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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIKE

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Discipleship1, 438:for you - physically and emotionally. You are like so many disciples upon the second ray who are inDiscipleship1, 438:who are in training for future world salvaging. Like our Great Master, the Christ, you must and doDiscipleship1, 446:other disciples in preliminary training, I would like to indicate the conditioning rays of theDiscipleship1, 453:its major and universal tenets. I would like you to give nine months to this work, giving threeDiscipleship1, 454:If I might suggest, [454] my brother, I would like to see you give two months to reflection,Discipleship1, 460:more than the sense. Phrase I. For the mind. "Like a golden butterfly which flies in tile face ofDiscipleship1, 463:they are. Mount, therefore, to the soul. I would like here to point out to you that earlier I gaveDiscipleship1, 466:to the Full Moon Approach. I would also like to assign you a special task which will be of value toDiscipleship1, 467:by the attitudes of the fourth ray mind. I would like here to point out that Your soul ray seeksDiscipleship1, 477:outer separate attitude to those whom you do not like and who do not like you - consequently. [478]Discipleship1, 477:to those whom you do not like and who do not like you - consequently. [478] I told you earlier toDiscipleship1, 481:inclinations than ever before. But you stand now like a tired and disillusioned soldier wonderingDiscipleship1, 484:to produce a greater capacity to serve. I would like to see you doing some definite service inDiscipleship1, 492:you are aware of what you would like to be, but what you are in expression engrosses your attentionDiscipleship1, 492:yourself, with what concerns you, with what you like, with how you feel, physically andDiscipleship1, 502:mean more to you than to your brothers) I would like to say that I have naught but commendation forDiscipleship1, 503:and of failing to express them as you would like. You feel unable to demonstrate and to be what youDiscipleship1, 508:soul love. Study along these lines, if you like, but sit still. Love and quietness, not resentmentDiscipleship1, 522:is thus created and used, exists. Today I would like to tell you that on the inner planes yourDiscipleship1, 529:pool, embedded in boulders and large flat rocks, like some of the rocks along the stream's edge andDiscipleship1, 534:vanity of the average aspirant. However, I would like today to tell you that you have done goodDiscipleship1, 538:life, which you can adjust pretty much as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receivesDiscipleship1, 538:to the life of discipleship. I would like here to point out two things to you. First: If you can soDiscipleship1, 547:the ajna center. This thread, dual in nature like two golden cables intertwined, passes from theDiscipleship1, 553:[553] and indicates to you the way of release. Like all disciples, in training on the Path ofDiscipleship1, 558:Thus will realization come. Phrase I. Like a golden butterfly, which flies towards the sun, I findDiscipleship1, 559:and that of your co-disciples, I would like to point out that the group work of healing can beDiscipleship1, 566:is in your case, becomes a definite hindrance. Like a few others in my group, your astral body isDiscipleship1, 569:material possessions? You stand alone now and like it not. Yes, for the first time in thisDiscipleship1, 580:shift. One interesting fact emerges and I would like to call your attention to it. Your affiliationDiscipleship1, 580:intensified by the fact that your mental body, like your personality, is upon the first ray. TheDiscipleship1, 585:second ray groups exist in order to help people like you. They do not. But the work of the buildersDiscipleship1, 587:future with your brothers in the Way. I would like to point out two things also: First, your sixthDiscipleship1, 588:of the group life. The second thing I would like to say to you is that it is not my intention toDiscipleship1, 589:It is easier to undermine another group. I would like, therefore, to put to you one or twoDiscipleship1, 598:hindrances have to go. You have for years been like a man standing in a room with his back to theDiscipleship1, 598:dim and only partially diffused. You are today like a man who has turned around and walked over toDiscipleship1, 600:do love authority, my brother, and how you would like me to save you a lot of trouble and directDiscipleship1, 601:so that you can clearly grasp my words. If you like the adjectival phrases of the communicator whoDiscipleship1, 620:frequently runs contrary to much that one would like to see accomplished and to much that has beenDiscipleship1, 626:Were it not so, I would not thus write. I would like to set you the task of writing an article onDiscipleship1, 631:which I set you entertained me. They were so like you - earnest, sincere, mental, logical and withDiscipleship1, 636:development for this life. Three things I would like to point out to you in this connection: YouDiscipleship1, 643:and your motive is sound. To them I would like briefly to refer. As I do so, I would ask you, atDiscipleship1, 644:service. Discipline for yourself (and this you like not) and service for your fellowmen, willDiscipleship1, 646:up to date with the other group members, I would like also to indicate to you not only yourDiscipleship1, 651:that you have made a good beginning. I would like to suggest that you add to your usual diaryDiscipleship1, 662:which must hurt and damage. Face life steadily, like an adult who has learnt in the school ofDiscipleship1, 676:being, their lost estate of liberty eats like a canker. Pain, sickness, poverty and loss are seenDiscipleship1, 686:obedience and the nature of the vision. I would like to deal with these right at the beginning ofDiscipleship1, 686:question, lesser ones arise which I would like to cite. Has the disciple to obey the slightest hintDiscipleship1, 693:there are certain things of which I would like to remind you. If you will reflect upon them youDiscipleship1, 693:this subject. The first point which I would like to bring out is that accepted disciples are inDiscipleship1, 694:importance. The second thing which I would like to point out is that there is a great differenceDiscipleship1, 695:perception. The third point which I would like to bring out is that disciples when they form partDiscipleship1, 702:soul activity upon the physical plane. I would like to consider in greater detail the nature of aDiscipleship1, 703:and functions through one firm organization (like electrons around the positive nucleus in anDiscipleship1, 710:the Path of Discipleship. At this point, I would like to point out that I shall be dealing with aDiscipleship1, 719:(before I proceed with other matters) I would like to touch upon the nature of the work which theDiscipleship1, 726:of the planetary Logos. I would here like to point out that I am referring to good karma as well asDiscipleship1, 740:experience and those to whom he must look for like aid. This is a hard first lesson. The neophyteDiscipleship1, 745:at will and when an emergency arises. I would like here to call your attention to the attitude ofDiscipleship1, 761:part of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. I would like, however, to make clear at this point that theDiscipleship1, 787:there are three points to which I would like to call your attention. Earlier - many years earlier -Discipleship2rushing into the personal life of soul force is like sunshine in a garden. Weeds as well as flowersDiscipleship2, XII:sometimes when certain individuals did not like what the Tibetan said to them about themselves theyDiscipleship2, 12:belong to the Ashram of the Master K.H. I should like to add a further point: Reception such asDiscipleship2, 13:Instruction December 1941 My BROTHERS: I would like to start off this instruction with the simpleDiscipleship2, 17:be done at the time of the Wesak moon. I would like to add that the results of this work will notDiscipleship2, 17:- the experiment of group initiation. I would like, therefore, to make the whole plan clearer andDiscipleship2, 19:which they hold for you, and for disciples like you. There are literally seven meanings, but IDiscipleship2, 23:Instruction August 1942 My BROTHERS: I would like first to remind you briefly of three points whichDiscipleship2, 26:true and emerging technique of the Path. I would like somewhat to change your work in connectionDiscipleship2, 37:time of your preparation for initiation. I would like now to try an experiment. Continue with yourDiscipleship2, 44:given in the last instruction, as I felt I would like to see whether the rhythm of the past -Discipleship2, 45:I stressed three points to which I would like again to refer in the light of the emergingDiscipleship2, 55:of humanity as a whole. This third stage can (like the two previous ones) be divided into theDiscipleship2, 62:along the lines of the Triangle work. I would like to point out that the distinction between theDiscipleship2, 74:Ashram with which you are affiliated. I would like to start by emphasizing the fact of yourDiscipleship2, 74:are learnt, and usefulness returns. I would like to ask you to read this with care, withDiscipleship2, 86:death of A.A.B. I suggest no changes. I would like to see the work left in the hands of those whoDiscipleship2, 88:of the disciple. One thing I would however like you clearly to grasp and that is the pattern whichDiscipleship2, 92:another was J.A.C. though he would greatly like to be reinstated. This is not possible; however,Discipleship2, 95:to study what I have just said with care. Do you like, for instance, to penetrate into the mentalDiscipleship2, 95:you will have some day to face. Do you, again, like to share your emotional reactions with aDiscipleship2, 96:Ashram and in relation to world service. I would like you to do some further thinking upon theDiscipleship2, 101:which has distressed me and bewildered A.A.B. Like all disciples, she had at first to work in theDiscipleship2, 101:particularly in the second ray Ashram. I would like to say at this point to all of you who haveDiscipleship2, 103:a difficult point for you to understand. I would like to arrest any tendency to consider one AshramDiscipleship2, 109:earlier stages - are apt to be didactic; they like to express in words their profound understandingDiscipleship2, 109:antagonize those they otherwise could help. They like to show their unique familiarity withDiscipleship2, 124:spokes and at the center of the wheel, like the hub of the wheel, can be found your Master (D.K.).Discipleship2, 128:is relatively negligible as such to groups like this. But the symbolic usefulness is great and hasDiscipleship2, 151:further with this subject of meditation, I would like to call your attention to the fact that theDiscipleship2, 151:a group, you have been asked to follow. I would like to summarize their objectives for you so thatDiscipleship2, 153:the next phase in this abstract work. I would like at this point to refer to two concepts which IDiscipleship2, 165:has been to the spiritually minded Jew. I would like to indicate to you three approaches to theDiscipleship2, 169:upon our way and practical goodwill. I would like now to touch upon some of the deeper meanings forDiscipleship2, Here t:meditation. During this coming year I would like you to follow a meditation procedure as outlinedDiscipleship2, 179:about creative results in your lives. I would like to repeat at this time some of the idea!; which
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