth. Depart. Descend and live the normal life of Earth. Depart. Lift up thine eyes, Oh, Chela,Psychology2, 588:a first and necessary step. Let him live a full life of physical activity, permitting himself noPsychology2, 588:permitting himself no time for the introspective life. If he is materially minded, let him fulfilPsychology2, 589:must be emphasized and the necessity for the life of service must be stressed. I would remind youPsychology2, 593:of the body which is characteristic of the life expression of the initiate and the Master, as wellPsychology2, 593:will produce rhythmic expression of the divine life in form. To the clairvoyant view of the adeptPsychology2, 593:of the will-to-live (governing the seed of the life principle in the heart) reveals this. ThePsychology2, 593:heart) reveals this. The rhythm of the psychic life. This is, in reality, the revelation of wherePsychology2, 594:head center. As evolution proceeds and the life forces flow ever more freely along the "nadis" and
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