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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIKE

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Magic, 341:and the Future Certain words of warning I would like to give and also a summarization of muchMagic, 343:Ten - The Present Age and the Future I would like to state that there are five things which thoseMagic, 371:who struggle in the thick of the fray. We are like the General Headquarters Staff who follow theMagic, 416:a capacity to write as Shakespeare, to paint like a da Vinci, to produce musical masterpieces likeMagic, 416:like a da Vinci, to produce musical masterpieces like a Beethoven, or to bring about world changesMagic, 416:a Beethoven, or to bring about world changes like Napoleon. But the new type of group worker is aMagic, 429:which is union through the mind. It sounds like a redundancy to speak of union through synthesis,Magic, 433:These differentiations as you well know are like the coloring that the prism takes when subjectedMagic, 440:the Old Commentary: "The sons of God shot forth like arrows from the bow. The forms received theMagic, 466:its esoteric color, and its symbol. I would like to point out, however, that these intriguingMagic, 478:thus energized and expedited acted inevitably like a boomerang, and returned to the one who sentMagic, 480:- embodied ideas must be considered, and I would like also to cover the idea of "a saving-from"Magic, 486:the detailed material, the news (if so you like to call it), the basis of what may degenerate intoMagic, 488:unnecessary. 1. A potent thought-form can act like a boomerang. It can return, charged withMagic, 488:depth of truth in the ancient aphorism: "Curses, like chickens, come home to roost." A potentMagic, 500:I take up this subject in greater detail I would like to make reference to the "web in the brain",Magic, 507:of interest for us to consider, and I would like to quote a few words from them: "It might beMagic, 522:their particular cycle, whether it is ephemeral, like the life of a butterfly or relativelyMagic, 522:the life of a butterfly or relatively permanent like the ensouling life of the planetary deity, andMagic, 524:of humanity, all that is here conveyed is like a fifth reader in grammar school to the text booksMagic, 527:nature of responsiveness. The mass of men are like the millions of unused brain cells which theMagic, 532:being, their lost estate of liberty eats like a canker. Pain, sickness, poverty and loss are seenMagic, 537:illumined the way of humanity and have acted like searchlights, thrown out into the great ocean ofMagic, 537:to man the Path he can and must go. I would like to point out another thing. I have given noMagic, 546:the recognition of other quaternaries. I would like to give a short résumé of some of theMagic, 579:so will be the forms of life which he will, like a magnet, attract to himself. C. The strength of aMagic, 589:- The Awakening of the Centers I would here like to point out two other matters, and so clarify theMagic, 592:a series of crosses, as follows: This is much like the cross upon the Union Jack, which has alwaysMagic, 597:the centers, for the petals are really in form like a number of superimposed eights. The word petalMagic, 622:the present call to service which is sounding like a trumpet in the ear of all attentive disciples.Magic, 623:at all. He is under strain naturally, and - like a man carrying a heavy load up a steep hill - heMagic, 628:flower of soul expression will emerge. I would like to point out the following: The instinct ofMagic, 638:and thus adjustments are speedily made. I would like to point out to the student that, having withMeditation, 16:the driving forward and the forcing upward had a like result; the opened channel admitted theMeditation, 31:from being a colorless ovoid, holding the Ego like a yolk within the egg-shell, to a thing of rareMeditation, 48:(in speaking of these schools) I would like to urge that you picture not some isolated spot forMeditation, 57:law of attraction demonstrating through sound. Like to like and kind to kind, driven thereto byMeditation, 57:attraction demonstrating through sound. Like to like and kind to kind, driven thereto by unity ofMeditation, 83:use of the Sacred Word in meditation, I would like to indicate certain things, though more than aMeditation, 100:the consideration of the matter on hand, I would like to point out to you a certain ratherMeditation, 100:second plane. Macrocosmic evolution proceeds in like manner to the microcosmic. The internal firesMeditation, 101:I give you quite an occult hint here. I would like also to give you here a very brief though occultMeditation, 101:manifest in the physical body. These dangers - like so much else in the Logoic scheme - assume aMeditation, 103:principally beset the physical vehicles. I would like to point out that I deal with the trouble inMeditation, 124:the etheric double, in the separating web, which like a piece of relaxed elastic permits entry ofMeditation, 134:but come back, and then in the future avoid like errors in the same way as a child once burntMeditation, 152:of the form becomes all in all. [152] He, like the mystic, has three things to do: He has to learnMeditation, 153:beauty. This will suffice for today, but I would like to outline for you the ideas that must beMeditation, 179:others that influence specific devas. I would like to point out here that as a rule devas areMeditation, 225:necessary knowledge with effort. I would here like to point out certain other considerations whichMeditation, 233:those bodies are constructed. Therefore, I would like to point out that as the race progresses as aMeditation, 236:with the lamb" or that "the desert shall blossom like a rose". It will be [237] brought about byMeditation, 304:with each other frequently and are really like the faculty of one stupendous university, the fourMeditation, 304:stupendous university, the four schools being like the [305] various major departments of theMeditation, 305:various major departments of the foundations - like subsidiary colleges. The aim of all is theMeditation, 332:the junction of the lower and the higher. It is like a busy railroad terminus, that receives cargoMeditation, 336:with high vibration. One more point I would like to give, and that is, that in the manipulation ofMeditation, 340:durable the results achieved by the disciple. Like as a potter moulds and shapes the clay and thenPatanjali, 14:or mind-stuff, is the fifth principle, and like all else in nature, manifests as a duality. ThisPatanjali, 92:occult words of St. John's Epistle "We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is." [93] ItPatanjali, 142:of the physical body are to be subjected to a like control. Much that we do is automatic and thePatanjali, 172:the illusory sutratma which bindeth him to form. Like the spider which gathereth up the threadPatanjali, 195:St. John where the words are found "We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is." Only thatPatanjali, 234:this perfection, there comes rapidity of action like that of mind, perception independent of thePatanjali, 259:immediate control of the responsive chitta occur like a flash of lightning. This is the statePatanjali, 275:accurately what they see. The akashic record is like an immense photographic [276] film,Patanjali, 288:"Let thy Soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drink thePatanjali, 301:Egg is a minute fragment of the primary cause, like a firefly in the sky." This means that ourPatanjali, 352:this perfection, there comes rapidity of action like that of mind, perception independent of thePatanjali, 353:These results are: 1. Rapidity of action like that of the mind. The term "swift as a thought" isPatanjali, 394:it in his commentary in the following words: "In like manner, the same over-ruling selective power,Patanjali, xi:the beloved disciple, has said that "we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is" and theProblems, 6:destiny of man. The past is in reality more like the prenatal stage than an ordinary livingProblems, 12:- for that which does not belong to them. Like children, they cry for "more". Problems, 13:will seem some day to a more mature race of men like nursery quarrels over some favorite toy. TheProblems, 26:the wonder of this rapidly integrating nation. Like all young people, symbolically speaking, theProblems, 27:danger of which the best minds are deeply aware. Like all young people, Americans feel superior toProblems, 27:experienced approach to world problems. Again, like all young people, the American is intenselyProblems, 34:has been swept away. There are those who would like to see that civilization return and the oldProblems, 58:- with the training of the memory and the parrot like recording of facts and dates and uncorrelatedProblems, 69:back the British people from progress and would like to see the restoration of the oldProblems, 69:The other powerful nations, little as they may like to realize it, are not in so strong a position;Problems, 73:we have to contend. The war has, however, acted like a purge. It has opened the eyes of men to theProblems, 103:in name but in fact. There is no other problem like it in the world today - an entire people ofProblems, 113:easy, accommodating, kindly and anxious to like people and be liked; if today so many Negroes areProblems, 119:to spread goodwill and find the men of like mind in their environment. The work of the men ofProblems, 123:and the churchmen are thinking in a Christ-like way, then the salvation of humanity is assured. ItProblems, 129:beginning to emerge. The Mohammedan faith is, like the Christian, a positive presentation of truthProblems, 133:churches; they love their fellowmen and would like to divert the money spent in the upkeep ofProblems, 137:Christ on the path of service? Or will they - like the rich young man in the Gospel story - turnProblems, 153:have them live, setting an example of a Christ-like consciousness and demonstrating their close andPsychology1, 14:which is capable of achievement. Many these days like to [15] talk and think in terms of that OnePsychology1, 22:the objective, as our consciousness becomes more like that of Divinity Itself. Psychology1, 23:field of experiment and experience. I should like to point out here that when I speak in terms ofPsychology1, 52:energy. This is the true magical work. I should like to point out that when the fourth ray and thePsychology1, 55:and there is a fusion or at-one-ing. This is like a higher recapitulation of the initial union ofPsychology1, 74:wreckers of form has been accomplished. I should like here to give a suggestion, for it isPsychology1, 76:the names of this great Life, I should [76] like to point out that the fifth ray is one of uniquePsychology1, 79:death or into incarnation (which is the death-like prison of the soul), or it reveals the way upPsychology1, 117:these Observers and Communicators? I should like to make it clear that the observers train
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