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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Magic, 148:and though he may experience the alternation of light and shade, though the waves of the purifyingMagic, 148:activity of the soul, through the use of Sound, Light, Vibration. The development of a responseMagic, 150:the moment before the dawn, the hour before the light streams forth. In the science of Pranayama itMagic, 153:wisely) he is left to wrestle through to the light in the strength of his own omnipotent soul.Magic, 162:the prerogative of those who live always in the Light of the Eternal; in the place of questioningMagic, 163:a thick and dense cloud, through [163] which the light of the soul must fail to penetrate, andMagic, 167:must be sought. But the time has come when the Light in the head is not only present but can beMagic, 169:and the illumination of the principle of Light. There is much misapprehension in people's minds asMagic, 173:level. This is the stage called a "Chela in the Light". The stage wherein, according to necessity,Magic, 180:case, you have the ability to read in the astral light but frequently no ability to differentiateMagic, 183:mind and wasted motion. The Master looks for the light in the head. He investigates the karma ofMagic, 183:is useless for the Master to waste His time. The light in the head, when present, is indicative of:Magic, 184:communication between the man and his ego. The light of illumination streams down into the brainMagic, 184:illuminated disciple or probationer. The light first throws into relief and brings into theMagic, 184:darkness which is in him is intensified by the light which glimmers faintly from the center of hisMagic, 185:which must be [185] lived through until the pure light of day drives all shadows and darkness awayMagic, 185:is shining in all its glory. d. Finally, the light in the head is indicative of the finding of theMagic, 185:study and understand the technique whereby the light is centralized, intensified, entered andMagic, 185:know not. "The path of the just is as a shining Light" and yet at the same time a man has to becomeMagic, 185:has to become that path itself. He enters the light and becomes the light and functions then as aMagic, 185:path itself. He enters the light and becomes the light and functions then as a lamp set in a darkMagic, 189:as the result of the awakening of the inner light and the adjustment of his karmic obligations,Magic, 195:separateness, and finally emerges into the full light of realization - a realization of unity withMagic, 198:by the age-old rules of Raja Yoga, and the light of his own soul. As the heart center is awakenedMagic, 199:these should be most carefully noted. First, the light in the head makes its appearance. A sparkingMagic, 203:which require to be strengthened. Then in the light of true knowledge, let him go forward upon theMagic, 203:incentive when one discovers himself, as the Light shines ever more steadily upon one's way, andMagic, 206:throne between the eyebrows" and guided by the Light in the head will be awake to the interests ofMagic, 211:as gazing in three directions. 1. Towards the Light Supernal, towards that central Life or EnergyMagic, 213:interact, and when potent enough produce the light in the head. Just as the physical eye came intoMagic, 213:physical eye came into being in response to the light of the sun so the spiritual eye equally comesMagic, 213:eye equally comes into being in response to the light of the spiritual sun. As the aspirantMagic, 213:As the aspirant develops he becomes aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms, veiledMagic, 213:he becomes aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms, veiled by all sheaths andMagic, 213:of the divine life, and not just to the light within the aspirant himself. As his awareness of thisMagic, 213:the aspirant himself. As his awareness of this light increases so does the apparatus of visionMagic, 213:whereby he can see things in the spiritual light comes into being in the etheric body. This is theMagic, 213:of divine expression. He becomes aware of the light of the world, and contacts the soul within allMagic, 214:Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The seeing of the light within all forms through the agency of theMagic, 214:into being through the realization of the light in the head, the spiritual light) is [215] but theMagic, 214:of the light in the head, the spiritual light) is [215] but the correspondence to the physical eye,Magic, 215:to the physical eye, revealing forms in the light of the physical sun. This corresponds to theMagic, 216:body. Old forms disappear before the clear light in which the spiritual man is working and as theMagic, 216:soul doth cast upon the forms of mind. A ray of light streams out and darkness disappears;Magic, 216:lesser lights are no more seen. "The eye through light awakens into life the needed modes of Being.Magic, 221:the first impression given is always of a starry light, of brilliance, of scintillation. Gradually,Magic, 221:of the enterprise seems overwhelming. It is not light, or starry or clear. It is apparentlyMagic, 223:is very real); he may travel sometimes in a light so dazzling and bewildering that he can scarcelyMagic, 225:are more easily recognized by the average man. Light and darkness interact, as do pleasure andMagic, 227:impressions upon the mind held "steady in the light" and so enables the mental body to respond toMagic, 228:necessity to choose between them. Through the light, which he has discovered in himself, he becomesMagic, 229:of the White Brotherhood, working always in the light of the soul with the soul in all forms, andMagic, 236:physical plane recognizes the contact, and the light in the head shines forth, sometimes recognizedMagic, 238:"indwelt by God", he learns to choose the way of light and to see his form and all forms asMagic, 238:see his form and all forms as custodians of the light. So he buckles down to the work of making theMagic, 238:the astral body simply a reflector of that light and by the quelling of desire, through theMagic, 242:ebb and flow, and alternate between periods of light and periods of darkness. We have with usMagic, 242:world in which we live swings out into the clear light of the sun, and later returns into theMagic, 242:to forget that under the great law, periods of light and dark, of good and evil, of submergence andMagic, 243:esoterically be regarded as those "seeking the light of experience" and therefore turned towardsMagic, 243:physical expression, and those "seeking the light of understanding", and therefore retreating fromMagic, 243:consciousness, and so become "dwellers in the light eternal". Without appreciating the significanceMagic, 247:head in the magnetic field which is called the "light in the head", and it is here that theMagic, 251:on this miniature reflection of the astral light, then the real potency in magic can begin to makeMagic, 259:whose inability to hold the mind "steady in the light" is inherent, are unsuitable workers in theMagic, 260:situation existing between the Hierarchy of Light and the hierarchy controlling the left-hand path,Magic, 261:only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serve to stabilize the individual, toMagic, 269:and purpose blended indicate the way of light." [273] Magic, 289:glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One. Let dissonance give place toMagic, 289:to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: Let the word roll forth:Magic, 289:let the soul look out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: "IMagic, 308:and come to Me, so dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. It isMagic, 308:hilarity and of spurious happiness in which the "light deceptive" of the astral plane uncovers toMagic, 326:of the future Temple of Truth where the light of the Lord will be seen and which will proveMagic, 329:a world message and brought an increase of light to the peoples. Now, in the fullness of time, andMagic, 332:which produces the quantity of forms; it is the light which causes the emergence into consciousnessMagic, 334:grow out of the present investigations as to light and color. The effect of color on people,Magic, 334:will people think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the coming developments in thisMagic, 334:other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness andMagic, 335:investigations in the realm of electricity, of light and of power, must inevitably demonstrate theMagic, 335:brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms. The thirdMagic, 336:It will be an age wherein men will walk in the light, for it will be a world of recognized innerMagic, 336:the nature of matter, seeing always in terms of light and comprehending the purpose of sound willMagic, 340:differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case, spirit "mounts onMagic, 342:in those of you who are oriented towards the light a tension which results in discomfort in all theMagic, 345:flushing the entire personality with pure white light. Proceed in the following manner: You are, weMagic, 345:deliberation call down a stream of pure white light, and, pouring it through your lower vehicles,Magic, 345:the love aspect, flooding yourself with love and light. The legitimate fears which arise [346] fromMagic, 346:be and call down, from intuitional levels, added light on the difficulty. If your intuition andMagic, 347:and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light. This method is only for use when the needMagic, 355:rolled away, and henceforth he can walk in the light. Let it here be remembered that this veryMagic, 355:remembered that this very freedom to walk in the light carries with it its own problems. You askMagic, 355:argument. When a man literally walks in the light of his soul and the clear light of the sun poursMagic, 355:walks in the light of his soul and the clear light of the sun pours through him - revealing theMagic, 355:Has he the ability to face what the light reveals and still go his way with serenity, sure of theMagic, 355:he has discovered. But with the advent of the light, he becomes aware of a new (for him) form ofMagic, 355:respond with obedience to mental energies. "The light of reason" brings this about - light that isMagic, 355:"The light of reason" brings this about - light that is always present in man but which onlyMagic, 356:the innate belief in God, the revelation of the light, the achieving of a wisdom which helps andMagic, 358:and mist and steam and noise, veiling the Light, hiding the Truth and shutting out the Sun. "The
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