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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIMITATIONS

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Externalisation, 37:the performance of those activities by the brain limitations of time consciousness and spaceExternalisation, 37:from the time consciousness and from any such limitations as space relations within the solarExternalisation, 175:limited by world communications and by national limitations; therefore their power was notExternalisation, 226:in spite of personality stresses, strains and limitations. Prepare yourselves thus for the work ofExternalisation, 230:with the purely parochial point of view. Their limitations of vision lie within themselves and onlyExternalisation, 293:in itself the evil tendencies, the accumulated limitations and the sumtotal of the selfish habitsExternalisation, 293:on the Threshold indicates the past with its limitations and evil habits. So [294] do those AvatarsExternalisation, 353:usefulness, nothing can be done. There are no limitations when true esoteric work is undertaken. ToExternalisation, 356:The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusingExternalisation, 425:no restrictions or ordinary decent, human limitations; they work through violence, coercion,Externalisation, 425:of the Forces of Light do recognize certain limitations, and of this the Forces of Evil takeExternalisation, 500:money has proved itself (owing to man's limitations) a producer of evil and the sower of dissensionExternalisation, 533:see manifestation whole and apart from all the limitations of time, but They feel all the majorExternalisation, 565:not only releases the life from its previous limitations, but also calls in - under the Law ofExternalisation, 603:spiritual goals, liberated themselves from the limitations of the physical body, emotional controlsExternalisation, 634:which recognized [634] no barriers or national limitations. On the inner side of spiritualFire, vi:period, Mrs. Bailey gained her release from the limitations of the physical vehicle. TheFire, VII:the public today has been liberated from the limitations and follies, of mystery, glamor,Fire, viii:the new Aquarian dispensation progresses these limitations will disappear. The personal relation ofFire, 52:at which the adept stands free from the limitations of matter in the three worlds. The internalFire, 114:in view of both human and planetary escape from limitations. This earth chain, though not one ofFire, 191:the work earlier accomplished, his temporary limitations, and other causes create a seemingFire, 238:as yet. This failure to find Him is due to the limitations of the physical brain, and to the lackFire, 239:presentation of the real Idea, but owing to the limitations of man at this stage of evolution, itFire, 303:process, or the freeing of Spirit from the limitations of matter. By this we must understand thatFire, 339:as it serves to bring the scope, and equally the limitations, of the active mental principleFire, 399:By the process of transcending the karmic limitations of the three lower planes. Through the methodFire, 592:progress. All forms are but hindrances and limitations, and ultimately must go, but they have theirFire, 703:lotus, and gradually to free himself from the limitations of the form which he has constructed, andFire, 810:powers which will set him free from his present limitations, and which will produce in the humanFire, 895:to the use of a gross form without the limitations, and impurities, which the animal kingdomFire, 968:only relatively effective, and this within great limitations, and having but a restricted radius.Fire, 1078:they will begin to transcend their human limitations, and to enter the fifth kingdom one by one,Glamour, 20:of distortions of the real truth, owing to the limitations of the human consciousness. Glamor hasGlamour, 34:personality responds. [34] In speaking of the limitations of the planetary Logos of our planet. InGlamour, 88:disciplines are self-imposed and grow out of our limitations and our opportunities. The result ofGlamour, 152:hindrances which the Dweller embodies, and the limitations which it provides to spiritual contactGlamour, 163:The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusingHealing, 8:with his complaint, unhandicapped by the karmic limitations of the body. Or it may be enabling theHealing, 10:God (as the Life of the solar system), certain limitations and certain areas or states ofHealing, 10:consciousness which still await mastering. These limitations and relative imperfections may causeHealing, 10:bodies may be necessarily subject also to these limitations, and to the imperfections growing outHealing, 33:it is necessarily limited, and because of these limitations it is also partially incorrect. DoesHealing, 33:how can it be entirely true when we consider the limitations of your power to comprehend? It isHealing, 81:and not an originator and it is only the limitations of the observer which lead him to ascribe theHealing, 192:liberation [192] from the natural and material limitations which today control all forms; theyHealing, 192:of God. Unquestionably, disease and physical limitations of any kind will vanish, but this willHealing, 211:are thus brought into full expression; all limitations are destroyed; every part of the body isHealing, 248:planet is endowed is very great within certain limitations; it is these limitations, [249] forHealing, 248:great within certain limitations; it is these limitations, [249] for instance, which promoteHealing, 278:to wrong methods and fail to allow for karmic limitations. The success of modern medicine is todayHealing, 289:that the condition of these inner bodies, their limitations and their richness, their defects andHealing, 292:"tainted" - if I may use such a word - by the limitations of these same great Beings; They areHealing, 306:help me to understand your background and your limitations, and so enable me to aid you withHealing, 327:impossible, there must be recognition of karmic limitations and a willingness to submit to them andHealing, 358:and used as a group through shared suffering and limitations and the gained ability of failureHealing, 387:the summum bonum of existence. Freedom from the limitations of the physical body is of realHealing, 531:metaphysician. They [531] know too well the limitations of their present medical attainments. ButHealing, 531:spiritual healer recognizes at present no limitations, and this definitely constitutes a weakness.Healing, 573:nature, ray, development and weaknesses and limitations, they are distributed to the various areasHealing, 623:to that point are responsible for defects and limitations or for assets and achieved perfections.Healing, 683:when rebirth again takes place, for the limitations imposed by the dense physical body areHercules, 82:and in his consciousness is free from their limitations. Now he can be the archer in Sagittarius,Hercules, 85:along the path of evolution. It symbolizes the limitations of all physical incarnation, for CancerHercules, 106:of completion. Six expresses, therefore, the limitations of the body nature working through formHercules, 133:must find expression within the framework of his limitations. If this is not done, the aid mayHercules, 166:think of yourself as a mineral, from such [166] limitations you will arrive at the wonder of being,Hercules, 177:sense but "pure" really is freedom from the limitations of matter. If I am in any way imprisonedHercules, 229:in the sense that it has no understanding of our limitations, and hence is not in any wayInitiation, 34:teaching men how to liberate themselves from the limitations of the fourth, or human kingdom, andInitiation, 42:and under rule and law, though within karmic limitations. The work of the Manu is largely concernedIntellect, 33:until he gradually transcends his present limitations and reorients his mind to wider realizations.Intellect, 38:of the individual to transcend his natural limitations as an entirely legitimate part of itsIntellect, 142:soul, dwelling in the eternal and freed from the limitations of form. This interlude is necessarilyIntellect, 214:therefore, in time becomes unconscious of the limitations of the body nature, and the brain can beMagic, 25:and a refusal to recognize one's temporary limitations that awakens in readers a dislike forMagic, 37:of differentiation or rather (owing to the limitations of the form through which that soul has toMagic, 88:which will enable him to transcend human limitations, and become a part of the fifth or spiritualMagic, 183:than the steadfast investigation into [183] limitations and disabilities which should engross theMagic, 184:and the revelation of his own unworthiness and limitations, and the undesirable constituents of hisMagic, 214:nature and of breaking down the barriers and limitations to true soul activity. These threeMagic, 258:the characteristic is purity within the group limitations, for absolute purity only exists whenMagic, 362:a willingness to recognize physical brain limitations and the accepting of an hypothesis. BelieveMagic, 364:in our small measure to overcome those planetary limitations which hold us back from solarMagic, 417:They possess a full realization of their own limitations, but are not handicapped thereby, butMagic, 417:gathering to them those who are free from the limitations of past political, religious and culturalMagic, 435:indicated the native's past. It summarizes the limitations and handicaps under which he must work,Magic, 458:the Mind of God expresses itself, free from the limitations of what we understand as form. They areMagic, 490:the truth may be that he forgets his own brain limitations and that the truth has come to him viaMagic, 536:one the Sons of God are breaking through their limitations into the world of souls. In theMagic, 605:to vision the Promised Land as it is. Until the limitations - the necessary limitations - of theMagic, 605:as it is. Until the limitations - the necessary limitations - of the three worlds have beenMeditation, 41:of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies, towards the close (I choose myMeditation, 42:escape of the imprisoned life from even those limitations, bearing with it the imparted faculty andMeditation, 210:into the Hall of Wisdom. In the latter hall its limitations are discovered, and that structureMeditation, 268:that draws the latent Deity from out of the limitations of the human kingdom, and affiliates theMeditation, 286:is perhaps not so hard in some ways, but the limitations of the fifth principle have to beMeditation, 286:before real progress can be made. These limitations are largely crystallization and that which youMeditation, 292:and contemplation, the power to transcend the limitations of time and space, are powers of the bodyPatanjali, 31:not only the freeing of the soul from the limitations of the three worlds, but the freeing of the
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