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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Discipleship1, 440:light, golden in color and not white. It is more light orange than white. See this flooding yourDiscipleship1, 440:as perfectly as possible, then rest back in that light and bathe in it as you would bathe in theDiscipleship1, 440:service, until such time as you enter into that light wherein consciousness awakens, free from theDiscipleship1, 440:in the warfare now raging between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Materialism. Will you soDiscipleship1, 444:to use? Can I hold my mind steady in the light which streams from the Observer? Can I hold it asDiscipleship1, 445:is an archetype, a pattern, a ray, a goal and a light which reveals these higher patterns or divineDiscipleship1, 448:During the fourth week review your life in the light which these three words can throw [449] uponDiscipleship1, 452:the conscious bringing through of the unfolding light into the area of the physical brain, thusDiscipleship1, 453:greater scope for recognition. By throwing the light of the intuition and the knowledge possessedDiscipleship1, 454:of groping along the path with only the dim light of an illumined aspiration, is slowly givingDiscipleship1, 454:mind. You ask me at times: "What prevents fuller light and understanding?" I reply: "A sensitivityDiscipleship1, 455:of God; others regard it as walking in the light of the soul; still others term it the consciousDiscipleship1, 456:and the providing of a channel whereby spiritual light and love may enter into the living organismDiscipleship1, 456:force into which is streaming a ray or beam of light from the soul, the Oversoul. This is seen asDiscipleship1, 458:of recovery of truth. The discipline of light. I have enumerated the above disciplines in order toDiscipleship1, 460:"Down from the mountain top I come, bringing the light of Life, the life of Light. Into the chaliceDiscipleship1, 460:I come, bringing the light of Life, the life of Light. Into the chalice of the form I pour thatDiscipleship1, 460:Light. Into the chalice of the form I pour that light which life confers, this life which lightDiscipleship1, 460:that light which life confers, this life which light sustains. I see this golden light transformDiscipleship1, 460:life which light sustains. I see this golden light transform the darkness into day. I see the blueDiscipleship1, 461:the first two phrases. . . Let the discipline of light carry on its work with you. And, my brother,Discipleship1, 461:of saying simply: Be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where there is joy there is little roomDiscipleship1, 462:the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around thatDiscipleship1, 462:within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; theseDiscipleship1, 462:points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until theDiscipleship1, 462:of each tired pilgrim on that Way. He walks in light. He is himself the light, the light upon theDiscipleship1, 462:that Way. He walks in light. He is himself the light, the light upon the Way. He is the Way andDiscipleship1, 462:He walks in light. He is himself the light, the light upon the Way. He is the Way and always walksDiscipleship1, 464:emotional vortex. Mount up, my brother, into the light and into renewed power and detachment. FindDiscipleship1, 464:vision. Pass on with rapidity into the clear light of day and leave behind remembrance of pain, ofDiscipleship1, 464:and the problems and - lifting your face to the light - for the remainder of this earthly way be aDiscipleship1, 464:earthly way be a tower of strength and a radiant light to others. This you can do. If I couldDiscipleship1, 465:messages again, all of you, and see anew in the light of the new year and fresh day of opportunity.Discipleship1, 468:of your co-disciples (whom you may know) in the light. Then visualize them each with a star betweenDiscipleship1, 468:rise, and going to the window, send out love and light to those who guide the destinies of men uponDiscipleship1, 474:matter what occurs. Take her each day into the light and, by the use of your imagination, link herDiscipleship1, 474:have endeavored to take those decisions in the light; it is intent that counts with us, theDiscipleship1, 475:that could harm my brother, and thereby dim his light. 2nd month - I see my brother in the lightDiscipleship1, 475:his light. 2nd month - I see my brother in the light and with him walk the Path. 3rd month - I sayDiscipleship1, 476:your consecration and reorient yourself to the light ahead and within. One practical suggestion IDiscipleship1, 477:that counts. Your life tendency is towards the light and you will enter into light some day. YourDiscipleship1, 477:is towards the light and you will enter into light some day. Your work at this time is along theDiscipleship1, 478:have been taught much. You walk somewhat in the light. They do not. Hence yours is theDiscipleship1, 478:you . . . My brother, may the strength and the light of your soul inspire you and may that deepDiscipleship1, 479:learn to love and understand and so enter into light. Discipleship1, 481:shower upon the sons of men. [481] 4th month - Light. Into the light of the radiant Presence of theDiscipleship1, 481:sons of men. [481] 4th month - Light. Into the light of the radiant Presence of the Self I pass andDiscipleship1, 482:attention or the spoken words which brought you light. Hunt every day for beauty and record it.Discipleship1, 485:in a new and a fresh way - to endeavor to bring light to individuals with a pure, disinterestedDiscipleship1, 488:strengthening. Let the restorative forces of light and love do their work in you and expectDiscipleship1, 489:If you will study your last instructions in the light of the happenings and changes - there hintedDiscipleship1, 489:world tension and of baffling problems let the light of your soul direct and the love of your soulDiscipleship1, 490:will be the continuous application of your soul light and love with increasing intensity. Be notDiscipleship1, 491:with is to ascertain the growth of the inner light and the quality of his service. We look at bothDiscipleship1, 491:illumination. With you, my brother, the inner light is intense indeed, but it does not radiate. ItDiscipleship1, 491:my words, the effect of this condition? A light that shines in a closely shut lantern may serve toDiscipleship1, 491:instruction to you. You have an intense inner light and one which emanates from the knowledgeDiscipleship1, 491:applied; most of it you have not. This inner light or knowledge does not serve to reveal to you theDiscipleship1, 492:any use for me to point out to you that, in the light of world pain, you have little whereof toDiscipleship1, 495:of your personality, within the radius of soul light, will bring you release. But in the earlierDiscipleship1, 500:second ray soul. Hold the mind steady in the light and thereby discern the basic principles whichDiscipleship1, 504:inner poise which faces all that comes in the light of the Eternal. You are immersed so oft in theDiscipleship1, 505:that the astral turmoil permits not the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in. Both areDiscipleship1, 506:words which are your own to use: "Let the pure light of reason and understanding dispel the fogs inDiscipleship1, 507:the clouds of care disperse within the radiant light of the sun which shineth ever in the fog. ThatDiscipleship1, 507:and yet, until you do it you cannot walk in the light. Also, until you do it (as this is a groupDiscipleship1, 509:Your physical plane circumstances, viewed in the light of the present world problem, are good. YourDiscipleship1, 510:as you mount your tower and pass into the clear light of day. There is oft a mist in your garden,Discipleship1, 510:hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may the light of your soul pour upon you and flood yourDiscipleship1, 510:Your success is real and there is much more light in your aura. One of the things which I seek toDiscipleship1, 511:in a cloud of his own thoughts so that the light of his soul is shut out; he sees things in wrongDiscipleship1, 513:who sees all people and happenings through the light of love and from the angle of the eternalDiscipleship1, 513:they are souls and are being led towards the light. Simply give them love and understanding. By theDiscipleship1, 513:sleeping, in the darkness of the dawn - no real light, no sound or movement and no life apparent.Discipleship1, 513:and climb to the summit and then release the light which is in you; this will be to the garden ofDiscipleship1, 513:to the gardens of the world. Watch the rays of light pouring out over the garden, awakening it toDiscipleship1, 514:the next few months from this center of love and light. Discipleship1, 514:and warned you to meet all circumstances in the light of that knowledge. The crisis (which mayDiscipleship1, 515:is seen. 4th month - Liberation of the inner light, and then the treading of the Lighted Way. 5thDiscipleship1, 515:Way. 5th month - Radiance which evokes the light in others. 6th month - Sacrifice which reveals theDiscipleship1, 515:itself creates a glamor and the glamor hides the light. Love freely those you love. Discipleship1, 516:this? You have never wavered in your search for light and for a field in which to serve your soulDiscipleship1, 517:of a life of constant orientation towards the light and demonstrate the wisdom which comes fromDiscipleship1, 519:or words, and prevent your following of the light and the service which appear so clearly to yourDiscipleship1, 520:which may come your way will be faced in the light of the soul and clear, prompt action superveneDiscipleship1, 524:the time of passing over into the "clear cold light" comes to you. I know whereof you are capable.Discipleship1, 526:easy thing to break down, and so walk in the light. But you have surrounded yourself with a myriadDiscipleship1, 526:You have the capacity to walk constantly in the light. Your glamors come to you from two sources.Discipleship1, 527:out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge and usefulness. You have naught to doDiscipleship1, 528:to a bell hung in the arch. There is also a light, which shines at dusk, on the three words. OnDiscipleship1, 531:the next few years, you will find it shedding a light upon your own past relationships; you mayDiscipleship1, 532:following words: 1st and 2nd months - The golden light of love irradiates my Path. I am that Path.Discipleship1, 532:I am that Path. 3rd and 4th months - As a beacon light in a dark place, I radiate the light. IDiscipleship1, 532:As a beacon light in a dark place, I radiate the light. I stand in spiritual being. 5th and 6thDiscipleship1, 532:5th and 6th months - I affirm gratitude to all Light-bearers. I affirm love to all I meet. I amDiscipleship1, 532:to all I meet. I am myself the love of God, the light that shines, the Way. The very simplicity ofDiscipleship1, 535:east behind the mountain tops. As you see the light grow, you become aware of other boats that areDiscipleship1, 536:high in your head as possible, meditate "in the light" on the following seed thoughts: 1st month -Discipleship1, 536:seed thoughts: 1st month - For me there is no light apart from others. If they are in the dark,Discipleship1, 536:go. 2nd month - I am a window through which the light can shine. That light must reach my fellow
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