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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Astrology, 388:of world glamor in the blinding energy of light. This constitutes the final radiant activity whichAstrology, 392:fashioner), raises His eyes upward to where the light of revelation breaks forth and knows at [393]Astrology, 393:reached and there is no more to be done. The light from the eye of the Bull which with everAstrology, 393:soul must give place eventually to the light of the Sun, for Vulcan is a substitute for the Sun; itAstrology, 393:we have in this connection three symbols of the light: Taurus - The eye of illumination or light.Astrology, 393:the light: Taurus - The eye of illumination or light. The Bull's eye. Illumination. Exoterically -Astrology, 393:which is deeply hidden and brings it up into the light. Esoterically - the heart of the Sun. TheAstrology, 394:will be dominant. Because he has a measure of light - his power to be thus destructive willAstrology, 395:before the astrologers of the New Age and fresh light on this greatest of all sciences will beAstrology, 401:response of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achievedAstrology, 401:which is deeply hidden in darkness to reach the light of day; it is the struggle of the hidden soulAstrology, 401:struggle to attain the goal which an increasing light reveals. So potent is this struggle that onAstrology, 402:thus escaping from illusion and entering into light. Keynotes of this sign are, as usual, clear inAstrology, 403:is, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light." The eye of the cosmic Bull of God is open andAstrology, 403:of the cosmic Bull of God is open and from it light pours radiantly forth upon the sons of men. TheAstrology, 403:must likewise open in response to this cosmic light. Hence victory is inevitable for the potency ofAstrology, 407:just where we stand in our attempt to throw the light of esoteric [408] understanding upon theAstrology, 422:and his consciousness is illumined by the clear light of the intuition, then his "window of vision"Astrology, 430:in reality, The eye of the Father - carrying light from the Great Bear. The eye of the Son -Astrology, 430:the Great Bear. The eye of the Son - carrying light from Sirius. The eye of the Mother - carryingAstrology, 430:from Sirius. The eye of the Mother - carrying light from the Pleiades. and it is this latter "lightAstrology, 430:light from the Pleiades. and it is this latter "light energy" which is necessarily peculiarlyAstrology, 430:in terms of sight and of the entrance of light, thus leading to revelation and (incidentally) toAstrology, 430:deal also with their significance in terms of Light. Astrology, 430:which - if studied carefully - will throw much light upon the theme of this particular subject:Astrology, 430:theme of this particular subject: "The sevenfold light of the Father brought from chaos into theAstrology, 431:in His thought and Plan... Then the triple light which came from the Bear in His high place, fromAstrology, 431:A.A.B.) likewise responded to the triple light but not until the cycles passed and passed again.Astrology, 431:work...and thus the twain were one. The central light of Sirius shone through the eye of the Son;Astrology, 431:through the eye of the Son; the vision came. The light of wisdom penetrated into the waters andAstrology, 431:the symbol of Pisces. A.A.B.) and welcomed the light within the depths and grasped it as her own.Astrology, 432:left her. There is no darkness. There is always light. And then the heavens within theAstrology, 432:within the ring-pass-not responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea ofAstrology, 432:sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery lightAstrology, 432:appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. ThisAstrology, 432:suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on the waitingAstrology, 432:of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on the waiting sphere and lit theAstrology, 432:of little lights upon the Earth. A Hierarchy of Light emerged from its own place; the planet wasAstrology, 432:upon that little world responded slowly to that light until today the little world of men begins toAstrology, 432:the two are one. The seven Mothers blend their light and make it six (refers to the lost Pleiad,Astrology, 432:A.A.B.) and yet the seven still are there. Their light is different from the other lights. ThisAstrology, 432:light is different from the other lights. This light evokes response from that which shouts aloud:Astrology, 433:is seen and that which catches the first rays of light. To me a Messenger comes forth (Mercury.Astrology, 433:he stopped at a bright sun where shines the light of love (Sirius. A.A.B.) and there received theAstrology, 433:born from the tomb and showing after birth the light which he has taken from them all. Then to theAstrology, 447:the Christ," thus revealing and bringing to the light of day the inner, hidden, spiritual Man. ItAstrology, 455:The energy of Illumination. Creating in the light. Four centers functioning. Focal point of theAstrology, 461:of descending and balancing energies. Some light on this most abstruse subject can be gained if theAstrology, 463:however, [463] indicated enough to throw some light upon this intricate science. Summarizing what IAstrology, 477:the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdom within the field of knowledge and theAstrology, 477:the theme by means of which we can throw more light upon it. It should by now be obvious to youAstrology, 479:would prove of real interest. The inner web of light which is called the etheric body of the planetAstrology, 490:The mass movement towards liberty, release and light, so dominant today, is caused by the energy ofAstrology, 494:action as the result of developed love and the light of understanding; it is awareness ofAstrology, 496:of living, moving, focusing and transmitting light triangles which should underlie (and eventuallyAstrology, 496:emphasized in your consciousness, the web of light and energy which is the recipient of zodiacalAstrology, 510:more specifically the form nature; much light on the pull between the pairs of opposites may thenAstrology, 510:He will find himself able to throw much light upon the problem of the probationary disciple whenAstrology, 511:soul, are related and active in this house. The light of matter and the light of the soul are bothAstrology, 511:in this house. The light of matter and the light of the soul are both involved in the use of energyAstrology, 515:received, transferred and used, and throw light upon the abstruse factors which condition theAstrology, 516:can provide another step forward and further light. It might here be stated that until theAstrology, 516:stated that until the antahkarana (the bridge of light between the higher and the lower minds,Astrology, 516:can come into action, via the antahkarana, light will gradually begin to pour in. The world mustAstrology, 517:that the sumtotal will appear in a blinding light of surety. At present students cannot see theAstrology, 519:if humanity so wills it, if the Forces of Light eventually triumph and if the new world order comesAstrology, 520:spread abroad by the opponents of the Forces of Light will be neutralized by the fixed intention ofAstrology, 522:in Great Britain. Likewise, if the Forces of Light triumph because of the cooperation of mankind,Astrology, 523:about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort of all theAstrology, 523:States. The keynote of this world center is "I light the Way" and this is the privilege of theAstrology, 524:to note that the keynote of India is "I hide the light" and this has been interpreted to mean thatAstrology, 524:and this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East, and that the giftAstrology, 524:and that the gift of India to the world is the light of the Ageless Wisdom. This is true in aAstrology, 524:carried out and is in process of expression, a light will be revealed which has never yet been seenAstrology, 524:in the Christian Scriptures which says "In that light shall we see light"; this means that throughAstrology, 524:which says "In that light shall we see light"; this means that through the medium of the light ofAstrology, 524:this means that through the medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through theAstrology, 524:the Ageless Wisdom, we shall eventually see the Light of Life itself - something meaningless andAstrology, 525:they sought to cooperate with the Forces of Light [526] and endeavored to salvage human freedom -Astrology, 526:A study of the above tabulation will give much light to the inter-human relation. Three greatAstrology, 531:the whole. Humanity will then emerge into the light of freedom with a revealed beauty and aAstrology, 532:is dependent upon the triumph of the Forces of Light and the consequent victory of those who standAstrology, 532:remains unimpaired. The Hierarchy stands. Light is breaking in the world as the realities of theAstrology, 538:house" of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exoterically and theAstrology, 538:relationships warrant careful study in the light of modern affairs and the present world situation.Astrology, 540:take their stand upon the side of the Forces of Light. This takes various forms as far as humanityAstrology, 541:on even though at great cost to the Forces of Light; simultaneously there is a regrouping and aAstrology, 543:and forced to turn their backs upon the dawning light." A dark period of civilization will ensue.Astrology, 543:of the dark cave of initiation wherein the light of the initiate's own nature illumines theAstrology, 543:the darkness and so demonstrates his command of light, the dark cave of materialism and ofAstrology, 543:the divine possibility of entrance into greater light, the manifestation of the soul nature and theAstrology, 543:of the soul nature and the recognition of the "light which is found in the eye of the Bull." SuchAstrology, 543:upon the final triumph of the Forces of Light (working through the Allied nations) or on theAstrology, 543:the Hierarchy to renewed effort. The Forces of Light recognize and work for the spiritual good ofAstrology, 544:of all true feeling and perception, lacking the light of love and understanding, but powerfullyAstrology, 544:of mankind. In like manner, the Forces of Light can be evoked in tremendous potency but only by theAstrology, 554:intent which draws the man from points of light to blazing solar radiance." The man upon the FixedAstrology, 554:off the narrow place whereon I stand. I face the light. I am the Light and in that light shall IAstrology, 554:whereon I stand. I face the light. I am the Light and in that light shall I see Light." It is theAstrology, 554:I face the light. I am the Light and in that light shall I see Light." It is the Cross whose four
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