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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Education, 137:about the manifestation of the foundational light aspect of the world and its underlying structure.Education, 137:to bring about the appearance of a son of God as light in the world, enabling him to say, as didEducation, 137:him to say, as did the Christ, that he is "the light of the world," and to fulfil the injunction,Education, 137:world," and to fulfil the injunction, "let your light shine." Again, the relation between humanityEducation, 137:is intended to produce the radiance of group light and cause to emerge, out of these two [138]Education, 138:it enters into the new age is to "create in the light through the ordained activity of theEducation, 138:the light through the ordained activity of the light-body." This involves the understanding of theEducation, 138:This involves the understanding of the different light expressions - the light of understanding,Education, 138:of the different light expressions - the light of understanding, the light of a prearranged andEducation, 138:expressions - the light of understanding, the light of a prearranged and comprehended process andEducation, 138:a prearranged and comprehended process and the light of experience. With these more subtle aspectsEducation, 138:of experience. With these more subtle aspects of light leading, [139] controlling and directing theEducation, 139:of the species, and with the science of light (a science dealing with that which concerns substanceEducation, 139:and form, for it must not be forgotten that light and substance are synonymous terms) forming anEducation, 139:and be less given to physical preparations. The light which is in the parents, which in the days toEducation, 139:will be scientifically related to the embryonic light in the child, and the thread of lightEducation, 139:embryonic light in the child, and the thread of light connecting parent and child (of which theEducation, 139:The child will come into incarnation with its light body already embedded and functioning in theEducation, 139:in the case of very advanced egos, for the light body is inchoate and diffused and simply hoversEducation, 140:Thus will be brought about an integration in the light substance of the planet which is lacking atEducation, 140:place is the hastening of the processes of light manifestation, and this has become possibleEducation, 142:as all of those who have a consciousness of light and the goal of pure service (which such aEducation, 142:case - of living and teaching the truth about light, as opportunity offers. [143] Education, 144:purpose, is especially the science of [144] light manifestation with its results of revelation andEducation, 144:changes. It should be remembered that: Light is substantial, and from the angle of the spirit is aEducation, 144:a sublimation or higher form of material matter. Light is also the quality or major characteristicEducation, 144:fuse the lower and the upper lights, so that one light shines forth in physical manifestation and aEducation, 144:in physical manifestation and a synthesis of light is consequently brought about. TechnicallyEducation, 144:brought about. Technically speaking, two light bodies exist - the vital or etheric body and theEducation, 145:and in relation to the soul and to the "light body" through which the spiritual man must functionEducation, 145:through creative work, thus bridging with the light: Between the world of souls and the world ofEducation, 147:that the soul body is constructed of pure white light, whilst the light out of which the ethericEducation, 147:is constructed of pure white light, whilst the light out of which the etheric body is made isExternalisation, 7:second initiation, and it has let a flood of light into the world - a light which will go onExternalisation, 7:it has let a flood of light into the world - a light which will go on increasing for the nextExternalisation, 12:devotees in touch with the scroll of the astral light, which is the reflection of the akashicExternalisation, 12:and much of our information. This, the astral light distorts and steps down. Because this is aExternalisation, 17:this time are hindering the entrance of the pure light of truth. Aspirants in these schools presentExternalisation, 18:and awakens the brain consciousness to the light of the soul. This process of ordered meditation,Externalisation, 19:a student who is walking independently in the light of his own soul is regarded by Them as a moreExternalisation, 19:instrument than a devoted fanatic. The light of his soul will reveal to the earnest aspirant theExternalisation, 23:can salvage a distressed world and bring light and understanding to humanity. As to this, I needExternalisation, 24:to another rung of the ladder and into greater light. Their hands need strengthening, their workExternalisation, 24:Who are seeking to lift humanity nearer to the Light and to expand the consciousness of mankind,Externalisation, 26:a momentum of great potency. Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the SpiritExternalisation, 26:These words sound simple, but the "Forces of Light" is the name for certain new Powers which areExternalisation, 30:because (and this is of prime importance) the light of the intellect, the light of knowledge, theExternalisation, 30:importance) the light of the intellect, the light of knowledge, the light of the intuition and theExternalisation, 30:of the intellect, the light of knowledge, the light of the intuition and the light of understandingExternalisation, 30:of knowledge, the light of the intuition and the light of understanding is [31] evoked within them;Externalisation, 31:them; it enters not from without; and in that light, together, they see Light. It is a groupExternalisation, 31:without; and in that light, together, they see Light. It is a group activity, a group recognition,Externalisation, 34:and thus transmit knowledge, wisdom, force and light from the Planetary Hierarchy. It has now beenExternalisation, 35:seclusion of the ages to function again in the light of physical day. They are a bridging group,Externalisation, 36:trained observers, will inaugurate the era of light and of a free control of the astral plane, withExternalisation, 36:dissipated through the "right direction" of the light of the soul throughout the plane of illusion.Externalisation, 36:will be predominantly the age of synthesis and light. Externalisation, 36:carries the initial impulse through "into the light of day" and will bring the physical world intoExternalisation, 38:group is wrestling with glamor. The processes of light and their relation to group glamor and toExternalisation, 38:of this group of disciples is to bring "light into dark places" and illumination into their lives.Externalisation, 38:of some kind or other) of the "pouring in of light," esoterically understood. This is an illusionExternalisation, 39:upon the physical plane the emergence of much light everywhere; we have festivals of illumination,Externalisation, 39:for our race, the Aryan), "I am the Light of the World." Externalisation, 39:in meditation, and the necessity to work with light as a group for the dissipation of glamor.Externalisation, 42:Old Commentary says: "They who work to bring in light and yet are surrounded by the maya of theExternalisation, 43:and academic sense, and of the power of light to dispel illusion. Disease is not an illusion; it isExternalisation, 48:if I might so express it, and a point of light appeared where before there was none. Before thereExternalisation, 48:none. Before there was only a diffused atomic light but no central point of light within the head,Externalisation, 48:a diffused atomic light but no central point of light within the head, and no indication of theExternalisation, 49:education, is to be found in the fact that the light of knowledge and the benefits which accrueExternalisation, 49:produces civilization by the inflow of the light of knowledge. [50] The education of the secondExternalisation, 50:that it may be stimulated by the inflow of the light of wisdom and thus constitute a bridging groupExternalisation, 56:of the Group, and also upon the Technique of Light. Two lesser Techniques I have at times called toExternalisation, 60:energy into constructive channels and "ways of light." [61] A study of the Law of Supply andExternalisation, 62:penetrate slowly and steadily upwards into the light, so will be the adequacy of their contributionExternalisation, 72:days in the great struggle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also calledExternalisation, 75:aspect in its multiplicity of forms. Again, light may come to you, if you relate this tripleExternalisation, 83:conflict with world forces or with the forces of light or darkness, so called. (I would remind youExternalisation, 83:you that there would be no darkness without the light and no light without the dark. Ponder onExternalisation, 83:would be no darkness without the light and no light without the dark. Ponder on this.) I would askExternalisation, 86:[86] to progress; this is gauged by the light in the centers and the heightening and theExternalisation, 91:they reach. Upon the lot of each, nine points of light appear, reflected in the heavens; theyExternalisation, 91:has within it that which is not of man. The light produced the germination and thus the new andExternalisation, 91:Humanity) you have the permanent point of life, light and activity in the lotus; in the case ofExternalisation, 93:ahead for the human family upon the Path of Light. Esoterically - The Way of the Sun. I put this inExternalisation, 98:was endowed in the earlier process) to the light of the intuition and hence to illumination. ThisExternalisation, 100:Whole the self must dedicate its life, love and light. Those are the three gifts which the fourthExternalisation, 106:years. The stimulation which was set up and the light which was permitted to creep through afterExternalisation, 107:struggle in Atlantean days between the "Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression." ThisExternalisation, 108:is guided in its conclusions by the mass light and by the inner subjective oft unexpressedExternalisation, 111:- I believe - to bring at least some measure of light to you. Later I will try to explain theExternalisation, 122:of materialism and the other the energy of light) grew gradually wider until towards the close ofExternalisation, 123:the issues at the time were clear. The Forces of Light triumphed because the Hierarchy was forcedExternalisation, 126:are now on earth, directing the forces of light or of darkness and bringing into being a directExternalisation, 128:"Black Lodge of Adepts") and the Forces of Light (the so-called Great White Lodge, the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 128:of those who are swayed by the Forces of Light and who, therefore, respond normally and easily toExternalisation, 128:either inspired or protected by the Hierarchy of Light and it is with them that the task ofExternalisation, 129:form of ideology, upon the side of the Forces of Light and all other people and their ideologies,Externalisation, 136:spirit also in all countries. The Forces of Light find their adherents and their workers in everyExternalisation, 137:the Presence - the Soul Whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding. The great
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