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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIMITED

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Healing, 471:indicating God as form, circumscribed and limited, self-centered and not outgoing. The destroyingHealing, 482:orthodox medicine. The latter, in its turn, has limited itself by its failure to recognize what isHealing, 525:therefore, of the spiritual healer is strictly limited to those who have faith. Faith, however, isHealing, 539:energy pouring from the soul is inhibited and limited, disease can find place in the physical body.Healing, 583:body. The forces are those energies which are limited and imprisoned within a form of any kind - aHealing, 584:is in some ways less effective (within a limited sphere) than the energy already anchored there. ItHealing, 661:of the Law of Perfection (strange to man's limited point of view), the war (1914-1945) was aHercules, 8:knowledge. In the physical body, handicapped and limited by the tendencies conferred on him by theHercules, The So:Company, New York, N.Y., and the Lucis press Limited, London.] It is in this cave that the lion ofHercules, 205:the pronouncements and the interpretations of limited minds. Dr. Rufus Jones, the great QuakerHercules, 229:help has to come from a source other than this limited existence, but this source must not beIntellect, 5:a historically conditioned, and geographically limited, factor, representative of only one part ofMagic, 22:that men have (for the sake of understanding) limited and separated into a trinity of aspects, orMagic, 39:constituting one great total, is, however, limited in its expression by the nature and quality ofMagic, 328:by their own devotion and their growth is limited by their fanaticism. They belong mostly to theMagic, 531:of the human family. 2. Those lives who are limited in form because they are not self-conscious butMagic, 535:and where the radius of contact is limited there you have a prison. Ponder on this statement for itMeditation, 38:whose reflections are in incarnation are more limited than those who are not. It is almost as ifMeditation, 38:whereas the egos out of incarnation are not so limited but work in another direction or dimension.Patanjali, 30:of its astral body and functioning in, or limited by, its mental body. It is of a higher [31] orderPatanjali, 38:groups of yogins dealt with, perception was limited to the phenomenal world, [39] though we mustPatanjali, 68:every man possesses. It is circumscribed and limited. Etheric vision. This is a rapidly developingPatanjali, 107:other methods of ascertaining truth, all of them limited and imperfect. They are: SensePatanjali, 147:If the Son of God (cosmic or human) is [147] limited, and imprisoned and blinded by his form, thatPatanjali, 147:pain, for just in so far as the Inner Ruler is limited by his body of manifestation just so farPatanjali, 190:in order to convey the true meaning in the more limited English tongue. Certain basic concepts arePatanjali, 364:range from the life of the atom of substance, limited [365] and circumscribed as it may be, to thatPatanjali, 379:is present in its sequential sense and they are limited in their working. They form part of theProblems, 5:of the airplane. The uncouth sounds and the limited vocabulary of the savage races have developedPsychology1, 5:the true scientific method), and is therefore limited and circumscribed when it is put to the testPsychology1, 22:degree which it is impossible for us to cognize, limited as we are by our present relativelyPsychology1, 22:of expressing active life, qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, theyPsychology1, 73:as yet a first ray ego is so handicapped and limited by the form nature and the quality of thatPsychology1, 91:without exception, breaking down under test and limited by disease, or hiding the seeds of disease;Psychology1, 129:indicate to you, in general terms, - necessarily limited by the inadequacy [130] of language, - thePsychology1, 168:of the rays. Seeing that the moment each became limited (i.e. separated from the absolutePsychology2, 6:His place and term of office) conditioned and limited by His own peculiar point in evolution. APsychology2, 58:the soul: The crisis wherein the soul, blinded, limited and handicapped by form, begins to work inPsychology2, 229:way as the life purpose of a human being is both limited and conditioned by the psychologicalPsychology2, 241:indicate my understanding of God's Plan. This is limited naturally by my capacity. Only dimly do IPsychology2, 246:an outward looking, to use terms which the usual limited point of view can grasp. That which is toPsychology2, 323:of human beings, variously equipped, greatly limited by that equipment, and faced also with anPsychology2, 333:physical plane of the imprisoned consciousness, limited and confined for purposes of defined,Psychology2, 372:desire, my dream, my vision of reality, my limited ideal, my finite thought of God; - for these IPsychology2, 372:and the dream, forgetting that the truth is limited by mind - narrow and set, one-pointed, notPsychology2, 375:emphasis upon an aspect or a part, and is not limited by the sense of time. Psychology2, 380:from the standpoint of the personal self, still limited and imprisoned in the "I" consciousness.Psychology2, 391:owing to the lack of comprehension and the limited evolution of the average disciple, but in anyPsychology2, 414:of the omniscient soul, the consciousness is limited, disturbed, exclusive, self-centered,Psychology2, 440:causing much distress. The conscious is limited to that which the man knows himself to be and havePsychology2, 483:heir of the ages and that the wrong conditions, limited circumstances and unhappy occurrences arePsychology2, 495:would like to point out that I seek only, in the limited space at my disposal, to do two things:Psychology2, 727:and thus endeavor to carry forward over a limited and stated time a united endeavor to spread goodRays, 38:which the incarnating soul enters into life - limited and restricted from the angle of the soul.Rays, 107:That is no easy task and is necessarily most limited. The disciple knows or is learning to knowRays, 116:the womb of time and circumscribed by space and limited by darkness - though sustained always byRays, 132:of influence of the greater Life," but not limited by life within the many forms which progress,Rays, 143:the training given to the youth of the world (limited though the application of this idea may be),Rays, 198:of experience, and his - to him - feeble and limited equipment. It is to this stage that theRays, 201:a member of the Council at Shamballa (for only a limited number of initiates are so placed), heRays, 204:that means that there was only a relative and limited manifestation of that fusing linkingRays, 265:of the Hierarchy, though the third from the limited vision of the aspirant. The initiate then goesRays, 276:His children. That understanding is in itself so limited and inaccurate that it serves mainly toRays, 287:impression. I know not how else to word this, limited as I am by the necessity of language. You mayRays, 363:of impressions localized (and therefore limited) and defined within the etheric levels of theRays, 440:in nature entails. Not all souls liberated or limited constitute the Kingdom of God in the senseRays, 440:which that phrase conveys to us; that term is limited to the soul which informs units in the humanRays, 440:and works. Becoming is complex, imprisoning, limited and subjected to hindrances, and in that worldRays, 564:the initiate is not yet able to penetrate; he is limited by that sphere of activity which we callRays, 582:steadily mounts, but is at the same time limited and hindered by the strength of his devotion toRays, 652:thought anent the Law of Cause and Effect was so limited that - in the light of this HigherRays, 661:the Macrocosm, but if you ventured outside that limited and manifested Life (if that were possible,Rays, 676:they vision only one picture; their horizon is limited to only one point of the compass (speakingRays, 745:through misinformation, organized lying and limited education. They are fighting against theReappearance, 18:of the Hierarchy which He supervises. He will be limited by the quality and the caliber of theReappearance, 149:that can be known about God? If so, God is very limited. May it not be possible that our presentReappearance, 173:institutional and concrete. They have been limited by the separative tenets of the donors, or theSoul, 18:avoid the dangers [18] of one whose vision is limited, who sees only isolated points but never theSoul, 68:life force is far from being all-powerful. It is limited by the matter which it seeks to overcome,Soul, 87:double, the localities to be selected were very limited, and only structures in the middle lineSoul, 128:efficiency in operation. Man, the soul, is limited in his operating efficiency by the condition ofSoul, 129:other means is essentially repair work, and is limited to the highest state of those particularSoul, 132:to the truth of the existence of the Soul, but, limited by their peculiar bent and method, theirTelepathy, Discip:is as yet without a vocabulary. It is not limited at any stage by thought-forms but it is limitedTelepathy, Discip:limited at any stage by thought-forms but it is limited by word forms; and it is therefore aTelepathy, 64:of the Members of the Hierarchy, is nevertheless limited and circumscribed (from the point of viewTelepathy, 80:to conditions which delay what we - from our limited point of view - might look upon as theTelepathy, 124:contacts and relationships, which are strictly limited and are not expressed in terms of the OneTelepathy, 152:the endocrine glandular system in a form either limited and inadequate, or representative of theTelepathy, 173:register this fact. It is, however, excessively limited in its import, because the aura is inTelepathy, 178:as it is, as to its extent - is nevertheless limited in nature and static (relatively speaking) inTelepathy, 180:it is, therefore, the same life in all forms, limited in time and space by the intention, the wish,Telepathy, 188:its sphere of influence is relatively limited, though men are beginning to work outward in the
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