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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIMIT

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Autobiographyit had been her life's custom, she worked to the limit of physical capacity regardless of fatigueBethlehem, 92:greatest that ever could appear. One dare not so limit God. Under the evolutionary revelation ofBethlehem, 277:whatever that may be (and we should not limit God by any of our own preconceived ideas), mayDiscipleship1, 144:task. I would not help you and would only limit you within the boundaries of my own work (note thatDiscipleship1, 154:their [154] ideas and reactions and you thereby limit and hinder your own activity from theDiscipleship1, 182:glamor once and for all. Let not this glamor limit the impression which you are in a position toDiscipleship1, 188:rendered to us. Learn to recognize that the time limit is brief and that for you (as for yourDiscipleship1, 288:of a time consciousness which will not limit, but which will serve to conserve and organize theDiscipleship1, 630:personal advice cannot go on forever. There is a limit to what can be assimilated and much remainsDiscipleship1, 686:may make? Will the fact of Accepted Discipleship limit his freedom of opinion or choice, coerce hisDiscipleship1, 692:or to those who need. Until they do, they limit their effectiveness and shut the door on supply,Discipleship1, 766:the goal for the majority of aspirants is not to limit their consciousness by a concentration uponDiscipleship2, 42:life, the physical tendencies which handicap and limit your [43] service, the sleeplessness whichDiscipleship2, 47:- emotional, mental and physical - which limit my expression as a soul. What can I therefore do?"Discipleship2, 243:they are bearing enough and are tried to the limit of their capacity. This is not the case. TheDiscipleship2, 421:hierarchical activity. Recognition of the limit of the permitted expansion of consciousness, with aDiscipleship2, 655:and mentally. You have endured almost to the limit - in pain of body, in agony of anxiety, throughExternalisation, 263:contact the Earth. Ponder on this and limit not Deity through the rigidity and finiteness of littleExternalisation, 280:in the words: Thus far and no further. The limit of effectiveness of the evil expression and of theExternalisation, 504:attaching the meaning to an individual, you will limit your understanding and fail in rightExternalisation, 557:with humanity that power and that light to the limit of human capacity to use it. I beg you, inExternalisation, 629:which will enable them to give to the limit of their capacity; there must not be simply a trainedExternalisation, 636:undeclared or openly demonstrated) attempts to limit the freedom of the individual, the freeFire, 610:an emanation, a reflection or a ray, there is a limit to what may be known. 89 H.P.B. in the SecretFire, 662:them into five groups. At this point we will limit our consideration to the relationship ofFire, 768:can the ring-pass-not be seen, the encircling limit of the activity of the coming Consciousness. ItFire, 802:in terms of fire, remembering that words only limit and confine the thought, and that the mainFire, 1063:body is in such a state that it can no longer limit or confine the indwelling life. Radiation comesFire, 1073:of consciousness but in this section we will limit the thought simply to that of energy. InFire, 1119:and in the macrocosm. They all serve to limit and circumscribe the reality, but to the man who hasFire, 1233:from the three worlds of human appreciation. To limit and confine and imprison the idea and soGlamour, 33:the [33] use of language with its power to limit and distort. The illusion is also precipitatedHealing, 625:unawakened condition of the centers, or how they limit or implement the responsiveness of the manInitiation, 112:upon each, and remembering that words but limit and confine the true meaning. [113] Initiation, 224:esoterically and exoterically understood. The limit of the field of activity of the central lifeIntellect, 27:expression. There must be no standardized limit of achievement, the attainment of which will leaveIntellect, 114:from the three worlds of human appreciation. To limit and confine and imprison the idea and soIntellect, 132:things: the use of words, which only serve to limit and distort, and the writings of the mysticsMagic, 12:eventually the powers of the animal soul which limit, distort, and imprison, and give man a rangeMagic, 183:matters are side issues and only handicap and limit, and one of the first things we advise one whoMagic, 206:brought about by the particular spacing and time limit of the breaths inhalation, retention, andMagic, 404:what I have to communicate - They do have a time limit. This is based upon the Law of Cycles. ItMagic, 523:clothe the thought. As they clothe it they limit it and I am guilty of creating new prisoners whoMagic, 530:the influence of a conscious purpose, and who "limit the life that is in them" for a time. TheyMeditation, 109:though his ring-pass-not seems to proscribe and limit his inherent tendencies, and even though theMeditation, 262:lies in the thought that They choose to stay and limit Themselves for the sake of men who areMeditation, 359:esoterically and exoterically understood. The limit of the field of activity of the central lifePatanjali, 12:the sheaths or bodies, imprison the real man and limit his powers. These lives are intelligentPatanjali, 49:through the wielding of the law, do not limit or hold him. Free from desire. No longer do thePatanjali, 112:is attained, the pairs of opposites no longer limit. 49. When right posture (asana) has beenPatanjali, 165:- for purposes of service - he may choose to limit himself to a seemingly three dimensional life,Patanjali, 202:substance or of those atoms and molecules which limit the free expression of spirit, and whichPatanjali, 204:of the ego. That the liberated man may choose to limit himself by a form for specific purposes ofPatanjali, 215:is attained, the pairs of opposites no longer limit. The pairs of opposites concern the desire bodyPatanjali, 217:attained, then the pairs of opposites no longer limit. The point of balance is reached and the manPatanjali, 231:neither the physical nor the astral any longer limit or confine the man. When this can be done,Patanjali, 363:is a substance in which minuteness reaches its limit, so a moment is a division of time in whichPatanjali, 363:division of time in which minuteness reaches its limit. Or a moment is that much of time which anPatanjali, 423:be coming, when endurance has been taxed to the limit, which is the hallmark of disciples of everyProblems, 141:consciousness. It is not for us to define or limit it with our concrete thinking but to prepare forPsychology1, 41:and their Answers C. The soul is (and here words limit and distort) a unit of light, colored by aPsychology1, 189:that [189] condition also end, and give to the limit, with justice and understanding, so that thePsychology2, 134:Thus has God, in His wisdom, chosen to [134] limit Himself, and the work of evolution proceedsPsychology2, 140:very briefly for to do more than that might limit the expression of those who do not know enough toPsychology2, 143:the Christ Himself can predict exactly the time limit within which changes can eventuate, nor thePsychology2, 229:the divine quality as it limits (and it does so limit) the purposes of Deity. God Himself hews to aPsychology2, 245:factors which (in time and space) condition and limit Deity, for such is His divine Will. LookingPsychology2, 325:mind uses forms of speech in order to limit the concept intuited within terms which can beRays, 111:has to work out His plans within a certain time limit, and this factor conditions the experience ofRays, 167:and ignores them, for they must no longer limit the life. This point lies outside manifestationRays, 395:will. Through them He must act, and they thereby limit necessarily the vision to which He reacts,Rays, 436:such a way that he does more within a set time limit than is possible to the average man, no matterRays, 472:to convey his state of mind, in words that but limit and confuse, leads to apparent contradictions,Rays, 600:Logos chooses to circumscribe His freedom and to limit His activities. [601] This curious freedomRays, 601:must ever be borne in mind and must necessarily limit the scope of the teaching which I am able toReappearance, 177:which will enable them to give to the limit of their capacity; there must not be simply a trainedSoul, 66:and pervades all space by wave motion, without limit in the universe. It offers practically no
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