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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 449:is one and indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchor in the center ofRays, 449:expression. Naught is and naught remains but life. The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is theRays, 449:(antahkarana) is the result of the union of life and substance or of the basic energies whichRays, 449:of the basic dualities has taken place. The life thread, the silver cord or the sutratma is, as farRays, 449:as far as man is concerned, dual in nature. The life thread [450] proper, which is one of the twoRays, 450:both in the world of consciousness and of life. Like a spider, man spins connecting threads, andRays, 450:etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between the heart and the spleen. FromRays, 451:between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. The process of establishing thisRays, 451:There is a thread of energy, which we call the life or spirit aspect, anchored in the heart. ItRays, 451:agency, and through the medium of the blood, life energy is carried to every part of the mechanism.Rays, 451:is carried to every part of the mechanism. This life energy carries the regenerating power andRays, 452:recognized by the human being as knowledge and life, or as intelligence and living energy, are theRays, 452:process, proving to the disciple that all of life is (in terms of consciousness) one of revelation.Rays, 453:The wisdom-energy thread is the sutratma or life thread, for the sutratma (when blended with theRays, 453:and not only of the not-self. There is the life thread or sutratma and the consciousness thread -Rays, 454:thread (hitherto woven unconsciously, through life experimentation and the response ofRays, 455:thread with the creative thread and with the life thread. Creative activity. This is essential, forRays, 458:at the point where the three threads - of life, of consciousness and of creativity - are beingRays, 461:the will petals until such time as the eternal life of the soul is absorbed into that which isRays, 461:love of the soul, with the Monad or with the One Life, and thus enables the divine manifesting SonRays, 461:into one instrument for the use of the One Life. This is but a picture or a symbolic use of wordsRays, 462:manifestation emerge upon the theatre of world life and on the physical plane. These are Humanity,Rays, 463:outstanding characteristic of the Hierarchy. The life focus of the man shifts to the buddhic plane.Rays, 463:the second plane of our planetary and solar life. Logoic Plane Divine consciousness. This is theRays, 464:solar system, and therefore in our planetary life experience, that the substance through whichRays, 464:Will Aspect The essential Cause of Being Purpose Life purpose, motivating evolution The note ofRays, 464:Path himself. Out of the substance of his own life he must construct this rainbow bridge, thisRays, 466:Awareness of the unity and purpose of Life. Recognition and cooperation with the Plan. Will.Rays, 467:Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path of Life. One of the points which it is essential thatRays, 467:to overcome the lower nature and to express life in terms of right living and thinking, love andRays, 468:this takes place the focus of the personality life is then upon the mental plane, because theRays, 468:in its true sense only when the focus of the life is in the mental vehicle and the head as well asRays, 469:in cooperation with the creative thread and the life thread, awakens to a fully aware process ofRays, 469:indication is that he begins to interpret life in terms of energy and forces, and not in terms ofRays, 469:will, as the result of right orientation, in the life of disciples today. [470] In the future, thisRays, 471:(though not unrestricted as regards that greater Life which moves within still other and greaterRays, 472:with the Monad, the source of the triadal life. This is true of the individual and of humanity as aRays, 472:experience of the Monad in the three worlds of life service, and then the agelong task of theRays, 472:duality disappears. Then you have Spirit-matter, Life-form. For this the triple experience of theRays, 472:the initiate knows the significance of life and the uses of form, but stands completelyRays, 475:and the present (the creative thread). The life thread or sutratma proper is closely blended withRays, 476:and of full knowledge, and of all that life in material form could give and all that consciousRays, 476:stage of building the Antahkarana: Sutratma, the life thread. The consciousness thread. TheRays, 476:in every one of these stages or modes of life, until the fourth initiation. Then consciousnessRays, 476:Then consciousness itself gives place to life, and yet remains itself. To the above statement, addRays, 477:form the antahkarana: 1. In ancient Lemuria, the life thread, the sutratma per se, was the dominantRays, 477:sutratma per se, was the dominant factor in the life expression; the physical body, the animal formRays, 477:and the dense outer factor was the focus of life exuberant, productive and vital. 2. In oldRays, 477:astral phenomena from ordinary physical life (particularly in the middle period of their racialRays, 478:They [478] simply lived and felt. Such was their life history. Two of the threads were functioning;Rays, 479:whereby man has reached the stage of conscious life, of full self-awareness and creativeRays, 479:as a threefold demonstration of the vertical life which becomes the horizontal life through theRays, 479:the vertical life which becomes the horizontal life through the expression of creativity. Man thenRays, 479:the Lemurian stage of consciousness wherein the life thread, [480] with its physical implications,Rays, 483:evolution. There has been much emphasis upon the life of the soul and its expression upon theRays, 484:has to reverse himself upon the wheel of life and tread the Way counter-clockwise, so mustRays, 485:builds will "move upwards toward the center of life," and not "downwards toward the center ofRays, 486:Initiation; it can create a channel of light and life between the higher and the lower divineRays, 486:produce a bridge between the world of spiritual life and the world of daily physical plane living.Rays, 488:remind you that the soul (as it lives its own life on its own level of awareness) is not alwaysRays, 491:of the Monad when It sent forth the thread of life which finally anchored itself in the soul. TheRays, 491:- the renunciation or the withdrawal from form life, both personal and egoic. After this initiationRays, 491:which separated the Outer Court (the personality life) from the Holy Place (the soul) and from theRays, 492:of the egoic lotus are assuming control in his life, when his knowledge is being transmuted intoRays, 492:an increased activity at the very center of soul life, the heart of the lotus. It should beRays, 492:of giving-up, or renunciation of all that makes life worth living. Sacrifice is, technicallyRays, 492:will-to-good is the crowning goal of his daily life, then he can begin to evoke the Will. This willRays, 493:upon the expression of the divine aspects in the life upon the physical plane, as far as isRays, 493:is an attempt to approximate the personality life to the demands of the soul and to use theRays, 493:of response from higher levels of the spiritual life; beyond briefly indicating them, there is veryRays, 493:work. He is therefore himself invocative. His life effect is registered upon the higher levels ofRays, 494:constructed by the disciple, along which the life of soul and body can travel. The Father (Monad),Rays, 494:soul, enriched by the experience of personality life in the three worlds), and from the higherRays, 495:in full consciousness into the sphere of monadic life; he is resurrected from the dark cave of theRays, 495:from the dark cave of the personality life into the blazing light of divinity; he is no longer onlyRays, 496:and for the group an ordered part of the daily life, which you can adjust pretty much as you like,Rays, 496:adjust pretty much as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receives its reasonable share,Rays, 496:the service aspect is not neglected, and your life presentation is neatly balanced and carriedRays, 496:choice or your soul decision for a specific life, but it means that you are not the disciple, withRays, 496:disciple, with everything subordinated to the life of discipleship. "I would like here to point outRays, 496:change your tension that you are driven by the life of the spirit, it will entail a galvanicRays, 496:it will entail a galvanic upheaval in your inner life. For this, are you prepared? Secondly: itRays, 496:you with one of the crises which come in the life of all disciples, wherein choices have to be madeRays, 498:upon the need for the development of the Christ life, upon the mystical vision and upon philosophy.Rays, 498:vision of the soul, a vision of a better way of life, of an improved economic situation, or ofRays, 499:of pain must awaken the sleepy soul to exquisite life; the wrenching away of the roots of life fromRays, 499:life; the wrenching away of the roots of life from the soil of selfish desire must be undergone,Rays, 499:Christ principle and its deep expression in the life of the race. This is something which can beRays, 499:world wherein man can lead a fuller spiritual life and base his efforts on truer values; it can beRays, 500:two parts: An intensification of the personality life, so that it is developed to its highestRays, 500:concentrated effort, according to the ray and life purpose of the soul. This may take the form of aRays, 502:being determined by the quality of the ray life. The disciple has to preserve steadily the tripleRays, 503:of particular energy [503] colored by his ray life, and carefully bears in mind that the energy ofRays, 506:begins to dominate the other two. Then the soul life - as hitherto understood - fades out and theRays, 509:but the one who stands with eyes directing life and form. The threefold shadow now is one. TheRays, 519:of the sun, a child extricating itself under the life impulse from the womb of its mother, of theRays, 519:penetrating into the realm of soul light and life, of the initiate passing from grade to grade inRays, 519:which will lead Him into realms of divine life - of which even the highest initiate on our planetRays, 519:and all are distinctive of the "mode of Life" which governs the entire graded hierarchy of BeingRays, 519:laws of the universe, being related to the Life principle, of which we know as yet naught; it
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