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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Discipleship2, 295:use in the work of lifting mankind nearer to the light; the Ashrams exist primarily for thatDiscipleship2, 299:of aiding in this task of revelation. More light on this subject will come as we study the ScienceDiscipleship2, 303:to the evolutionary process, to the concept of light, to the secret of Masonry, and to theDiscipleship2, 305:[305] Formula I - Lead us from darkness to Light. Formula II - Lead us from the unreal to the Real.Discipleship2, 307:to take? Are they to look for a sudden blaze of light, or should they expect a gradual andDiscipleship2, 308:taught how to work consciously and knowingly for light; they will be shown how to realize what willDiscipleship2, 308:This will save much time and "focus the light in the desired place" far more rapidly than hitherto.Discipleship2, 309:upward all the time - out of the dark into the light, from the jungle to the open space, from nightDiscipleship2, 309:towards each peak he receives five times the light. Five to the five and so from five to five tillDiscipleship2, 309:five to five till five fives have brought him light. Ten lie ahead, but these concern him not asDiscipleship2, 311:we are considering the point of experience where light pours in, bringing revelation, conveyingDiscipleship2, 313:world of thought those living forms which bring light and help and truth to others; thus he serves;Discipleship2, 314:on misapprehension. Let me, therefore, throw light upon the matter by quoting the Old Commentary:Discipleship2, 314:the matter by quoting the Old Commentary: "When light illuminates the minds of men and stirs [315]Discipleship2, 315:the minds of men and stirs [315] the secret light within all other forms, then the One in whom weDiscipleship2, 315:can the One in whom we live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of Earth, and thenDiscipleship2, 315:Voice can say to him: 'Well done! Move on. Light shines.' " You will note that the emphasis inDiscipleship2, 322:are: [322] The stage of the "advancing point of light." The stage of right direction or theDiscipleship2, 322:have the three corresponding stages of Advancing Light, Right Direction, Impact. You have here alsoDiscipleship2, 327:is that it is closely related to the "Blinding Light" which Saul of Tarsus saw on the road toDiscipleship2, 327:saw on the road to Damascus and the "blinding light" which accompanied the discharge of energy fromDiscipleship2, 327:of energy from the atomic bomb. The "Blinding Light" which ever accompanies true conversion (a rareDiscipleship2, 327:- according to their degree - and the light which is released by the fission of the atom are oneDiscipleship2, 327:Path indicate a progressive ability to "take the Light." When the aspirant prays in the newDiscipleship2, 327:the aspirant prays in the new Invocation: "Let Light descend on Earth" he is invoking somethingDiscipleship2, 327:and none more so than that of the absorption of light - on a worldwide scale - by humanity, with aDiscipleship2, 330:of discipleship. By means of it added light can be "occultly endured." I would like to have youDiscipleship2, 330:he begins to contribute his own quota of light and of understanding to those just entering and toDiscipleship2, 342:the instruction. Had you considered it in that light? You now have six hints which can be summed upDiscipleship2, 345:Group feeling. Dissipation of glamor through light. Formula II... Deals with alignment. RevelationDiscipleship2, 346:it that living something which is invocative of light: it is that material substratum which isDiscipleship2, 347:Monad - Universality - Extra-planetary Light. Modes of Interpreting the Points of Revelation: TheDiscipleship2, 347:Techniques: The stage of the "advancing Point of Light." The stage of right direction of the lightDiscipleship2, 347:of Light." The stage of right direction of the light potency. The stage of spiritual impact. TheDiscipleship2, 348:of contact through which the "advancing point of light" can come. It is perhaps a somewhat newDiscipleship2, 348:The mystery of the eye and its relation to light (esoterically understood) is very great, and asDiscipleship2, 353:those who work constantly against the Forces of Light. Today, this distortion can be seenDiscipleship2, 357:in from either side." This will perhaps throw light upon the interpretation which I originally gaveDiscipleship2, 365:Formula 1. The transition from darkness to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2. Transition fromDiscipleship2, 365:from darkness to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2. Transition from the unreal to the Real.Discipleship2, 366:these tabulations, you have much that can throw light upon that necessity and upon the lines alongDiscipleship2, 367:in revelation, always the concept of Light and that which it reveals. Light on the physical planeDiscipleship2, 367:the concept of Light and that which it reveals. Light on the physical plane produces the organ ofDiscipleship2, 367:becomes possible; the same theme of light runs through the analogous process by means ofDiscipleship2, 368:which presupposes an emotional orientation to light and revelation, and that which is theDiscipleship2, 369:I would ask you to remember that the concept of Light must always be established by you mentally,Discipleship2, 369:Revelation already indicated, and then "in the Light" let us consider them as suggested earlier.Discipleship2, 369:the heart center, the "advancing point of Light." The Monad is to the planetary Logos what theDiscipleship2, 370:third initiation. Concerns the head center, the light of Purpose. Purpose itself is only an energy,Discipleship2, 370:fourth initiation. Concerns the throat center. Light upon the Path. There follows next the fifthDiscipleship2, 370:fifth revelation, which is as follows: When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that of theDiscipleship2, 370:is blended with that of the seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known. Involves the atmicDiscipleship2, 370:Concerns the alta major center. Extra-planetary light. You will see therefore, brother of mine, howDiscipleship2, 372:notes as the new panorama unfolds in flashing light before him: The point of tension which precedesDiscipleship2, 376:who are definitely [376] oriented towards the light, who are spiritually motivated and areDiscipleship2, 377:This method is the use of an "advancing point of light"; it is, however, a form of light which canDiscipleship2, 377:point of light"; it is, however, a form of light which can only be implemented by the will; thisDiscipleship2, 378:this vast and vibrant astral world, an aspect of light must be employed, and that therefore he isDiscipleship2, 378:being given his first opportunity to work with Light under the inspiration of the Will - as do allDiscipleship2, 378:consequently, that he must employ this aspect of light under the action - definitely directed - ofDiscipleship2, 379:[379] This he must do through the "advancing light" of lower mental substance, and the activity ofDiscipleship2, 379:finally destroy (with the means of the advancing light of the atmic plane) a certain proportion ofDiscipleship2, 380:of other planes, the use of the substance of light as a medium of spiritual destruction, and theDiscipleship2, 380:or studied. I have here, however, thrown some light upon this second point of revelation, and muchDiscipleship2, 381:to become eventually a member, or a point of light, in the Kingdom of God. When an adequate numberDiscipleship2, 388:are related to each other, and how they cast a light upon the initiatory process which is unique,Discipleship2, 389:finds that he must walk again in the ordinary light of the world; he knows now what is, but it isDiscipleship2, 394:of the Master, he moves forward from darkness to light; he discovers that obedience to hisDiscipleship2, 394:of working in the dark and of seeing no light anywhere; they forget that the ability to work in theDiscipleship2, 394:that the ability to work in the dark or in the light is all one inherent capacity. The reason forDiscipleship2, 394:is that the soul knows nothing but being, and light and dark are - to the soul - one and the sameDiscipleship2, 394:to move forward into greater and clearer light; then it comes as the aspirant (seeking soulDiscipleship2, 394:in the need of others as they demand whatever light and knowledge he may possess; wisdom takes theDiscipleship2, 396:power stations and of those radiant centers of light which - founded by the divine Creator - areDiscipleship2, 396:- are the sources of life and the origin of light and knowledge." Thus is it expressed in theDiscipleship2, 398:the fact that, after the fourth initiation, the light of purpose is the sole controlling factor inDiscipleship2, 399:receptive organ, turned inward toward the higher light. The head center is therefore involved, andDiscipleship2, 400:function in relation to the Monad - throws fresh light upon the work of the Monad. This third eyeDiscipleship2, 400:of the Monad. This third eye is now receptive to light from the highest source, is arresting in itsDiscipleship2, 400:and functions like a lens for the reflection of light and for the attaining of the highest possibleDiscipleship2, 400:degree of initiation. The Monad is the source of light, not only to the human family, but it is theDiscipleship2, 400:to the human family, but it is the receiver of light from the threefold Sun; it is the lens throughDiscipleship2, 400:threefold Sun; it is the lens through which the light of the solar Logos can flow to the planetaryDiscipleship2, 400:Logos, preserving and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, the will and theDiscipleship2, 401:of these three, an increasing reaction to the Light of the World, and an ability to register in theDiscipleship2, 401:and experience. It can also act as a lens or a light-gatherer from the inner and higher worlds. YouDiscipleship2, 404:is made available to the progressing point of light." That point in the divine consciousness whichDiscipleship2, 404:and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and in due time, upon thatDiscipleship2, 408:composed of all the many threads of living light, of consciousness and of life; these threads areDiscipleship2, 408:constructed by the sons of men who seek pure light. "They pass across the bridge into the LightDiscipleship2, 408:light. "They pass across the bridge into the Light serene which there awaits them, and bring theDiscipleship2, 408:which there awaits them, and bring the radiant light down to the world of men, revealing the newDiscipleship2, 412:the strength of the mind, the mental search light, or the soul. Such hints are now constantly givenDiscipleship2, 413:It was realized in hierarchical Ashrams that the light of the soul was, speaking generally,Discipleship2, 413:who were developing responsiveness to the light of the Spiritual Triad. The Masters, therefore,Discipleship2, 413:of aspirant was responsive to three types of light: The light of substance, or the innate light ofDiscipleship2, 413:was responsive to three types of light: The light of substance, or the innate light of theDiscipleship2, 413:of light: The light of substance, or the innate light of the personality. The light of the soul,Discipleship2, 413:or the innate light of the personality. The light of the soul, attuned to the light of love, whichDiscipleship2, 413:The light of the soul, attuned to the light of love, which dominates the Hierarchy. The light of
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