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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Psychology2, 594:each other, has been burned away by the fires of life. The [595] "sushumna" or central channel canPsychology2, 595:If this is done whilst the emphasis of the life is below the diaphragm and the man is not even anPsychology2, 595:it will cause the over-stimulation of the sex life, and also the opening up of the astral plane andPsychology2, 596:astrological indications as to a man's "path of life" can the true, but dangerous, rules be given,Psychology2, 597:(as should have been the case) to the center of life and love within each human being, has drainedPsychology2, 598:mystic to live a concrete, and yet divine, life upon earth. There is little more that I can sayPsychology2, 599:from the formulation of the high-grade "wish-life" of the mystics to the true prevision as to thePsychology2, 599:in the world of his aspiration and thus neglects life on the physical plane, becoming not onlyPsychology2, 599:negative to the physical plane. He draws all his life forces upward so that the physical body andPsychology2, 599:life forces upward so that the physical body and life on the physical plane suffers. Technically,Psychology2, 600:of Disciples and Mystics 2. Delusion. The drama life of the mystic and the constant cultivation ofPsychology2, 600:which kills. It is only when the focus of the life is in the astral body, when the downflow of soulPsychology2, 601:he is overcome by the glamor of the spiritual life; he fails to distinguish between the vision andPsychology2, 601:Real which stands ever in the background of the life of the integrated human being. Forget not thatPsychology2, 601:same symbolic forms - marriage with the Beloved, life in the Holy City, participation in somePsychology2, 601:Shri Krishna, walking with God in the garden of life, the garden of the Lord, the attainment of thePsychology2, 602:expression of a deep seated spiritual "wish-life" and an emotional surging outward towardsPsychology2, 602:is over and he later (and probably in another life) swings into a frankly agnostic state of mind,Psychology2, 602:realization remains latent in the content of the life, later to be resurrected to its truePsychology2, 602:gradually". The encouraging of a normal physical life, with its ordinary interests, the fulfilingPsychology2, 602:dangerous and difficult stages of the mystical life. When the delusions of the mystic and hisPsychology2, 603:human obligations and all the aspects of daily life which integrate the human part into the wholePsychology2, 603:prove availing. The mystic has, for this one life, done himself irreparable damage. The healingPsychology2, 603:influence of death, and the interlude of the life beyond the physical plane must do theirPsychology2, 604:of agonizing aspirations and an intense "wish-life" of dream and desire may eventually succeed inPsychology2, 604:his physical body in one place, his emotional life directed to another and his mind preoccupiedPsychology2, 604:love him; it can be brought over from another life of mystical experience which should, in thisPsychology2, 604:of mystical experience which should, in this life, be permanently transcended and outgrown, havingPsychology2, 604:teaching upon the difficulties of the mystical life - devitalization, delusion, delirium andPsychology2, 605:and sensed by those human beings whose focus in life is of a very high grade nature, whosePsychology2, 605:of the constitution of man or of the planetary life, and whose minds are quiescent andPsychology2, 605:of the Plan - such is the vision. There the life forces of the mystical physical nature, of hisPsychology2, 606:correspondence to the "adolescent" cycle in the life of the young, valuable, visionary andPsychology2, 606:the life of the young, valuable, visionary and life-giving, spurring on to right orientation andPsychology2, 606:controlled technique should take its place. A life purpose, a recognized plan and a correctlyPsychology2, 606:imaginative longings and aspiration in the life of the individual and of the race. Mistake Me Not.Psychology2, 607:by the aspirant and seeking expression in his life, falls into two categories: The sense of powerPsychology2, 609:of sleep and the consciousness aspect plus the life thread at the moment of death. The registeringPsychology2, 610:but a way of escape from the difficulties of life and a short cut out of conscious physicalPsychology2, 612:directed by his animal instincts, by his sexual life and by his emotional reactions or else by hisPsychology2, 612:the heart, but eventually men must control their life expression from the head via the dual organsPsychology2, 612:pituitary body and expressing the personality life at its highest, and the head center, workingPsychology2, 612:then be balance and right direction of all the life forces and a right development (following rayPsychology2, 612:body. Through this right rearrangement of the life forces in the body and their consequentPsychology2, 613:(from the personality angle and in this life) in what has been called the "fiery light of theirPsychology2, 614:man who is preoccupied with physical plane life and emotional reactions. He is not passing throughPsychology2, 615:and do succumb to those difficulties which group life imposes. Today it is the central figure inPsychology2, 615:Today it is the central figure in the group life, the dominant personality or soul, who is the onePsychology2, 615:or soul, who is the one to whom the group life and the group thought turns, with all thePsychology2, 615:turning. It is this person, upon whom the group life pivots (if I may use such a term), who is thePsychology2, 616:who is sensitive to group pressures and group life - a very different thing to the usual problemsPsychology2, 616:not as yet prone to suffer much from the group life, the group emanation and the group energy forPsychology2, 618:and distress but it can also kill the group life and render abortive the efforts which could, ifPsychology2, 619:the way in which at this time a group drains the life of its leader or leaders. The [620] umbilicalPsychology2, 620:In the New Age the cord will be cut early in the life of the group but the leader or group ofPsychology2, 620:the group can proceed upon its way and live its life as a self-directing agent even when the leaderPsychology2, 620:or other. According to the general flow of group life and activity so will be the effect -Psychology2, 620:working of the new groups. It is from group life and group atmosphere that much infection arises,Psychology2, 622:state of mind, the sacrifice of the personal life to the sensed ideal have all brought about aPsychology2, 622:for this basic center is connected with the life-force and, as you know, the "blood is the life".Psychology2, 622:life-force and, as you know, the "blood is the life". It works with the highest center in the bodyPsychology2, 623:unknown activity. These aspects of the will life are fortunately for humanity far from fullPsychology2, 624:its coherency and the surety of its touch on life. The mystic and the occultist are frequentlyPsychology2, 631:and thus bring about conformity to the life purpose of the idea, the methods employed and thePsychology2, 632:at power and prominence, and sometimes because life, destiny, fate or karma (we can use whicheverPsychology2, 638:become in time the controlling factors in human life. They train the members of the New Group ofPsychology2, 640:in all departments of human thought and life are responsible for the upheaval. More need not bePsychology2, 645:good will by action in the affairs of every day life, in every country throughout the world. InPsychology2, 646:Those who watch, on the inner, spiritual side of life. This program must have three objectives: 1.Psychology2, 651:are working and struggling in the battlefield of life to see the world picture as it really is. ItPsychology2, 653:of stability and security. A more leisured life will consequently be possible and this will enablePsychology2, 653:which are those of beautifying the national life, by the production of order, stabilization, andPsychology2, 653:entire people, excepting no part of the national life. Second, the prime importance of each nationPsychology2, 654:and the interrelation of all parts of the life of our world. This realization will bring about aPsychology2, 655:with experiments in the various fields of human life or in connection with world problems. ItsPsychology2, 656:in cooperation with Those upon the inner side of life Who know. These aims will be achieved, not byPsychology2, 657:not the good of certain sections of the national life or of certain nations at the expense of otherPsychology2, 657:self-conscious under the pressure of modern life and our modern educational systems. We havePsychology2, 668:one angle of public opinion and one aspect of life, there must inevitably appear, under the law ofPsychology2, 669:resolve the widely separative issues of modern life into some kind of stability. Men would thenPsychology2, 671:basic problem. The well-being of the national life may be sensed and desired, but the integrationPsychology2, 671:desired, but the integration of that national life into the greater whole of humanity - of this thePsychology2, 671:another party in public, national or political life, or of one group of thinkers (advocating theirPsychology2, 676:as exponents of good will in every department of life, and the power of intelligent good will toPsychology2, 677:coming period will be the correspondence in the life of humanity to that stage in the life of thePsychology2, 677:in the life of humanity to that stage in the life of the disciple and Christian wherein he is noPsychology2, 678:infallibly. The fact of immortality, or of life which persists when divorced from the body. ThePsychology2, 678:a known accepted fact. World affairs and modern life conditions will then be seen in truePsychology2, 684:that which is waiting on the subjective side of life. How, therefore, is that work at this timePsychology2, 684:time within the ring-pass-not of our planetary life. May I give here one hint without proceeding toPsychology2, 685:this time pouring into and through our planetary life. Those aspirants and disciples who can trainPsychology2, 689:Who can and will cooperate with the Spirit of Life and of Love upon our planet, the One in Whom wePsychology2, 691:much can be accomplished; the gates of the new life can be opened, and the inflow of the newPsychology2, 697:pledged disciples, nor even with one's own Ray life. All these factors constitute preliminary [698]Psychology2, 700:and the corresponding relationships in his own life, might also be tabulated: The world of souls onPsychology2, 701:to that which takes place so frequently in the life of an individual. The soul of the world isPsychology2, 701:to taking hold of the world situation. In the life of an aspirant, such interludes frequentlyPsychology2, 705:to awaken the soul ray to potency in the life of each human being, beginning with those whosePsychology2, 706:and the effect to be seen in the personality life might be stated to be as follows: Conflict,Psychology2, 706:definite habit changes in the physical plane life of the aspirant. It will lead to the consecration
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