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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHTED

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Healing, 468:existence and decease; this We Who tread the Lighted Way call death, experience and life. LightHealing, 580:healer in the New Age it is dependent upon the "lighted magnetic area in the head." This provides aHealing, 651:Soul-heart-brain must be linked in such a "lighted" manner that a true clairvoyant would see aHercules, 212:exists"; from the angle of soul, "I build a lighted house and therein dwell". Leo, the LionIntellect, 173:Thee. A life of fire! a life ablaze with God, Lighted by fires of pentecostal love! A life on fire!Magic, 90:brain) a point of light which has been occultly lighted on the plane of the mind. Light everMagic, 94:susceptible to the vision, and has fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, theMagic, 98:these three suns are one, Brahma breaks forth. A lighted world is born. This literally means thatMagic, 100:districts, shining through the night with their lighted streets and homes; our airways, outlinedMagic, 100:of blazing globes; our oceans, dotted with their lighted ships, and increasingly our lightedMagic, 100:with their lighted ships, and increasingly our lighted airships will be seen, darting through theMagic, 145:God in his Fatherhood is known. Yet still that lighted life moved on to a dread point of power, ofMagic, 183:that the man is what is termed esoterically "a lighted lamp" it is useless for the Master to wasteMagic, 440:of that self I grow and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Leo - I am ThatMagic, 469:own; walk in the dark and on your head carry a lighted lamp." The cave is dark and lonely; cold isMagic, 494:and the dreaded. It is analogous to leaving a lighted and a warmed room, friendly and familiar,Psychology1, 29:is slowly pouring into man's life, and in this lighted radiance he will formulate the new religionPsychology1, 306:upon the Path, and the Initiate upon his "Lighted Way," have no better training ground thereforePsychology1, 383:ray of knowledge. 4th ray of art. "I serve the Lighted Way." Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray ofPsychology1, 383:ray of knowledge. 4th ray of art. "I serve the Lighted Way." Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray ofPsychology2, 36:the ark. And by that light you shall reveal the lighted way. The power to build anew, the right usePsychology2, 38:Pilgrim on the Way of sensuous life, the middle, lighted way. It passes straight between the dualPsychology2, 38:opposites, will bring this Blessed One upon the lighted way into the joy of proved success.' " RayPsychology2, 46:the Presence stands in his beauty rare upon the lighted Way. The glory of the Presence poursPsychology2, 72:spoken of in terms of light, and the "lighted way" (a term frequently employed) comes into beingPsychology2, 72:contact with the brain via the mind. This "lighted way" is the illumined bridge. It is builtPsychology2, 163:the left lies safety for the man who seeks that lighted way." Does this sentence really mean aughtPsychology2, 248:brain consciousness can bring through into the lighted area of external [249] knowledge. It is thePsychology2, 439:upward surging of the subconscious self into the lighted area of consciousness, The play and forcePsychology2, 447:in the last analysis, must be done to make "the lighted area" of the immediate consciousness ofPsychology2, 447:that the subconscious part of the man can be "lighted at will by the ray of the mind", and the mindRays, 33:sequentially the burning fire, the clear cold lighted fire, and the consuming divine fire. Thus inRays, 112:forward through the Door of Light onto the Lighted Way. That externalization has not yet takenRays, 194:aided to move forward more easily along the "lighted Way," to pass through the halls of maya, aidedRays, 200:the Light and others who tread consciously the Lighted Way have removed Themselves from the lure ofRays, 284:and is focused as a "projecting agent of the Lighted Will" as it expresses itself upon the monadicRays, 447:spoken of in terms of light, and the "lighted way" comes into being between the personality and theRays, 447:contact with the brain via the mind. This "lighted way" is the illumined bridge. It is builtRays, 464:life he must construct this rainbow bridge, this Lighted Way. He spins it and anchors it as aRays, 466:a bridge of light which eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higherRays, 467:of return, builds the antahkarana, crosses the Lighted Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path ofRays, 467:visualize, plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mentalRays, 516:reality itself, revealing the fact of the higher Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. Of this, theRays, 519:This evolutionary pushing forward along the Lighted Way, out of darkness into light, from theRays, 522:Evolution has also its two phases, as has the Lighted Way. In the early stages of the unfoldment ofRays, 523:the aspirant who is seeking to tread the Lighted Way of purification and of discipleship reaches aRays, 524:Jesus reached the culminating experience of the Lighted Way, whilst the Christ made that finalRays, 524:epitomized in Himself the achievements of the Lighted Way and the attainment of all knowledge andRays, 527:and demonstrated to humanity the nature of the Lighted Way, its revelations and its effects inRays, 538:into ever clearer light. Progress from a dimly lighted area in the divine manifestation into one ofRays, 538:seen pervaded by a glowing light. The world of lighted forms is now perceived, linked each to eachRays, 539:the recognition of the varying "lights" upon the Lighted Way that signifies readiness forRays, 539:mental perception, for he is now aware of the lighted area from which he comes to the point ofRays, 539:process he discovers a new and more brilliantly lighted area into which he may now enter. ThisRays, 662:each phase or revealed area of the "lighted Way" is open to souls on all the rays and to every typeRays, 665:gradual entrance of mankind into ever-expanding "lighted areas" of consciousness; into these areasRays, 665:planes) who have been enabled to step out of the lighted field of the three worlds into anotherRays, 666:its purpose, it is then renounced, and the "lighted Way" of occultism is then followed, leading toRays, 666:of occultism is then followed, leading to the lighted areas of the higher states of consciousness. Rays, 673:The burden of the future is assumed. The cave is lighted up and the new man issues forth." ThatReappearance, 21:materialistic living and to begin to tread the Lighted Way. The moment that humanity shows itsReappearance, 21:making their first faltering steps along that Lighted Way of right relationships. The present timeReappearance, 30:"Way of Resurrection" is the radiant Way, the lighted Way which leads from one great expression ofReappearance, 133:of light and love, and by the reaction of "lighted [134] substance" to "the attractive power of
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