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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIKE

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Statement:the Christ Himself. I live in a physical body like other men, on the borders of Tibet, and at timesAstrology, 14:find their way into our solar system. I would like to call attention, at this point, to someAstrology, 19:is to be found. The next statement which I would like to make, and which grows normally out of theAstrology, 26:into the consideration of our theme, I would like to emphasize two points: First of all, that weAstrology, 51:planets, there are certain things which I would like to point out here in connection with theseAstrology, 58:or as transmitters of their own energy, I would like to remark that much that I shall say will beAstrology, 81:more technical aspects of our subject, I would like to elaborate this theme of the zodiac, itsAstrology, 110:there are one or two points upon which I would like to touch. I have to take up certain problems asAstrology, 112:supersedes the influence of the planets. I would like also to emphasize - perhaps unnecessarily -Astrology, 131:power of the mind lessens steadily till finally (like other aspects of form life in the threeAstrology, 154:of the unicorn, with its one horn out-thrust like a single spear upon his brow instead of the twoAstrology, 180:must pour into the mind and is then reflected, like a searchlight, onto the astral plane. ThisAstrology, 215:and he misinterpreted because the truth - like all truths as they reach humanity - had to passAstrology, 221:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations I would like to touch upon another interesting point whichAstrology, 222:This brings me to two points about which I would like to speak a word. In dealing with theAstrology, 246:the creation and production of money. I would like here to point out to you that it is with theAstrology, 261:and culture is inevitable and sure. I would like to pause here and make one point somewhat clearerAstrology, 276:the intervening signs) to Aquarius. I would like here to add something more to the teaching aboutAstrology, 280:with the planetary influences which I would like to mention here because it emphasizes again theAstrology, 296:which the Sun focuses its energy or influences (like a lens) are Neptune and Uranus. The "heart ofAstrology, 312:There are certain things which I would like to make clear in connection with reincarnation. ThisAstrology, 321:rulers. There is one point which I would like to make clear and that is that in the two rulers ofAstrology, 321:the influence of Neptune, which the Moon veils. Like Leo, which is ruled in all its threeAstrology, 331:later to take into consideration. I would here like to give you a tabulation which will indicateAstrology, 344:and reinforce when one is teaching, but I would like now to be more general and - in dealing withAstrology, 366:the entire theory of spiritual healing. I would like, however, to touch upon the relation of GeminiAstrology, 370:itself." In reality, the wheel does not turn like a wheel in a car either forward or the reverse.Astrology, 375:a most potent manner. Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes of time and strikes the blow whichAstrology, 375:of that which is occurring everywhere. I would like here to call your attention to the fact thatAstrology, 408:difficult theme there are a few words I would like to say in reference to our general attitude, andAstrology, 414:of the disciple is to become consciously aware - like a detached onlooking Observer - of theseAstrology, 442:active through Mercury. At this point I would like to pause for a moment and interpolate a word inAstrology, 450:of Force - Planets Very briefly I would like to touch upon the fact that, as might be expected, theAstrology, 454:of energy pouring through them. To these I would like here to refer because they are related to theAstrology, 480:- The Science of Triangles - Conclusions I would like here to call your attention to an interestingAstrology, 482:them earlier and separately. I would, however, like to point out that each of these constellationsAstrology, 487:becoming more and more possible. I would like here to remind you of an earlier reference [488] toAstrology, 491:Ray IV - is relatively inactive. [491] Ray VII - like Ray I is active through all three points,Astrology, 524:I have naught to say to you at present. I would like here to interpolate some remarks. It is ofAstrology, 537:three of the constellations upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge, because their potency andAstrology, 544:potency of the massed selfishness of mankind. In like manner, the Forces of Light can be evoked inAstrology, 561:it need not here be repeated. This Treatise, like The Secret Doctrine, is designed to instigateAstrology, 585:the present catastrophe to man. Such people are like a millstone around the neck of humanity,Astrology, 586:rebuild, and rehabilitate the world. I would like here to point out that the will aspect can beAstrology, 587:knowledge upon the matter. I would however like to make one practical suggestion. Might there notAstrology, 642:by an intrinsic Rector... one with his dwelling, like a 'boatman in his boat'." (S.D. Vol. I, 535)Astrology, 651:Life, or an Entity or Being. That every planet, like a human being, is the expression of two rayAstrology, 669:in the vehicle of a God or of a host of Gods, like milliards of other suns." (S.D. Vol. I, 319)Atom, 15:and in a recognition of his own divinity. Like the point of view of the realistic school, itAtom, 17:and to work in mental matter. I should like to outline my plan this evening, to lay the groundworkAtom, 23:or "attraction and repulsion." I would like, if possible, to avoid technical terms, because theyAtom, 27:aid of his intelligence. In these talks I should like if I can, to show that something like this isAtom, 27:I should like if I can, to show that something like this is going on in the solar system, in theAtom, 39:from which I have culled the following: Life, like matter, is indestructible. Our bodies areAtom, 42:desire - you have something which is very much like the psychology of a human being, only within aAtom, 43:a specific extent of influence. This may sound like a wild speculation, yet, judging from analogy,Atom, 46:intelligence animating all atoms, but I should like for a moment to take up what is perhaps theAtom, 105:because our hearts are touched, and we do not like being uncomfortable, or we are interestedAtom, 107:a baby cannot see, or that it is born blind, like a kitten, but it is often several weeks before aAtom, 112:ourselves this question of meditation. I would like here to sound a word of warning. Avoid thoseAtom, 124:within the human atom evolves. I should like to center our attention upon this human type ofAtom, 129:to it, and feel that it is something we should like to see realized. It is good to remember thatAtom, 146:of energy, or positive electrical force (if you like to call it such), which draws them, orAtom, 154:You can call this Absolute Consciousness, if you like. Let us again illustrate this. Our body, weAutobiography, 1:it in practice, God's practice I mean. I would like, among other things, to show how the world ofAutobiography, 4:will testify to Their existence, and I would like to make the way easier for them. This I willAutobiography, 4:point in my life. The second thing which I would like to do is to indicate some of the new trendsAutobiography, 5:brotherhood. The third thing which I would like to do is to show how wonderful human beings are. IAutobiography, 9:statement. But the statement is true. I do not like much that I remember about my childhood thoughAutobiography, 14:Gemini people are also supposed to be chameleon-like in nature and changeable in quality and oftenAutobiography, 16:in those days). The fear of tuberculosis lay like an imminent threat over both of us in our earlyAutobiography, 16:must have apparently participated but I like to think of the whole [17] symbol as typifying theAutobiography, 21:the heart and by feeling. At that time I did not like the "feel" of life. I did not appreciate whatAutobiography, 27:man or woman; nice people do not speak or think like that; you must not yawn or sneeze in public;Autobiography, 32:you, my dear chap, it stood on one leg and went like the devil." I am still pondering that mysteryAutobiography, 36:feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was like Joan of Arc (at that time my heroine) andAutobiography, 36:Joan of Arc (at that time my heroine) and that, like her, I was seeing spiritual visions and wasAutobiography, 39:rock, rising out of the floor of the valley like a great table, and on the top of the rock was aAutobiography, 39:and various interlaced triangles. It was almost like a solemn, rhythmic dance, very slow andAutobiography, 42:Him, and slaying His only Son so that people like me could be saved and not perish everlastingly.Autobiography, 47:physical blood amount to much. Why should people like each other and cling together because -Autobiography, 47:than blood ties. I want my daughters to like me because I am their friend and have proved myselfAutobiography, 51:manuscripts of the Bible." How I would today like to ask them where these autographed manuscriptsAutobiography, 55:take the meeting that night. The explosion was like a full stop. Several weeks later I returned.Autobiography, 56:hold it. I became a good speaker and learnt to like speaking, so that now I am really happier on aAutobiography, 57:that I must be really good if intelligent men like that came Sunday after Sunday to hear me. IAutobiography, 57:to make me laugh till tears ran down my face. Like many good speakers who use only brief notes andAutobiography, 57:at the reports and say: "Could I have said it like this?" I am sure that the secret of goodAutobiography, 57:provided you have a flair for words, is to like your audience, and then to put them at their easeAutobiography, 66:but get train tickets on the G.I.P. to Meerut. Like a homing pigeon, I fled to the Y.W.C.A. whereAutobiography, 67:came up to me and said, "Young lady, you don't like me and have made that very clear, but I have aAutobiography, 67:about your age and I am damned if I would like to have her travelling alone in India. Whether youAutobiography, 67:have her travelling alone in India. Whether you like it or not, you are going to show me which isAutobiography, 68:but a kind word. That I gave him, for I grew to like him. When he came to die he sent for me. I didAutobiography, 72:of the most interesting phases of the work. I like Quetta. It stands about 5000 feet high and isAutobiography, 76:sick to death of hearing the men roar out, "Just like the ivy, I will cling to you," etc., or, "AllAutobiography, 77:no evangelist they had ever pictured. I would like to say here that I have always met with endlessAutobiography, 77:mind. This, of course, is a generalization and like all generalizations somewhat untrue. I haveAutobiography, 78:are face to face with it. It often seemed to me like a kind friend and I never had the slightestAutobiography, 78:I intend no dissertation on death, but I would like to give here a definition of death which has
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