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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 211:the Master, and as a result of the united soul life of the group effectively making its presenceRays, 213:a close connection with ordinary humanity in the life of everyday. A group of disciples such asRays, 215:of a more mundane nature and govern the daily life and relationships of the disciple withRays, 216:principle of intelligent synthesis, holding the life principle intact and individualized throughRays, 216:light are in expression in the physical plane life. Neither the personality vehicle nor the soulRays, 216:the Spiritual Triad and the Monad; the essential life of both the lower aspects (creative in natureRays, 217:in terms of the individual initiate, whilst the life in which the soul is "by-passed" and itsRays, 217:such profound difficulty that it is called the life of crucifixion or of renunciation. We are,Rays, 217:the first aspect and this, as you know, is the life aspect. To this let me add the well-known factRays, 217:- it can move forward. This transference of the life or of the fire has to be the result of unitedRays, 218:So must it be with the group. The group life must express itself upon the physical plane and inRays, 218:inner Ashram, and at the very heart of the group life, veiled and hidden by its outer personalityRays, 218:loving soul, will be a point of living fire or life which - in due time and under right conditionsRays, 218:taking place, the fire at the heart of the group life is becoming more and more vital, andRays, 218:so frequently the characteristics of the group life in its early stages. The fire is then workingRays, 219:so as by fire" has been completed and the life principle in the group heart can shine forth withRays, 219:soul is absent and the shattering inflow of the life at the heart of the jewel is not permittedRays, 219:together what is needed in order to shift the life of the group to higher levels of awareness andRays, 220:which is the creative agent of the focused group life. At this point we again touch the fringe ofRays, 220:outside the ring-pass-not of the group life; this precipitation takes the [221] form of a Word.Rays, 221:group and the inner Ashram. It enables the group life to be transferred along the group antahkaranaRays, 221:The soul of the group, being now merged with the life aspect on levels higher than those on whichRays, 221:Yet He died not, and still lives, and by His life are all souls saved. It is hard for esotericRays, 221:coming Schools of Enlightenment will be upon the life aspect, and not upon contact with the soul.Rays, 221:- the stage of the transference of the life from the outer form into the inner being. Hence theRays, 221:do grasp, at least theoretically. The problem of life transference from the highest point ofRays, 222:the group and has vitalized to a new potency the life aspect, the jewel in the Lotus of the soul. Rays, 222:Word, and that Word has made an impact upon the life aspect of the group within the form of theRays, 223:final [223] destruction of the causal body. The life within the causal body has been stimulated andRays, 223:was rent from the top to the bottom, and the life of the Christ ascended to the Father. Ponder uponRays, 223:of the disciple; also that the release of the life aspect from the confines of the causal bodyRays, 224:Christ Who had taken it in an earlier state of life. The more diversified the group, the richer itsRays, 224:The more diversified the group, the richer its life and possibilities. Forget this not. One hint IRays, 224:practice of the little renunciations governs the life of a disciple and a group. The renouncing ofRays, 226:the Laws of Karma and Rebirth as they condition life in the three worlds. The stage of triadalRays, 226:of spiritual contact, thus negating both the life of form and the soul. Duality is no longerRays, 226:recognized. The stage of identification with the life aspect and the establishing of completeRays, 226:greater Whole. The initiate then moves onward in life and not in consciousness - a concept and aRays, 228:Aquarius - The Custodian of that "life more abundantly" of which the Christ spoke and which He canRays, 229:sees the Hierarchy as primarily energized by life, and by the energy of Aquarius, carrying aRays, 229:carrying a hitherto unknown aspect of the life energy of deity. This is of course difficult for youRays, 230:of Shamballa which is essentially the energy of life itself, implemented [231] by the will. ThisRays, 231:Now, to that must be added the energy of the life-giving will. New methods, new approaches to theRays, 231:of experience to work at high speed and with a life potency that is unusual. I would have allRays, 232:to the will energy of Shamballa and to the life-giving vitality, but have used it in keeping withRays, 233:for the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to the light-givingRays, 235:- have poured into and through our planetary Life for countless aeons. Each time that theyRays, 236:and determined to pin a strangle hold upon the life within the form - the Hierarchy stands at theRays, 241:purpose of Sanat Kumara. It is the secret of life itself and is known only to Him alone. In itsRays, 246:and are gradually absorbed into the hierarchical life and begin to take the higher initiations thatRays, 246:I say that the ceremonial ritual of the daily life of Sanat Kumara, implemented by music and soundRays, 249:and meanings through the medium of his own life experiment and to arrive at understanding throughRays, 250:succeeded in the next solar system by a type of life activity which is as yet only known inRays, 255:living, to reconstructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilization uponRays, 256:state of consciousness within the all-enveloping Life. These three points of anchorage within theRays, 258:understood. It signifies the ability to view all life with a sense of divine proportion and fromRays, 258:the three great planetary centers of divine life are unitedly intended to reveal. Something liesRays, 259:injunctions simply summarize the effects in the life of the disciple who has applied and learnedRays, 259:states of divine awareness, with a consequent life demonstration of this fact, this eternal fact.Rays, 260:Logos took incarnation and became the informing Life of our planet, the Earth; it concerns theRays, 260:would make Him - as a result - the informing Life of a sacred planet. Forget not that our planet isRays, 262:highest of the present known divine aspects - Life. This expresses itself through will and purposeRays, 262:The initiate is charged constantly with life, and consequently can work with the impelling Law ofRays, 262:Transmutation "disappears" out of his own life, but the forces which have been transmuted intoRays, 264:revealed, first of all through desire for form life, and then through attraction to the soul and aRays, 266:which breathes forth the many Breaths and yet is Life Itself." In this attempt to paraphrase anRays, 266:as the Spiritual Triad within the monadic Life will inspiration come, just as they learnt to makeRays, 267:the Logos of our solar system and the informing Life of the constellation Libra; They relate theseRays, 269:an outpost of the consciousness of the informing life of Aries and of Leo. His work is only nowRays, 274:of energy upon the inner and etheric side of life which will automatically and with fullRays, 276:of goodwill. They will then pour of Their life into it as need arises and emergency decrees. ThenRays, 276:and the inner inspiration. The vertical life of the spirit and the horizontal life of relationshipRays, 276:vertical life of the spirit and the horizontal life of relationship must be expressedRays, 277:itself through the planet with all its forms of life, upon the cosmic physical plane; thisRays, 277:Who is the individualized Mind of that great Life. Wording it otherwise, the planetary Logos on HisRays, 277:all human advancement upon the way of life. It is this basic idea which governs the Council ChamberRays, 279:process goes forward under the pressure of daily life experience, under the magnetic effect of soulRays, 280:to which we give the names of spirit-matter or life-appearance. The lesson ahead of the initiate isRays, 280:its lowest. This involves the free interplay of life-energy, consciously applied as the result ofRays, 280:becomes a channel for the impact of monadic or life energy upon substance, so that substance,Rays, 280:Transmutation concerns the expression of the life force upon the three lower planes of human livingRays, 280:The higher mind. Transfiguration concerns the life of the Spiritual Triad upon its own three levelsRays, 283:but He is still within the aura of the One Life. Now the cosmic astral plane is revealed to Him. HeRays, 286:the world of symbols is that of the personal life, of the phenomenal world as that phrase coversRays, 286:resurrection from the death which physical plane life inevitably confers. The five words as givenRays, 287:of soul energy to the affairs of daily life and the establishing of those conditions which permitRays, 287:contributes vital significance to the initiated life. I would have you, as you read my words,Rays, 288:occupied with the duality of manifestation, with life-energy as it affects or is related toRays, 289:which gives significance to activity and to the life-force which the Sound centralizes atRays, 289:at one with the Plan; its application to life in the three worlds, and its goal of establishing theRays, 289:of the law, and to that fulfilment His entire life was and had been geared. The Plan, its goal, itsRays, 289:surrender to the necessary sacrifice of His life to the fulfiling of the Plan, suddenly a greatRays, 290:type of energy became available - the energy of life itself, imbued with purpose and actuated byRays, 290:Will, which had hitherto expressed itself in His life through love and the creative work ofRays, 290:It was this event and spiritual crisis in the life of the Christ (taking place as He over-shadowedRays, 291:are - as you know - the rules controlling group life; they constitute the key to the laws underRays, 291:all planetary groups work. The hierarchical life, through its major aspect of Love, was a familiarRays, 291:the one who seeks hears the faint whisper of the life of God; he sees the breathing of that whisperRays, 291:whisper which disturbs the waters of his Spatial life. The whisper penetrates. It then becomes theRays, 292:sphere where move and speak the greater Sons of Life. Being alone is left. The work is done."
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