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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Discipleship1, 305:and face, and face them and handle them in the light. Finish the rest of the invocation, saying theDiscipleship1, 305:the door am I. I am the golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread that Way. I enterDiscipleship1, 305:I am the golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread that Way. I enter through the door. IDiscipleship1, 305:I enter through the door. I turn and radiate the light. "Sound the A. U. M. as before. Let not theDiscipleship1, 306:the energy of the divine self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May I be led fromDiscipleship1, 306:the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death toDiscipleship1, 308:sound it this time as the soul, breathing forth light, understanding, and love into the waiting,Discipleship1, 310:must be available and used as the Way of Light and of Joy opens up before you. I hold out beforeDiscipleship1, 313:with the pressure of the hands in service of the light, and with a beating heart of love, the keyDiscipleship1, 313:"With hasty feet the one who hastens towards the light enters the door and waits. He holds the doorDiscipleship1, 313:enter through that door alone." "The blazing light within the Temple of the Lord is not for all atDiscipleship1, 316:the man who has it, to stand steady in the light, to rest in pure being, and to become the trueDiscipleship1, 316:of steadiness with the intent to reflect light, of centralization of the self, and of rightDiscipleship1, 317:there but, with their faces turned towards the light, they stand. Thus through their minds the pureDiscipleship1, 317:they stand. Thus through their minds the pure light streams to dissipate the fogs." "They come andDiscipleship1, 317:force projects, blends with the shining light and then the mists of man's creation disappear. "TheyDiscipleship1, 318:indicated below: The power to stand within the light, leading to right reflection of the light. TheDiscipleship1, 318:the light, leading to right reflection of the light. The power to rest in spiritual being, so as toDiscipleship1, 323:is apt to cause much trouble. The lesser light of that minor ray (in itself, divine) can shut outDiscipleship1, 323:of mine. You can be used and when the lesser light is dimmed, the first ray quality of your soulDiscipleship1, 323:touch and am, that strength I give. The central Light I reach so oft, I pass along the lighted WayDiscipleship1, 323:along the lighted Way to those who need that light. I seek to walk the ways of men as light andDiscipleship1, 323:that light. I seek to walk the ways of men as light and love and power. My strength and power comeDiscipleship1, 324:living, of steadfast orientation towards the light, of silent communication with your soul, ofDiscipleship1, 328:has been noted. You have stepped into clearer light and because of that progress you can shoulderDiscipleship1, 332:polarization which enables her to cast the light of the mind in two directions. She is largely anDiscipleship1, 332:two capacities of the mind which casts its clear light upon the personality) she tunes in on theDiscipleship1, 333:if you so choose, to [333] send forth at will light and strength and power. Continue with this workDiscipleship1, 333:Continue with this work of attention. May the light of the Eternal shine upon your way, my brotherDiscipleship1, 333:at moments of contact. These are the moments of light and illumination and of released thought andDiscipleship1, 333:love. But they should throw a flood of light upon the personality, revealing you to yourself. IfDiscipleship1, 335:glamorous, personality reaction and watch the light which will stream in from every side. AskDiscipleship1, 335:an essential or is it of no importance in the light of the larger issues and is, therefore, aDiscipleship1, 335:which you call forth as you stand in the light of your own soul. Ask yourself also: Are theseDiscipleship1, 335:reality in my brother or do they bring to light that which is non-essential? Am I throwing theDiscipleship1, 335:of ours and that. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word can then be spoken andDiscipleship1, 339:quiet pool of the emotional life and this in the light of the soul. Confidence is the expression ofDiscipleship1, 340:must learn to see the mind as a center of pure light. You must rid your consciousness of anyDiscipleship1, 340:to see it as simply a powerful reflector of the light of the soul, transmitting soul wisdom intoDiscipleship1, 340:world of men. When you have found this center of light, which is, the mind, there take your standDiscipleship1, 343:of specialized force in certain areas. That the light may indeed shine upon your way, and lead youDiscipleship1, 346:your own words, holding the mind steady in the light, and focusing yourself as high in the head asDiscipleship1, 346:consciousness. The charging with spiritual light and force can then take place. How is this done?Discipleship1, 350:problem and real deterrent to the inflow of soul light when over-emphasized. Eight years ago it wasDiscipleship1, 354:much needed. For you, the word which would bring light is identification as it is for... By meansDiscipleship1, 355:refer. See that the two become the two beams of light with which you increasingly work and thatDiscipleship1, 355:in your handling of your physical problem, much light and knowledge will pour through your brainDiscipleship1, 359:and from its opening heart see a stream of rosy light (not red) pouring forth, engulfing you andDiscipleship1, 359:in your meditation, giving them strength and light and knowing yourself to be an intermediary.Discipleship1, 359:the Holy Ones whose disciple I am show me the light I seek; give me the strong aid of theirDiscipleship1, 364:attitude, you could leap forward into clearer light and more efficient living. This oft I have toldDiscipleship1, 366:it is there - but then with a face lifted to the light and a smile upon your lips, turn your backDiscipleship1, 368:simply hold that which has been gained. No light achievement, my brother, given the equipment withDiscipleship1, 369:your ray forces and then, I believe, increased light will be thrown upon your problem. Your mentalDiscipleship1, 371:be induced. Others emerge into the hierarchical Light and we know - as we study them - that thoughDiscipleship1, 382:his life tendency becomes oriented towards the light and this becomes a steady and fixed habit.Discipleship1, 388:remarks and that you will face this issue in the light of your soul and for the good of those whoDiscipleship1, 389:realization of this Presence, of inspiration, of light and of contact. I will put to you threeDiscipleship1, 389:Presence and hinders you from standing in its light? Can you draw up a technique of meditationDiscipleship1, 389:sees the Presence as himself. He merges with its light. Behind the Presence gleams that awfulDiscipleship1, 389:of fear, the end of difference, joy, love and light." Your meditation, therefore, is to be alongDiscipleship1, 390:platitudes lie, for you, much instruction, much light and understanding and the clue to yourDiscipleship1, 391:and look through the window of the mind to that Light which reveals the Angel which, in its turn,Discipleship1, 392:life: the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread theDiscipleship1, 392:God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.' "Before theDiscipleship1, 392:near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.' "Before the gateway of eachDiscipleship1, 392:into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.' "Before the gateway of each newborn day, whichDiscipleship1, 394:and unafraid? 5th month - How can I enter into light and steadfast stand, seeing the truth on everyDiscipleship1, 394:Way and with them find the secret of the dark light which reveals? How can I discover the agentDiscipleship1, 394:duty. Stand with your group brothers in the light of the Presence. As a group, renew yourDiscipleship1, 396:the glamor in time and come out into the light of the "Lighted Way," but the clouds at times and atDiscipleship1, 398:and I have seen you relinquish desire with a light in your eyes - the light of perception of theDiscipleship1, 398:desire with a light in your eyes - the light of perception of the higher values. The groupDiscipleship1, 399:self to use? Can I hold the mind steady in the light of the soul? As I review my day, what part hasDiscipleship1, 399:is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, and a light which shines upon the Path. But, realizingDiscipleship1, 411:see that Presence as myself. I merge myself in Light." Fifth month - Service - "The sons of menDiscipleship1, 414:brother. One is to cultivate the ability to "sit light in the saddle" (to use an old proverbialDiscipleship1, 414:comes to those who can succeed in working in the light upon the mental plane. When you can do this,Discipleship1, 417:work. My word for you is: Work more in the light and see all people as in that light with you. AllDiscipleship1, 417:more in the light and see all people as in that light with you. All that any disciple or aspirantDiscipleship1, 417:relation to his fellow men is to stimulate the light that is in them, leaving them free to walk inDiscipleship1, 417:in them, leaving them free to walk in their own light and way upon the Path. As regards yourDiscipleship1, 418:to a quick alignment and entering into the light. As regards the rest of your work, conform toDiscipleship1, 421:in all my disciples the recognition that the light which is in each and all of you will, and can,Discipleship1, 421:all of you will, and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life. The meditation which I wouldDiscipleship1, 422:of the personality and the attaining of more light upon one's way is ever the preparation forDiscipleship1, 426:I told you to dwell more constantly in the light which streams from the face of the Angel of theDiscipleship1, 426:forgot one thing and this has come powerfully to light. The light which streams from the "face ofDiscipleship1, 426:thing and this has come powerfully to light. The light which streams from the "face of the Angel"Discipleship1, 431:of vision? Can I hold my mind "steady in the light" and see life truly and free from any blindingDiscipleship1, 431:is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, a light upon the Path. Which of these words expresses myDiscipleship1, 433:the theme. You have studied them in the light of your soul and have grasped the peculiar dangerDiscipleship1, 434:that they become servers and centers of light publicly before their fellow men. Their influence andDiscipleship1, 434:chooses where the available strength, effort and light must be placed. Put your strength and lightDiscipleship1, 434:and light must be placed. Put your strength and light behind that of the workers who serve theDiscipleship1, 437:search for truth and your power to achieve light on many matters. The one point you should rememberDiscipleship1, 438:with slowness, if you call on your soul to throw light upon your way, and if you bear in mind theDiscipleship1, 439:your friend. You will thus create a triangle of light between your soul, your head center andDiscipleship1, 439:Then see it next as a solid triangle of light and not just as an outline. The base of the triangleDiscipleship1, 440:see, pouring down, via the triangle, a stream of light, golden in color and not white. It is more
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