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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 48:that is within the content of the group's united life. A close analysis of this rule will convey toRays, 49:expression and to the next development in the life of the initiate, which is learning to work fromRays, 50:human being and put into action as a way of life. The stage wherein the love aspect of the soul isRays, 52:all this is, therefore, related to the life of desire, of aspiration, of dualism and of request. ItRays, 53:of the relation of spirit and soul, and of life and consciousness. This lost Word, symbolic of theRays, 53:is identification with all forms of the divine life, so that he can know himself to be an integralRays, 53:Sound and breathing it forth in a vital life-giving breath to others. The masses are hearing theRays, 54:Sun and penetrating all forms of divine life upon our planet - via our Planetary Logos Who hears itRays, 54:have Their Being, for They are centers in the Life which is expressing itself through the medium ofRays, 55:of consciousness, and the influence of life itself. This is the Sound. Seven points of tension onRays, 55:note. It is related to the effect of spirit or life upon substance, thus originating form andRays, 55:form and creating the prison of the divine life. The AUM itself or the Word made flesh; thisRays, 57:angle and from the standpoint of Those Who see life in terms of ever enlarging Wholes, is fromRays, 57:which can only be properly comprehended through life experience, subject to interpretation in theRays, 58:integrated more closely into the hierarchical life than ever before. This is the signal to themRays, 58:of humanity. From synthesis to synthesis the life of God passes. First the synthesis of the atomicRays, 59:tests. There is an inevitability in living the life of the Spirit which is at once its horror andRays, 61:Until this revelation is an integral part of his life it is not possible for the initiate toRays, 63:full control, the matter aspect, and the dynamic life principle, the spirit aspect, with which thatRays, 63:demand is made possible because "the desert life is passed; it flourished and it flowered, and thenRays, 63:That which had nourished and contained his life became an arid waste and naught was left but bonesRays, 63:(by the distribution of the waters of life) of its pristine beauty, and not the beauty of its falseRays, 66:the evolution of humanity, but to all forms of life within the consciousness of the planetaryRays, 66:that is within the content of the group's united life. This is not, as might appear, the effort toRays, 67:the inspiration of and identification with the life aspect - the united life aspect of his rayRays, 67:identification with the life aspect - the united life aspect of his ray group and of all groups.Rays, 67:means that the significance of the involutionary life and the evolutionary life is fully understoodRays, 67:of the involutionary life and the evolutionary life is fully understood by him. His service isRays, 67:also that the Sound is the sound or note of Life Itself, embodying its dynamic impulse, itsRays, 68:in Whom we live and move and have our being, the Life of all that is. The individual initiate usesRays, 68:oft misleading name of love) of that fundamental Life to gather together that which will give bodyRays, 69:between the three major centers of the planetary Life. This is the higher expression (symbolic, ifRays, 72:suffers. Those left behind as a part of his old life in no way comprehend his basic (even ifRays, 74:of light is not used; divinity is known as life, where the Monad and its expression, the SpiritualRays, 74:the initiatory impulse or emphasis is upon the life aspect, upon dynamic energy, and upon the causeRays, 75:consciousness of the meaning and purpose of life; this will take place in a gradually unfoldingRays, 75:the invocation of energies and the evocation of "life more abundantly" is developed and has itsRays, 77:aspirants. There can come a moment in the life of the group when the blended cold light of theRays, 78:Real. This essential Reality, we call spirit or life. As a result of the interplay of these two,Rays, 79:Sacrifice as it focuses itself in our planetary life. Having passed through all previous phases ofRays, 81:gives the clue to the form and purpose of the life which the form veils. At the third majorRays, 81:and with understanding, he registers the life aspect (which has brought his soul into actionRays, 81:point of power where substance and the outer life have met together, where spirit utters loud theRays, 82:hears the Sound, he leaves behind the desert life of physical incarnation, the emotional life ofRays, 82:life of physical incarnation, the emotional life of the astral plane, seething and unstable as theRays, 82:from the desert" have application for the entire life of the incarnated Monad in the three worldsRays, 82:itself behind and the five worlds of life expression are transcended; at the third initiation theRays, 84:behind, stage after stage, cycle after cycle, life after life, and plane after plane, of everyRays, 84:stage after stage, cycle after cycle, life after life, and plane after plane, of every tendency inRays, 84:mainly to physical phenomena and physical plane life and to a selfish idealism which is largelyRays, 84:forms which are imprisoning the inner spiritual life, and hiding the inner soul light. This energyRays, 84:aspects of the purificatory nature of the divine Life, and that is the reason why I have putRays, 84:of destruction. It is the destroying aspect of life itself, just as there is a destructive agencyRays, 85:energy comes into play and destroys the forms of life which prevent divine expression. It is alsoRays, 85:planning of his separate and individual life in the [86] three worlds, and which eventually relatesRays, 86:energies are faintly symbolized for us in the life of Christ when over-shadowing the Master Jesus,Rays, 86:Shamballa forces as they play upon our planetary life and work out human destiny. The great energyRays, 86:humanity is breaking open and releasing men to a life of resurrection. Forget not that in theRays, 87:lead eventually to resurrection and to life. The destruction is appalling, but it is only theRays, 87:as to form, and which cherishes and fosters the life and its resultant spiritual values. There isRays, 87:focus of his desires; the following of a life of vice will breed disease, as is well known. TheRays, 88:will organize themselves into battalions of life, and their first major task must be theRays, 89:in that sign of Gemini the complete victory of life over form, and of spirit over matter, isRays, 90:the utmost brevity and beauty the nature of the life of the Head of the Hierarchy, the InitiatorRays, 91:Hierarchy can be drawn nearer to the source of Life, and Humanity can consequently profit by thisRays, 91:and know eventually the meaning of the words "life more abundantly." Christ's evocation of the fireRays, 93:on behalf of His brothers, and faced the Lord of Life Himself, unattended, unafraid and in His OwnRays, 93:right." The episodes refer to happenings in the life of Jesus. At the present time, and at theRays, 95:dismal weary vale of [95] earth. Then will new life course through the veins of men, and then willRays, 96:the lesser lives return unto the reservoir of life. This they must bring about through theRays, 96:of Monad, Soul and body within the planetary Life, and covers a great mystery and an entire systemRays, 97:to the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, to humanity as a whole, to Saturn and Mars,Rays, 97:the physical Sun through its pranic aspect. The Life aspect of the planet, or that great ocean ofRays, 97:have their being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through theRays, 97:the lesser lives return unto the reservoir of life. A very casual consideration will show theRays, 97:important hints concerns the effect of the group life and radiation upon the individual in theRays, 97:the lesser lives return unto the reservoir of life." These words deal with the group personality,Rays, 98:activities which must govern the disciple's life now that he is an integral part of the Ashram. HeRays, 98:He is faced with the proposition of making his life of such a nature that it furthers the groupRays, 98:and substituting results. The effect of the life of the Ashram, as far as the group which forms itRays, 98:Own potency, can be described as follows: The life of the personality is steadily weakened, and itsRays, 98:becomes appreciably less, and finally life in the three worlds of human manifestation becomesRays, 99:and theosophical platitudes, and to see life as the Hierarchy sees it. This means that life isRays, 99:life as the Hierarchy sees it. This means that life is approached from the angle of the ObserverRays, 100:clue to the mysterious words "the reservoir of life." Death is in reality unconsciousness of thatRays, 100:entity is totally unaware. The reservoir of life is the place of death, and this is the firstRays, 100:groups of atoms, and eighteen aggregates of life which form the bodies of the lunar lords (as TheRays, 101:the antahkarana which it has spun out of its own life and consciousness down the ages and which itRays, 102:ordered process of detachment, which the group life makes effective in the case of the individual,Rays, 102:first cause, the creative will and the breath of life within the [103] form. This is a somewhat newRays, 103:and withdrawing when need arises. The group life as a whole is here needed to make possible thisRays, 103:away from form and consciousness to the will and life aspect or principle. When this has begun toRays, 103:moved originally to create that form), the Life, the Breath, the directing energizing Will. It isRays, 103:with the world of form, and is the indication of life. But the desire of the initiate is not nowRays, 104:is No-Thing; it is not thought or desire. It is life, Being, the whole, the One. It is notRays, 104:magnetic love) must return to the reservoir of life and naught be left but that which caused themRays, 104:fourth initiation. Now, at the end of the great life cycle of the soul, persisting for aeons, theRays, 105:that death is simply an effect produced by life and by his conscious will, and is a mode whereby heRays, 105:aspect and knows himself to be the Will, the Life, the Father, the Monad, the One. In concludingRays, 105:the Will aspect. The process of recognizing the Life aspect, the Monad, the Father in Heaven.
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