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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Hercules, Known:him the way, that he could lead him out into the light, and that he was the custodian of truth.Hercules, 64:Castor, is waning in brilliancy and has not the light that it had several hundred years ago; whilstHercules, 66:of the human family typified, the search for light, the search for unity, the search for divinity.Hercules, 73:on to the Path that leads from darkness to the Light, and from the unreal to the Real. One of theHercules, 74:is only when we carry glamor up into the clear light of the Christ soul that we shall see truth asHercules, 82:he receives his first flash of that spiritual light which will grow increasingly more brilliant asHercules, 86:the bird and flies across the horizon in the light of the day, disappearing again into theHercules, 89:winter solstice and made sacred to the sons of light." (E. Valentia Straiton, The Celestial Ship ofHercules, 97:or desperation. They trod the highway in the light of day, yet full of fear. They greeted HerculesHercules, 98:passed throughout its darkened length into the light of day and found no lion, only another openingHercules, 98:another opening in the cave that led into the light of day. And as he stood, he heard the lionHercules, 99:and piled them there, blocking the way into the light of day, both in and out, and shutting bothHercules, 104:illusion to reality. In Aquarius, we have the light of the universal consciousness irradiating theHercules, 104:the love of God, and he announced himself as the Light of the World. The problem before Hercules,Hercules, 114:way from out the belly of the serpent into the light of day. And so he rescued her, balancing thusHercules, 121:the medium of humanity that a consummation of 'light' effectiveness will be produced which willHercules, 129:the ashram (our teachers see only whatever light we bear). There is no special praise, HerculesHercules, 135:of a man's heart, when he turns towards the light that shines upon him from the residue ofHercules, 140:the son of God who was also the son of man. "The light now shines on Gate the eighth," the TeacherHercules, 141:the hydra high above him, that purifying air and light might have their due effect. The monster,Hercules, 142:"The victory is won", the Teacher said. "The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blendedHercules, 143:to the surface, and expose them to the light of wisdom. As long as Hercules fought in the bog, amidHercules, 143:in the mud, he had to examine his dilemma in the light of wisdom and in the elevated atmosphere ofHercules, 145:formidable enemy. Hercules invokes a brighter light than that of the analyzing mind. He seeks toHercules, 145:Endeavoring to see his dilemma in the light of that wisdom which we name the soul, he confronts itHercules, 145:and age who seeks to slay the hydra, should shed light on the strange forces at work in that keg ofHercules, 149:monster cruelty is held high in the air in the light of reason and compassion, it loses its power.Hercules, 150:speaking, in this labor. He has admitted light into the dark recesses of the subconscious, grappledHercules, 150:I would be swept off my feet by the power and light, the omniscience and omnipotence of my soul. IHercules, 154:He is occupied with that marvellous symbol of light emerging, which makes all victory possible.Hercules, 169:December 22nd - January 20th) The Myth "The light of life must now shine forth within a world ofHercules, 171:living things, he found his Teacher there. "The light now shines within the world of dark." theHercules, 175:as to Sagittarius. You have the bird of light (symbol of the highest aspect of man) manifesting asHercules, 178:the man can say with truth, "lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." SoHercules, 178:truth, "lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." So goes the world disciple,Hercules, 180:The Teacher drew nigh. "The single flame must light the other forty-nine," the Great Presiding OneHercules, 180:lit his own lamp Hercules now must bring the Light to others." Not long thereafter, the TeacherHercules, 180:another Gate. For long you have pursued the light which flickered first uncertainly, then waxed toHercules, 180:your steps; go back to those for whom the light is but a transient point, and help them make itHercules, 182:on by going back; you have come to the House of Light by yet another path; you have spent yourHercules, 182:Light by yet another path; you have spent your light that the light of others might shine. TheHercules, 182:another path; you have spent your light that the light of others might shine. The jewel that theHercules, 185:and enables us to emerge out of darkness into light. Hercules, 190:that one definition of love is "the cold, clear light of reason". The third constellation takes yetHercules, 193:own fault. Let us be as fair as we can with the light we have. Let us cultivate the Aquarian spiritHercules, 198:rapport with his soul, becomes a transmitter of light to the sons of men, so we can extend theHercules, 198:as a whole with all minds held steady in the light, transmitting to lower kingdoms in nature thatHercules, 201:language, they demonstrate the universal light, they are servers and they have no interest inHercules, 203:I tell you in the dark, that speak you in the light." Each one will be told a different thingHercules, 203:the dark in order to deliver a message in the light. Therefore, they are tied by no dogmas orHercules, 204:it is to lift humanity out of darkness into light, from .the unreal into the real. [205] Lecture byHercules, 208:upon the Way with his face turned towards the light, irradiated by the joy of those who know. Hercules, 213:An earth sign (desire, and growth of soul light). Rulers: Exoteric and Esoteric, the same, Mars.Hercules, 214:wide"; from the angle of soul, "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back".Hercules, 214:soul, "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back". Aquarius, the Water CarrierHercules, 228:and because he can walk one-pointedly in the Light, he becomes a world worker. This one-pointednessInitiation, 2:it may evoke, for whatever of inspiration and of light it may bring. In these days of theInitiation, 3:is of a septenary nature, and the Central Light which we call Deity, the one Ray of Divinity,Initiation, 7:through the labyrinth, and the one [7] ray of light that shines through the darkness of theInitiation, 20:and through the constant streams of light [21] (occultly understood) which emanate from it. TheInitiation, 24:everywhere. This is the work of the Hierarchy of Light, - to demonstrate to men the true meaning ofInitiation, 26:corroboration comes little by little, and the light shines ever more clearly, let us persist untilInitiation, 26:let us persist until that day dawns when the light which shineth in darkness will have illuminatedInitiation, 32:Brotherhood. This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on. TheyInitiation, 34:or spiritual. The problem of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong, was enunciated solelyInitiation, 35:all the Scriptures of the world. The forces of light, and the forces of darkness, were arrayedInitiation, 44:and, though they may remain unaware of him, the light which he pours forth stimulates their desire,Initiation, 59:who gave out to the world that occult treatise "Light on the Path," and his work is particularlyInitiation, 68:of us is recognized by the brilliance of his light. This is an occult fact. The finer the grade ofInitiation, 68:more brilliantly will shine forth the indwelling light. Light is vibration, and through theInitiation, 68:will shine forth the indwelling light. Light is vibration, and through the measurement of vibrationInitiation, 68:attends to the purification of his vehicles. The light within will shine forth with ever greatestInitiation, 68:so expressed, according to the magnitude of the light, according to the rate of vibration,Initiation, 82:and draws nearer to the Master it is as says "Light on the Path," with the feet bathed in the bloodInitiation, 86:the entire personality is flooded with light from above. It is only after this initiation that theInitiation, 95:therein, is expressing itself in terms of light, and that the process of initiation might thereforeInitiation, 95:regarded as one in which the different points of light (or human sparks) are stimulated, theirInitiation, 95:increased, and the sphere of influence of each light extended in radius. [96] The three planetaryInitiation, 125:the radiance which includes all other rays of light is revealed, - the sun shining in his strength,Initiation, 141:each initiation the lotus is more unfolded, and light from the center begins to blaze forth - aInitiation, 141:light from the center begins to blaze forth - a light or fire which ultimately burns through theInitiation, 170:vision. They are: The mystery of the astral light. The law of karma. He is, after this, in aInitiation, 171:and also by four mystic phrases conveying much light to the intuition: The Boat of Mystery whichInitiation, 171:the Ocean. The Key to the Divine Storehouse. The Light that Guides through the triple caves ofInitiation, 173:subjects on which this secret throws a flood of light are: Sex on the physical plane. It gives us aInitiation, 189:studied with care the world processes in the light of the law of correspondences, that the Logos onInitiation, 195:see to it that the solar angel dims the light of the lunar angels, remaining the sole luminary inInitiation, 211:adoration; the Youth of Endless Summers, the Light of Life itself, the Wondrous One, the AncientInitiation, 212:obeisance low; before whose throne of effulgent light Angels of highest rank, Masters and Lords ofInitiation, 218:animals. Fohat Cosmic electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; theIntellect, 9:from the eyes and the world appears in a new light. Things are no longer ordinary. There comes theIntellect, 15:use the word "spiritual" to signify the world of light and beauty, of order and of purpose, aboutIntellect, 16:human beings know nothing; they speak of a light and of a glory; of a direct knowledge of truth andIntellect, 17:is found and opened which leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality and from theIntellect, 26:figure, and emerge equally unexpectedly into the light of every day consciousness... The impulsesIntellect, 50:point the goal: "In all men lurks The Light; yet, in how few Has it blazed forth, as rightfully itIntellect, 50:meditation process - to lead men forth into the Light that is within themselves and enable them, inIntellect, 50:is within themselves and enable them, in that light, to see Light. This work of revelation is basedIntellect, 50:and enable them, in that light, to see Light. This work of revelation is based on certain definiteIntellect, 52:This is sometimes symbolically expressed as a light in a lamp. At first the lamp gives forth no
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