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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Discipleship2, 656:you not. Walk in the light, my brother. Let the light and radiance of the soul illumine yourDiscipleship2, 664:nor joy is liberation found. In neither dark nor light will the spiritual sun appear. The pairs ofDiscipleship2, 664:aspects of your life, and then pass on to fuller light and service? I told you in my lastDiscipleship2, 665:and help. Let love speed your fingers and light travel between you and those you seek to serve.Discipleship2, 679:create a subjective channel of spiritual love, light and power - a point to which few of theDiscipleship2, 682:own affair and are of no real importance in the light of eternity, but I am endeavoring, to awakenDiscipleship2, 684:of humanity, and who have kept [684] the light shining with radiance no matter how dark the nightDiscipleship2, 684:We have not the time or the inclination (in the light of greater need) to waste in useless gesturesDiscipleship2, 686:personality and the soul. Then, noting the dim light of the personality and the bright radiance ofDiscipleship2, 686:another duality, i.e., the bright and powerful light or influence of the solar plexus and theDiscipleship2, 686:the solar plexus and the wavering, fluctuating light of the heart center. [687] Then, through theDiscipleship2, 687:in the ajna center. There hold it, enhancing the light of the personality with the radiance of theDiscipleship2, 687:with the radiance of the soul. Next say: "The light of the soul puts out the dim light of theDiscipleship2, 687:say: "The light of the soul puts out the dim light of the personality as the sun puts out the flameDiscipleship2, 687:Soul radiance takes the place of personality light. The sun is substituted for the moon." Then,Discipleship2, 687:for the moon." Then, definitely throw the light and energy of the soul into the heart center andDiscipleship2, 687:The radiance of the heart is substituted. The light of the soul remains unchanged but the light ofDiscipleship2, 687:The light of the soul remains unchanged but the light of the personality is greatly brightened.Discipleship2, 688:your consciousness of a lasting nature and the light of the group will also be stronger. Discipleship2, 689:can then move onward into greater light and a more surely realized Love. With devotion andDiscipleship2, 689:stage to stage of liberation we pass onward into light. You are not young. You have a somewhatDiscipleship2, 695:in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. (See: The Light of the Soul, Book I:17.) In these words you haveDiscipleship2, 695:bear in mind that every step forward into the light and into a closer relation to the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 700:of its sphere of influence. Let love and light and music enter more definitely into your dailyDiscipleship2, 701:and to emerge once and for all into the clear light of the soul. Nevertheless, it should not beDiscipleship2, 701:entry of the soul as a thread of radiant light. By that sacrifice much good came to me, and we, theDiscipleship2, 704:the limitations of his contribution (in the light of the vision) and the need for constant [705]Discipleship2, 712:and should constitute three major points of light in the world. At the center of each should work aDiscipleship2, 712:energy of love as a great descending stream of light substance, pouring down from the soul intoDiscipleship2, 713:The fourth flower dies and, dying, gives forth light and in that light the fifth flower blooms." IDiscipleship2, 713:dies and, dying, gives forth light and in that light the fifth flower blooms." I leave you toDiscipleship2, 720:round-faced moon. Across the sea, a path of light, and moving slowly down that path a little boatDiscipleship2, 721:the Master, but only when the quiet of evening light shines forth and all is still within. TakeDiscipleship2, 724:[724] which I can, thus provide, love and true light can flow. I stand in restful poise, andDiscipleship2, 726:much to free yourself; if you refuse to see the light, you will but delay the process and continueDiscipleship2, 731:ray personality of your next life. Love and light are greatly needed by you, and their reception byDiscipleship2, 733:and can perhaps draw upon its source of love and light if your major concentration andDiscipleship2, 741:exists), not only because the disciple demands light and has a powerful aspiration towardsDiscipleship2, 744:"recalling OM." See in the mind's eye a sea of light. Then see yourself standing and awaitingDiscipleship2, 748:needed who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this task you are peculiarly equipped andDiscipleship2, 749:advantage. It carries the qualities of "embodied light," sensitivity to the new incoming vibration,Discipleship2, 749:teaching the students to create a line of light between themselves and all circumstances andDiscipleship2, 749:for good or evil. The line of established light can dispel the evil [750] or act as a transmitterDiscipleship2, 752:(as you are) should be radiating centers of light on a relatively large scale. With you thisDiscipleship2, 764:isolation. I would refer you to Patanjali (The Light of the Soul, Book III:50.) who speaks ofDiscipleship2, 767:forth the Real; unveil the hidden depths of light. Reveal divinity. Great is the mystery ofDiscipleship2, 767:and space, evolved a thought. Forth into the light of day he came and ran his course. He runs untilDiscipleship2, 768:are the Sons of God, embodied in themselves the Light which shines, the Strength which lifts andEducation, xi:of Learning (to use Bacon's phrase) is to throw light on four basic questions of human existence:Education, 40:characteristics of God, to the sense of light and to wonder. The mysterious, the sense of awe, theEducation, 52:force. The antahkarana is the medium of light transference. The antahkarana concerns the continuityEducation, 52:where it - occultly speaking - "enters into light." The entire trend of the present urge forward,Education, 54:in Lemurian times and brought a measure of light to the physical plane consciousness of humanity.Education, 54:The second opened in Atlantean times and brought light to the astral plane. And in our race, theEducation, 54:Aryan, the third petal opened and brought the light of mental knowledge to man. Thus was completedEducation, 57:humanity to a point in its evolution wherein the light of knowledge is definitely permeating theEducation, 58:to the average citizen what has "come to light" in the past. Evoke interest in the new sciences andEducation, 58:new sciences and knowledge which are coming to light in the present. Develop the memory and theEducation, 63:by the constant use of the terms "Forces of Light" and "Forces of Evil." When the inner, esotericEducation, 68:[68] All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination; it results in the inherited lightEducation, 68:and illumination; it results in the inherited light of substance being intensified and qualified byEducation, 68:being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the soul - in the case of humanityEducation, 68:define esotericism and its activity in terms of light, but I refrain from doing so because of theEducation, 68:of modern science that substance and light are synonymous terms, and would recognize also that theEducation, 68:terms, and would recognize also that the light which they can bring to bear on substance (theEducation, 68:would be made. The esotericist does deal with light in its three aspects, but it is preferableEducation, 68:and world affairs. If this is done, then the light will suddenly and increasingly shine upon yourEducation, 68:shine upon your ways. You can become light-bearers, knowing then that "in that light you will seeEducation, 68:become light-bearers, knowing then that "in that light you will see Light" - and so will yourEducation, 68:knowing then that "in that light you will see Light" - and so will your fellowmen. [69] Education, 70:of the Seven Rays. This science will throw light upon racial and individual types; it will clearlyEducation, 71:factor in the racial life and will bring much light into the educational field. The tracing andEducation, 72:educational authorities will be convinced of the light which these modes of approach to theEducation, 76:normally and naturally, a seeker after the light of knowledge; wherein he is sure of always meetingEducation, 90:and right - for better conditions, for more light and understanding, for greater cooperation, forEducation, 96:Meditation is essentially the science of light, because it works in the substance of light. OneEducation, 96:of light, because it works in the substance of light. One branch of it is concerned with theEducation, 96:the science of visualization because, as the light continues to bring revelation, the power toEducation, 97:so the second half is built through the use of light substance. 3. The Science of Service growsEducation, 97:and as the knowledge of the plan and the light of the soul pour into the brain consciousness, theEducation, 100:and considered what they indicate in the light of the present world problems, and the indicationsEducation, 108:It is significant of a "pushing through" to the light, the light of the world, as well as the groupEducation, 108:of a "pushing through" to the light, the light of the world, as well as the group antahkarana.Education, 109:inner side of life, are seeking to bring in new light upon the subject of social organizations, theEducation, 109:the urgent demand for better conditions, more light and understanding, deepened cooperation, for aEducation, 110:and the group building of the needed bridges of light may go on apace. Forget not that I, too, haveEducation, 115:them and wrest them out of the darkness into the light of day. Thus will the true patterns be madeEducation, 120:acquiescence in sorrow and pain. The clear light of love must sweep away all this and joy will beEducation, 131:will eventually produce the civilization of light and love which will be characteristic of theEducation, 131:a deliberately prepared or constructed thread of light (as a definite part of theEducation, 131:a close rapport will be brought about "in the light" yet without establishing undue mental controlEducation, 132:preparatory process which leads to birth into light, carried forward in the light and producing theEducation, 132:to birth into light, carried forward in the light and producing the externalization of the body ofEducation, 132:and producing the externalization of the body of light. This continuing process (for in all agesEducation, 132:process (for in all ages this birth into light has been going forward) will produce that futureEducation, 132:going forward) will produce that future world of light which it is the purpose of the naturalEducation, 133:in which a man is "born again" into the world of light and love. From the angle of the newEducation, 136:the opportunity to hasten the "birth into the light" of those particular souls, thus renderingEducation, 136:can be no new birth, no creation of the "body of light," and no "manifestation of the sons of God"Education, 137:gradually be superseded by bodies "built in the light." Thus will be brought about the
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