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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHT

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Magic, 358:Pain and the waters disappear. Cold, heat, the light of day, the radiance of the rising sun andMagic, 358:appear. "This is the path for all who seek the light. First form, and all its longing. Then pain.Magic, 358:of mind during the early stage are lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows the heat; next comesMagic, 359:of the unobstructed sun and the clear bright light of truth. This is the path back to the hiddenMagic, 359:and self-seeking fade out in the clear light of the Will of God. Through right understanding andMagic, 366:which is the mind's power to hold itself in the light, and in that light become aware of the plan,Magic, 366:power to hold itself in the light, and in that light become aware of the plan, he learns to "bringMagic, 368:the past of darkness you will revel in the light of fruition; the joy of tried and testedMagic, 369:to solace a needy world, of having brought light to darkened souls, of having healed in someMagic, 371:form when it hinders and cramps the expanding light, always then the rapid reconstruction of a newMagic, 397:things in a newer and truer perspective. In the light of the Whole, the light of the little selfMagic, 397:perspective. In the light of the Whole, the light of the little self fades out, just as the lightMagic, 397:light of the little self fades out, just as the light that is inherent in every atom of the body isMagic, 397:body is gathered together and obliterated in the light of the soul when that blazes forth in allMagic, 404:of consciousness and at awakening that inner light which, when seen and intelligently used, willMagic, 421:comes to them an immediate flashing forth of the light, an instantaneous electrical interplay, aMagic, 422:this field of dual activity in two ways: as of a light in the head, an interior radiant sun, or asMagic, 442:goal and see another. Capricorn - Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.Magic, 442:- Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back. Aquarius - Water of life am I,Magic, 457:registered by the mind, held steady in the light, and might be regarded as the reduction of theMagic, 460:process, and can "hold the mind steady in the light". This light in reality streams forth from theMagic, 460:can "hold the mind steady in the light". This light in reality streams forth from the UniversalMagic, 460:and developed in this one. In the words "the light of the intuition" we have conveyed to our mindsMagic, 460:the Plan, as we regard it. In the words "the light of the soul", we have an expression which sumsMagic, 460:occult significance to the words "to throw the light" upon a problem, a condition, or a situation.Magic, 462:and their minds and brains are illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul and of theMagic, 463:of certain entities. In this thought we have light thrown upon the subject of free will and uponMagic, 468:and says: "My Star." The star is but a point of light, not yet a radiant sun. Stage III The way ofMagic, 469:lacking aroma yet, but bathed in cold blue light. Orange and blue in some more distant time willMagic, 469:yet the date. Their blending bathes the bud in light and causes future opening. Let the lightMagic, 469:bud in light and causes future opening. Let the light shine. Magic, 469:playground of the Lord, make their appeal for light. The cave is long and narrow. The air is fullMagic, 469:brother souls. Stage V Out into radiant life and light! The cave is left behind; the cross isMagic, 472:constructed and which will indeed shut out the light of day, darken his world, and imprison him inMagic, 474:of life, and so bring death. If spoken in the light of day, just retribution will they bring; whenMagic, 474:as far as in thee lies. Keep silence and the light will enter in. Speak not of self. Pity not thyMagic, 477:which at this time shut out the clear light of God. The subject is too large for me to elaborate inMagic, 478:be needed either, for men will use symbols of light and color to supplement through the eye whatMagic, 478:dip in the field of illumination. Electric light has superseded it, and some day the trueMagic, 480:much instruction for the earnest seeker after light. There are two aspects of this phrase which weMagic, 484:desire; in rarer cases it may be built in the light of illumination and embody, therefore, someMagic, 485:to guard, for their vibrations are so high and light that few people have the power to clothe themMagic, 488:by the Master may bring such a flood of light as to blind the aspirant, and make him consequentlyMagic, 501:the opening in that region permits the inflow of light, information and inspiration; it confersMagic, 505:but not usually registered. Others will see light as they fall asleep, or clouds of color, orMagic, 505:body, to pranic emanations, and to the web of light. The carrying on of this practice and theMagic, 516:quiescent. The mind is held steady in the light and the soul in the meantime thinks, as is itsMagic, 516:of the soul, which has now turned the "light of its countenance upon the attentive personality".Magic, 517:the brain. Just as the mind has been held in the light and has been receptive to the soulMagic, 524:these Instructions and remember that, in the light of the future knowledge of humanity, all that isMagic, 528:their united vibration and the clearer the light which they reflect and transmit, the more rapidlyMagic, 528:hierarchy is to the planetary Life what the light in the head is to the average awakened disciple,Magic, 529:in symbols - finds himself part of the center of light and understanding which we call,Magic, 533:they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, out of bondage into liberation, out of agonyMagic, 533:out of agony into peace. That peace, that light and that liberation, with the ordered harmony ofMagic, 538:Every human being who reaches the goal of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influenceMagic, 538:and which reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards into the "fields of darkness".Magic, 538:or a flower. He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamorMagic, 546:are seen. Orange they are, but veiled in rosy light. Within each form the yellow flame is seen andMagic, 546:I dedicate and... "From out the East, bringing a light divine, the word comes swinging round theMagic, 548:to say: "I seek illumination and am myself the light." In Leo he will say: "I know myself to be theMagic, 551:is concerned with the question as to whether light violet is the color of the highest or the lowestMagic, 553:a stream of energy in the form of a beam of light. It rays outward, widening towards the end, intoMagic, 558:eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light". These words which He enunciated give us aMagic, 558:have earlier described in this Treatise. Power, light, vitality, and manifestation! Such is theMagic, 558:the capacity to "hold his mind steady in the light". When he can do this, he will achieve power andMagic, 559:is vital and real. He is learning the meaning of light. When he has mastered the technique ofMagic, 565:upon to "clothe itself and disappear into the light of day." The spiritual man is now veiled by aMagic, 567:or have no persistent living existence "in the light of day," because there was not sufficientMagic, 568:and I would here quote some paragraphs from The Light of the Soul which give a description of theseMagic, 592:counterparts, for the latter have a radiance and light of their own. As the life achieves anMagic, 594:his consciousness in the head, when the light in the head shines forth and the centers are active,Magic, 594:accepted discipleship. Through the medium of the light of the soul, the soul can be known.Magic, 594:soul, the soul can be known. Therefore seek the light of your own soul, and know that soul as yourMagic, 596:plexus. The quality and the brilliance of the light in the head has to be studied, for it indicatesMagic, 603:the strength of his silent thought, he can bring light and peace to all. Through that mental power,Magic, 603:and in that high place of inspiration and of light, discover his fellow-workers, communicate withMagic, 610:to the claims and the work of the bringers of light and of life. The shadow stage is the dim andMagic, 611:be known as Life itself, or as the "Self-shining Light," or it can be known as the active formMagic, 611:the second darkness at the call of the spirit of light and meet in their appointed place that whichMagic, 611:the fiery point from whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come." Magic, 612:to suggest to the intelligent student that the light of his soul (reflected in his mind) and theMagic, 612:and of his release into the clear air and pure light of his spiritual consciousness. In itsMagic, 613:the illusion by the steady growth of the radiant light of the soul. May I pause here to remind youMagic, 614:this stage is seen to be unreal as the dawning light of the spiritual consciousness pierces throughMagic, 615:the aim of the Masters is to let in the light of the soul and to show that spirit and matter areMagic, 615:sense - more real (to man) than the kingdom of light and the kingdom of form. In one mostMagic, 615:the human being is a soul and because the light of the soul is found within him and is graduallyMagic, 616:sees a little distance on the Path. Flickers of light break through the clouds of mist and fog, HeMagic, 617:which circle round the ball of earth, and carry light and power. These shall dispel the veil ofMagic, 617:discovery that the astral plane and the astral light so-called are but the cinematographs createdMagic, 629:and transformed by the application of the light of the soul in the realm of enquiry, we shall haveMagic, 638:with vibratory rates and with the quality of the light to be seen. They are not aware of, nor haveMagic, 638:in the bodies used, and an increasing radiatory light, it is known and recorded, and the aspirantMeditation, 19:place for the Shekinah, and when the spiritual light flames forth, the Temple of Solomon rocks,Meditation, 23:before I have told you, we are measured by our light. The first division of progress might beMeditation, 24:(when this point of development is reached) a light plays between the two atoms that have [25]Meditation, 25:Guides of the race, the indwelling Flame or Light can be seen slightly more enlarged, but still soMeditation, 26:It is the middle point. At this time the light plays between the three atoms (outlining theMeditation, 26:and synthetic. The indwelling egoic Flame or Light now radiates from an inner center to the
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