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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 114 of 124)


Rays, 293:(to revert to the use of our original words - life, quality and appearance) is automatic andRays, 296:They are not occupied with form, but with life, with organism rather than organization, with ideasRays, 296:truth, yet inevitably (because of its inherent life) that which He expressed took form and hasRays, 299:operation. When he has, through his own life and words, demonstrated his conscious participation inRays, 299:a functioning unity through the medium of the life principle; it is an incontrovertible fact in theRays, 299:streams forth, revelation of the oneness of all life is a simple and immediate occurrence; it comesRays, 300:say (as has, for instance, Krishnamurti) is that life is one; that there is nothing but unity. ThatRays, 300:and one which is today an occult platitude. But life is not yet one in consciousness, however trueRays, 300:it may be in fact. The reason for this is that life is loving synthesis in action, and of thatRays, 300:there is little today in demonstration. We have life in activity but love, based on realized unityRays, 302:on the Path? Naught but myself, O Master of my life. Look closer at thyself and speak again. WhatRays, 302:What now appears? A horrid sight, O Master of my life. I like it not. It is not true. I am not thisRays, 302:the Way? Revelation comes through me, O Lord of Life. I see it not. Why canst thou see it not? WhatRays, 303:thus in time and space, see not the light or life within the form, who hide within, behind theRays, 304:as you are with the form aspect and with life in the three worlds, it is hard for you to comprehendRays, 304:of one who is preoccupied with the shell of life and is not conscious of Reality as is a member ofRays, 304:mind and thinks, or rather is aware, in terms of life and not of form, of being and not that whichRays, 305:realized for what they are at a lower level of life expression by the man who pays the penaltiesRays, 305:of destruction is concerned mainly with form life in the three worlds, with individual aspirationRays, 306:desire up to the aspiration for conscious soul life), and with experiment and experience upon theRays, 306:a secondary relation to the destruction of form life as you know it. When steps are taken toRays, 307:the Plan. This purpose is the motivating life behind all that emanates from Shamballa and it isRays, 307:is to formulate the Plan for all forms of life in the three worlds and the four kingdoms in nature.Rays, 307:way concerned with individual man or with the life of any microcosmic entity in any of the kingdomsRays, 308:worlds of human living, and of other forms of life such as the three subhuman kingdoms. In theRays, 308:soul withdraws its consciousness thread and its life thread; this process of death is contained,Rays, 309:the death of the outer form. The withdrawing life of a great expression of the hierarchical planRays, 309:kills the forms in the three worlds; it is the life aspect (in this higher and more extensive typeRays, 310:Law of Synthesis, a law of the monadic sphere of life, and one therefore most difficult for you toRays, 311:of education, and of salvaging or saving the life aspect in all forms in the three worlds, but itRays, 313:in the Gospel story four recorded moments in the life of the Christ wherein this process ofRays, 314:of monadic awareness and the focusing of the life aspect within the Whole. The soul, in thisRays, 315:episode of renunciation was a high point in the life of the World Savior, but was no part of theRays, 315:contact which is the characteristic of monadic life - of life itself. It was also a tremendousRays, 315:which is the characteristic of monadic life - of life itself. It was also a tremendous affirmation,Rays, 315:with the Plan and demonstrates this in his life of service, then within himself and parallelingRays, 316:aspects now meet in him and he can reveal the life aspect as will and not only the soul aspect asRays, 317:physical body; it does teach the "livingness of Life" and the state of "unalterable Being." ThisRays, 318:spirit in man, and eventually in all forms of life, from the lowest point in evolution to theRays, 318:place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will dimly be sensed in its unimaginable beauty.Rays, 318:He orders all things toward the ultimate goal of life itself through the process of livingness, ofRays, 319:and activity. It does not concern the individual life of the upward-moving aspirant or disciple, noRays, 326:Himself from the seven planes of our planetary life and divest Himself of all we understand asRays, 329:two Doors The entering of the Ashrams The dual life of the initiatory process The science of theRays, 330:show the organic wholeness of our theme, for the life of man encompasses the abstract andRays, 332:tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life must be poured in and great changes wrought in theRays, 332:it will take a new vision and a new approach to life experience, and this only the comingRays, 332:proved to be an agency of death - yet men sought life, not death." So runs the Old Commentary whenRays, 333:is related also (and primarily) to the interior life and the spiritual impulses within theRays, 335:upon the physical plane and the consequent life of service (involving factors of profoundRays, 335:- Introductory Remarks The Hierarchy has its own life and its own goals and objectives, its ownRays, 335:which have their roots in Shamballa. There the life aspect is being almost violently stimulatedRays, 335:level and closer to the door which leads to Life. These statements veil deep hierarchical mysteriesRays, 339:As esoteric astrologers know well, there comes a life cycle wherein the disciple reverses himselfRays, 339:the disciple reverses himself upon the Wheel of Life (the zodiacal wheel) and from going clockwiseRays, 339:directions; hence the increased conflict in his life and circumstances; these constitute the reasonRays, 344:calling voice. What should I do, O Master of my life? Go through that Door and waste not time inRays, 344:The door is far too narrow, O Master of my life. I fear I cannot pass. [345] Go closer to the DoorRays, 345:hand in thine of another pilgrim on the way of life. Go closer to the Door; seek not to enter itRays, 349:at that initiation the entire personality life is flooded with energy coming from the SpiritualRays, 349:the attitude of those seeking to understand the life of a man upon the Path, and they may mistakeRays, 349:the real. The black magician leads a disciplined life, analogous to that of the spiritual aspirant;Rays, 350:the razor-edged path which leads into light and life. One group has never freed itself from theRays, 353:Gospel story there are two major episodes in the life of the Master Jesus which throw some lightRays, 354:involves the rejection of the physical life at any cost, and that cost frequently involves itsRays, 357:plane, and that all that now transpires in the life of the initiate simply releases him fromRays, 357:with the dense physical brain, and interpret life in terms of experience in the three worlds. ThereRays, 358:where there is freedom from the factor of form life. Therefore, temporarily, there is no astralRays, 358:plane. These highest planes of our planetary life are, therefore, the source of all energy and allRays, 358:(as you already know): The highest plane - (Adi Life - Logoic plane - 1st aspect - Will The monadicRays, 359:of the true initiate is the transfer of his life and his point of identification from unprincipledRays, 360:the seven planes of our recognized planetary life is entirely conditioned by the fact that they areRays, 360:active on the second plane of our planetary life, the monadic plane, and that great center of life,Rays, 360:the monadic plane, and that great center of life, Shamballa, is having a [361] definite vibratoryRays, 361:but consciousness of that within the planetary life - as He knows it - prevents Him fromRays, 362:they are not prone to remember that the life progress and purpose of the Master not only determinesRays, 363:evolutionary processes on lower levels. Yet, the life and consciousness of the Hierarchy are veryRays, 363:of the Hierarchy are very different to the life and consciousness of Those Who constitute the greatRays, 364:is not borne out by the facts of the spiritual life. Some day, when the world is increasingly ledRays, 366:seek to enter into no discussion of this leading Life of our entire planet. He is to a stillRays, 367:and purpose, and controls the quality of your life and directs the energy which you express. HisRays, 368:fire by friction) which are the source of the life, warmth, moisture and growth of all forms uponRays, 368:the Masters. and the Coordinator of the entire life of the great Ashram, in conjunction with theRays, 368:the so-called World Saviors successively; Their life expression embodied in every case the goal ofRays, 369:have been too far removed from [369] the factual life of the cycle, and therefore useless for theRays, 369:and therefore useless for the cycle of divine life which existed. The growth of humanity and itsRays, 369:the Lord of the World for the processing of the life and impulse which condition the evolutionaryRays, 370:a unity within itself, for the entire ashramic life is guarded by a ring-pass-not, created by itsRays, 370:Shamballa itself. This is a flow of energizing life or of what we might call "unfetteredRays, 371:will of the "Unknown God" (for a period of a life cycle) is seen in completeness and is alreadyRays, 371:can therefore take his part in the hierarchical life as a monadic expression susceptible toRays, 372:the result of the involutionary activity of the life expression of the Lord of the World. The keyRays, 372:main stages in the evolutionary activity of the life of God and condition the quality of each ofRays, 373:assume potent relation between the units of life within its periphery, the Ashram, and humanity.Rays, 374:about by an inflow of first ray power) "units of life and devotion" - human beings - are broughtRays, 375:units, undergoing experience in the school of life, yet over-shadowed by the soul on its own level.Rays, 375:all the systemic laws are expressions of the life of God through the medium, at this time, of theRays, 376:in the center of the jewel. [376] It stirs to life the quality of love which permeates the AshramRays, 376:great Ashram. In a mysterious sense, it is the life of that seed or germ which will come toRays, 377:and determination. Persistence is a quality of life and related to immortality, whilst
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