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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Fire, 229:that the Son manifests through his qualities of light and heat, as does the solar Sun. Third, thatFire, 229:Not until His radiation and His display of light is perfectly seen and felt, will His place amongFire, 230:a sphere of radiant glory - a blaze of fire and light, and a source of magnetic radiation or heat,Fire, 230:expression (that is, perfected His display of light and heat) then He will shine forth upon anotherFire, 230:analogy in the microcosm or man. When a man's light fully shines forth, when his magnetic radiationFire, 231:and matter is fully brought about; and the light (fire) and heat (radiation) is seen and feltFire, 232:to a point where the Spirit may blaze forth as light divine, and as heat. This heat radiatesFire, 232:therein, so that eventually and consciously His light may be seen and His heat, or magneticFire, 232:of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both the light of the Son and the heat of the Son must beFire, 232:Occultly blaze forth and demonstrate light or fiery objectivity. Expand so as to include that whichFire, 236:His purpose. He is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth cosmically; His magnetic radiusFire, 238:yet ready for illumination, which is simply the light of the [239] intuition breaking through theFire, 241:fire by friction (heat) produces solar fire or light. Hence, when the cosmic Entity takes form,Fire, 247:Occult Chemistry, Appendix II and III. Babbitt's Light and Color, pp. 97-101. Fire, 260:the shrine in the temple of Solomon for the Light of God, and turned his activities into altruisticFire, 260:electrical impulse, demonstrating as heat, light and motion, is controlled and utilized - he willFire, 269:fire - Energizing will. 2. The akasha 2. The Light of God - Form aspect. 3. The aether 3. The heatFire, 269:5. Fire 5. The fire of mind. 6. The astral light 6. The heat of the emotions. 7. Physical planeFire, 273:D., I, 493. III, 196, 327. They are the Sons of Light - S. D., I, 521, 522. They are the HierarchyFire, 290:Man (when these rounds are viewed in the light of the Eternal Now, and not from the standpoint ofFire, 299:close connection with this problem. Perhaps some light may be thrown upon the obscurity of theFire, 312:- since, where there are motion, heat, friction, light, there magnetism and its Alter EgoFire, 315:between two units causes that which we call light, and thereby objectivity. During evolution thisFire, 315:blending, causes a blazing forth, or radiant light. Second, obscuration, or the finalFire, 315:electrical phenomena are demonstrated, and the light blazes forth, irradiating the causal body, andFire, 319:syllable of the Sacred Word. Electricity as Light, causing spheroidal objectivity. This is theFire, 319:perfectly concentrated meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who haveFire, 320:first subplane of the physical plane. [320] That Light, physical plane light, has a closeFire, 320:physical plane. [320] That Light, physical plane light, has a close connection with, and uses, as aFire, 323:out of an old debt and a planetary alliance. Light flashed forth [324] in Lemurian days in a numberFire, 324:ether) to bring about the blazing forth of the light of manas in the causal groups on the fifthFire, 325:merged and blended the two poles, and produced light of a definite magnitude during any particularFire, 325:burns up and destroys the medium, and the light goes out; what we call physical death ensues, forFire, 325:by Friction - Negative - Matter. Solar Fire - Light - The two blended and thus producing theFire, 326:concerning their composition utilization, light-bearing capacity, and the various angles from whichFire, 329:and forms. Vibration or initial activity, light, or activity taking form and animating form, soundFire, 331:periods will show itself forth as constructive light, or again bring about combustion and eventualFire, 331:vibration - the plane logoic or adi. Electrical light - the plane monadic or anupadaka. ElectricalFire, 331:vibration - the plane monadic. Electrical light - the plane of atma. Electrical sound - the planeFire, 331:Electrical vibration - buddhic plane. Electrical light - the mental plane. Electrical sound - theFire, 333:dawn through an ever increasing splendor of light to a blaze of effulgent glory; then through aFire, 340:producing that objective something we call light. The illuminating side of manas is shown. HeFire, 345:two poles are approximated, and at their meeting light streams forth, irradiating the cave ofFire, 345:Entity. By the approximation of these two poles light is produced, a flame shines forth, a sphereFire, 345:which gradually increases the intensity of its light, its heat and its radiance until capacity isFire, 345:We should note and distinguish the words light, heat and radiance, which are the distinctiveFire, 345:knowledge, that which is called electric light and which is used by man for illumination, heat andFire, 353:the same on a larger scale. In this thought lies light on the question of karma, of free-will andFire, 376:be pointed out which [376] may serve to convey light to those who have eyes to see: The VenusFire, 396:been made between these two sciences, a flood of light will be thrown upon this matter of theFire, 405:universe which we call a sun, and results in light or objectivity. Within the ring-pass-not,Fire, 412:in manifestation through certain spheres of light, may not be all that IS, but that there may lieFire, 412:realms subtler than that of the manifestation of light. 45 I use the word "unit" in connection withFire, 417:Lords of the Dark Face and the Brotherhood of Light, which found scope for activity in AtlanteanFire, 417:Sacrifice.' For, sitting at the Threshold of Light, he looks into it from within the Circle ofFire, 417:fain show the way to that region of freedom and light, from which he is a voluntary exile himself,Fire, 433:felt at the second Initiation. The illuminating light of the fifth Logos is felt at the thirdFire, 436:and lies back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and mouldsFire, 457:Spiritualistic Movement and is responsible for Light on the Path. 53 Antahkarana is the lowerFire, 469:upon by karma, are all cosmic and solar Lords of Light, Who achieved intelligence, and passedFire, 477:conception of Vishnu-Brahma, or the Rays of Light vibrating through matter. Hence the usuallyFire, 479:is occultly obscuration, the going-out of the light temporarily, until it again emerges and blazesFire, 513:At the heart of the sphere is a central blaze of light, emitting [514] rays; these rays are givenFire, 514:atom in the form of five rays of parti-colored light which blend with the intensely vivid hue ofFire, 514:and (in merging) produce such an intensity of light that they are seen as dissolving. The mentalFire, 517:formation of other parts of His great body of light. A permanent atom is one which has come underFire, 520:causes the blazing forth of the Sons of Light on the next plane. In this electrical connotation weFire, 521:mystery of electricity, and the production of light. The three higher planes concern the centralFire, 522:Plane of mind - Fire. Plane of desire - Astral Light. Plane of physical - Ether. Thought -Fire, 525:who bask in the rays of solar heat dwell in the light, and enjoy an ever increasing freedom, andFire, 527:and when duly comprehended will result in the light of knowledge being shed upon the problems ofFire, 538:blended. This makes man the six-pointed Star of Light, for each of these fires is triple. The fireFire, 541:subsidiary; Love, on the astral plane, with the light of sacrifice weaker in tone than the otherFire, 541:in equal brilliancy. On the mental plane, the light of sacrifice comes to its full display, and allFire, 541:display, and all that is seen is colored by that light. The Petal of Love on the mental plane isFire, 542:The mental unit becomes a radiant point of light; its four spirillae transmit force with intenseFire, 545:grows gradually stronger and stronger, and the light of the permanent atoms increases, the petalsFire, 547:be eventually ascertained which will throw new light upon the possibility ability of work upon theFire, 574:up the significance of this law in the words, "light" or "fire." It is the law of fire; it governsFire, 593:the subject, and yet leave it unexhausted. Much light comes if we can ponder deeply on the threeFire, 604:88 "...Agni, who is the source of all that gives light and heat. So that there are differentFire, 608:phenomena, and this under the aspects of light, flame, and heat, of electricity, radiance andFire, 608:Flame. Spiritual Will. Love-Wisdom. Solar fire. Light. Spiritual Love. Active Intelligence. Fire byFire, 611:being, thus studying Agni as He manifests as Light and Cool Radiance, shining through the vehicle.Fire, 612:their interaction and interplay which produces Light, or the manifested solar system. TheirFire, 614:stage of evolution - during the period of Light - it is difficult for the human being (until he hasFire, 614:with these dual aspects. An Adept of the Light works with force in substance, viewing substance asFire, 615:thereto by selfish motive. The Brothers of Light cooperate with the positive aspect in, and of, allFire, 624:Those devas who are the sumtotal of the astral light. They are the agents of the karmic lords, whoFire, 626:2nd Cosmic ether Akasha Astral Plane Astral light. Spiritual or Atmic 3rd Cosmic ether AetherFire, 628:Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the Sun Light Brahma Fire by friction Physical visible SunFire, 628:fire He manifests as the seven Rays, or as the Light of Wisdom, the Consciousness, radiatingFire, 629:fire. The seven Heavenly Men, the sumtotal of Light, the seven Rays of manifestation of theFire, 629:Sun. In time and space these seven Rays of Light become the nine (the major three, with the thirdFire, 629:vehicle. They are esoterically the "Sons of Light." Sevenfold fire by friction. The seven brothersFire, 631:concern ourselves only with the seven Rays of Light, or Heavenly Men, and the seven Fires. Each ofFire, 631:and the seven Fires. Each of the seven Rays of Light differentiates into seven making theFire, 653:contrast for the divine. - S. D., II, 100. The light of the Logos is awakened in animal man. - S.Fire, 667:distinctions are pointed out as they throw light upon the relationship of Man to the devas. TheFire, 673:as the two hemispheres of the burning globe of light that is placed on the central mental mount to
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