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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIKE

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Externalisation, 12:make a wide appeal and its validity is such that like all shells, for instance, which are contactedExternalisation, 12:of a relatively high order. Its mental effect is like a beautiful parody of myself and serves toExternalisation, 12:- Section I - Introductory Remarks I would like to point out also that trance Mediumship, as it isExternalisation, 15:of the aspirants found working in them. I would like first of all to make one point clear. TheExternalisation, 27:These seed groups are embryonic and therefore, like germinating seeds, their activity is at presentExternalisation, 79:do. The first thing, therefore, of which I would like to remind you is that The Hierarchy stands.Externalisation, 80:disaster; this center of spiritual life is "like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land". TheExternalisation, 81:and disciples think and what they do. I would like to remind you of another most encouraging thing,Externalisation, 91:appear, and thus the fifth is seen on earth like to the second and nurtured by the fourth. WithinExternalisation, 108:based upon four major factors upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge: [109] Upon the pointExternalisation, 123:it is expressed in the following terms: "Like as a dragon snake uncoils slowly its body, so theExternalisation, 123:of Wisdom, opened their folds and spreading out like a running stream of sweet waters...Many of theExternalisation, 124:The General World Picture The Modern Era I would like to pause here and remind you of one or twoExternalisation, 135:all these leaders are simply human beings and like other men - idealistic, mistaken, lovers ofExternalisation, 144:sounded the OM with great diligence. I would like here to ask: With what results? I myself willExternalisation, 148:angle of the trained spiritual Observer. I would like to touch briefly and for a few minutes uponExternalisation, 156:Great Invocation sentence by sentence, I would like briefly to touch upon the needed procedure asExternalisation, 158:of the Great Invocation (see page 144), I would like, first of all, to point out a few underlyingExternalisation, 171:emerge with clarity and power. I would here like to emphasize the fact that the tide must beExternalisation, 189:have no right to an opinion. Men will be drafted like slaves into the service of the state. Such isExternalisation, 211:much will depend. In this communication I would like to do two things: First of all, give you aExternalisation, 215:this picture clearly in your minds, and I would like again to define them. The ancient entrenchedExternalisation, 217:the two and, to date, do nothing. I would like in this connection to deal with one problem whichExternalisation, 226:and activities on your part which I would like briefly to touch upon, leaving you to take right andExternalisation, 231:measures to make these values possible. I would like to deal openly and frankly with the problemsExternalisation, 251:have distorted God's revelation, and I would like to do something to produce a wiser attitude toExternalisation, 252:and maximum results can be attained. I would like first of all to touch upon the three points whichExternalisation, 263:and new Invocation. One other thought I would like to touch upon prior to an analysis of theExternalisation, 269:Entity or Life, but is essentially One like unto ourselves - human and animal combined as are weExternalisation, 292:can more easily understand; because They are of like nature to mankind, "flesh of our flesh andExternalisation, 292:In considering the subject of Avatars I would like to point out that (from the standpoint ofExternalisation, 310:their pet ideals of peace, living or work and - like Nero - they "fiddle whilst Rome burns." AllExternalisation, 316:the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction. Then say:Externalisation, 334:among the senior members of the group. I would like to see more of it among all of you. As theExternalisation, 342:you today and all whom you can reach. I should like to incorporate at this point part of what IExternalisation, 345:the present catastrophe to man. Such people are like a millstone around the neck of humanity,Externalisation, 374:nations, particularly the great democracies, like the British Commonwealth of Nations and theExternalisation, 382:than a futile doing of the things a man feels like doing in a leisurely way, and then meanderingExternalisation, 384:sphere, do the same, finding two other people of like mind with you to form a goodwill triangle ofExternalisation, 412:fades out in the glory of the soul, which (like the rising sun) blots out the darkness andExternalisation, 426:another aspect of this matter to which I would like to call your attention. These restrictionsExternalisation, 454:- reaching up into the spiritual realm like a breathing forth of the very soul of humanity; it willExternalisation, 467:later with the Forces of Reconstruction. I would like to close this message with some [468] wordsExternalisation, 468:and eternally recurring resurrection. I would like to talk with you anent the Christ, about HisExternalisation, 473:One aspect of Their work and attitude I would like to touch upon, for it is apt to causeExternalisation, 477:Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal and - like the sun - it pours down upon the worthy andExternalisation, 491:Release of Atomic Energy August 9, 1945 I would like at this time to touch upon the greatestExternalisation, 510:compelling life. Secondly, the church movement, like all else, is but a temporary expedient andExternalisation, 518:who struggle in the thick of the fray. They are like the Headquarters Staff who follow the battleExternalisation, 524:could more advanced disciples. You and disciples like you are a definite part of the Hierarchy; asExternalisation, 530:of your normal expression - little as you may like to realize this. You need to realize that thereExternalisation, 542:ceremonial rites. In this message I would like to consider with you primarily the Festival of theExternalisation, 545:war which will make the past war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds will embroilExternalisation, 576:To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like the rankest blasphemy, but the questionExternalisation, 579:in order to make him more comfortable or more like a robot or more selfish, but as an aspect andExternalisation, 602:will be ready. For a brief moment, I would like to summarize certain aspects of the work He set inExternalisation, 606:made. I, a humble disciple of the Christ, would like here to speak of it. It is the factor of whatExternalisation, 607:were also present that He would come again in like manner. He ascended. The clouds received Him andExternalisation, 612:The Christ Who will return will not be like the Christ Who (apparently) departed. He will not be aExternalisation, 631:and for us all to know about it. [631] It is like the psychological cleansing of the subconsciousExternalisation, 635:be done in the next two decades, but would like first of all to touch upon the state of the worldExternalisation, 666:in the Externalization One more point I would like to discuss. Through the work of this Master andExternalisation, 695:He must not be deceived by the fact that people like him on the platform; that is group work, butExternalisation, 696:which will arise in your minds, and I would like to touch upon one or two of them. For instance,Fire, 15:lesser wheels rushed into being. They revolve like their Mother, around, within and forward. AllFire, 19:thirty-five, finding the distance just, flashed like a sheet of intermittent flame, and lo, theFire, 29:them forth. They peopled the lower four, and like a black and evil cloud shut out the light of day.Fire, 49:impose his own reality, can think of as existing like himself, is his universe." 16 UniversalFire, 65:each atom is to create a brahmanda. Brahmandas like or smaller or larger than ours, held togetherFire, 71:incarnating Monad are built. These are strung like pearls upon the sutratma, or thread. Ray. AFire, 99:are in the form that all centers take, of saucer-like depressions, resembling somewhat theFire, 105:the etheric web does not form a barrier, but (like the Karmic Lords on a higher plane) They haveFire, 107:it otherwise, the etheric body becomes lazy, is like an unstrung web, or (to use a very homelyFire, 136:or annular power on account of its spiral-like working or progress in the body of the asceticFire, 147:in his astral body, or in his second aspect in like manner as the undifferentiated Logos isFire, 151:of heaven is a vast sphere, revolving slowly like a stupendous wheel, and carrying with it, in itsFire, 151:with his present scientific accessories, but (like all occult statements) it contains within it theFire, 168:Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes I would like to describe these centers in greater detail,Fire, 171:this stage the center is seen simply as a saucer-like depression (as Mr. C. W. Leadbeater expressesFire, 171:of glowing fire in the middle of the saucer-like depression, and the rotation becomes more rapid.Fire, 175:manvantara sets it going from that very point - like a stopped time-piece rewound. Therefore, IFire, 234:subsidiary principle of the fundamental one. In like manner He Himself has six subsidiaryFire, 280:chain, similarly revolves upon His axis, and a like phenomenon may be observed. A planet repulses aFire, 280:similarly charged, for it is a known law that like particles repel each other, but occultly it is aFire, 280:cause exists in form itself. The emotion of like or of dislike is nothing else but the realizationFire, 302:bodies, physical, astral and mental, and he is - like all manifesting beings - threefold in hisFire, 305:the powers inherent in mind, and thus becoming like unto his monadic source, a Heavenly Man. AFire, 334:His cycles are consequently soon run, and gone like a flash in the night. A planetary Logos, Who isFire, 346:germ of mentality had permeated the substance like yeast. Thus was consciousness awakened. In theFire, 362:super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendous shattering ofFire, 394:action and endeavor within his periphery, and, like his greater corresponding spheres, a solarFire, 464:the vibratory activity of the fifth spirilla. In like manner, the less evolved units of the race,Fire, 472:may in itself be as slight as can be conceived, like the minutest filaments of cotton, - such thatFire, 499:and the transmutative power of manas, I would like to point out that so far-reaching are theseFire, 536:does not come to full demonstration. I would like to point out here that in studying the solarFire, 572:though one with all that lives or is. In like manner our Logos loses not His identity, even thoughFire, 582:of something that is tending to separation. Like all that works in the system, the process is slow;Fire, 595:planetary Logos of the sixth Ray. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not so really; weFire, 598:of the complexity of the arrangement, I would like here to point out that the Rays themselvesFire, 653:II, 723. Man tends to become a God and then God, like every other atom in the universe. - S. D., I,
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