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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 378:some of the esoteric details connected with the life, the quality and, later, the appearance of theRays, 379:impression. In our next section, on the dual life of the initiatory process, the newer concepts mayRays, 379:the Mahachohan, is the Coordinator of the entire life of the great Ashram. The personnel of theRays, 379:The entire Ashram is a unity, for the ashramic life in its differentiated groups is guarded by aRays, 379:or force into the great Ashram: Energizing life from Shamballa or what is called "unfetteredRays, 380:only two major centers in the expression of the life of the Lord of the World: Shamballa and HisRays, 380:its significance or factual expression. But the life of God was there, plus an inherent "urge" andRays, 381:heart center of Sanat Kumara came into its own life, formed its own magnetic field, possessed itsRays, 384:the seventh ray is the relating factor between life and matter upon the form side. Again, so theRays, 385:and are oriented towards the spiritual life and the service of their fellowmen; their lives,Rays, 385:point prior to the creation of our planetary life, but conditions for taking the third initiationRays, 389:on ahead, and the ring-pass-not of our planetary Life in itself constitutes a powerful limitation.Rays, 389:and consciousness and experience into that "life more abundantly" of which Christ spoke; the originRays, 389:the origin and source of this more abundant life is to be found on cosmic levels, and not on theRays, 389:and disciples know much about the Hierarchy, its life, aims and conditioning rules, so do I, aRays, 392:astral plane; from that level of spiritual life true divine love pours into it. Shamballa reacts toRays, 392:the Will, and concerns the spirit or life aspect; it involves an increasing revelation of theRays, 393:They make decisions which concern all forms of life in all the kingdoms in the three worlds andRays, 394:right relations in every field of His manifested life. The encouraging factor is today that theRays, 395:point. This energy constitutes the animating life of the Ashram as well as the force which theRays, 397:which is thereby put in touch with our planetary life; these objectives - with the life andRays, 397:our planetary life; these objectives - with the life and conditions they represent - present to theRays, 399:the advancing Master to the Heart of the Great Life Who functions through this solar system, andRays, 401:with its ruling Lord is an integral part of the life expression of a still greater Entity, theRays, 401:energy, directed under law into our planetary life, is free from all that is at present associatedRays, 402:Law of Sacrifice - into the vortex of the astral life of the One to Whom our Lord relates HimselfRays, 403:of the Master, withdrawn from our planetary life and are [404] "occultly absorbed" by the Master;Rays, 404:anew the essential synthesis underlying all life - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic; itRays, 404:which could not otherwise enter our planetary life at all. These Libran energies enter our solarRays, 405:certain tests, They move into the planetary life of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there TheyRays, 406:soul reactions within any particular planetary life. These kingdoms are not necessarily identicalRays, 406:is via the antahkarana that spirit works, that life processes are controlled, and the will of allRays, 406:which is distinctive of the cooperative systemic life. The work of the Masters in training from ourRays, 407:Creators eventually of all forms of planetary life - forms embodying qualities and intentions asRays, 410:It is the most potent energy in the planetary life and is carefully held in leash by Those Who areRays, 412:due to the successful response of our planetary life, expressed through the human kingdom at thisRays, 412:Sanat Kumara Himself, within His Own identified life upon the cosmic Path which emerges from theRays, 412:is interdependent, and the unfoldment of the Life in Whom we live and move and have our beingRays, 413:Sun, Sirius, is closely related to our planetary Life; much is known in the Hierarchy anent thisRays, 414:two major streams of energy enter our planetary life: A stream of energy coming from the cosmicRays, 414:soul, is to the spiritual man; it carries the life principle of our planet and centers itself inRays, 414:all forms upon the planet and we call it Life. It must be remembered that this life principleRays, 414:we call it Life. It must be remembered that this life principle embodies or is impregnated with theRays, 415:principle found at the heart of every atom. The life principle follows the line of, whilstRays, 416:planet and that vast expression of divinity, the Life which is manifesting through Sirius; it is anRays, 416:great evolutionary developments that enable the life or spirit aspect to free itself from theRays, 417:control of this law) He created our planetary life and all that is within and upon it, in order toRays, 417:as a whole today throughout every phase of its life; the Law of Attraction is beginning to gainRays, 417:This unique and mysterious law governs the Life and the Lives upon Sirius, and it is to thatRays, 418:a slight resemblance also to our hierarchical life - as seen in the light of the Eternal Now. ItsRays, 419:qualities to express and certain aspects of life to unfold and manifest. The effect of theseRays, 420:at the comprehension of the intention and the life purposes of the ray Lords. Many first ray soulsRays, 421:part in the development of our entire planetary life. For the sake of clarity, yet at the same timeRays, 428:or else such a speeding up of the spiritual life of the planet that the coming in of theRays, 429:her the opportunity to become spiritual in her life and attitudes, instead of grossly andRays, 430:disciples have to master: the lesson of the dual life of the man whose soul is functioning andRays, 431:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Dual Life of the Initiatory Process In all the many books whichRays, 432:As a recipient and transmitter of pure energy or life it uses the carotid gland controlled by theRays, 433:understanding as to what constitutes the dual life of the disciple or the Master, and wherein theyRays, 434:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Dual Life of the Disciple I have divided this theme into twoRays, 434:dissimilarities. In connection with the dual life of the disciple, the factors involved are theRays, 435:the Path, and living upon the physical plane the life of an intelligent man within the world ofRays, 435:the sattvic or rhythmic nature of the spiritual life eventually changes this attitude; he thenRays, 436:of spiritual speed are indications that the dual life of discipleship is superseding the integratedRays, 436:of discipleship is superseding the integrated life of the personality, though leading in its turnRays, 436:synthesis and higher integration. The dual life which all disciples lead produces also a rapidityRays, 436:to the sane registration of the phenomenal life of the various higher planes and states ofRays, 437:so closely related to past and future. The dual life of the disciple will then be ended, givingRays, 437:fusion of soul and personality. The dual life of the disciple ends. Rays, 437:two headings. I refer in one place to the dual life of the [438] disciple but in another to theRays, 438:planes; this is a very different matter to the life of the disciple and to which little attentionRays, 438:has been paid. Existence, Being, Essential Life, Dynamic Energy, Electric Fire are all of themRays, 438:between their constitution and mode of life expression and that of those who live, who are inRays, 438:as Expansion, plus an emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable inRays, 439:he will be free from all reactions engendered by life on the dense cosmic physical planes and fromRays, 439:physical planes and from all the limitations of life in the three worlds. Today, aspirationRays, 440:related to pure existence, to the untrammelled life of the planes controlled by the Monad, and alsoRays, 441:to explain to a disciple the simplicity of the life which a Master expresses. Rays, 441:As we enter on the consideration of "The dual life of the initiatory process" I would call yourRays, 441:of the disciple to live simultaneously the life of the spiritual world and the practical life ofRays, 441:life of the spiritual world and the practical life of physical plane service, but entirely with theRays, 441:for initiation, and therefore with his mental life and attitudes. This statement might be regardedRays, 441:primarily with two major aspects of his mental life and not with the life of relation between soulRays, 441:aspects of his mental life and not with the life of relation between soul and personality. It isRays, 441:both of its aspects existing side by side: The life of awareness in which he expresses the soulRays, 441:The intensely private and purely subjective life in which he - the soul-infused personality -Rays, 442:Himself, the first Initiator. [442] This inner life with its three slowly revealed objectivesRays, 442:revealed objectives concerns essentially the life of preparation for initiation. There is noRays, 442:of the active and intensely powerful astral life which he has lived for so many lives; as evolutionRays, 444:own kingdom, free from the limitations of human life) is imprisoned and subject to the control ofRays, 445:reflection. It is a synthesis of the energy of Life itself (which demonstrates as theRays, 445:energy of Life itself (which demonstrates as the life-principle within the world of forms), of theRays, 445:animate the physical body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, andRays, 447:primarily brought about by a definitely directed life-tendency, which steadily sends the man in theRays, 447:assessed; the effect of that gain upon the daily life and in the bodily mechanism is as carefullyRays, 448:concerns the continuity of man's awareness of life in all its various aspects. The energy which isRays, 449:the sutratma and the antahkarana, between the life thread and the thread of consciousness. The oneRays, 449:environing whole. One is the direct stream of life, unbroken and immutable, which can be regardedRays, 449:or the phenomenal appearance. It is the life. It produces the individual process and theRays, 449:of all forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, which reaches from the Monad to the personality,
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