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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIKES

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Astrology, 5:practicing at this time. The modern investigator likes to believe that on him impinge and throughAstrology, 225:soul, whilst attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikes is transmuted into the tenacityAutobiography, 176:upon personality devotions, upon personality likes and dislikes and upon the imposition ofAutobiography, 210:type of human being socially, we have the same likes and dislikes, the same pains and sorrows, theAutobiography, 295:to study but which he again accepts or not as he likes. Such are the teaching on Reincarnation,Destiny, 17:unthinking humanity draws back in fear and likes it not. When full of personality hate andDiscipleship1, 485:and your private affairs, your personal likes and dislikes entirely eliminated. Let this work withDiscipleship1, 626:attitude and on his immunity from attachment; he likes to have his strength and isolationDiscipleship1, 658:attitudes. Your physical condition, your likes and dislikes and your emotional reactions and yourDiscipleship1, 661:to yourself and to your personality interests, likes and dislikes, indifference to your cares,Discipleship1, 662:worker. But this will only be possible if your likes and dislikes, your personality determinationsDiscipleship1, 744:This means that his own feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and desires are no longer theDiscipleship2, 709:of people contacted. You are a man of strong likes and dislikes; you have also prided yourself uponFire, 280:are governed, for instance, very largely by his likes and dislikes. All these attractions andGlamour, 111:and of emotional reactions, with their likes and dislikes, and their dominant self-pity. Self-pityMagic, 485:the real ideas; he is still apt to express his likes and dislikes through the power of thought; heMagic, 542:intent and personal behest, and based upon likes and dislikes, prejudices and longings, can be seenMagic, 560:he pays no attention to his [560] personality likes and dislikes, or to his prejudices andMagic, 560:who read these Instructions to forget their likes and their dislikes and to overlook theMagic, 624:colored by their personality reactions, their likes and dislikes, [625] and their individual lifePsychology2, 501:and the predilections of the subject, upon his likes and dislikes and his desires and recognizedPsychology2, 544:become the occultist and this whether he likes the process or not. He cannot escape it in the longTelepathy, 32:form stage one may use what symbolic forms one likes to embody the word, for such a word as "will"Telepathy, 55:This, in its turn, forces him - whether he likes it or not - to produce an effect upon otherTelepathy, 55:or evil, and from the telepathic angle, than he likes to think or can conceive. You see, therefore,
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