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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Rays, 621:family, so it must [621] inevitably control the life of nations to a greater or lesser degree,Rays, 622:Caesar, Napoleon or Hitler, but by those who see life, humanity and the world as one united whole,Rays, 623:in mind in relation to developments in your own life, in the life of your nation or of any nation,Rays, 623:to developments in your own life, in the life of your nation or of any nation, and in the life ofRays, 623:life of your nation or of any nation, and in the life of humanity as a whole. They embody theRays, 637:the Principle of Conflict touches every life, is potent in the consciousness of each individualRays, 637:length with the effect of this conflict in the life of disciples. It deals with the most familiarRays, 642:worlds and to the third aspect of the divine Life. However, from the esoteric angle, evolutionRays, 644:the power to wield light as [644] the carrier of life to all in the three worlds, and to knowRays, 644:a clue to the goal of the planetary Logos. All life, from the first descent of the soul intoRays, 650:spiritual objective which will transform all life and give new value and purpose to that which isRays, 651:progress in the world of everyday physical plane life. It might be wise to consider ambition as theRays, 652:is the hidden, basic, motivating potency of life and of evolution, from the very dawn of theRays, 653:constant service within the planetary Life and the subjection of Himself and of His Ashram toRays, 654:to remain until the close of our planetary Life, at which time the "last weary Pilgrim will haveRays, 656:Seven and the Nine Initiations of our Planetary Life Now let us look at these initiations from theRays, 656:initiations from the angle of the planetary Life, as far as in us lies. We have for long looked atRays, 657:added a consideration of certain crises in the life of mankind which are in the nature of minorRays, 660:large scale to the greater Will of the divine Life, then the major task of Shamballa will becomeRays, 660:leaving behind those aspects of the form life which have been destroyed by him as useless, soRays, 661:good when considering the microcosm within the life of the Macrocosm, but if you ventured outsideRays, 661:you ventured outside that limited and manifested Life (if that were possible, which it is not) youRays, 661:processes. These affect our entire planetary life but are not essentially initiations as weRays, 662:presentation of these great crises in the life of every disciple. It is wise to note that anRays, 664:and the beginning of an entirely new way of life, so each successive initiation is in an exactlyRays, 664:mental idea and mechanism, the low grade animal life (which, to a certain extent, looked human butRays, 665:and functioning within them. The "light of life" is now available, in a sense far more literallyRays, 665:interests, who are sensitive to the Christ life and to the spiritual consciousness in theirRays, 666:the scientific and assured perception of God as life or energy. [667] The first initiation marksRays, 667:initiation marks the beginning of a totally new life and mode of living; it marks the commencementRays, 667:of thinking and of conscious perception. The life of the personality in the three worlds has forRays, 667:has for aeons nurtured the germ of this new life and fostered the tiny spark of light within theRays, 667:themselves in order to attain greater beauty of life, are initiate and have undergone the firstRays, 670:of proportion in relation to any phase of human life, and for the race of men today has particularRays, 670:When a proper recognition of the place the sex life should play in the daily life is paralleled byRays, 670:the place the sex life should play in the daily life is paralleled by the concentration of thoughtRays, 670:"the place of creative building"; the normal sex life is then regulated and not atrophied, and isRays, 670:the Major Initiations This regulated physical life comes about when the [671] personality isRays, 672:soul and body, the higher and the lower, life and form, spirit and matter. This is the creativeRays, 672:and which is indicative of the personality life. The energy concentrated in the head center as aRays, 673:not swept usually by an intelligent reaction to life as it is. The normal and usually violentRays, 677:of importance, and these are the aspects of the life process which should condition him. At theRays, 678:focus become his immediate goals, and for him life can never again be the same. The old physicalRays, 678:may continue to play a potent part in his life expression, but - underlying these and subordinatingRays, 678:ever be the background of a useful dedicated life and an expressed determination [679] to enter theRays, 683:will be the result of the combination in one's life of these three factors? Primarily two things:Rays, 686:and the renouncing of the personal life in the interest of a larger whole. Even soul-consciousnessRays, 686:Freedom from the hold of the phenomenal life of the seven planes of our planetary Life. It is inRays, 686:life of the seven planes of our planetary Life. It is in reality a "lifting out of or above" theRays, 687:that stupendous Source of our entire planetary life, the sun Sirius, and to the Lodge of DivineRays, 689:Logos can reach humanity and bring to men fresh life and energy. The work done prior to and at theRays, 691:eyes, signifying the twofold direction of the life energy of the initiate - outward into the worldRays, 691:the world of men and upward towards the divine Life and Source of all Being. Where the direction ofRays, 691:that "energy follows thought." His thought life becomes, therefore, the field of his major effort,Rays, 691:words for the disciple as he handles his life, his environment and his circumstances. They are:Rays, 692:for this reason all the three keynotes of his life as an initiate - before and immediately afterRays, 694:that time on, the consciousness of the greater Life which enfolds our planetary Logos, as HeRays, 695:for always some great Teacher - by His life and teaching - will call attention to some particularRays, 697:crucified. It connotes the ending of a life and - from the cosmic angle - of the personality lifeRays, 697:and - from the cosmic angle - of the personality life of the soul through many incarnations. If itRays, 697:being constitute one unit of experience in the life of the soul - an experience which ends at theRays, 697:experience and a point of entrance into a new life for which all the past has been a preparation.Rays, 698:the throat center and to the preservation of life on the physical plane, if the initiate chooses toRays, 699:not related in any way to our planetary Life. It is because of this permanent transition of theRays, 700:The concept of a clean break with the old life in the three worlds of experience which hasRays, 700:awareness, the Master works; on it, He lives His life, undertakes His service and furthers the PlanRays, 701:is the hell of materialism and of physical plane life, and there labors for the furtherance of theRays, 702:up between those two great centers, of divine life. I would ask you to ponder this Initiation ofRays, 702:of Renunciation, remembering ever in your daily life that this process of renunciation, entailingRays, 703:factor in human experience. The whole of life is revelation; the evolutionary process is, inRays, 704:of a series of revelations, as his vision of life and his capacity to experience develops. This isRays, 706:incarnation: the Monad, the Spirit, the One, the Life, the Father. Each time that that Voice spoke,Rays, 707:Shamballa, and I have not myself done more this life than take the fifth initiation and climb theRays, 710:science, wisdom and experience (garnered in the life cycle of many aeons of incarnation) are nowRays, 711:him with the residue of experienced wisdom. His life takes on a new coloring, totally unrelated toRays, 711:of anything concerned with the personality life. The growth of what we might call the buddhicRays, 713:sense, a resolver of information so that a life pattern and a life service, planned and directed,Rays, 713:of information so that a life pattern and a life service, planned and directed, may eventuate, andRays, 715:it is that which holds all things together in life. It is, in reality, life itself. This life forceRays, 715:all things together in life. It is, in reality, life itself. This life force or divine willRays, 715:in life. It is, in reality, life itself. This life force or divine will (implementing divineRays, 715:in relation to self-will, it is veritably the "life of the project." The moment Sanat Kumara hasRays, 723:interpretation and control, with the everyday life of the ordinary disciple. It is importantRays, 724:the field, scope or influence of the planetary Life, He faces a solar or a cosmic future of whichRays, 725:related to the mental plane of our planetary life, to the Law of Fixation and the Law of Cleavages.Rays, 726:past and with the planet, but never with the One Life which permeates all spheres and forms ofRays, 726:creation to provide forms for Being and for Life, and of the quality of that which He - in theRays, 728:to the universal point of planetary or solar Life which is, and has ever been, responsible for theRays, 728:which is, and has ever been, responsible for the life of all forms from the greatest manifestationRays, 729:planes (the four highest planes of our planetary Life); this light brings to his attention theRays, 729:upon the monadic plane, the plane of universal life; the great heresy of separateness has slippedRays, 729:a creator, for creation is the expression of life, love and purpose, and all these three he can nowRays, 729:by humanity than that of the resurrection; when life seems hard and circumstances carry in them noRays, 730:of leaving all behind and of entering into a new life, carries with it strength and hope. In theRays, 730:we will consider today, and knew the secret of life, of which immortality is only one of its manyRays, 730:Shamballa. The consciousness of the Universal Life is His; this [731] is far more than simply theRays, 731:There have been many deaths within the aeonial life cycle of the initiate: The familiar andRays, 731:vehicles, as the undying soul discards them life after life - only to create new ones until masteryRays, 731:as the undying soul discards them life after life - only to create new ones until mastery isRays, 731:as men seek to make it. To the Knowers of Life such a phrase as "I am an immortal Soul" is not even
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