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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIMITATIONS

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Astrology, 337:expressed as follows, bearing ever in mind the limitations of language: Astrology, 397:in himself, to a marked degree, outstanding limitations as regards the processes of spiritualAstrology, 456:its consciousness is still held within the limitations of its own kingdom in nature; the HierarchyAstrology, 471:of the intellectual overlordship of Leo and the limitations of Virgo. These three energies areAstrology, 510:houses concern the prison of the soul and its limitations, and with these there is a widespreadAstrology, 513:planets rule and the man lives within the limitations of the twelve houses. 7. The horoscope builtAstrology, 608:theme is too vast. for human thinking, with its limitations of consciousness and its inadequacy ofAstrology, 616:expression of that will on account of the limitations of those aspects of Itself [617] whoseAtom, 66:expanding Christian consciousness is finding the limitations of the theologians inadequate andAutobiography, 42:good and bad - and Who understood them and their limitations and difficulties. This God was not, atAutobiography, 168:He is quite unable to be clearer, owing to the limitations of his readers, and the difficulty ofBethlehem, The it:when unveiled and manifested (even through the limitations of the flesh), Christ made clear to us.Bethlehem, 93:date, of a greater revelation. It is only our limitations as human beings which prevent our seeingBethlehem, 137:decentralized and freed from the self-imposed limitations of form. Bethlehem, 187:living as souls, released from the trammels and limitations of the flesh, while yet walking onBethlehem, 248:in value, then eternal life, free from the limitations of the flesh, is ours. Dean Inge tells usDestiny, 16:the Turkish dictator, within certain personality limitations of relatively negligible moment, madeDiscipleship1, XII:struggling to solve them; with character limitations which they are endeavoring to overcome; theyDiscipleship1, 9:group of any Master may have many weaknesses and limitations. These act as hindrances to others inDiscipleship1, 17:other and to me - have been chosen (in spite of limitations and faulty development) to workDiscipleship1, 21:on mental and astral levels and hence the limitations of the etheric force body and of the physicalDiscipleship1, 22:the memory and classed as entirely personality limitations and unworthy of hindering groupDiscipleship1, 77:You are not yet initiate, and you have faults, limitations, points of darkness and much inertia andDiscipleship1, 140:and also close them upon ancient imprisoning limitations. You know well whereof I speak. First, IDiscipleship1, 150:all in my group of disciples. In all of you are limitations, hindrances and certain obstacles toDiscipleship1, 262:made real progress in swinging free from the limitations of a sixth ray personality during the pastDiscipleship1, 279:on the Way, and yet who still have individual limitations, character defects and over-accentuatedDiscipleship1, 281:the personality but of your release from time limitations. Be the ruler of your time and make theDiscipleship1, 326:words has necessarily its counterpart in the limitations of your personality. The ecstasy of divineDiscipleship1, 373:and a refusal to register your personality limitations along this line. You, with your wisdom andDiscipleship1, 425:a too intent focusing upon the liabilities and limitations. Recognize this, my brother, and thenDiscipleship1, 433:body did not exist. By that I mean that its limitations and the hindrances which it imposes uponDiscipleship1, 439:Remember that inner acquiescence with physical limitations is the key to much release for you. WhenDiscipleship1, 439:also has to fight an inner revolt against her limitations - as do all active and hard-workingDiscipleship1, 465:with understanding, and with no fear of physical limitations. So many in the final years of lifeDiscipleship1, 478:say which will enable you to break through the limitations which surround you. There is a measureDiscipleship1, 491:You are conscious of your lower self, of your limitations, of your desire nature, of your moods andDiscipleship1, 493:which they should use to free themselves from limitations and liabilities. There is too much looseDiscipleship1, 496:analysis emerges the interesting fact that your limitations and hindrances and shortcomings areDiscipleship1, 550:for both of you for you are equally feeling the limitations of the physical body, and both of you -Discipleship1, 555:of great value but it carries with it its limitations because it is entirely along one major lineDiscipleship1, 557:quality which will persist in spite of physical limitations, and the inner sense of weariness willDiscipleship1, 563:joyous heart and equilibrium. One of your great limitations is over-sensitivity. Your outer shellDiscipleship1, 582:self-appointed task within the field of karmic limitations and of environment where your destinyDiscipleship1, 592:of the soul and a revelation of the need and the limitations of the personality. Your problem isDiscipleship1, 598:is forcibly removed, by you yourself. All limitations and hindrances have to go. You have for yearsDiscipleship1, 599:contact and means the revelation of personality limitations covering many years. That has aDiscipleship1, 633:the plane whereon you function, with its obvious limitations. [634] Have you ever noticed that I amDiscipleship1, 659:self-pity, release from physical and emotional limitations. Your problem is not to get rid ofDiscipleship1, 687:rendered by both of them. It is, therefore, the limitations of the disciple which prompt theDiscipleship1, 691:because, in spite of any or all personality limitations, they respond in their individual measureDiscipleship1, 694:enter in - personality reactions, disabilities, limitations, personality thoughts and all that isDiscipleship1, 694:a law which protects the Ashram from your limitations. I have been using the word "Ashram" quiteDiscipleship1, 704:need to overcome limitation (frequently not the limitations usually registered) and the necessityDiscipleship1, 706:avoiding constant recognition of their limitations, with an understanding of their problem, withDiscipleship1, 727:of the soul reveals faults in character, limitations in expression and inadequacies in conduct.Discipleship1, 738:with his disciples) upon their failures and limitations. He does not only give them a steady flowDiscipleship1, 739:recognize truthfully my own and my co-disciples' limitations and do I then move forward with thoseDiscipleship2, 5:types of work. In my first attempt certain group limitations initiated difficulty and led to theDiscipleship2, 28:however, approach them more directly, as the limitations imposed by the physical brain no longerDiscipleship2, 28:is now in process of freeing herself from astral limitations, and by the time the sun movesDiscipleship2, 43:the best of intentions and aspiration. One's limitations, physical or otherwise, look unduly large;Discipleship2, 43:condoned on the basis of health, time, home limitations, fear of one kind or another, age, or aDiscipleship2, 44:home or to what you believe to be the physical limitations, the emotional liabilities and theDiscipleship2, 44:care of, his capacities are increased and his limitations are forgotten. Discipleship2, 46:coupled with the idea that it is your physical limitations which prevent your realizing all thatDiscipleship2, 67:and ideas. The soul can be conscious of the limitations within the personality and of the barriersDiscipleship2, 77:a great deal of help in dealing with personality limitations, and much inspiration. Read now myDiscipleship2, 98:bad qualities, of your assets as well as your limitations. Question 2 Looking back over the yearsDiscipleship2, 106:an Ashram; they know each other's capacities and limitations and they know, therefore, where theyDiscipleship2, 106:exposure of your individual weakness and limitations to the group as a whole was to train you inDiscipleship2, 108:mental pride, detail to them their personality limitations and the difficulties of true spiritualDiscipleship2, 301:apart from my realization of the inevitable limitations which encompass each of you individually, IDiscipleship2, 328:of wisdom, of all problems and difficulties and limitations, so that they become constructive inDiscipleship2, 329:then arrive at the [329] knowledge that their limitations definitely provide a problem for thoseDiscipleship2, 329:later, for initiation, must realize that their limitations, their relatively petty points of viewDiscipleship2, 331:entrance into an Ashram; only evolutionary limitations and lack of perfection (limitations in soulDiscipleship2, 331:evolutionary limitations and lack of perfection (limitations in soul expression, indicating theDiscipleship2, 437:of his own personal, or rather, individual limitations. The next point to be remembered is thatDiscipleship2, 437:The next point to be remembered is that these limitations [438] have been rejected by him under theDiscipleship2, 549:- revealing possibilities of service and the limitations of his equipment, plus a [550] divineDiscipleship2, 562:you, with the handicap of a frail body and the limitations of karma, the place of triumph has to beDiscipleship2, 569:even more so. Your need is to acquiesce in the limitations of the physical body, which need notDiscipleship2, 601:You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say myDiscipleship2, 602:has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separateDiscipleship2, 603:by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought to make youDiscipleship2, 607:every disciple has to learn is the lesson of limitations? Usually this lesson climaxes in some oneDiscipleship2, 607:and at the same time definite physical limitations. If you were now transferred into the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 615:this dual problem should make clear to you your limitations. It is not my habit to touch upon theDiscipleship2, 617:the lesson of standing free from all environing limitations, whilst steadily giving love whereDiscipleship2, 640:me to tell you, for you are aware of your own limitations and of your own weaknesses. Your firstDiscipleship2, 686:the heart center, thus breaking down some of the limitations which will disappear when the astralDiscipleship2, 689:that I am referring to faults, handicaps or limitations. Perhaps I am. I might, however, beDiscipleship2, 696:means realization without any physical plane limitations. My brother, the ray of your astral bodyDiscipleship2, 704:the magnitude of his task; he appreciates the limitations of his contribution (in the light of theDiscipleship2, 758:- binding, forceful and enduring - carries its limitations as well as its benedictions. People canDiscipleship2, 759:and how well I understand your problems, your limitations and your assets. Every Master needs toEducation, 2:Antahkarana. This leads to the overcoming of the limitations - physical and psychological - whichEducation, 80:with what we have, even whilst recognizing the limitations of the present systems. We mustExternalisation, 36:of the Hierarchy have freed themselves from the limitations of brain activity and brain
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