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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIGHTS

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Astrology, 181:fusion which must ever be the "fusion of the two lights, the greater and the lesser light" to whichAstrology, 269:so express it - a lens through which "the many lights which are energy itself" can stream and thusAstrology, 274:form nature, the substance of the flame which lights the way. A vast field of psychologicalAstrology, 329:a point. Virgo - The blended dual Light. Two lights are seen - bright and strong, the light ofAstrology, 330:The Light of Day. This is the place where three lights meet - the light of form, the light of soul,Astrology, 432:the waiting sphere and lit the galaxy of little lights upon the Earth. A Hierarchy of Light emergedAstrology, 432:there. Their light is different from the other lights. This light evokes response from that whichAstrology, 562:and then invoke each other. Their blended lights, though not yet one radiant sun, are merging fast.Astrology, 562:one radiant sun, are merging fast. These blended lights reveal the Lighted Way. The man beholdsAstrology, 562:first sign of the Fixed Cross) and then three lights shine forth. And thus one radiant sunAstrology, 563:kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce a consummationAstrology, 620:and esoterically. The Sun reveals or "lights up" the two stages of the hidden will: the physicalAstrology, 673:little sun in which the solar orb stores his lights." (S.D. Vol. II, 27) "Light comes through VenusAutobiography, 204:room with three sides of glass, watching for the lights of the car that would indicate that a boyBethlehem, 26:upon that mental illumination which perforce lights the way to the Gate leading to the "SecretBethlehem, 60:the Sun; and (10) simultaneously the outburst of lights at the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem. ThereDestiny, 147:for today we have a lighted world; everywhere lights are to be seen and the pitch dark nights ofDiscipleship1, 154:who would demand our aid but leave the "lesser lights" to be handled by our disciples and theDiscipleship1, 674:identification, where there is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of theDiscipleship1, 713:where there is a complete blending of the Lights, but. there is no adequate paraphrase of the termsDiscipleship2, 202:body of what have been called "Reflecting Lights"; the Members of this group are to a certainDiscipleship2, 307:a gradual and progressive series of lesser lights? What is the relation of these revelations to theDiscipleship2, 413:words symbolically. He must know which of the lights (to which he finds himself responsive) is theDiscipleship2, 436:of man discovers light and, in these blended lights, comes revelation. The light that shines withinDiscipleship2, 436:sacred Hierarchy of Souls discovers these two lights revealed and they reveal a third - theDiscipleship2, 436:is not of planetary creation. These are four lights which reveal a Light Supreme, a Light whichDiscipleship2, 436:distances beyond the ken of man. Yet all these lights have been revealed because a light has burnedDiscipleship2, 436:light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve to reveal to us the Unknown God. ItDiscipleship2, 436:us which eventually reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation. I am,Discipleship2, 437:soul which (when blended) represent two great lights; as he moves forward again, he now blends withDiscipleship2, 437:he moves forward again, he now blends with these lights the triple light of the Spiritual Triad;Discipleship2, 437:the Spiritual Triad; and the union of all these lights reveals a light and lights which areDiscipleship2, 437:union of all these lights reveals a light and lights which are extra-planetary. The aboveDiscipleship2, 627:loneliness such as you can know is a light that lights the darkness. Seek that out. Upon theEducation, 144:are dealing is to fuse the lower and the upper lights, so that one light shines forth in physicalFire, xvii:head, O Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee, burning in the dark midnight sky?Fire, 408:and lack of definiteness. Only the high lights stand out, and only broad general concepts, and theFire, 715:of a stupendous kind, and produced the "lights which ever burn." It was the result of the knowledgeFire, 819:vibrations control and solar fire irradiates; it lights up in due course of evolution the lowerFire, 839:fire dynamic begins to flicker and to burn. It lights not yet without; it simply glows. The aeonsFire, 855:those whose light is beginning to shine forth as lights in a dark place. Fire, 1072:along this line when electricity and colored lights are more freely used in experimental stations.Glamour, 192:and appropriated. This light puts out the lesser lights through the pure radiance of its power. YouGlamour, 205:initiate generates and in which he walks. These lights are varied and variously revealing; thereGlamour, 209:previous stage, the blending of the two material lights was entirely a form process and theGlamour, 210:the light of the soul and then these two blended lights, or aspects of the One Light, are focusedGlamour, 216:plane. [216] The stage in which these three lights are realized to be one unified light - aGlamour, 217:light thus created by the fusion of the three lights. This refers to the stage spoken of byGlamour, 230:light. The blending and fusion of the two lesser lights and of soul light. This is carried forwardGlamour, 235:and the light of the soul. Focusing these three lights and so creating the searchlight for theGlamour, 237:of soul light. Unification of the three lights. The process of alignment and of recognizedGlamour, 238:of soul light. The fusion of the two lesser lights with soul light. On a signal from the leader,Glamour, 239:The Act of Protection. The Act of Focusing the Lights. The Act of Direction. [240] The Act ofGlamour, 270:of the Angel can shine. It is a fusion of lights, with the stronger and the more powerfulHealing, 36:over-shadowing light, from which a stream of lights pours down into the phenomenal man; this can beHealing, 457:when more anent color is known, only orange lights will be permitted in the sick room of a dyingHealing, 604:from the patient. This radiation, esoterically, "lights up" the point of friction in theInitiation, 38:Tarsus, Luther, and certain of the outstanding lights in European history. Always have these menInitiation, 223:streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights. Each of them is the embodiment of a greatIntellect, 164:the human soul is a percipient and the Father of Lights, the agent." The agent may work through theIntellect, 173:and of the fact of the kingdom of God. They are lights set in a dark place to light the way back toMagic, 108:yoga, abstraction or withdrawal. Where the three lights are blended, where the centers are arousedMagic, 174:identification, where there is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of theMagic, 216:and all the little fires die out; the lesser lights are no more seen. "The eye through lightMagic, 505:when more anent color is known, only orange lights will be permitted in the sick room of a dyingMagic, 537:into that service, you have those transcendent Lights which have illumined the way of humanity andMeditation, 247:by the power of thought, and By means of colored lights applied to the physical body. On theMeditation, 335:refining may be effected: The use of colored lights. These lights are played on the body of theMeditation, 335:be effected: The use of colored lights. These lights are played on the body of the disciple andMeditation, 358:streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights. Each of them is the embodiment of a greatPsychology1, 330:individuality. These are called "the flickering lights." Those awakened to the knowledge of thePsychology2, 49:of the Presence approaches ever closer, and lights the disciple on his way. The sense ofPsychology2, 209:who could or can thus become initiate are the "lights which ever radiate." In Lemurian days it wasPsychology2, 209:ever radiate." In Lemurian days it was the "lights which ever burn" that came into being. In ourPsychology2, 209:that came into being. In our race we find the "lights which ever shine." This is thePsychology2, 234:are intended to act as sign posts, and as beacon lights upon the way to knowledge. They containPsychology2, 474:and even a disciple, that which the [474] lights reveals upon the astral plane, for instance, isRays, 21:within those radiant halls where move the Lights which carry out the Will of God. Rule VIII ForRays, 74:if possible. You have, therefore, three great lights, all of them focused upon the mental plane,Rays, 74:the Spiritual Triad, are concerned. All the lights are finally focused upon the mental plane: TheRays, 74:which is produced by the meeting of the two lights, the higher and the lower. These are the higherRays, 114:probationer as the sun of the life. All lesser lights must be put out by the light of the centralRays, 118:the putting out or the synthesis of the lesser lights by the greater. All the words which I haveRays, 118:Spiritual Sun, he realizes that all other lights - that of the atom of matter, that of the form andRays, 136:senior Members of the Hierarchy, Who invoke the "Lights which carry out the Will of God"; They areRays, 136:within those radiant halls where move the "Lights which carry out the Will of God." [137] Of realRays, 144:and walk in those "radiant halls where move the Lights which carry out the Will of God." Rays, 144:the radiant light of Life dominate the blended lights of Humanity and of the Hierarchy. FaintlyRays, 144:of the individual or of the group. The "Lights which carry out the will of God" move free from theRays, 145:utmost caution as They thus work, because these Lights know that the danger of premature directRays, 146:is concentrating rapidly and will triumph. The "Lights that carry out the will of God" now wait toRays, 146:the Masters, and under the inspiration of the Lights which carry out the will of God. In theRays, 539:Being. It is the recognition of the varying "lights" upon the Lighted Way that signifies readinessRays, 540:is, therefore, a constant fusion of the lights, progressively entered, thus enabling the initiateSoul, 92:all this world so He that abideth in the body lights up the whole field. They, who with the eye ofTelepathy, 26:of mind. This is the illuminating energy which "lights the way" of an idea or form to be
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