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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINE

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Fire, 1037:that group of adepts who are on that particular line of energy, and will necessarily affect greatlyFire, 1037:greatly all disciples and people on a similar line. At the same time, the work it initiates isFire, 1037:Harvey, and the Curies are, on their own line of force, lightbringers of equal rank with H. P. B.Fire, 1038:great impulse will come from the Lodge along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power till theFire, 1038:of a century. One such impulse along another line of force came when the discovery of the nature ofFire, 1054:and the man consciously puts himself into line with forces which will swing him along on the pathFire, 1056:attention of the Logos, and bring Him more into line with a greater impulsive Will. This shiftingFire, 1072:energy centers. Much will be learned along this line when electricity and colored lights are moreFire, 1080:direct the energies of this race on to the right line though the peak of the cycle of stimulationFire, 1114:which might be regarded as embodying for it the line of least resistance and they are specifically,Fire, 1125:spiritual evil, going a great way along the line of Mahat, or knowledge, the principle of UniversalFire, 1125:when not balanced by the second group, is the line of the black magician; it will lead himFire, 1138:by three streams of force which enter along the line of the three spirillae of the logoic permanentFire, 1141:By their position, i.e. above, on and beneath a line. By their connection with each other. By theirFire, 1142:the ranks of the Lipikas. It is a peculiar line, requiring cycles of careful training in divineFire, 1151:that their sole attention is given to one line of development only, so much so that the other linesFire, 1168:find much of esoteric interest in the following line of living forces: The second chain, globe andFire, 1185:with the Lord of the fifth kingdom, and a close line of linking energy between the Lord of theFire, 1188:basis of a complete phase of study along this line and is one of the most basic given in thisFire, 1222:These seven laws can be worked out along the line of correspondences. It will be found that theFire, 1222:and that of any one law can be brought into line with each other. Fire, 1245:is their guarantee of attainment along this line of spiritual endeavor. They are animated byFire, 1246:is not, however, possible to say more along this line. These four Identifications are onlyFire, 1247:second ray do not as a rule choose this cosmic line of endeavor. [1248] Those who do the work ofFire, 1248:Knowledge for their monadic ray, pass to this line of endeavor. The inherent quality in the type ofFire, 1248:quality in the type of the Monad settles the line of activity. The karma of the fifth ray is one ofFire, 1257:the planetary Schools in which this particular line of study is undertaken. There are, as has beenFire, 1266:upon this Path, and all who are fitted for that line of work, and who are close to the Logos in aGlamour, 8:something which lies behind that aggregate of line, color and form of which the symbol is composed.Glamour, 9:The comprehension of a truth for which a line or a series of lines composing a symbolic form mayGlamour, 10:of a symbol: Its exoteric consideration: line, form and color. A comprehension in the astral orGlamour, 12:the brain and the memory. You endeavor to study line and form, number and general external aspects,Glamour, 12:and general external aspects, knowing that each line has significance, all numbers have theirGlamour, 12:into manifestation. Your study of number and of line has given you a rich background of knowledgeGlamour, 12:and intricate mind which loves design and line and form and numerical relationships, but whichGlamour, 17:[17] have a special aptitude for work along the line of dispelling glamor at the period of the fullGlamour, 17:of warning only will I give. Success along this line will bring both its rewards and also itsGlamour, 67:truth will take place when - along a particular line of approach to truth - the disciple hasGlamour, 73:nature, and therefore constitutes for him the line of least resistance; it is part of a great worldGlamour, 77:Ponder on this. This harmless desire along some line of idealism which confronts them becomes [78]Glamour, 78:the fog of desire. Potent desire along any line, when it obliterates the wider vision and shuts aGlamour, 117:he will easily attract, for they constitute the line of least resistance. The glamor that heGlamour, 136:the awakening of the intuition: Those on the line of the world saviors. These touch and sense theGlamour, 137:few of Them as yet. Those who are on the line of the prophets. These touch the Plan at highGlamour, 141:the arduous task of dispelling glamor. When this line of contact has been made and the soul, theGlamour, 143:thence to the solar plexus center - which is the line of least resistance. Then transfer the lightGlamour, 145:to the glamor of separateness. Work along this line will have most practical and salutaryGlamour, 146:activities of the German Government, and for the line that they have taken against the JewishGlamour, 170:and the men of goodwill are all brought into line - either consciously or unconsciously - then aGlamour, 187:time of Christ has come to the world along the line of science. The presentation, for instance, ofGlamour, 199:of those whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who have learnt orGlamour, 203:the directive use of the mind. Thus the line of demarcation between the animal and the human hasGlamour, 212:emotional nature is for him in any one life the line of least resistance. Those working in groupGlamour, 214:step towards united group activity along this line of service, I present a formula or group ritualGlamour, 216:himself for group service along the same line. This will not prove an easy task. [217] II. TheGlamour, 256:in life. Therefore, it is the dominating idea or line of mental activity with which the discipleGlamour, 257:and exhalation is being carried forward, a clear line of active thinking must be preserved so thatHealing, 18:epidemics. These may come to a man in the line of duty, through his daily contacts, or through aHealing, 60:form of life expression, and it is along this line - the sex [61] line - that their majorHealing, 61:and it is along this line - the sex [61] line - that their major inhibitions are found. They do notHealing, 117:whole - the aspect which is right, and along the line of high spiritual unfoldment, and the aspectHealing, 118:small beginning has already been made along this line by spiritually minded psychologists andHealing, 213:or the non-activity of the centers, or that a line of least resistance exists between the sacralHealing, 214:is also a creative artist along some artistic line. This is very frequently seen, as you well know.Healing, 221:healers can accomplish work which will be in line [222] with the facts of the case and which willHealing, 239:- monastic and celibate - of the Middle Ages the line of least resistance. In that period of time,Healing, 250:I seek to make clear what must be done along the line of preventive healing and what should beHealing, 273:the vital mechanism of the patient. Along this line there is practically nothing as yet known. ItHealing, 281:the physical body is of such a nature that its line of least resistance permits of the appearanceHealing, 343:answers to some of them, or indicate the line along which your ideas may flow. A harmoniousHealing, 353:Nothing should stop your service along this line, not even the realization of limitation and ofHealing, 376:laboratories. But this is not so. Along this line of thought-photography and electrical equipment,Healing, 384:- The Basic Requirements for Healing Along every line of man's expanding understanding, theHealing, 423:and distress. It is the usual direction and the line of least resistance for the majority. But suchHealing, 423:comfort of those who hover on the dividing line between the seen and the unseen. Again, that is notHealing, 436:call back the souls of men on a large scale in line with His loving intention. When evil menHealing, 449:stated to have Buddhic consciousness, and the line of Their descent (occultly understood) is fromHealing, 452:form-attachment is there possible. This is in line with the occult truism that "energy followsHealing, 452:truism that "energy follows thought," and is in line, too, with the teaching that the body of theHealing, 492:experience, but also under group impulse and in line with the group karma as well as with his own.Healing, 560:and circumstances and people along a different line. But they are hopelessly wrong in believingHealing, 591:the ray of the monad must also be brought into line, and then that which is its polar opposite, theHealing, 592:the solar plexus center to the heart, and the "line" involved is simply the diaphragm. Under thisHealing, 614:divine healing, are [614] undesirable and not in line with the projected plan. Therefore undueHealing, 626:little real progress has been made along this line during the thirty or forty years during whichHealing, 627:of pranic or life energy. This travels along the line of force or the channel which relates andHealing, 631:simply the focusing of the patient's energy in line with the injunction of the healer, and aHealing, 631:bring about a psychological healing along the line of resolving cleavages, or produce anHealing, 646:interested student to ponder overmuch along this line or to endeavor to set up a contact or toHealing, 655:tangible. The energy released follows a direct line of contact with the brain, and the healerHealing, 675:of the disciple in the modern world) indicate a line of training or of self [676] discipline toHealing, 696:vehicles in the form nature which are on the line of 2-4-6 must be used by the healer whenHealing, 696:art. If he has no vehicles or bodies on this line of basic energy, he will not be able to heal.Healing, 696:vehicle. To be appropriate it must be on the line of 2-4-6. [697] The appropriate vehicle can beHealing, 697:The center which registers - as the line of least resistance - the energy of the soul ray,Healing, 698:its reaction to energies, channeling along the line 2-4-6. By an act of the will he will thenHealing, 702:upon the surmise that one or both are along the line of 1-3-5-7 or 2-4-6 and act upon that generalHealing, 702:the general trend of the character is along the line of love or of the will, and then to actHealing, 703:body and (in cooperation with nature and so in line with the patient's karma) so fortify hisHealing, 707:slowly and gradually through the center on the line of 1-3-5-7 which is nearest to the seat of
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