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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 520:Karma [520] and is, in reality, the Law of the Life Purpose of the planetary Logos; it is anRays, 520:to them) sometimes spoken of as "the Law of Life of the Sun." The human family, after the stage ofRays, 520:force him ever to invoke the higher aspect of life and of consciousness which he senses on ahead.Rays, 520:and the evocative response of the greater Life to that cry. It is, in fact, the recognition by theRays, 521:of humanity - oriented specifically to the Great Life of which it feels itself a part - upon thatRays, 521:Life of which it feels itself a part - upon that Life, and the responsive impact of that "AllRays, 524:the agony of human need and renounced His own life and gave His all (again symbolically speaking)Rays, 532:soul or consciousness aspect; and finally, its life aspect. The form aspect culminates experienceRays, 532:as the disciple has undergone the process; the life aspect permits of extra-planetary contact, thusRays, 534:to the disciple as he seeks to lead the dual life which it demands. You will note that I call it aRays, 535:livingness which is found in all forms of life from the tiny atom up to Those great Lives Who areRays, 535:This initiation process governs the dual life of the disciple in three ways: It is expressed in theRays, 537:a truly mental being, with the focus of his life upon the mental level where it is subject to soulRays, 537:the major motivating potency in the disciple's life and are a consequence of a growing soul fusionRays, 539:Itself; all forms fade out and yet the whole of life is there. It is not light as we know light. ItRays, 540:he knows this, he knows all that our planetary life can tell him and reveal to him. He hasRays, 540:a point of tension. They should remember the life of dual activity; i.e., that which he is at anyRays, 542:by the disciple, producing consequently in his life a point or points of tension. Rays, 542:Earlier I stated that the disciple's private life automatically falls (once he has been accepted byRays, 544:with the Master's mind when his spiritual life has become habitual to him and when he can, at will,Rays, 547:with group work in the Aquarian Age, or with the life and relationships within the Ashram. ForgetRays, 547:which are unconnected with the disciple's life and his service in the three worlds. The work of theRays, 547:there would be no initiation for him if that life of service were lacking. His life of service is,Rays, 547:him if that life of service were lacking. His life of service is, in reality, an expression of theRays, 548:[548] One hint I will give you, based on the life of the Christ. The life history and theRays, 548:give you, based on the life of the Christ. The life history and the experiences of the greatRays, 548:but much has been communicated to us anent the life of the Christ, both in the Gospels and inRays, 548:proclaiming two things: That "the blood is the life." That all men everywhere are sons of God, andRays, 548:one of unique interest. It is part of the dual life which all disciples must lead. It is that whichRays, 548:must lead. It is that which intensifies the life of introspection which is only rightly understoodRays, 548:It is the source or origin of the extraverted life which the disciple must also lead, producing anRays, 549:in no way disturbs the calm procedures of the life of ashramic contacts. Rightly followed, itRays, 549:in reality a great experiment with energy. The life of the occult student is consciously lived inRays, 550:This connotes a major cycle of experience in the life of our planetary Logos. It is related to theRays, 551:Aquarius. These result in major changes in the life of the planetary Logos and potently affect HisRays, 552:Path of Evolution, and is equally present in the life and experience of the planetary Logos. ThisRays, 552:produces a cycle of tremendous difficulty in the life of the aspirant to initiation, for theRays, 557:total of all the existences within our planetary Life are realized and consciously used for theRays, 558:Rays of Aspect are essentially related to the life or will aspect of divinity; the Rays ofRays, 561:It might here be said that the one-pointed life of the focused intellectual (that life which theRays, 561:life of the focused intellectual (that life which the higher initiates demonstrated in theRays, 561:initiations) and the extensive inclusive life of the modern or Aryan initiate, is the objectiveRays, 561:under the words "the vertical and the horizontal life"; it is therefore visually portrayed underRays, 562:produces changes and a basic refocusing in the life of the accepted disciple and of the initiate;Rays, 562:in service. He cannot be permitted to enter the life of the ashram and become the recipient ofRays, 564:Logos to a degree which makes the planetary life, with all its states of consciousness andRays, 564:to imprison Himself. For the first time in his life experience he arrives at a comprehension of theRays, 565:the process which has up till now governed his life. Instead of his being impelled forward on theRays, 568:and the will-purpose aspect of a certain great Life to Whom we give the name "Lord of a Ray." YouRays, 568:and quality - plays upon all forms of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not. TheseRays, 569:and thus make room for those new forms and life expressions which an incoming ray will produce. ItRays, 569:is today no longer centered or focused in the life of the three worlds. Simultaneously, the energyRays, 569:themselves and can realize that the Christ life, the Christ nature and the Christ consciousness areRays, 569:to circumstances and to his interpretation of life events. These are peculiarly the reactions whichRays, 569:the first initiation; a new orientation to life and a new [570] world of thought are registered byRays, 570:will create necessarily a ferment in the daily life of peoples everywhere; the life of theRays, 570:in the daily life of peoples everywhere; the life of the personality, oriented hitherto to theRays, 570:material aspect is triumphant. Later, the Christ life triumphs. This you well know. Each initiationRays, 570:this "birth" initiation and manifest the Christ life on a large scale for the first time during aRays, 571:of this century. The unfoldment of the Christ life - as a result of the presence and activities ofRays, 572:plane through the stimulation of the sex life of all peoples and in the three worlds through theRays, 573:human progress demands, and nurture the new life and the new states of consciousness which advancedRays, 574:demonstrate the first stage of a truly creative life. As far as the individual initiate isRays, 574:the effect of seventh ray energy in his life is potent in the extreme; this is easily realized,Rays, 575:which produces creativity, the organizing of the life, and the bringing together "within the head"Rays, 575:- enables the initiate (in his physical plane life) to demonstrate a developing sense of order andRays, 575:relationship with them, and to make his life creative in many ways. All these factors are embryonicRays, 575:of this ray become increasingly effective from life to life; the disciple's relation to theRays, 575:ray become increasingly effective from life to life; the disciple's relation to the Hierarchy, theRays, 575:to the Hierarchy, the reorganizing of his life on the physical plane, and his growing effort toRays, 575:of the conscious unfoldment of the Christ life and awareness, the life of the initiate hasRays, 575:unfoldment of the Christ life and awareness, the life of the initiate has undergone a pronouncedRays, 576:physical energy and brings order into his life. This takes a very long time and may cover a cycleRays, 578:a sensitive response to all forms of divine life and a form through which the lowest aspect ofRays, 578:task of reorganizing the emotional and psychic life of humanity will take place; this period willRays, 578:The stream of energy, coming into our planetary life from the constellation Pisces, has for twoRays, 583:of the will nature which determines the life of the initiate. A pronounced conflict between theRays, 583:This brings about a basic reorientation of the life of the initiate and of humanity as a whole. InRays, 584:two initiations; both are basic essentials for life in the physical sense, and are equally basic inRays, 584:of God an inevitable happening in our planetary life. [585] Rays, 588:will indicate why and how our planetary life is one immense synthesis of ordered activity. The rayRays, 588:and conditioning every expression of divine life in all the kingdoms of nature - subhuman, humanRays, 589:in the Hierarchy, as well as in the planetary life. Thus the conditions are created which makeRays, 593:all the planes of our conscious planetary life, is the creative agent and the form-building factorRays, 597:consider the effect of this ray energy upon the life of the individual, as he faces the thirdRays, 599:of what has been called the Monad or Spirit or Life. This is subtly revealed in the TransfigurationRays, 600:of the essential unity of all manifested life; therefore, from the angle of space, he has dominatedRays, 600:there are great and basic illusions governing life within the Hierarchy. Nevertheless, they areRays, 601:Ashram within the Hierarchy and to the planetary life. This must ever be borne in mind and mustRays, 607:is therefore overcome (from the soul angle) by life in the three worlds. It is the Principle ofRays, 607:from imprisonment in some kind of form life, either individual or group. You will all, as disciplesRays, 610:struggling aspirant and conditions his whole life, producing crises and tensions, sometimes almostRays, 612:harmony, peace, equilibrium, right adjustment to life and circumstances, and right and balancedRays, 613:some day be the governing factor in the economic life of the world, regulated and controlled byRays, 613:one party aims at the holding back of the life of the spirit, at clarifying by obstruction and atRays, 614:is dominating human affairs; everywhere in the life of the individual, in the lives of groups,Rays, 614:of groups, organizations and churches, in the life of nations and in the life of mankind as aRays, 614:and churches, in the life of nations and in the life of mankind as a whole, the issues are beingRays, 615:He can work. By the pouring out of the Christ life or consciousness upon the masses everywhere andRays, 620:this principle of conflict controls the battling life of the aspirant and of the world aspirant,
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