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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIMITING

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Astrology, 564:into the simplest terms and thereby necessarily limiting significances, a man will endeavor, whenAtom, 63:of involution. This is the period in which the limiting of the life within the form or sheathAutobiography, 301:largely outmoded and were, therefore, generally limiting sidetracks. She insisted on mentalBethlehem, 196:God) until it becomes an idol, and consequently limiting and untrue. 2. The growth of theBethlehem, 246:be trammeled [246] and confined by the present limiting vehicle in which most of us find ourselves.Destiny, 43:hence also the breaking down of the old and limiting forms through the invoked force of the firstDiscipleship1, 479:What can I do in order to destroy this old and limiting rhythm? One thing I do feel the need toDiscipleship2, 136:that it can break through or break up all limiting outer organizations and, by the very force ofDiscipleship2, 369:to words" - using the phrase in its occult and limiting significance. Those that are as yetDiscipleship2, 609:and more than two decades. Words here are limiting and confusing. In the statement of six sentencesEducation, 83:true meaning of the word "education") from any limiting condition and train him to think in termsExternalisation, 12:entirely on mental levels thereby undoubtedly limiting my range of contacts but increasing theExternalisation, 301:bring about death - the death of all old and limiting forms and of that which houses evil. TheirExternalisation, 520:is better and which will prove adequate and not limiting to the awakening consciousness and theExternalisation, 633:developing, and who were gathered together in no limiting organization but primarily by their trendExternalisation, 696:Some will not pass through these relatively limiting phases, but will pass back and forth betweenFire, 38:with an envelope, the demarcation of the limiting bounds or the periphery, and so the formation orFire, 58:a central point of heat, or (if I might use so limiting and inappropriate a term) a central cavernFire, 362:life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. AgainFire, 411:a system, a scheme, a chain, or any form of limiting sphere down through them all to the physicalFire, 411:Duality, or that which is limited and the limiting substance. Purpose, for in an ordered scheme ofFire, 545:and vibration, aroused within and without their limiting ring-pass-not. The internal life of theFire, 729:in terms of human thought, and through the limiting medium of language. From the most esotericFire, 1038:forth on a cyclic tide of energy to destroy the limiting forms to be found in the world of scienceFire, 1226:LOGOS, HE OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. It is love limiting itself by desire, and for that which isFire, 1244:and which can only be expressed by the limiting word identification. This identification is aFire, 1249:This produces necessarily the destruction of all limiting forms, the merging of the fires, and theHealing, 365:they are still the same people, minus the outer limiting shroud of body. Serve them, but seek notHealing, 452:culture; our church organizations, with their limiting and confusing theologies, will soon giveHealing, 540:bodies, and this fact again presents a potent limiting condition to the healer. Again, and veryInitiation, 52:and the sole outlet for their efforts, thereby limiting that which they do, and formulatingInitiation, 122:three worlds and the breaking of all bonds of limiting karma, the vision this time is greatlyInitiation, 138:all the above is but an attempt, through the limiting agency of words, to describe the method andMagic, 294:note, colored by his peculiar quality, and limiting him or not according to his point on the ladderMagic, 398:as to symbolical interpretations and the limiting effects of words. An event is however transpiringMagic, 531:in full awareness of intent and objective, and limiting his sphere of activity in order to provideMeditation, 291:expansion with a feeling of fullness, as if the limiting skull were too confining. This wears offProblems, 54:true meaning of the word "education") from any limiting condition and train him to think in termsPsychology1, 197:condition, the power to pass through all limiting and environing substances. This is initiation, orPsychology2, 54:of its will, the freer it will be from the limiting karma of an unevolved conditioning vehicle. APsychology2, 55:not that this term "individual souls" is but a limiting phrase, used by the separative mind toPsychology2, 203:The groupings which arise out of this awareness (limiting our ideas entirely to those within thePsychology2, 231:terms of human origin and therefore [231] limiting, such is our present stage of enlightenment - orPsychology2, 316:vision of the truth, but words themselves are limiting things and oft veil and hide the truth. HerPsychology2, 341:(and the time consumed is, from the angle of the limiting personality consciousness, of vastRays, 45:of tension (as far as I can explain it by limiting words) is "focused immovable Will." RightRays, 135:culture; our church organizations, with their limiting and confusing theologies, will soon giveRays, 389:been liberated, and are therefore held by no limiting circumstances whatsoever. This is not true,Telepathy, 73:method for the selfish use of prayer and the limiting mode of the average meditation process. It is
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